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  1. Knowing your local stores, you're better off going to Golf Galaxy over any of the Dick's. Clay carries Scotty (think they're the only one), but I was talking to the main guy in there yesterday since I used to work them and he said getting inventory is hell right now, especially with the new store opening in spring. As for feel, the face on the 2019 was a bit more lively than any other Scotty I ever tried before. Not bad, just different from the 303 Stainless you expect.
  2. You're already my golfing hero, so I give it my Seal of approval
  3. Makes me really intrigued because I'm in the market for a new pair this season. Now that I'm going to be back carrying and walking more I think we're starting with the Skechers Torque and the Hyperflex from FJ. I'm limited by foot width, as I have what my family friendly call 'hobbit feet' not big but wide, extra wide to be honest. Good to see FJ is most comfortable and available with BOA, likely the play.
  4. An Update! My putter is currently in 'staging' at the Club Champion build center. Apparently we're waiting on some components. A small update, but one none the less!
  5. Well thanks @MattF, just trying to get through another year!
  6. So I didn't buy it, but my fiancé did for my birthday at my request. I'm getting a new Ping Hoofer Lite to actually make walking more courses a thing this year, and if she starts playing she pay take my push cart. I love her a lot, she's really great. Oh, I guess I also bought the SIK Flo from my putter fitting thread since last I jumped in here as well.
  7. The multiple leg injuries... man. Hoping he comes through this ok and without any long lasting side effects compounding on his other injuries
  8. Can't wait to see how it works out for you. Now if we could only get to the actual spring in the northeast.
  9. I'd just like to note that for those who are a bit skitish about early returns since you aren't playing everyone every week, last year we still had 29/30 of the highest scoring teams make the post season (man, that poor team that finished as a top 30 team who missed out) and hopefully once we'll need to set up those matchups custom we'll be set. In golf it all usually evens out for the most part. Also, going to be intrigued to see what the play is for some this week.
  10. Gonna be tough to beat your BX I think JLukes, any guess as to what Titleist you might be leaning?
  11. Told you man, if you wanted to go Orange, the EXS Pro might be the play
  12. Also, before anyone asks and since @Bucky CC brought it up in the commissioners Slack, I did not get the black finish option now available for pre-order. Just never liked black putters, I actually prefer that industrial look of the stock SIK.
  13. So I was stumbling on SIK's website the other day and found the tour guys using SIK putters. We all know Dechambeau is rolling the Pro Armlock, but were you aware the most popular style of their putter on tour is the one I'll be gaming? Sure, it doesn't have the cache of Dechambeau, but Chris Baker, Tim Wilkinson, Cameron Percy, and Charl Schwartzel all use the SIK Flo plumbers neck, Lanto Griffin uses Sik Flo double bend. Kinda nifty if you ask me
  14. So BnG, the rosters lock 5 minutes before the standard set time of tournament, which for whatever reason Fantrax has set to be 6 am on Thursday. Obviously this is likely an East Coast bias thing here as tournaments on the west coast swing start closer to 10 am on the East Coast, but that's their set-up.
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