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  1. Would you guys be able to do a video from on the green hitting the same chip or approach shot to see the difference in roll out? Are you guys able to get any launch monitor data to see if the boxes are really right between distance, launch, and spin?
  2. Can you notice a difference in spin around the green between the 2 or is the only difference in the feel?
  3. Alright guys I just spoke with Bryson and got the secret formula for hitting a GIR: Calculate Air Density What's the elevation change Wind Vector Local slope adjustment Roll out factor Can't give you guys everything or I'll have no chance at ever beating you Pick your shot
  4. Maybe you wouldn't have the chipping yips if you'd stop spraying water on your balls
  5. Congrats @sirchunksalot!! Here's to a new week - I'm not sure you guys could hit a green even if you had a protractor!
  6. I was curious about the wedges as well! I was always curious how the "versatile" grind has more bounce than the "widelow" grind. I've been playing around with the Ping Glide 2.0 TS (very low bounce) to replace my WS (high bounce) and was curious can you really go by Cobra's bounce numbers?
  7. I just looked up the specs for the F7 vs F9 and it looks like the F9 is a tiny bit heavier, D2 vs D3. It's also .25" longer. Where did you have the heavier weight in the F7?
  8. I noticed that you have the weights in the most forgiving option for the Cobra. Were you not getting enough spin or accuracy with the heavier weight forward? By having the LST, I would have guessed that to be your setup for the Cobra.
  9. I'm gonna start using the random number generator in Excel
  10. I have a feeling he's just going to keep posting pictures even if someone is right because he's loving the torture
  11. Yeah I had to reevaluate saying that the overall is one of the challenge weeks. Then another one including the pre-chatter since there was a vote so it was a "challenge"
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