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  1. Messaged. Would love to be in on this! I’d also be willing to be the 4th commish.
  2. Thomas Springfield, VA Handicap: 15ish Current irons: Ping i500s, so I can do a direct comparison.
  3. 1. 16 handicap in Springfield, VA. 2. Currently gaming the Ping i500s. 8 iron is going 140-145, and I’ve been working to get it to 150. 3. I’ve heard of them somewhere before (not sure where) and I remember being intrigued by them. I always love trying new things in golf, especially from smaller brands. I’d love to get a chance to test these out!
  4. Thomas - Springfield, VA I have not used a dedicated GPS device. I use the GPS function of TheGrint app or just guesstimate.
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