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  1. Karl Theobald Pleasant Hill, CA 11E Rocking Adidas Tour 360 or Ecco Biom Comfort and stability are most important to me
  2. Hi all, I'm Karl from Pleasant Hill, CA I am right handed Handicap is 7.9 I do currently play a hybrid (Titleist) I'd like to try the VKTR in extra stiff 2nd choice, the UiHi in extra stiff Thanks
  3. Karl Pleasant Hill, CA Currently gaming Ping G410 LST with Ventus 6x, 9 deg set to 8, open and flat. Swing Speed 105-110 8.1 Handicap Love to test the TSi3 in 9.5
  4. Hey guys, I'm Karl Theobald from San Francisco, CA I mostly practice putting at golf courses or practice facilities in the Bay Area. On real grass I've never owned an at-home putting practice mat of any kind but I'd love to have the ability to practice at home I'd prefer the medium speed mat. 3-5 cups.
  5. Hey guys. I'd love to test these out for y'all. Karl Theobald. San Francisco, CA 8.3 HCP Been gaming a split set of Mizuno MP-68/MP-52's for almost a decade. Time to upgrade.
  6. Count me in, boys. I already play the hybrid and love it. Karl Theobald San Francisco, CA. 8 Handicap Currently bagging Mizuno MP-68/52 combo set 8-iron goes 145. Originally heard about Sub70 from No Putts Given and got ahold of them by phone and they sent me a few demos.
  7. Count me in for the testing group. I've been looking for a new GPS device and this is high on my list. Thank you, Karl Theobald San Francisco, CA I currently use the SwingU app but have used Sky Caddie in the past.
  8. I'm Karl and I live in San Francisco, California. I'm a 7.8 Handicap I currently play the Titleist 913d 20 degree with Oban Ovation 4 flex I need a hybrid that doesn't launch too high and isn't easy to turn over as my bad shot is always an over-draw. I was already interested in trying this hybrid to replace my Titleist so I'd be stoked to be included in this. I play twice a week so I'd be able to get several rounds in quickly with it.
  9. I actually just played 3 rounds with some demo clubs from Sub70. They sent me their pro 3-wood with their project x, 19-deg hybrid with the V2 shaft, their driving iron with PX and a blade 9-iron and cavity 6-iron with KBS 120. Irons and hybrid are fantastic. 3-wood and driving iron are not amazing. Can't stand em honestly. 3-wood is closed and goes left all day and the driving iron feels like cement. I'm going to take them to Club Champion and hit them agains other hybrids and irons. Really interested in the TS and G410 drivers, hybrids and woods. Can't imagine I'd like any irons more than these sub70's though. Evan after playing Mizuno MP-68's for years
  10. Hey everyone. While in lockdown I went down the golf rabbit hole pretty deep and rediscovered myspygolf. Super stoked I found y'all again and registered. I used to be a club fitter in San Francisco and Beverly Hills but run a cigar shop now and am a total gear head. Also a swing student and put in as much time as I can with a 10-year old son to take care of. I've been playing twice a week the past month though and I've turned another corner. 4 straight rounds in the 70's. Glad to be here. Thanks for having me. Cirq
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