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  1. Tom - Cincinnati, OH Upper 90s, maybe 100. Taylor Made M1 440 Kuro Kage 60 stiff No
  2. Tom Cincinnati, OH Yes Yes due to shoulder issues. It's a BagBoy
  3. Tom Cincinnati, OH Taylor Made M1 7 101 TSI2
  4. Tom Cincinnati, OH, USA Taylor Made Spider I made the switch to a mallet putter about 2 years ago, and would have a tough time going back. The mallet helps me see and keep the line better. Close call b/w the Floki and the Ketsch, but the Ketsch has a simpler look to it when I look at the photos. The relative simplicity has greater appeal to me. I don't like to look down and see a lot distractions.
  5. Tom, Cincinnati, OH Cleveland - 588 - 56 degrees; Callaway - Forged Chrome - 60 degrees 56 would be preferred.
  6. 6, Cincinnati, OH TaylorMade M3, 160ish Only what I have read here.
  7. 1. Tom Aug, Cincinnati, OH 2. No 3. My friend's golf app, rangefinder or the old fashioned way. Step it off from distance marker.
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