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  1. So, Wie is the headliner here in this hiring annoucement and I think her taking an Amanda Balionis role to start, doing prepared pieces about the area and tournament, interviews, and some on-course or booth work will ease her in and I think she's going to be very good. The big get in my opinion is adding Trevor Immelman, I love Trevor when he did the PGA for TNT and adding him with his brother Mark could lead to an interesting dynamic, maybe some playful ribbing a'la the Feherty/McCord days. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he finds himself in bigger spots than some may expect a rookie, taking to this like duck to water. On the subject of DL3, I'm not sure how's he's going to transition. He strikes me as an Azinger type who I absolutely do not enjoy in the booth. Maybe I'll be wrong. He'll likely be the secondary 18th tower team with whomever behind Nantz and Faldo while likely doing featured hole coverage to start. In a perfect world, someone (NBC, CBS, or Fox) would hire Michael Collins away from ESPN and stick him on broadcasts for on-course duties because I think people would love him more than they love Bones right now.
  2. Just to wet the whistle a bit, we're very much in "don't look at the man behind the curtain" phase at this time, but I think and hope y'all are going to be really happy with what we're working towards.
  3. Just for fun, you're looking at the dummy who traded away Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, and Michael Thomas. I'm not proud
  4. I hope no one picked me to win this, if so... Well, if only we could go back to the season after the draft and start again
  5. Just put out her first new record in 20 years, mostly written and produced by Brandi Carlile and Shooter Jennings. Album nominated for a Grammy for Country Album of the year and a single has three additional Grammy noma, "Bring Me My Flowers Now"
  6. So, got my pillows. A couple of cheapy 2.50 ones for volume from Kohl's and nice one from Columbia with a fill that keeps your pillow chilled. Then I went to Costco to nab my new phone which is on it's way, the Samsung Note 10. Regularly 950, I got it for 479. I know I talked alot about OnePlus and whatnot, but I had to look at this like a golf equipment purchase. I wanted a brand that I could trade in if need be. Add 256gb of storage and the stylus... Couldn't pass the deal up. The laptop thing might get done tomorrow or Cyber Monday. Other than that it was gifts for others, then off to the casino for a Tanya Tucker concert with my girlfriend. Tanya may not look as good as she once does, but she still sounds awesome. Highly recommended.
  7. The other issue is the GSM type of phones that work on AT&T and T-Mobile and due to where I live being wed to Verizon and it's more limiting CDMA. Note 10 or Pixel 3A might be in the offing, I'm a one hander on the phone. I'll let you all know.
  8. See, I agree with most of this. The problem is that the OnePlus 7T, which would be the phone I prefer isn't part of their sale, it's just the 7 Pro with the pop-up. And I love the utilitarian Google approach, but Pixel 4 just isn't as spec rich, but Pixel 3 may be in the offering as may 3A. I hate Verizon because they have the different network from the rest and it stops me from going with phones i'd be happier with, like Nokia's new midrange and some of the other Chinese "flagship killers". Also, Huawei, but I blame economics and distrust for those not being available and that's all I say on that.
  9. Also, although I love him like a brother, thank god @blackngold_blood won't be going for the MGS three-peat of fantasy leagues, that would have been an abject disaster.
  10. Since we're all looking for potential suggestions at this point in time I'd figure I'd throw this one out there, anyone have every experience with the OnePlus phone brand at all?
  11. Very nice. So, for the first time in a long time I'm looking out for myself on BF. First and foremost I'm looking into a new phone. I've had my current one sin e Law School and I'm finally looking at upgrading. Still shopping and researching, as this is likely to be the phone I have until 5g networks become more stable. Two, a new laptop. True facts, my computer Blue Screened itself out of existence almost 6 months ago and I've been waiting for BF to maybe get a new one. Nothing crazy, just decent storage and performance at a good price. Three, Pillows! Man do I need new pillows and this is the time. Four, since my girlfriend and I are looking at moving in together next year if there are deals on homeish things we'll take advantage Lastly, the only thing I'm considering golf wise is a Flat Cat Solution for my potential new putter for 2019. That's it.
  12. Maybe they listened to us! We who tested all loved the shaft tech, but said the insert was pretty bad.
  13. Well, I have the dual core in my Mizuno driver. It's a very nice shaft that preforms exactly the way I want it to on every swing. 67 grams in Stiff Flex so right in my wheelhouse as far as weight and feel.
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