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  1. Long time listener, first time caller... Would love to get some badges. USA Golf Industry Broke 70 Hole In One Albatross Thanks, love the forum.
  2. Chris / Wylie, TX iPhone X Max Indoors comparing to GC Quad & Outdoors Net Indoors Only
  3. Chris / Dallas / Texas Right Handed VKTR+ - 18* - Recoil ES 95 F5 X-Stiff Backup: UiHi - 18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff +1.3 Currently only play a 3W and a Callaway X-Forged UTI 18 degree. Love the Callaway but looking to possibly add something with a higher launch.
  4. Chris / Wylie, TX / USA Scotty Newport 2 Anser 2 or Tomcat 14 - I've always used a Anser/Newport style head. I upgraded from the original Anser 2 (a very old model) to the Newport 2 about 5 years ago. But interested in the Tomcat because I really liked the Taylormade Spyder but could never get the lie/loft angle to feel like it was resting on the ground naturally for me, and the face was way too soft for me. So if I could get something that sat more square with a firm face, that might be the ticket.
  5. Chris Coker / Dallas Practice about an hour a week indoor, backyard putting green, and at course depending on schedule and weather. +1 hndcp, avg 1 3-putt per round love tech, especially simulator tech. Putting simulation and tech has been lacking compared to full swing tech so I was immediately intrigued by something that can fill that gap.
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