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  1. Price Drop!!! Let me know if you guys need any more pictures or have questions!
  2. Take care of yourself man! Glad it sounds like you caught it early thought!
  3. I was able to get some brand new irons this year, so I'm selling my old set. Below is what is for sales. Prices will include shipping to all lower 48 states. If you have any questions, let me know!! Srixon Z545 irons 5-AW: (Z565 AW since the 545's didn't have AW) DG X100 shafts, +1/2 length, standard lie - $320 Bridgestone Tour B XD-H Hybrid: 18* UST Recoil 95 F4 (Stiff) shaft head cover included - $100 Titeist 816H1 Hybrid: 21* Fujikura Speeder 8.8 Stiff head cover included - SOLD
  4. Yesterday I probably had the best driving day I've ever had! I was no more than about 5 yards off my target line with every drive. Unfortunately, this caused another problem for me....every drive kept running out of fairway Here's my drive on a par 5. Ran straight through the fairway and almost ended up into the creek if it wasn't for the rough.
  5. Hey guys! I was finally able to get back out today! The Motore X shaft performed great, but I wish my swing wasn't trying to shake off 2 months of rust. The one thing I really loved about today was that the shaft helped manage my bad swings. My drives did miss the fairway, but it wasn't near as bad as it should have been. Towards the last few holes, I was really starting to get back into the groove only to pipe the best drive I hit all day dead straight through the fairway into a fairway bunker.
  6. Hey guys! I know it's been pretty slow with everyone being on lockdown, but if you're looking to get some more questions answered these shafts, @Fujikura Golf setup a Q&A. Here's the question I posted, but you should jump in and post some of your own!
  7. Thanks @Fujikura Golf for this tread!! I had a few questions if you don't mind. 1) As I've been doing my testing with the Motore X F1 6X (small thread plug below), what recommendations would you suggest if I were to add a shaft to my Cobra F8 3 wood? Would I stay in F1 or move to F3? 2) Have you done any testing with Enso to see a difference in tipping a shaft vs. going to a stiffer flex? 3) What do you feel has been your biggest advancement in the past 10 years? Then to answer your question, I'm hopefully going to be able to use my hitting net in the next few days as it's finally getting warmer! I can't wait to keep testing the F1 shaft! Other than that, I've really been enjoying all of the lives that have been happening on social media as well as TXG's new content on their youtube channel. Thanks again for everything!!
  8. Do all of the testers think they will use the Arccos grips to help with this review? Also, what's one thing that excites you most about these irons based on your readings?
  9. It's actually not as scary as it looks. At the beginning, my driver is actually resting on the mat. I am definitely wanting a smaller hitting mat to put on that side though.
  10. Hey guys! The weather finally broke so I was able to put my net up today. I wanted to see how well I was finding the center of the face with the new setup. Below is the link to the first swing and a picture after hitting 5 balls.
  11. I'd be curious on how you went about the fitting process. Did you match your current set up? If so, were you fit for that setup, and do you feel like your current setup works or is there a "big miss?" Did you have a recent fitting before all of us were shutdown that you're matching?
  12. Congrats testers!! The 710s are amazing irons! Can't wait to see how you guys feel about them
  13. Hey everyone! I wanted to provide a quick update on my status and plans for the coming week. Good news: I'm officially over my sinus infection and feeling back to normal! Bad news: With Covid-19, 4 of the simulators around me that I have been using, or was going to use have been closed for the next few weeks. Each of them will reevaluate their situation at that time. The city that has these simulators, and where I work, has gone to a travel advisory. My plan: Indiana weather is showing itself, so it's currently raining and/or not getting above 35*. I looks like I'm going to get a break Wednesday and some of Thursday. I'm going to try and get out and walk a course if possible. If the courses are flooded, or shutdown, I, luckily, have a hitting net that I'll set up in my backyard. If I go to the hitting net, I'm going to do the foot spray accuracy test on how well each shaft allows me to find the center of the face. I'm going to call the PGA SS and see if I can pick the NV Green to include in that since they are doing curbside pick-ups. I apologize for the hiccups as we are all going through these tough and uncharted times. I'll definitely upload a swing video with the next test! If there's anything anyone wants to see, please let me know!
  14. Well my NV Green is currently sitting at the PGA SS because they were the ones doing the return....
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