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  1. Hey! I don't know if this is the right place in the forum but best place I found. If not then I guess we can just move the thread. I am looking at a Utility Iron and right now on the SIM UDI 3 iron. Reason is that I want a safe club to hit from tee and get really comfortable with it. My average score 2020 was 77 and fairway hits only 46% so really need to step it up from tee. I do hit my 5-wood really well but it's quite hard to keep it low and get that penetrated flight (Live in windy south Sweden ) which I guess I would get from a utility iron. Current setup - Do you think a 3-iron utility with a stiff shaft is a good choice and replace the 3 iron? (I recently went from 50,54,58 wedges to 52,58 to be able to add a 3-iron) Attached current setup with all lofts,
  2. I'm a swede @Flipy but southern part close to Malmö.
  3. Thank you for answers guys! I'll go out and get a feeling instead of looking at the numbers like you said. I actually often carry both 5-wood or hybrid together with 2 iron just to shape shots (low/high) even though they perform pretty much the same length. Thx!
  4. Hi! Need some advice on my wedge setup. I used to play ap2 where the PW is at 46 degrees. Now I've switched to P750s and PW is at 47 degrees. So, setup right now: PW 47* 50* 54* 58* Should I modify pw one degree or the others? My thought is to rearrange to this: PW 47* 51* 55* 59* What do you guys think?
  5. Hey everyone! Been readin here for a while but just now registered and excited to get in the nice discussion about golf and golf gear. I live in Sweden, south part of Sweden where you can find tons of nice golf courses. Started playing as a kid, 1997 and my hcp right now is 3-4. Favourite part of golf is wedges from 5-100 yards. Unfortunately I'm not very good at it. I can hit the ball a long way though.
  6. Driver: Taylor Made M2 9,5* Kuro Kage x-stiff 70 3-wood: Titleist 915 14.25* Diamana 80 stiff 5-wood: Srixon F65 19* Miyazaki Blue 6X x-stiff Irons: 4-PW Taylor Made P750 Tour Proto Diamana Gold S300 Wedges: Ping Glide 50* (3.0) 54* (2.0) 58* (2.0) Putter: Scotty Cameroon Newport 2,5 Ball: Taylor Made TP5/TP5X Backups: 3-iron TM P750 Titleist 915 Hybrid Titleist AP2 714 4-PW Ping Zing (the really old bronze) Titleist 2-iron ZB forged
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