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  1. All I'm going to say about Thendera is the green on 9 ruined my life in high school, the prototypical turtle back Ross green, to an extreme.
  2. Home of our sectional tournament/ state qualifier qualifier. I absolute despise some holes here and love it all the same.
  3. Very cool for this opportunity to come from Titleist, and me thinking of new irons have sharpened my focus immensely to finish... likely 472th The Cut Line will sit at +2 Scoring Average on Sunday 70.2
  4. Man, that gunmetal blue is purrdy, although I am saddened that the Z grind, the best grind in the Callaway stable in my opinion is locked to the Platinum for now.
  5. Another round on the weekend, another good day of driving. Rolled out and anded an 81 from the tips at the home course. Again, not a great day of putting and my scrambling game was off as well. I think that's just from the lack of consistency in play. Smoke was great thought, the pull cut was rolling and we're hitting some bombs at times. I'm still continually impressed. In talking to some folks about next steps in bag development, the Smoke is locked in for the future. No complaints, no concerns... Unless a purple haze variant shows up.
  6. I've always been flexible as to ball color and have played a ton of different styles. White, yellow, orange, pink, divide, stripe, truvis, and drip. Admittedly, it is becoming more of a consideration as my vision is starting to get worse on tracking things, hence my recent switch to Maxfli Tour S in Yellow, and looking at the Vice Pro Air potentially, plus hoping for a yellow Left Dash in 2025. Also, golf is just more fun I think with some whimsy. It reminds me at least to not take it so seriously. Heck, the best tournament I ever played was with a Pink Bridgestone E6 that I bought because at Dick's we sold the pinks for 2 bucks cheaper even though it was the same ball because no one wanted them.
  7. Played Friday, shot an 80 making no putts and with two lost balls. The smoke continues to rule and for me continues to be a real weapon.
  8. Lazy rivers are choice regardless of where you are
  9. I think, like a lot of others in the thread, it depends on your definition of routine. Like for me, I line up the stamped line with my intended start line, do that run a thumb across the putter face think before setting the club down, and then just go. Is it a routine because I do it everything time? Yeah, but the dictionary definition sure. It is something I'd classify as a routine in the definition we as golfers use, not exactly. Same thing with tee shots, I bring my hand back to touch my right knee now every time after putting the peg in the ground, settle in, one waggle, go. Habit, yeah. Pre-shot routine... harder to say.
  10. Seriously, that round from you was the most restrained thing I've ever seen. If I had those breaks I would have quit golf on the spot, sold off my bag at auction over dinner, and just floated in the lazy river for the next 10 hours
  11. Between @GolfSpy_APH giving you meters and myself and @Golfspy_CG2 not telling you about large lateral wetland hazards, you had a rough go of it TJ. Apologies for that one.
  12. So, going out hopefully on Friday morning for another round with the Smoke and the Tour S combo. Do believe I'm picking up a left dash box though this week, so excited to see the difference. Also keeping my eye on that Vice ball testing thread for Pro Air reviews. The #SummerofSmoke is officially on deck after the solstice, let's ride.
  13. Good to see T Squared doing well by you guys and excellent builds. Considering they're in my neck of the woods I will likely be going their way for a custom whenever the joy/luck in the SIK runs out so really interested to see how these go for you guys!
  14. I ride alone with the young child! I'm the Mando to his Baby Yoda
  15. Well, so y'all are yella bellied cowards then. Unbelievable. Where are the real men of the My Golf Spy Community!
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