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  1. Wish I was! Great location, was in the area in April for Golf Trip!
  2. I anticipate getting a lot better, once I stop working 5 days a week, in about a year (I'm 55 now). I can assure you the most important thing I have seen here, and its something I started working on about two years ago, IS FLEXIBILITY AND STRETCHING! Start Now if you don't. I went from playing tennis, and softball at 43, to playing golf, not quite as active of a sport. Part of it was age, part of it was overall inactivity, but I went from 43 and barely having to stretch and having rubber bands for hamstrings, to 53 and having a couple of broomsticks for hamstrings. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch! That's my input!!
  3. Jonny Crash: I appreciate the tone of your query, and that you have no strong opinion on this one way or the other from your comments. This would fall into the category of things I stress to people NOT to think about. I understand that You yourself are not promoting over thinking this or anything else.! My ball flight is yet another one of the MANY things in the game of golf, that I honestly have not given ANY THOUGHT TO! Right up there with swing plane, launch angle, spin rate, take away, wrist break, transition move, etc. etc. My ball flight may be costing me distance for all I know, maybe if I worked on it I could hit my 56 degree sand wedge lower and get it to go 100 yards instead of the 85 that it does. But that is what I have a 52 degree wedge for. See ball, Hit ball, that's my motto. My swing is what it is. If one club goes to high given my swing to reach the green, from a given distance, then I use the next lower number club in my bag. That's my ball flight thought. The less thinking I do on specific golf topics, the better I seem to play the game.
  4. I am NOT a CLUB SPECS sort of guy, don't know much about different shafts or anything of that nature. Or anything really about the other sets of clubs you have listed. I can tell you that prior to buying myself, my own retirement gift of a set of Callaway Mavrik's, I had played a set of Taylor Made Burner 2.0's for 7-8 years and absolutely loved them. That would be my input, for what its worth.
  5. I can attest to what Tom said. I to am looking for a retirement location from the "snow belt" in extreme northeast Ohio. I visited the Greeneville area and played with Tom. It is a very nice area. I am still looking and the Greeneville TN area is still in the running. We are also looking in Kentucky, to be a little closer to home, but still be somewhere where there is little to no snow, and no longer have to watch a foot of snow accumulate over night. Good Luck!
  6. I also say try mid size grips. They are bigger, and provide more contact area with your hands. Take this for what it is, but when I started playing, everyone showed and insisted on the interlocking pinky finger grip. I could not get the feeling I was going to have the club fly out of my hands utilizing the interlocking pinky grip. I was gripping too tightly, and just couldn't get the thought of "this club is going to go flying out of my hand" out of my head on almost every shot. When I stopped doing this, the feeling of losing the club went away almost immediately. Combined with mid sized grips, its now a non issue. I'm sure you will figure it out. Because we all know, in general, the less you have to think about in golf the better you will be. Do a little research, as you are doing, and you'll find the grip that makes it a "non issue" for you. Good Luck!!
  7. Tom I wouldn't call us "lazy" I would say we are "extremely low energy" where practice is concerned. While I do not have all of the set up that you have for practicing at home, I do have a course with a nice range, and practice area literally less than a five minute drive from my house. I understand your dilemma. I went from working shift work, where when on midnights and afternoons I could play rounds of golf 2-3 times midweek, and then on Saturday with my brothers. The last 2.5 years working days with weekends off I've gone to only once on the weekend. I've seen parts of my game begin to slide a little without the midweek "practice" rounds to keep my game sharp. I know taking the small amount of time to go and practice, without then playing a round, would help me maintain my game like it was. I am a lot like you. I love playing "rounds" of golf, but can't seem to catch the "range/practice area bug". My game declining when I first started the days with weekends off thing hit me kind of hard. Now as others have stated I am content. I am ok being in the 85-89 range instead of expecting to break 80 on some of the easier public courses I play around here. The only goal I have set for myself now that I am 55 as of a few days ago, is to get to the course early enough to practice some putts, and be able to hit a small bucket, or at least do some simple stretching, and full swing practice swings to ward off injury, not really to improve my game. Been feeling a few aches and twinges, when the entirety of my pre round warm up is the swing hitting my ball off the 1st Tee. I would say we are content. I play every weekend with 2 of my brothers, and I'm on the slope to I don't care what I shoot, because they are all older than me and we only have so much time left.
