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  1. @blackngold_blood with a solid pick up this week of Harold Varner!
  2. This has to be one of the more stressful leagues in terms of do you drop someone to get through a week or go with what you have for hopes of a long term
  3. First Name/State Mike/Indiana Current Driver Shaft Handcrafted Hzrdus Yellow 75g 6.0 Current Driver Swing Speed 109 mph What if anything would you like to improve in regards to your driver shaft..such as more or less spin, better dispersion, more distance..etc. Dispersion! This is my main focus when looking for a driver. The more, the better Do you have regular access to a Launch Monitor--Not required, but would be helpful in testing. Yes! My past few reviews, I've included all the launch monitor data that I can. There are more simulators that are continuing to come up around me to get multiple readings.
  4. I don't do as much of the online training because I feel bad like I need to take another class to earn the right to keep using it now that the review is over. He does a 1-day camp in Chicago that I want to try and make it to and I'm also looking to get the planemate for my birthday next month. If that happens, I'm definitely jumping on there hardcore! I'm also hoping to do a full review on here for the planemate if/when I get it. It's funny that you mentioned yoga. I did a few classes at work off and on. They would bring in an instructor after hours. That's actually one of my main focuses this year is to do a lot more of it. That's awesome that it's been helping you with back pain! I don't know about you, but I also felt relaxed afterwards. The routine that we did at the camp was a perfect way to warm up that day since none of us have ever hit golf balls that long before. If you're looking for something else, my trainer specializes in getting the body back in balance. What you're experiencing is exactly what she helps correct. It's built on the idea that normally your pain is due to that muscle is overworking because it's picking up the slack of another muscle. She uses Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) to find the areas that aren't performing correctly and stimulate them to start firing again. Give it a look! Let me know how the 21 days goes!
  5. Congrats guys on being selected for this test!! Were there any designs that you wanted to do, but couldn't? Is anyone going to put the durability up against the standard sharpie and any other ways you have used to put marks on the balls? I believe I've seen some sort of stickers before.
  6. Quick question...are the tournaments we'll be scoring only related to PGA tour events? Normally, the week before the open, a lot of ppl play on the European Tour to get practice instead of the John Deere. Will the people only at the John Deere count, or will our player score as long as they are playing a professional event no matter what tour?
  7. You can always look to see if there's a Titleist Thursday near you! They can do a wedge fitting for free and then you can take their recommendations and convert them over to cleveland's specs
  8. 13th!! I'll definitely take that! Looks like the power of Baby Yoda is working. I knew putting him as my mascot was a good call. #Toocutetobeat
  9. I'm actually a fan of lower bounces hence why I loved the X-Low at 3*. I would look to see what type of conditions you play in, your divots, and how you plan to use the wedge. If you're a digger and don't plan on opening up the face, or need a little extra help in the bunkers because they are fluffy, then I would go full grind. If you will open it up around the green at all, definitely go mid.
  10. Would you mind reposting the pictures? For some reason they aren't showing.
  11. I hope you enjoy your RTX 4's! If you're second guessing your grind in the 58*, the first thing I would do is to look at the K grind you had with Vokey. Is there anything that you didn't like about that grind? Did you feel that you weren't able to make the shots that you wanted to do around the green? The grinds are all about what you want to be able to do around the greens and how you enter the turf. If you're still second guessing after that, I'd go to a Titleist Thursday to get fit. You can use their recommendations and just translate them into Cleveland's grinds. The same thing goes with the shaft. Is your flight not what you wanted? Do you need more spin? I currently play the DG X100's in my irons, and will be switching to the $ Taper X 130's when I get new irons. I like playing a softer shaft than my irons because a lot of my wedge shots are touch shots. I'm not always doing a full out swing with them. I wouldn't be changing out my wedge shaft unless I'm not getting the performance I need. If that is the case, I'll go in to get fit.
  12. This is the one thing that shocked me the first time I hit Evnroll. It has a completely different sound and feel unlike any putter I've tried before. How many of you have tried hitting initially off the toe and heel compared to your gamer? Really putting that groove tech to the test.
  13. I'm loving the blacked out putter!! Looks amazing!! I can't wait to see how these things do! Do any of you feel that winter weather will be an issue on getting these things out on the course?
  14. As a tester, one of the biggest reviews I've had a chance to be a part of was Martin Chuck's Tour Striker Academy. This review changed everything to me! Before the review, I was just a new golfer that was struggling, and didn't see any sign of improving my game. During that review, Martin broke down where my swing was going wrong (everywhere, but I could hit the center of the club face) and showed me what a swing should look. The following season I dropped 4 strokes in my handicap. I've always been able to evaluate my swing on video when I'm struggling. Being able to be reviewer for MGS has been one of the most exciting things about being in the golf community. This forum allows you to provide honest and truthful reviews about products in golf. Those honest and truthful reviews is one of the reasons I'll always come here to see about new products on the market. This forum isn't one that will kick you off because you don't like a product, and all of the reviews are backed with data. If we're looking at clubs, we'll always try to get on a launch monitor to analyze between old and new. Showing whether or not the new products are actually worth buying if you bought the old. This forum is truly about empowering the player!
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