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  1. When I started out on my local par 3 I used a black 8 ball like you'd get from a mini golf course because I didn't know any better. That ball was so easy to find on the fairway and on the green, the rough though... different story. I've also used the gold ones as well, which led to some interesting looks from playing partners. I also used the black Volvik Vivid for a round... that ball just isn't very good for me, but it was nifty to see the color contract for sure. As someone who has a tough time tracking white sometimes, Vice definitely intrigues with the different color options, and admittedly I'm looking at patterns like Pix and Truvis for my 2023 ball selection so this one might not be out of the running yet. A perfect world? Someone relaunches a urethane covered pink ball like Bridgestone did with the limited Pink B330RX. I'm playing pink golf balls with tour quality covers in a heartbeat if they get introduced, I guarantee you that.
  2. Hoping for it. It was a bit startling when I took out the Smart Sole, took a full swing at like half speed and on extension through the follow through almost took out a nice CFL bulb by the wood stove. Ah well, more time to spend on regular old fitness and pickleball practice.
  3. Guys, I'm going to bow out of this sadly. I realized while swinging downstairs I have no space to train as even my shortest potential training club, the Rypstick Indoors, is still to long given the natural of our low ceilings in the basement. Hopefully with a house purchase in 2023, and a dream indoor golf setup... unlikely with the wife but ya know, lottery winnings and what not potentially, I'll be able to take part. Fear not though, I am still going to frequent the thread to glean some tips as to what's working though on the fitness side of things because I am doing gym work still.
  4. As of right now the only club in any danger of leaving is the Smart Sole. It could be a novelty thing, it could not be. Everything else is set for now and probably for the foreseeable future the only change would be wedge finish and wedge groove considerations. 2023 Ball is also yet to be determined. I think I know what the call is going to be, but I'm waiting to see what might be coming down the pipe from the 2023 launch calendar.
  5. Finally placed my RBG order after much hemming and hawing. VC4 GPS device on super discount and FJ Fuel BOA shoes on the way to the casa, and I still have 183 dollars in credit for a ball purchase as the season gets closer, and could be more if the Smart Sole doesn't make it through the winter.
  6. Just looked at some of what's on RBG and with 440 dollars in credits in my wallet... seems like some purchases might be coming soon.
  7. It's interesting you say that Jaime, because in the Fantasy League that I think you're going to win, I've made changes to my roster to applaud those who are leaving at season's end by giving them a run in my team. For Dany, Seb, and Nic, they will be missed, for all differing reasons
  8. I wasn't expecting land speed to be a factor, you saw me in MD... if I move past sloth pace it would be a minor miracle!
  9. The Monaco Parade not withstanding, Chitown is right... aerodynamics have really made a big change, plus the cost cap. I'm very intrigued to see which of the "Formula 1.5" teams takes that next step, you'd think it would be McClaren but it seems like Aston Martin might be figuring it out, or Seb is just getting better right before he leaves
  10. I will say this, as an American I'll be glued to the F2 races this weekend on Yas Island. Logan Sargent needs to finish Top7 or 8 in the F2 championship to get enough points for his super license to fill that second spot for Williams next season if he completes his points in practice. Tense times but looks likely a Yank joins the grid in 2023.
  11. The MacGregor NVG and NVG2 were so loud I remember reading a review once that compared them to "a soup can on the end of a stick" and they were as loud as advertised.
  12. I mean, look, you've got the title locked under key, wouldn't it be nice to have not only the Constructors but a clear 1-2 in the World Championship? I will say though, ecstatic for George for getting that maiden win, looks a worthy successor to Hamilton to lead Mercedes once he's gone and I like that the Silver Arrows have seemingly found something here at season's end, maybe good momentum for the 2023 car and season.
  13. @tschott I'm sorry man, these got snapped up on the Bay at my Buy It Now price. I was in seeing Wakanda Forever today so I do apologize. Let me reach out to you about a potential make good. Mods, if we could close this it would be much appreciated.
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