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  1. My Pipe, 06-19 until the Odyssey Stroke Lab Testing. It's back in again, although it might not make the cut to 2021.
  2. And I was thinking I meant something to you...
  3. And you executed a trade! Wooooo!
  4. Also worth noting that so far, no ball as achieved that equilibrium, Pro V1 closest on an average, which is no surprise.
  5. So, how do i get my hands on an armlock putter?
  6. Golf Twitter is going to have a total meltdown if this comes down to a Reed/Bryson showdown and I am here for all of it. Give me a couple of guys in black hats, gonna be fun.
  7. Also, as a note to those who made waiver claims today, I didn't run them now. I'm waiting to see what happens Sunday
  8. Looking at it you aren't the only one. I'll push them through. Edit: And done.
  9. waivers ran at 5 am, the next waiver run is Sunday morning at 5 am.
  10. And see, for me, someone who is a low spin player on the irons I love getting that extra spin because it helps me hit my numbers easier. Different strokes, different folks. Can't wait for Srixon to show up in here as it's a three horse race for the bag going forward between BXS, V1X, and Z Star XV
  11. Point one, Waivers will run 3 times during the week, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, set to run at 5 AM EST. Your second point, yes or so we hope, although those people who are dropped after Thursday will be on waivers until Sunday morning Third point, Yes, at around 9 am I guess
  12. So two things. First, waivers were manually processed a few minutes ago and there was only one claim. Second, I was informed by @Getoffmylawn about issues with locked players. Upon further review, we realized that players would be locked until kick-off of Sunday's game. We've now made a change so that players will be locked until the first waiver run. So what that means going forward is should you drop someone when waivers run for the first time on Wednesday, they'll be locked, or biddable and come off the the page on the Thursday morning waiver run. For week 1, continue to make your adds and drops and I'll manually process the waivers on Sunday morning. But tonight we get started, seems impossible but here we are!
  13. As to why I made the change to process waivers today instead of tomorrow, I did it for the reason @GolfSpy STUDque went through and placed lineups for people, I wanted to give people lead time to make the adjustments to the roster, and I didn't want blanks if people didn't check on Thursday. As far as your question @goaliewales14, you just may have to wait until live scoring goes on Thursday. However, you can see who your opponent plans on playing by doing the following on the website. 1) Open your schedule and click the team you're facing. 2) Click Box Score at the far end of clickable options. 3) It will show the perspective starting lineup of the team you are playing. If you're in the app, it's a bit easier. 1) Click Scores 2) Click your matchup, and then click the logo of your opponent 3) Shows their lineup.
  14. Week 1 waivers have been processed manually. I will also process them on Saturday Evening should they need to be processed as well.
  15. So, as a way to put a bow on this fantasy season, I guess it's time for me for put together the closing post. First, a congratulations to @Apolloshowl for his victory. It was tight there at the end but having 4 guys seemed to be the way for him to get it done. Having been involved in a review opportunity with him in the past, I know he'll make great use of that golden ticket and put forth an incredible review for all of you guys when he gets his choice. Second, I want to thank all of our players for this season. Thank you for being flexible with us. Obviously 2020 has been a battle for everyone, but we're happy that we were able to bring this league to a fitting and rousing conclusion and a worthy winner. Third, a huge thank you to my fellow commissioners @GolfSpy STUDque and @Undershooter. We may have had our disagreements about things and how we needed to set things up, but I wouldn't do this with any other dudes... except maybe @Bucky CC *wink wink*. Fourth, The 2021 Fantasy Season will likely start sometime around January, just so you know. We normally start with the California Swing for those of you who are new, but that's normally our start so keep watching this space. Fifth, we understand that we are not above reproach as commissioners. Should you have any suggestions as how to improve our league, either post them here or hit us with a private message. If we can make it happen we will try to do it. I know we're at least going to look at lineup options, moving away from the best ball format of this year to make choosing a lineup imperative. But if you think scoring if off, we need to change the schedule, anything, let us know Lastly, I hope all of you enjoy the off season and watching these next two majors as fans. We'll see you in 2021!
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