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  1. I wish it would, but it appears to be Green. Interesting to name your putters after chili peppers, but I approve!
  2. Berg Ryman

    New Chromesoft

    Quigley, let me ask a hypothetical question here. Say you made two products which were supposed to top of the line products and they were found to be substandard. You invest an oodle of time and capital in making those products up to the level they need to be. After making that investment there still appears to be a problem with one of your two products, or 50 percent of your products. Don't you think it's fair to say that's a disastrous outcome?
  3. Well @ole gray, maybe the Serrano may be more your style. That's right folks, TA3 shape, milled putter package. https://www.golfgalaxy.com/p/tommy-armour-303-milled-series-serrano-putter-20av3m2020t303mllptrc/20av3m2020t303mllptrc
  4. Berg Ryman

    New Chromesoft

    One of my two balls in high school... love that ball. Also, I can't believe you throw all that money at the ball plant and still can't get it right.
  5. As a former QST guy, I'd let you all know that GG and Dicks are still selling 2 sleeve trial packs for 10 bucks of V3. So if you wanna save some cash, well.. you know
  6. 3k gets you a lot of other golf trips for alot of places I'd love to play for alot of days instead of two courses, so I went for other.
  7. So here's my approach, first I look at what it is I actually need to play better and the I research some clubs and the ideas behind them to see if I think they're worth a shout. Second, price is a factor and I start to narrow the field based on what I feel I can afford or want to pay. However, this is a malleable section as if something if just that much better than everything, I'm willing to move budget. Third, try to find the clubs to hit. Luckily we have a golf show at Turning Stone Casino coming up over V-D weekend and they stock a lot of stuff if I want to demo. Plus, a place like Big Oak in Victor NY has brands that TS doesn't carry. Fourth, go for the fitting. Bring along my stuff, a top three ideas and then let the fitter do their thing and suggest things I may have not considered. From working at Dick's and going through fitting training with some OEM companies I have an idea of what it is I need and what I like, but I'm always willing to be surprised! Five, make the purchase if necessary. In all, it always comes back to performance for me over all other things. Looks don't matter that much, price is a eliminator and branding I care about a touch if only because I wanna support smaller/local brands where I can.
  8. Friendly note here guys, Chisag is talking about the Tour Response, which is positioned to be the Project(a) replacement from TM, not the Soft Response which replaced Project(s). Just clearing that up. Also, he's right, this is total bupkis at least about the core, I do think they're using a similar cover to the TP5/5X on Tour Response.
  9. You say that now... but I know you too well
  10. Hey @blackngold_blood, I appreciate your attempt at that trade, but I'm good. Perhaps in a couple of weeks when you'll be looking to move everything around again we can talk.
  11. Big ups to HV3 on his 18 pars in round 1. Favorite for the US Open for sure.
  12. So, I know we discount the Hot List around here, but the 845 Forged and regular old 845 were included in the Player's Distance and GI irons respectfully if you want sneak a peak.
  13. The Sea Eagles! I had a buddy from Undergrad who was from Tumbarumba and Manly was his team. That's awesome @MattF As for me, I'm eagerly awaiting the 2020 Turning Stone Golf Show to hit some Tour Edge and Cleveland oversized irons and discuss some ball tech with Titleist and Oncore to really help me form out my bag ideas for 2020. Also maybe splurging for a custom headcover or two.
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