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  1. Oh my days I was just thinking about this! Yes flush in the top of my back. My playing partner was waiting the green to clear on a par 5, I walked ahead about 100 meters. All I heard was the fizzing noise then whack..
  2. That’s the Bestever! You must of been stoked
  3. The putter around the greens is always a winner
  4. Takes a froggy man to flop it with the sandy lie and down wing down grain!
  5. Roughly 30 meters to the pin. Good shout the flat edge helps due to the heavy costal grain
  6. How would you play this shot?? 18th hole, short par 4 and playing your second shot. Into the grain lie, downwind roughly 15mph, down grain green, left to right slope, costal course. Course is Royal Durban, South Africa
  7. You played yesterday.. I’m so jealous haha. That’s flushcity into a win and 230 nice one
  8. Club fitting with your swing coach on a trackman or similar device is a huge benefit also taking them onto the course to test.
  9. I know that feeling, there was a time I doubled the 1st hole every time I played but like anything in life it’s just a moment in time and never lasts
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