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  1. Best of luck to everyone! I'm not signing up for this one as a light weight driver definitely doesn't fit me.
  2. I appreciate that!!! I'm glad my progress has made an impact! You definitely got this! Just take it a bit at a time. Make sure your parallel are good first and just keep building!
  3. Thanks!! I will say that it'll take some time for the full swing. The chipping and pitching came fairly quick, but the full swing was a grind! My index right now took a HIT this year from trying to finish this grind! Honestly, the offseason is a great time to start the full swing if you have a place you can hit off a simulator indoors. I bought the membership at the PGA SS and started grinding there. No. Martin and I are focusing on a few small things right now and trying to let these changes settle in for a bit. If you're talking about where your weight should be in your feet, he has a test at his school to go through some of that stuff. That was nowhere near our major concerns when going through everything.
  4. I wanted to show you an example of how much you can change with the Planemate. I've still kept in contact with Martin through CoachNow and kept getting his feedback. I've noticed the most improvement over the past year or so. The first video is what Martin, and his team, recorded when I first showed up at the Tour Striker Academy. The 2nd video is from 2 weeks ago. These are a little less than 3 years apart. I even got 3rd place in a member-guest tournament over the weekend!! Seriously can't say enough good things about Martin and his team! If you ever get to go to the Tour Striker Academy, remember you get FREE coaching for life! That's how I've been able to stay in contact with him throughout everything.
  5. I wanted to post another update on this thread. I've been working on/off with Martin Chuck through CoachNow and with his comments/videos, and the Planemate, I've made HUGE improvements!! I can't say enough good things about Martin and his school!
  6. Congrats!!! Let's see those bombs!!
  7. Congrats everyone!!! Can't wait to compare and contrast with the Accros test running too
  8. Congrats testers!!! If question.... @goaliedad30 Are you my dad?
  9. Really enjoy following along on this one! You guys are doing great! I wanted to throw a few questions out there if you guys don't mind. Do you feel any difference in weighting? I know, especially with Evnroll, that they change their head weights with the length of the shaft. Do you feel like you would have needed to get a lighter/heavier head because of the graphite shaft? How were you guys "fit" for the flex of the shaft between Smooth, Firm, X-Firm? If you could, would you change the stiffness after having this one for a bit? How would you recommend people to try a graphite putter shaft to see if it is worth $250 before just dropping that amount?
  10. Do you feel like there is an area in the equipment market (woods, wedges, irons, putters, etc) that is stagnant right now and why? What has been the biggest R&D development that you were a part of throughout your career?
  11. Great intros guys!! The one thing I'm really curious about is how bad it drains your phone battery. I'd love to find a personal launch monitor I can take on the course with me.
  12. I would love the honor to do this review! I've looked at Arccos on and off for about 2-3 years now, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
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