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  1. STAGE 2 IS UP!!! Let me know if anyone has any questions! 99% of all of the bunkers I play out of are very firm. What you're describing is exactly the same issue I was having with my Glide 2.0's because they were WS. With the 54*, I definitely don't open up the blade since it has more than enough bounce for firm bunkers. This is one of the reason in my Stage 2, I wished there were more options for these wedges.
  2. This sounds like basically wait until those players play Miami and you're golden
  3. I absolutely love my Xlow!! The turf interaction is great, but it all depends on what conditions you typically play, and what you want to do with it. A lot of the courses around me have hard fairways and bunkers. I have taken it off wet and fluffy, and I still love it. Granted if you need forgiveness, the Xlow isn't really the way you want to go. I wanted it so I can basically lay it wide open and do whatever I want around the green. The mid grind for me has worked really well. It's your standard grind that works well with a 54* wedge. Granted, I would like a little less bounce so I can play with it more around the green, but I've been able to knock it close on all of those longer touch shots. With this one on full shots, I don't really notice much difference between the turf interaction that my irons (Srixon Z545s) which is a good thing.
  4. Anyone want to grab Miami's D next week when the Pats go there with AB too???
  5. Went out for a quick round yesterday to take advantage of this beautiful weather! Unfortunately, I ended up pulling something in my shoulder about half way through the round. Up until that point, these wedges were performing beautifully! I love being able to get creative with each shot now that I have so many different options especially with the Xlow. There was one shot I had 50 yards, and I need to thank @MDGolfHacker for the how this shot ended up with my 54*. Hitting nothing but 50 yard pitches to get spin rates, let's just say this was an easy up and down.
  6. Quick question on the IR spot. I can't move a player like AJ Green ("Out Indefinitely") into that IR spot and pick up someone else for the time being right?
  7. @00sportsman - You need a hug man? Lamar Miller, Jerick McKinnon, and now N'Keal Harry all on IR
  8. Is there anything that we, the testers, haven't shown you that you'd like to see out of these review? Is there something you'd like us to show more of that you really liked? We're also here to answer any questions you may have about these wedges, so ask away!!
  9. I actually wanted to retest anyways because as I mentioned, I wasn't able to get a good sample size. I wanted to make sure I did the test justice. Plus it as gave me an excuse to go to the golf store. In terms of the shafts, the Vokey had their standard shaft, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's the DG S200. Ours have the DG Tour Issue S400, so the Vokey being just a bit softer. That would be helping with the extra spin. In terms of bounce, I was using the M grind (8* of bounce) for the first test and today I had the S grind (10* of bounce) to get it as close to ours as possible.
  10. Today I was able to run back to my PGA SS to get back on the launch monitor for the retest of the 50 yard pitch shots. I hit nothing but pitching shots for 30 minutes with the RTX 4 vs the Vokey SM7. Below are the averages of that 30 minutes. The results aren't as dramatic as the first test, but it still has Vokey at about 700 rpm higher than the RTX 4. (Please note I was using 3 brand new Srixon Z-Star golf balls for this test.)
  11. I'll try to grab another test just on the 50 yard shots. I was running out of time in my session so I wasn't able to hit as many as I would have liked to get a better sample size.
  12. Yes I don't know where I saw it, but I thought the metal used was a softer metal than Cleveland something similar to the Ping Stealth wedges.
  13. As promised launch monitor data! I compared the 54* RTX 4 to a Vokey SM7 and the Ping Glide 3.0. I didn't do it to my Ping Glide 2.0's since it's a 56*. I did 5 full shots and 2 50 yard pitches. As you can see on the full shots the Vokey was spinning on average slightly higher than the RTX 4 with the Glide 3.0 not even standing a chance. Moving to the 50 pitch shots, the Vokey was the CLEAR winner with the Ping actually beating out the RTX 4 just barely. I will say that the Vokey's did feel better on all of the shots compared to the RTX. I feel that's to be expected with the RTX 4 being cast. It was kind of fun to hole one of the 50 yard pitch shots out on the simulator!
  14. I definitely agree with this! I am testing the tour satin as well and there's a little bit, but nothing major at all. Also, all of us have been talking about how much these wedges spin. I'm going to run to a launch monitor tonight, so check back in for some numbers!!!
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