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  1. I don't like wishing ill on any professional player, but this back nine for Danny Lee is going to be morbidly entertaining. There's no way he's going to miss the cut... or is he?
  2. Signed up for the failure. Man though, would it be cool!
  3. I'm just going to leave this link here. I'd trade bodies with that dude 99.9 times out of 100.
  4. First off, congrats on qualifying! That alone is a great accomplishment. So, looking at the tournament website, looks like you'll at least get two rounds before the cut to the top 36 and ties. Take advantage of any practice rounds they offer. If you have a buddy you like to play with and he knows your game and can keep you loose, or you just want to share the experience with them, you also look to be able to have a caddy. My best piece of advice is this, slow it down. You're bound to be a bit nervous and perhaps a touch on the jumpy side of things so the first few holes of the round are going to be vital. It's easier said than done but don't get too up or down over your first few holes. You have 36 to make your score count. Play at your pace and don't change anything just because it's a tournament. Can't wait to hear how you make out, good luck in June!
  5. Understood. As an attorney though, I put it there for ethics reasons and to make clear to not take it completely to the bank, so to speak so that I don't get in trouble if anyone reports this to a committee or something.
  6. Again, not licensed in Florida and not offering legal advice, but a read of the law and other people who are licensed in Florida, it's a strict liability crime. You break it, you're liable. Also, you're argument is pointless from a legal standpoint. If she was the girlfriend, that's super good for the claimant, you think his girlfriend wouldn't know his issues with alcohol? If she's serving him, pretty easy to meet that knowingly standard. Obviously that's the bar they have to meet to prove it, but again, it's very unlikely it will get to that point as this will all but certainly be settled.
  7. With the caveat that I am not licensed to practice law in Florida and nothing in this post should be a legal opinion or advice, I thought I'd drop in to bring the actual Dram Shop Law on the books in Florida to light. Link is here Dram Shop laws have been around since the late 19th century and exist as a way to find those involved liable as servers of alcohol in alcohol related injuries or death in a negligence action. Now, there's a lot of litigation as to what constitutes knowingly and other things, but by the letter of the law, the company could bear some responsibility, and as Tiger is an owner, that's why he's being roped in.
  8. Matchups should be totally set for everyone. Cmon Truth, we gotta get this one!
  9. It worked for Integra with the Sooolong Fairway, maybe that's my next step.
  10. WOULD IT KILL A COMPANY TO OFFER A 7 WOOD AS A COMPETITOR TO CALLAWAY?!?!?!?!?! It's right there, 14, 16, 18...
  11. They did. This isn't a new thing. Happens every Championship Sunday since NBC has had the rights to the Premier League. Games were aired on NBC, NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), USA, CNBC, MSNBC, SyFy, Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, Regional NBC carriers and NBC Sports Online. All the games air at the same time across the NBC networks and each network carried a different game, which as a fan is really great.
  12. Go to Rock Bottom Golf, the TW edition, with the Tiger stamp on them are 39.99, while regular Tour B XS are 44.99
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