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  1. It's interesting you mention this, The Ringer just posted a piece about how the Pats D is breaking Fantasy Sports. You can read it, right... here
  2. Put me down for approach play as well. If I don't get regular play the location of where my swing bottoms out and lifting up on all full swings shots becomes the norm. The good news is that because of this I can scramble pretty well and while i may not always be on with the driver, it never really totally leaves at any level. The issue is approach play, hell two weeks ago I was playing great golf, I was 5 over on the front, even on the back standing on the 16th tee. Drove it good, and then lost the will to live. No swing with irons, double, double, double finish to shoot plus 11. Everything else was solid and then... gone. I hate it.
  3. Now Stoker, admit he's a surely man who can come across as a jerk, and that's part of why the fan-base loves him, and I'll rescind my statement
  4. Thanks Bucky, we actually had a discussion as to whether or not to respond, but since things got heated I figured, I can thread this needle, so we'll do it, put it in the past and much like a certain hoodie wearing jerk in New England, declare we're onto week 6.
  5. Ok, in an attempt to bring some light as to this last page of conversation, I've volunteered to peel back the curtain on what it is we as commissioners do, how these trades are processed, and the workings into the specifics of the above referenced deal. First, as you can probably guess, @GolfSpy STUDque, @Undershooter and myself have a long running Twitter DM thread to discuss the league, happenings, adjustments we can make and yes, discuss our teams and potential trades. Sometimes we express interest and wonderment in the amount of FAAB dollars spent on certain players, sometimes we discuss our own start/sit dilemmas, sometimes we share the dopest of memes. But mostly, we're discussing either how to improve the league experience or discussing trades. Now, the reason the trade systems works as it does it actually a pretty simple explanation. We're all adults here, if we agree to make a trade, my belief is that it should be evaluated, but ultimately, we shouldn't stand in the way of your agreement happening. Take it from an attorney who works in negotiating settlements for custody on a daily basis. If the parties agree, the parties agree and the court, or in our case, the commissioners, shouldn't get in the way of that agreement. But let's go deeper, because of something that was said: First, let me explain the logical fallacy on display here, just to prove a point. This trade was approved by all three commissioners, because Undershooter agreed to it by approving the trade with Goaliewales through the trade network. But, to place concerns at rest, I can tell you for absolute fact that Undershooter did not approve of this trade through the Fantrax system, I did. The reason for that is simple,. To eliminate bias and concern, in our Twitter thread when a trade involving one of the commissioners takes place, that commissioner is required to ask one of the other commissioners to approve the trade in Fantrax to eliminate the aspect of self-dealing people are discussing here. So any trade involving me is approved by either Stud or US, any trade involving Undershooter is approved by myself or Stud, and any trade involving Stud is approved by either myself or US. All other trades are open to acceptance for whomever is online at the time. Lastly, let's discuss the specifics of the trade in question. What I can tell you is that Goaliewales and Undershooter each made lists as to who they valued on each other's rosters and began structuring a deal around those wants. Now, you can argue the value of these ratings and how they jive with your evaluation or expert evaluations of players and their abilities, but Goaliewales got the players he desired to obtain from Undershooter and was willing to trade a disappointing WR who has high end WR1 capabilities to do it. He felt the need to try and make a move to improve his position at 3-7 and I'm not going to fault him for that. Fortune favors the bold and if he's right in his assessments of talent, he's got guys who may be able to turn his season around instead of relying on a guy who hasn't delivered for him and an injured Drew Brees. So, that's the first and last word on this from the commissioners of the league. I wish everyone good luck in week 6, may your touchdowns be plenty!
  6. Considering if I submitted one it was going to be a Happy Gilmore reference, I gotta vote for RIP Chubbs. However, Sock is half past brilliant as well. Incredible work everyone!
  7. 2-0 this week, but still grinding. Berg Division: Lamar Jackson is available. All offers considered. Looking for maybe a TE or RB upgrade, could include WR switch
  8. Surprisingly Yes. I listen to SiriusXM Fantasy Football Mornings with John Hanson and every week on Wednesday the run a feature called the Skank Squad. It's basically a bad DFS lineup with players they expect to struggle. If I'm feeling a little uncertain about a spot to fill, sometimes I'll steal from them. But my QB picks have been basically fire.
  9. Hi Jim Nantz, So, Titleist says in it's fitting brochure on it's web-site, there's around 4-6 yards of difference between all its balls of the tee, with yes, Velocity likely being the longest. all things being equal and robotic. The problem is, we aren't robots. If we were, we'd all be playing Pro V1X or Tour BX and smashing it longer than ever before. If you're swinging it below 85, it honestly doesn't matter much. The test showed at 85 or below, you're looking at 7 yards of difference of high end balls. I'd argue you wouldn't see that much difference in the mid-tier or low-tier ball market. Since Titleist controls production on the whole line, they're probably your best bet for consistency over the other balls.
  10. Thanks @TR1PTIK, I've moved on from it. Wanted to but it out there one more time to get it out of my system and now, we're on to the next week and hopefully some good momentum going into year's end.
