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  1. I absolutely love the blue! Luckily I have a PGA Super Store close to me and they had some of the colors there in the standard setup so I could see how I liked it in person. In terms of the alignment line, that was never discussed in my online fitting. I went through all of them and made the choice on which one I felt the best with. I've started to notice that having some sort of T line whether it's on the ball or putter has really helped me. I didn't want the T like to go across the entire face though as it felt too much for me. I love your setup and I'm curious to hear what you guys think about the different shafts! I'm not sure if I would have done a different shaft if the wife would've said you can go as crazy as you want, but I definitely would have liked to look at all of them closer.
  2. I'm really curious to see what the testers think after all this! I just received my DF3 this week after doing their online fitting. It took about a month to receive it which is earlier than I thought as I believe I was quoted at 5-6 weeks. I will say that my first putting session with it was the best putting session I've ever had. This was such and easy transition and no way I'm taking it out of my bag!
  3. Congrats testers!! Definitely jealous as these bags are amazing!!
  4. I just went back and looked at my scorecards from my rounds and all of the yardages look pretty spot on. Most of my rounds were at a course where I'm a member, so I can attest to what the yardages should be. I'm not seeing a 10 yard difference like you're seeing on yours. It may be worth reaching out Garmin to see if there's a fix they can do. Maybe first you can just trying a quick reset and see if that fixes it.
  5. Congrats testers!!! I'm always curious how these would compare to my Under Armour spikes!
  6. Congrats testers!! I just put the new TP5 up against the Pro V1x and Chrome Tour X and the TP5 is my gamer for 2024. Such a great ball and I'm curious to see what you guys think!
  7. Thank you everyone!!! Honestly means a lot!!
  8. Wanted to post an update. I was able to load up a golf course from my house to test the "auto lock" feature that would lock the buttons during play. I tried having it on just for activity and then put it on always. Both settings I received a vibration feedback when I went to press a button while a round is in progress.
  9. Congrats testers!! I have a feeling a lot of people will be following this review!
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