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  1. Hi there. Sorry to ping you out of the blue...  I'm writing to see if you have had any experience with the GolfTec on University up in Clive?

    I'm looking for a good fitter for a driver fitting.  I'm from Sioux City, and all we have is an Austads... I'm thinking of going to Club Champion in Omaha, or GolfTec in Des Moines - I spend a lot of time in DM...  

    Just curious if you had an experience with them, or heard anything about them. 



    1. GolfSpy Barbajo

      GolfSpy Barbajo

      Haven't had any experience with either specific location, but I have had a fitting at the Club Champion in Minneapolis. What I know of their process is that it's very consistent from location to location. They're brand agnostic and they're very detailed.  I haven't had a fitting at GolfTec, but I hear very good things about them. They have only a few major brands, but they do a good job. 

      Hope this helps. 

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