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  1. There's been a lot of games I've been watching where I go huh? Even if I don't have any fantasy interest
  2. You've definitely got me this week. My normal consistent players decided to all stay in the locker room this week apparently. It's almost 2nd quarter and both my QBs aren't above 2 points...
  3. First Name/City State Mike/Noblesville, IN Confirm you are RH I am right handed Club You would like to test including flex-also list a back up choice. First Choice: Driving Iron - UiHi 18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff Second Choice: Fairway Wood – GS53 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram X-Stiff Handicap 14 Do you currently play a Long Iron or Hybrid Yes! I currently play a Srixon Z U85 20* with a Graphite Design DI 95x shaft in it. Hybrids hook to much for me, so I needed something I could make flatter
  4. I wanted to provide an update as my session is coming to a close due to cold weather. Ever since getting the adapter glued back on, something has felt off. I mentioned something to a friend that works in club repair at PGA SS and he said why not look at puring it. They just got a machine at their brand new store and man has that made a difference! It needed a full 90⁰ turn. The shaft was bouncing all over the place with the normal graphic up. This shaft feels the best it's ever been!
  5. Great stuff so far everyone! I apologize if I've missed it, but with this being as big as it is, has anyone done the roll up test? I couldn't imagine my wife would allow that to sit in a room 24/7/365. With a lot of putting mats that I've had in the past, you start getting curl up on the ends no matter if you roll it up both ways or not. Also, has anyone notice if imperfections of the surface the BirdieBall mat is sitting on affecting the roll of the ball? Whether that be break, bounce, etc.
  6. Just so I'm not losing my mind, there's no game tomorrow, Thursday, night right? Just saw it sorry things have been crazy. I appreciate the offer, but I'm going to decline
  7. Ok can the site update Chris Godwin to Out for this week? Every other news source has him sitting out this week and I'll like to put him on IR to make another pick up.
  8. You better knock on some wood over there. 1 injury and that all goes away
  9. Fair point! I know the "story" from the Ping reps is that the tour players wanted to know when they didn't strike the center of the face. The tour pros were behind the removal of they face technology. Whether that's the truth, or not, that's the story they were giving when the line first released. If it is the truth, the pros spend how many hours each day on putting alone, so their strike pattern is near perfect. Whereas us armatures have a very inconsistent strike pattern. Even with the lawsuit, I would have guessed they would have found a way around the design similar to PXG, Cl
  10. The one thing I'd love to see tested, or input on, is do you think it was the right move by Ping to remove the Pure Roll face technology with it being so effective in the previous models? I run the Ping Oslo and I couldn't imagine not having Pure Roll especially when you look at companies like Evnroll that made their name on face technology.
  11. Hey now just cuz I had my pick in first, doesn't mean you can all cheat off my answer!
  12. Ventus is a really solid shaft! I put the Blue 7X in my TM SIM 3 wood. If you're looking for something to compare to the F1 6X, your best bet would be the Black 6X. For us Blue is more of a fairway shaft while Black is the driver shaft. Kinda like how we would probably go F3 7X for Motore in a 3W
  13. I've watched the Steelers way too much to know no matter what they say, they never split time. As soon as the #1 person is back, they run them until they're hurt again. They only way they would think about time share is if Conner would have had 0 yard avg and it was late 3rd. I couldn't see Conner having that low of avg. They do the same thing with receivers too.
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