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  1. Chris, Asheville North Carolina Right Handed 18* UiHi X-Stiff (Back up choice 3 wood with x-stiff) 13-15 I currently carry a Ping S-56 3-iron and an 18* Dynacraft driving iron.
  2. Chris Asheville, NC Ping G30 LS Tec 15 110-115 TSi 3
  3. Chris in Asheville, NC Practice putting on carpet in my house. The wife loves it when I do this! I've tried a couple of cheap mats. Not realistic and probably did more damage than good. I would like to test the medium speed mat.
  4. Asheville, North Carolina https://kanibi.com/collections/all/products/cbd-full-spectrum-softgels Stoic: I control what happens until the ball is in the air, then I accept the results as they come. Step counter on my phone
  5. Handicap 12, Asheville, North Carolina Ping S56, 8 iron 160 First heard of sub 70 on this forum. Read every review I could find. Seems like a really good company with top notch quality products and great customer service. I'm a data analyst and would love to put something together on these clubs.
  6. I've spent my entire golfing life (36 Years) trying to get comfortable with flat surface putter grip. I've tried every size and shape you can get and I've always struggled with pushing putts and with leaving them short. I saw a test on MGS where different putter grips were tested and noticed that the best face angle and path numbers were using a round grip. The make percentage was the lowest, but that seemed like an alignment issue to me. I put a Pure DTX Midsize on my putter, put the laser on the floor and starting putting balls straight down the laser line. I started testing other round grips and sizes and ended up with a CP2 Pro Jumbo on my putter. I still grip it like a putter, through the lifeline of the left hand, and let the right hand get comfortable. Find the line, square the face to the line and hit the center of the putter face. Never putted better!!!
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