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  1. Well done @B.Boston!!! Look what came today!! These are sick! Thanks Puma!!
  2. That course was great, but if I can get out again, there's actually a course a bit farther away that I'd rather do. I play all of my outings there and I don't typically get in trouble taking driver off the tee like that.
  3. Haha believe it or not, but the scorecards actually come like that!
  4. Alright @B.Boston here's hopefully my first attempt at this. I'd love to get another shot at this if the weather holds off! Definitely wasn't the round I was looking for with this challenge. The round got off to a horrible start. The guy they paired me with lost 5+ balls in almost 3-4 holes. Then when I finally get into some bit of a rhythm, the group in front of us picked up my ball and I had to take the penalty stroke and re-tee I did make a huge 4th shot to end up 2 inches from holing out from 50 yards to get up and down for bogey. The course itself was in great shape! I did move up a set of tees, but don't think Pete Dye wanted people to take part in this challenge. I ended up taking a lot of driving irons off the tee just to try to have some forgiveness in terms of fairway width. I kept getting into trouble trying to drive the greens. If I was just a bit off, I would end up OB. My best drive came on 17. The tee shot is 100% over water. I ended up just in front of those bunkers in the back right. All-in-all I ended up with an 88. I'm a 14 handicap. The course and slope rating is 65.1/107.
  5. This was exactly what I was going to do for my strategy! With my length, I should be able to have a wedge into most par 5's and could even take 3 wood and/or driving iron off the tee on some par 4's for accuracy.
  6. This is going to look like the 14 club challenge from the European Tour
  7. I didn't want to do this with you being a fellow Pats fan, but you left me no choice! You think you can take on one of the Motore X testers?! @GolfSpy STUDque - we able to submit a 9 hole round? I can squeeze 9 in tomorrow after work, but I'm looking at rain all week.
  8. I think we should have been able to coach/check-in on our players during this weird "off-season." I'm not sure what my guys were doing, but even since the restart, I continue to fall more and more spots...
  9. I looks like the V sole grind is less prominent in the new zipcore vs the RTX 4's that I have from testing last year. Are you guys seeing the same thing and do you think it's a help or hurt in terms of turf interaction?
  10. Do you think the sound and feel is due to the Sub 70's having the injection behind the face vs. the hollow body of the G700s? I'm guessing very similar to the Cobra Forge Tec and P790s?
  11. Alright @daviddvm you got me! It was definitely a mistake playing a new course for this challenge. I was struggling on the greens. The ball went where I wanted it to go, but my reads were just off. I'm also going to never take my SW and LW for granted as I short sided myself multiple times leaving me to basically flop a PW. Luckily, no sand!!! My overall strategy was to take whatever I could off the tee to have a full 9i or PW into the green (130-145 yards). There were a few times I got in trouble and had to finesse a PW from 100 yards. Overall, the weather was perfect and this was a great challenge!!! I shot 86 being a 14 handicap. Course rating/slope = 67.9/120
  12. A lot of the focus is on body movement, so it can be done indoors. I did all 7 protocols in my own house while I was working through them. That being said, I feel it has always been beneficial to check things by hitting actual balls. At least into a simulator so you can get some idea of the ball flight. I thought I was working through everything perfectly, but when I went to the range for the first time, I had a pretty good slice. I was able to work back through the protocols to figure it out, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without seeing some sort of ball flight.
  13. I just booked mine for Friday! I decided to step it up on my end and play a brand new course.
  14. Who's going to be the first person to use a set PW out of a green side bunker this week?
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