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  1. Ah, I see it over in Popular posts instead of the note... my bad for misreading the forum.
  2. If I recall correctly, and I may need @STUDque to back me up since he was taking on the financial side of this, if you win the league you do have the choice of forfeiting the GT prize, which is Golden Ticket plus your money back in exchange for the first cash prize, which I do not remember what that was agreed to in the thread. Golden ticket would then be offered to second place, who would choose between that and the next money prize, then potentially to third or fourth. Again, this presupposes a win by either a current golden ticket holder from golf like yourself, someone already in a testing opportunity like myself or a potentially Mod victory like @GolfSpy_APH, something I'm sure that the league will fight like hell to stop at any means.
  3. I mean, you could also just take the cash prize instead...
  4. I guess this question is more like what I am currently streaming on each streaming service? Netflix: Queue includes a re-watch with the fiance of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, finishing The Good Cop, and going through and finally finishing Gotham for a few choices Paramount Plus: CSI Vegas concludes this week with the season (series?) finale. It's been good enough, never reaching the highs of CSI OG, but solid enough to warrant a second season I would say. Also watching Queen of the Universe, essential viewing for any Drag Race fans out there Hulu: Might soon to be starting What We Do In The Shadows once we rewatch the film. Big Waititi fan is this guy. Also, watch the Nic Cage film Pig which is now available on Hulu, one of my favorite films of the year. HBO Max: Arguably the most watched streamer we have, waiting on S3 of Wellington Paranormal, trying to finish Season 1 of The Righteous Gemstones before Season 2 comes out next year, The Sex Life of College Girls in the queue as is Landscapers, which we'll probably watch tonight to be fair along with a bunch of other stuff Showtime: Yellowjackets... it's awesome and you should be watching. The premiere is on Youtube, but watch it and see. If you're into it maybe wait until you can binge them all on a free Showtime trial. I'm also watching Dexter: New Blood. Again, not as good as Peak Dexter, but building toward a way better ending than the original run. Pluto TV: Free and with channels that show reruns. In the background you can get The Price Is Right, the Barker Years or my personal choice, the Iron Chef channel with all the episodes from the Japanese version of the show, absent the awesome music.
  5. For Draw btw, after looking at results and assuming results hold or are close to them because that would have an impact, 21 wins looks to be the magic number for a guaranteed bye.
  6. BTW to those in the Fade Division, I've crunched the numbers... 19-9 will guarantee a bye if results hold this week. Congrats to @Camcmart by the way for locking up the top seed with room to spare.
  7. Relationships are also a touch weird as I thought it was pretty glaring to see an actual TM account replying in the thread on the other side of the tracks since they are a sponser over there. It will be interesting to see how it performs though, could be a big deal, could be a nothing burger... likely somewhere in between.
  8. 100% Greg, I think we just came at it from two different sides of a similar coin to be honest. Now @Thin2win, I see that so far you're liking the winner from group 1, and a couple from group 3, curious as to what slightly is turning you off from Z Star XV, the winner of Group 2?
  9. See, this I think is the danger sometime of fitting in a launch monitor exclusive environment. We get so stuck on reaching optimum numbers we sometimes chase those instead of playability. If you can tolerate the spin off the driver and feel like you're getting enough out of the club, I'd say the choice here is actually Pro V1 looking at all the driver numbers, super efficient and much quicker off the driver, but all the balls have benefits, it depends on which of those is most important to you.
  10. Other thing worth noticing, smallest variance for the wedge spin is the 5X. Looking at all the numbers right now, I'd say that's my early vote, but long way to go.
  11. That was probably the tipping point for me in making my call for Ball 1 Greg, but yeah, Titleist knows how to engineer those balls to do what it is they say they do. Very intrigued here by round 3, two balls competing to be theeee ball and one of the better DTC brands to try and knock them off that perch
  12. I mean, I'll vote for 1, but between it and three there isn't much in it for me.
  13. So I use GolfDotz on my ball since I custom ordered them with all the same number and got three different colors of their Narwhal sticker (purple, pink, light blue) to differentiate between them. One downside though, cold weather play means the sticker doesn't really adhere, so my next ball purchase (probably late 2022) I might be getting one of those 3D printed stencils for Truvis marking and using fine tip paint markers to design my own Truvis.
  14. So @Thin2win, and in no way am I suggesting these balls because we seemingly have similar swing characteristics and I want to see how they preform myself , I put forth the following potential 8th and 9th ball Snell MTB (you mentioned it earlier if I recall) Wilson Staff Model ( might be hard to find, but a good performer for a firmer ball from the test) If either of those are too hard to find, then V1X
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