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  1. I was in the same boat as you also thought I was a strait back and through, was leaving most of my putts short costing me additional strokes per round, went through a fitting at Club Champion found out that my center shafted putter was not the best fit for arc swing path as well as the loft and lie of my present putters was wrong, was asked if I had trouble getting the ball to the hole!! I was offered to have my present putter adjusted if all possible but I decided to go with a new putter to my specs and was one of the better golf decisions I ever made.
  2. Give Fujikura Vista Pro 2021 55 R2 Wood Shaft a try, it is last year’s model and should be in your price range. Not sure if it will meet your requirements.
  3. I am a loyal SkyCaddie customer I presently have SX500 and would love to test out and report on the LX5 watch.
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