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  1. Sound is also something that's extremely subjective to each person. It could be that I'm wanting a different sound than everyone else.
  2. I appreciate it, but I think I'm gonna sit out this year. Good luck to everyone!!
  3. 100%! It's sitting in my bag just waiting for warmer weather. I also have connections in Ohio to get onto a GC Hawk as soon as I can make the trip.
  4. I will say that the shaft isn't a perfect fit, but it should allow me to be competitive. I made sure to look up the shaft before the review since there was only 1 specific option. With any of my clubs, I always start by narrowing down the heads first and then use shafts to fine tune. I could definitely get spin down a bit to get maybe 5 or so more yards, but not 30. I would have also thought it would be able to keep up a little better with the other 3 woods I put it against to try and find the right target market for this 3 wood since all of those were random X flex shafts.
  5. I understand where you're coming from and that's why I reached out to the Mods personally regarding how to approach this review after my range sessions. I have no problem shooting horrific scores on courses, but with it being high's of mid 30's, the courses are closed. My approach with this review, as with the all of the reviews I've done, is to provide an update after a few months with the club. It allows me to take a step back and find a better approach. I can find those weird warm weather days when I can sneak on. Then I can also have more buddies hit it when we're out having fun round
  6. @longdrivenate - Do you think your utility iron performance would have improved with a graphite shaft? If you look at most utility irons (my Srixon U85 included) they all have graphite, or some sort of hybrid shaft.
  7. I was honestly shocked when I hit it! I'd love to give that a good compare to my SIM since I'm getting about the same distance out of them!
  8. The spin numbers absolutely shocked me. I had some hits above 5k! After I figured out it wasn't going to work for me, I tried my best to find out who it would work for. That's why I looked so hard at swing weights, but was shocked that a players type head would be at D4. The only thing I can think of would be to put a counter balanced shaft in there and then MAYBE it could go to people needing that extra spin. They just wouldn't have the forgiveness though.
  9. 3 Wood Review Continued With my recent tests showing that the Hogan 3W wouldn't be a contender for my bag, or against the Taylormade SIM, I wanted to try and find the best market for this club. I wanted to look at 3W that would be set up to go into greens rather than off the tee. I went to my PGA SS and had them help me set up some stock 3W that they had in a ~75g X-flex to see if we could find a comparable club within the major OEMs. I hit multiple clubs, but the ones I decided were the closest were the Mavrik Max, Cobra Big Tour, and Ping G410. I'm looking at the very high
  10. Of course I made a add/drop this morning that could have costed me this round of the playoffs...If I didn't, I'd only need James Conner to get 18 points
  11. I have enough space in my backyard to hit a 40 yard pitch shot, so that was my "practice shot" during the protocols. I was in a few outings where they asked of a lay-up yardage and I begged for 40 yards. They thought I was crazy until I stuffed them to 2 inches each time. I'm just able to turn through shots in my short game so much better! I'm still trying to work through using it in the bunker, so I'm not sure about that yet.
  12. Those last minute transactions on Sunday came through huge!! Picked up AP with 4 minutes before the deadline
  13. 1) 100% would buy it again! Definitely one of the best purchases I've made for my game. 2) I actually use it before every round on the range when I warm up. I only take a few swings with it on, but I want to make sure I have the feel before I start the round. 3) It's helped so much, especially in my short game. My lowest score before using it was an 85 and I really struggled to be consistently around that mark afterwards. As soon as I started using it, I shot an 80. I'm consistently down around mid-high 80's now. I actually shot +1 in a 9 hole tournament to get 2nd!! 4)
  14. Yeah the SIM is fitted for an off the tee club. That's why you're seeing spin in the 2000's. Typically, you'd want something around 3000+ for stability and to hold the green if you're hitting off the deck. I got it about mid-season and I would say I've only used it 2-3 times off the deck. I would say the difference is also in the design of the two heads. The TM option that would be a better head-to-head would be the SIM Max. The Max is built to be the higher spinning option of the two of them.
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