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  1. I am playing poorly because I am misjudged distance every with a Bushnell v3. I miss whether the dog leg is left or right as well as distance to a bunker. Paul Spencer Never used a watch gps and infrequently use a phone app.
  2. Back playing for 3 months Aug to Oct 19. Picking up clubs here and there as I get side work. Some Nike irons 4 to sw, lob. 3hyb, and a chipper, callaway driver epszand 3 wood gbb sz. Three putters that I am looking to decide on. Putting mat in apartment. Mallet upright is currently working for mme.great indoors and practice, hut 3 putts are my bain. Pharma consultant.In Fargo on an assignment. 60 yr old, heavy, 6 footer. Played for 3 years in Florida in early 1990s. Lousy then and lousy now. Never broke 100, but goal is 95 or better. Driving 230 to 240 , ss is 94. Lessons are in my future. Waiting for courses to open as I can't travel home to Boulder area right now. Close to Rose Creek so driving range and practice green for an hour a couple days a week. Just like to be outdoors. Weights, martial arts, steam. And jacuzzi as well. Don't like hitting indoors so ready for courses to dry out. Kinda flathere. I like the quicker pace of play versus Florida. Focusing on 120 yards and in, including 20 yard chips, 8 to 15 foot puts. Sandy king. Generally putting for bird three holes per round. But also putting for triple same frequency?!?!
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