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  1. In for a penny, in for a pound. Good luck everyone!
  2. Oh, I also mentioned in the "How Many Brackets Do You Fill Out" thread something from SportsPickle, a satire sports website where the goal is to pick the worst bracket you can. The winner will receive a blown out basketball shoe (Not Zion's). I told @TSauer I'd post a link to it if anyone was interested. Here is that link
  3. won't go in until tomorrow. Still have to watch the two games tonight. Always risk it for the biscuit.
  4. I mean, just one more on the topic of the wood selection of tour pros. They're looking to use that fairway wood for long approaches on par 5's that they can bring in high, so it doesn't surprise me to see these higher lofted woods, especially with 2 or utility iron players, as they likely go to those of short tees if they need to find fairway.
  5. Interesting to see for me, the two putters (TS1 and 2.2) performed identical according to the percentages. That's wild for two completely different ideas. Well Shanks, it is in the putter sub forum
  6. Truth, when I worked at Dick's I would always try to get people into more of a 4 wood over a traditional 3 wood just for better launch conditions because of the help the loft gives you. I find it interesting looking at the signatures of people with their bags in them and seeing how many one wood players go in that 16-19 degree loft instead of a stronger 14-15 loft. It warms my heart.
  7. DOWN GOES EVNROLL... DOWN GOES EVNROLL!!!! Congrats to Taylormade's TP Juno Copper, the new king of the blade! Very interesting in a year where Evnroll rolled out some new ideas and shapes like TS1 and Odyssey brought out Stroke Lab, it's a pretty standard blade putter with a sweet look that did the damage this year.
  8. After a long week in and out of courts and job interviews, it does Kenny, thanks!
  9. I see the sad faces guys, but it's nothing. Hell, I walked a mile in dress shoes over Syracuse's crappily paved streets on Tuesday with no ill effects. Won't stop golf when the weather gets good, probably just no running or soccer or placekicking for a few weeks.
  10. Went to urgent care yesterday for a toenail and toe bruise on my big ol' toe after dropping a box on my foot. Turns out, minimal fracture in my toe, like a tiny tiny fracture besides the nail bed damage. On antibiotics for 7 days to try to avoid infection and elevations and ointment. Such is life. Easy to walk on, just a touch tender when putting on socks and what not.
  11. Ryan/New York Nickent Pipe PP001 Bettinardi putters scream elegance, but with interesting ideas and technology that make them more than just wall-hangers.
  12. Berg Ryman

    TP5 Pix?

    Color me intrigued. I just floated a twitter question to see if the stamping is going to effect the side stamping with any 'bleed over' effect that you see with Truvis. If it doesn't bleed over, I could see me making these my new gamer over the Z Star XV as I love the benefits of Truvis from a visual standpoint, but hate how is screws with my line.
  13. Sauer, if you follow them on Twitter they'll post about it when it goes live, usually run through ESPN. If people are interested I'll drop a link somewhere.
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