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  1. David B Memphis, TN Taylormade Spider S Tommy Armour Impact No 3.
  2. David / Memphis, TN 14 RTX 4 Tour Satin 52*, 56* and 60* I like the idea of a wedge that ages. I’ve just never had the gumption to try one.
  3. Update: I added 2 grams to the toe of my tomcat c cadence tr center shaft putter and couldn’t have rolled the ball any better. Speed was spot on and the ball left the face without chatter (Bermuda greens here in Memphis) and rolled right on line. It might look like a Frankenstein putter but it works!
  4. I’ve been kicking around the idea of adding some lead to the toe of my face balanced tomcat c center shaft putter. Any thoughts to make it slightly toe heavy?
  5. David/ Memphis TN I rarely actually practice putting at the course. I’ll roll a few before each round and call it good if the ball rests within a few feet of the hole more often than not. The put a quantity to it, it would be 15-20 minutes a week. Unfortunately, it shows. I’ll have 4-5 3 putts a round and leave the course scratching my head as to whether the issue was my read or my stroke. The feature that interests me the most about this unit is the feedback on stroke path. It would would be hugely advantageous for me to know if I’m truly glancing the ball off my putter face due to poor path/face angle or if I’m making terrible reads.
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