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  1. Tom33: As a mid to low 80's shooter ( a little more mid for me) I would expect that the specifications of the clubs would somewhat dictate which would best suit what you are looking for in new irons, or to fill what your 565's are lacking. I imagine that the lofting gaps of the two sets are fairly different. How do they compare to your present set? Again as a mid to low 80's shooter, I would expect that workability, and shot making control would begin to outweigh the forgiveness factor.
  2. BMart519 I like the looks of that. I could probably rig something to slide it out of the way with what I have. What is that net exactly. I'm looking up nets and can't find anything that resembles that.
  3. I Need Help Choosing a Hitting Net? Anyone have any personal reviews for me on hitting nets. Been looking online. I'm looking for a cheaper one hopefully less than $100, maybe a little more. Seen these 10' x 7' ones with frame $70-$100. As a reference I'm not going to be hitting a thousand balls a week or anything. Just want to get one, before I go through another long winter without one like I just did. And I need one I can take down, and/ or move, got no room to put it up and leave it up. Anyone have any personal experiences or recommendations for me on this type? Thanks in Advance
  4. Agree totally! Depends on if you have shots you can only make with one or the other. I have a 3 hybrid, and a 4 iron I get about the same distance out of. Into the wind off the tee I can keep the 4i lower, when needed. And hopefully this just applies to me but I can keep the ball low and roll it out from underneath the trees very effectively with my 4 iron (get practice more often than I like!). Don't worry about the numbers.
  5. And for what its worth, I may break down and get one of those golf tee things that Tony Finau was using, because I don't like it when I hook a 4 foot putt, like its a 4 iron coming out of wet rough....
  6. What I saw in his original post was "trying to get better" implies that he is not being successful.... "cure aid" implies to me somewhat of an "easy fix" eluded to by chip strokes.... and "hundreds of dollars" being the ones he is apparently looking at to "cure" whatever it is he believes is keeping him from getting better. I sensed a greater sense of "urgency" on his part that there was "some thing/object" that would "make him better". I was only imparting that before I spend "hundreds of dollars" on a golf aid to "help me get better", maybe get to the 7 handicap that you are, that
  7. Got to agree with Chip on this one. Not only training aids, but apparently enough people bought the HAMMER X, 20 years ago, that they are now advertising it again to see how many people will by it for the 50 yard gain off the tee or whatever it says. As a 14 handicap your game should be pretty good. Save your money on the training aids, and read some good advice on how to practice with a purpose, before a round and on days your not playing by going to a course and just practice various aspects of your game. Now I'm not throwing stones, I'm one of the worst. Jump out of the car, no practice
  8. I agree with cnosil. I rarely find reason for the hard swing, ball goes 3x higher than it does far, flop shot. Don't practice it so I don't try it. I find an open 56 deg. and I can get the ball across the bunker, and get it stopped reasonably quickly. I find the risk of the hard swing flop shot too great....skull it..woods..penalty stroke..chip on 2-3 putts and I've added 3 extra strokes to my round. If you practice it you can probably find you can execute it with those other clubs when the need for added length for the flop presents itself. Me I can't get the vision of the ball 3 feet o
  9. I saw the adds in magazines and on TV. Thought about it a few times, but had reservations about just what you describe. When you add prize money, there will almost always be someone out there willing to do whatever it takes to claim it.
  10. Brian in Michigan: I'm just trying to glean your intention from your post(handicap, ultimate goal with golf, and other factors, which are not specified). My short answer is YES. I have never had a lesson, and I have never had a club fitting, of any kind. Purchase new clubs because you WANT THEM, and CAN justify the expense of them, whatever that means FOR YOU. If you can get a "fitting" as others are suggesting without incurring any additional costs for equipment, and or the fitting itself that you can't afford then go for it. If it ends up in an additional cost you don't or can't affor
  11. Agreed.... Tee to Green is not the problem with the speed of the game its on the GREEN. Ban green books, and ban the caddies from going on the green to assist. The pro is the player, look at it with your naked eye and putt the damn ball. Anybody else actually timed some of these guys on the green. I've literally timed Kevin Na and some of these other players. Pathetic I know buy its so aggravating to watch. They'll spend a minute 15 lining up and hitting a 3 footer...literally. I get it its their livelihood but C'mon! I want some organization to challenge if all this time the pro's
  12. Tom: I appreciate your efforts to make be feel better, recounting the woes of Greeneville TN weather. I wouldn't want to be un-invited to play again if my wife and I return to the Greeneville area (we are still looking in the area, Thanks Again!), but I see it is 64 degrees in Greeneville today, it's 21 here now and we had a high of 12 on Monday... If it was 64 I would be playing in golf spikes, and my underwear, and that's something NOBODY wants to see. Thanks again for everything, and point taken. THIS CRAPPY WEATHER CAN'T END SOON ENOUGH!!!!! Hope to be down later this year..
  13. Yes the lake can can be GOOD and BAD. I'm about 4 miles from the lake. Got in a January round this year when it snowed I had 5 inches of snow in my yard, but the lake was just warm enough still that within about 1/2 mile of the lake there was no snow, Erie Shores was green grass, it was still a chilly 35 degrees....but by god I got the round in. But on the flip side you are also right. In March and April it can be mid 50's or a little warmer at my house and the northeasterly breeze making its way from Canada across the 34 degree waters of Lake Erie, and its about 36 degrees at the course!
  14. OK I must admit I only perused all of the comments. I believe a few pros have been right on in indicating that course set up and other things can be done to curb the Pro game. And someone help me out in explaining to me how a weekend player who is playing from tees too far back, will be changed by shortening how far his shots go. If having to hit 3 or 4 iron approach shots into every par 4 he plays isn't enough on its own to have him move up a tee, I'm pretty sure he'll be just as likely to convince himself that he can now get that 3 wood there. My experience has been that people p
  15. Yes.. Lost Nation some, and Erie Shores in Madison the Lake Metroparks course is open year round, its flat and walkable like Lost Nation . Hoping this 11 degree high, will give way to some rain to melt the snow and a return to a balmy 33 degrees F. So I can get in a round here in February
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