  11. I find it very interesting this topic comes up because of a situation I had yesterday, which I recounted in detail in the Fantasy Football Commissioners DM on Twitter, but because of this thread I share with you today. First, we need to go back to Masters Sunday, I had purchased through GolfNow a tee-time at a local semi-private golf course in my area for 18 holes and a cart for $10. That's correct, $10. However, the course decided to close that day because of potential damage due to the cold and early season conditions, so I got a raincheck and refund, no big deal. Fat forward to Sunday. I had played my local course Saturday morning in our skins game an put together a very Jeckel & Hyde round of 44-39 on par 35-37. Seeing that my game was coming into a form and seeing that Sunday was going to be a good day. I booked to be part of a foursome at 9:15 at this course using my raincheck. I got there at 9, checked in and went to the putting green. I looked at a man who was there smoking a cigar as the only other person and introduced myself. Apparently he said he was waiting for some friends to play. I mentioned I was in the 9:15 and he went back to the clubhouse. Turns out, the guy they wanted to play with isn't showing up until 9:40, so I'm frozen out. Meanwhile, a foursome tees off at roughly 9. Once I realize I'm left holding the bag, I tee off at 9:20 with a wide open first hole and play it in around 8-10 minutes, with a par. I pull up to the second tee and this group is just off the tee. I wait for them to clear up and hit, not into them, but trying to keep a sustainable pace as to not hold up the course. I catch them again on 3, and they tell me there are 5 foursomes in front of me, so it's going to be a long wait. So, I buckle down, prepare myself to play very start-stop golf all day and just keep playing, staying a good 10-15 minutes ahead of the new foursome behind me and playing in the suggested pace, even though I could have made much better time. In the end, I shoot 40 from the tips, pretty damn good considering I haven't played this course in 5 years. But then, I pull up after 9 and these guys are chowing down at the turn. I proceed to the 10th and have my tee in the ground when a cart comes whistling up to me. "Hey, we didn't say you could play through! We're in an outing of 6 foursomes, you gotta wait!" So, not only did the course not tell me there was an 'outing', there was no marshal or common sense as these guys were nearly 30-40 minutes out of position, taking 10's on holes that were straight away par 4's from 340 yards, and everyone was playing their own ball, instead of some captain and crew since no one them were good golfers. So dear reader, I took my cart back to the clubhouse, parked it, took my bag off the cart, turned in my key, refused the secondary raincheck, thanked the young man who was in the pro shop, and walked off the course for the first time in 20 years of playing golf due to actions of another. Was I emotional and perhaps not thinking straight? I'd accept that as a conclusion you'd come to from this. Perhaps I should have kept better control of my temper at the situation. But when you act with the entitlement these guys did, who rarely played golf that often (as I overheard on the 3rd, "maybe if I played more than once every five years I'd be better at this f'n game") combined with the complete lack of support from the course itself, it completed drained the fun out of what was supposed to be a fun experience. I'd assume this is not uncommon among people who get frustrated at the game. Thanks for letting me air this story out. I'm never going back to that facility again, and at $50 a pop on weekends, my wallet will be much happier.
  12. I think what you're seeing here is that golfers are by nature creatures of habit and slaves to tradition for no other reason than, "that's how I've always done it." Also, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that sentiment either. I love the yellow of Srixon and Titleist as it's a very good look to my eye, hell I played the pink version of the e6 in 2014-15 after I was fit for the white one and found that the pink was sold for cheaper at times. For those of us who want to play our best, but also exist outside the traditional white sphere, a little splash of color goes a long way. But also, and this ties into the discussion in the Trufeel thread, sometimes you have golfers who don't care about playing to their total optimum and want to have some fun. That's why a lot of these two piece offerings are in matte and crazy colors, for people who just want a good time!
  13. See, it's interesting to get this feedback Wedgie. Admitted I'd like to keep the top end of the bag relatively unruffled. I'd be looking at going in on a CBX 2's in 50 and 54 (bent a degree strong in 50 to get to 49*) and then an RTX-4 in 58 for around the green purposes bent to 59.
  14. I guess to flesh out my thought, and not at all to bump this thread, is that it's going to come down the performance of the 4 iron in the Turbo. As it sits also at a good hybrid type gap for me, it'll be interesting to see how it performs both in gapping to the 5 iron with the three degrees of difference vs a 20* hybrid. This is only a consideration because the site offers a 5-PW set for purchase, with the knowledge that I'll also likely get some new wedges (looking at you CBX-2 and/or RTX-4) and reworking the top of my bag with the following potential options 3W, 5W, 4-PW Launcher 3W, 3H, 4-PW Launcher 3W, 3&4 H, 5-PW Launcher 3W, 5W, 4H, 5-PW Launcher 4W, 3&4 H, 5-PW Launcher And that's if I stay with going to the Launcher HB Turbo's, which I'm really learning toward at this point in time. But it's early in the new season and I'm looking to buy some stuff to really refocus my golfing efforts as this was kinda a lost season for me.
  15. So, pre-ordering is live so I went in to look at custom shaft options. It's pretty much the same as the 2019 custom catalog for now, but I am intrigued. I think I'm going to have a lot of decisions to make about the top and bottom end of my bag going forward, and I'd expect Cleveland to play a big ol' part in those decisions.
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