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  1. Well, good news to wake up to on a Wednesday. I do have some thoughts and ideas about which clubs I'm targeting, but if there are things you want to know and see I'm sure we'll try to do what we can for you!
  2. So my memories of MacGregor were the later things, namely I remember the signing of Aaron Baddeley and the reintroduction of the Eye-O-Matic wood line in the mid 2000's and remember demoing the MACTEC NVG 435 when I was looking for a driver upgrade as well. Loved that driver, but loud and obnoxious as all get out.
  3. iron set wedges at 44 PW, 49 UW, then 56 and 61. Yes, I know it's spaced out widely in the bottom, but it's what I like for full swings, half shots, etc.
  4. Not really, kinda found it funny for a putter called Mad Scientist obviously going at Bryson for it to cover a SIK Putter, and I just thought it was nifty. It's a good conversation piece and my playing partners on Sunday commented on it already, so it's doing its job. Might spring for driver and fairway wood covers as well, He has a nice donut headcover and now he has a one off jean barrel driver cover... tempting.
  5. Should be able to, just need to give him the specs of your current headcover so he can build to it. It is a velcro headcover just so you know.
  6. So it's an Etsy store. Store name is Check Golf, guy named Ryan in Ohio. Headcover is called... Mad Scientist
  7. Nothing worse than 2 laps in from the Hamilton radio... "Guys, I'm losing the tyres"
  8. So, played last Saturday, never got around to posting about it, but it finally happened guys... SEVENTY SEVEN That's right, made it with room to spare, and pretty consistent round to boot. 1 birdie, 1 double, 4 bogeys, the rest pars. 12/18 greens was the big reason, that and a good round driving the ball for distance. Putting was no three putts, but only 2 one putts. Star performer... my new CBX Hybrid. Bought it for par 3 usage and short 4 layups, our 208 yard par 3, nice high draw, 25 feet. Hole with water in front, bomb the thing 230 off the tee with a running draw. 16th I hit a bad drive, stuck under a tree 190 out, second shot punch almost to the green. It is the new best club in the bag? I don't know, but it's definitely not going anywhere soon. So yeah, the quest to break 80 for the first time in a while is over (no need to banner me, I used to do it on the reg when I wasn't a lawyer and could actually practice and play), now to the next step... break 75...
  9. Yesterday bought a dozen Vice Pro Plus, Gold Edition. Always wanted to get them just to have one for the ball collection and they were sitting at Target. Also just ordered a new custom headcover for my hybrid and putter from Etsy... very excited.
  10. Alright, who is going to be the first to cut one?
  11. An 82 this weekend in my skins game, 40-42. Plus 5 each side. Highlight of the round, fewest putts I've taken this year with 30, but a late round hiccup (double, triple on a water ball) cost me that 70's round I know was coming. Also had a chip in for eagle on our short par 4, little bump and run 8 iron... perfect speed, won me a skin of $4 dollars. I also played the round with the Srixon Q Star Yellow Divide in Blue and Yellow. Here's my review of the ball, played like a Q Star Tour, maybe not as grabby on the pitch shots as I thought with the urethane matte cover, but I'm comparing it to a ball like the Pro V1X. I enjoy using the Divide to putt and chip as the blue and yellow is very striking visually for the short game stuff. However, and this won't be a surprise, hard to find if it's primarily blue facing up in the fairway or rough. Heck, I hit a shot onto a green that was blue side up and I didn't see it until I was like 5 feet away from it. So the Divide? It's a decent ball for casual play, or even some competitive play, but get it in red/yellow or orange/yellow if you plan on playing. If you're looking to practice, I'd say go for the blue/yellow over the other colors.
  12. Time to get weird for July 4th weekend I do think... time to bridge the great divide.
  13. Reminds me of a teammate I had in High School, he was a foreign exhange kid from Finland. Awesome guy but could get short very quickly. Since we were 1 and 2 I had to help be a peacemaker at times, almost got into a fight in Rome. Good times... good times. Miss Joonas being around
  14. Kudos to the testers, especially fellow commish @Bucky CC!
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