  8. I can only duplicate some of these responses. Practicing chipping control on missed approach shots within 90 feet of green will improve your score with any ball you play. I doubt on these that the ball absent any real additional practice will make any difference. Secondly as someone else pointed out. If 75 yards is not a full shot with one of your clubs, and your coming up with this partial shot by hitting driver of the tee on Par 4's, Or Driver 3 wood on par 5's, then as pointed out play to a full shot distance. On many par 4's and 5's I play whichever club(s) will leave me 100 yards into the green(full 52 degree wedge). I no longer hit driver... 3 wood on every par 5 and leave myself 67.5 yards, which is a half, 60 percent swing with a club. I hit driver and then 4, 5, 6 iron whatever leaves me at 100 (52 wedge) or 108 (A wedge) into the green. This is assuming that I'm not having a great day, and a perfect 3 wood would let me get on in 2 (which is almost never). Strokes gained people will tell you to hit it as close as you can, but if you have no idea what a 58 percent sand wedge feels like from 54 yards, then I think you'll be better hitting a full (some kind of wedge from whatever distance that is(until you practice that 58 percent shot a little more. All that being said... You will likely get the best performance for your game, with or without more practice, by using a $47 a dozen Pro V1, or Z-Star. Below these I have found that most other 3 piece 25-30 dollar a dozen balls perform about the same. I have used almost all of them, (Q Star, Maxfli Tour, Bridgestone E6, E12, Wilson Staff Duo.) Some are clearly a little 'harder" than others, but I think bad play and bad technique always has more to do with how close my ball ends up to the pin, than the ball itself. Practice has made the difference in my game. Practice making more 3, 4, 5 &6 foot putts, and practice chipping it closer to the pin from 0-25 feet off the green. Remember professionals only 1 putt 50 % of the time from 8 feet. So calculate your game and expectations accordingly. My only thought on ANYTHING over 8 feet (in light of the previously mentioned statistic) is don't three putt. " Get it into the 3 foot circle (because we practice those 3 and 4 footers) take my 2 Putt, and walk away happy. I am truly only trying to give you my perspective as someone who struggled to get below 90 for a long time. I then after receiving some advice and research, began to more regularly practice exactly what I have mentioned and was able to then get into the mid, low 80's pretty regularly. In the end as someone else mentioned also... Play whatever ball (where price is concerned) that you can afford. Keeping in mind that the amount of time spent looking for that ball has an affect on those playing behind you.
  9. Once shot an 84, and had 41 putts! "mic drop"!
  10. Something like this has been brought up several times that I am aware of. There is a huge advantage in having 300 people to look for your ball on that blind tee shot over a hill where you can't see the landing area. There is nothing that can be done at pro events to keep fans from helping, I wish there was. However this huge advantage they have with this assistance, on the shot I mentioned or any other shot, is why I don't take a stroke if my ball can't be located in play. I loved watching the no fan tournaments, not only watching the pro's struggle to find their ball, but watching them roll off under the trees and further out of play, because there wasn't a gallery 10 deep to stop the ball within 10 feet of the edge of the fairway.
  11. Wilson Staff Duo Soft are $20.00 a dozen. I will suggest to you the same thing I have suggested to other similar queries on this forum. Use whatever ball you can afford to lose. Play a ball you are comfortable giving a cursory look for, and then dropping another and playing on, for the sake of pace of play. Whatever value of ball that is for you, only you can say.
  12. I wanted Louie to win(started watching him 20 years ago watching European Tour), like Rahm also though. I was just surprised that Louie, regardless of what his lie was, wouldn't pull a hybrid, or something 3 clubs more than what he would need from a good lie and give it a rip. After all its not like Louie is concerned with keeping his tour card, and likely the money difference between 2nd, and whatever a double bogey on the last would get him, is going to make or break Louie's finances. I was just surprised he didn't give it a go.
  13. I know. I was getting 45 degree toe shots, trying to swing harder with SW, with wrist break in there. It was a disaster. Biggest reason I was able to get from 90, down around mid-low 80's.
  14. I actually read similar advice in a Golf Magazine article(several years ago). Had struggled with control.. wrist break.. all of it. Best advice I ever received. I don't go as low as 8 iron. But depending on how much roll I need once it hits the green, I am anywhere from 56-9iron. Putting stroke hands forward to impart spin to check it if needed, or neutral to get more roll out. I try to land the ball the same distance onto the green and use a different club to obtain the right amount of roll out I need. Best advice I EVER READ!!
  15. I have said the same thing in this forum several times. For those of us who aren't concerned about "our official" handicap courses could once every couple of weeks have two sets of tee markers that they move around, in addition to the official sloped and rated tee markers. One set could be placed out at between 4900-5500 yards if possible for short hitters, and seniors etc. and another could be placed out between 5900-6500. Courses just need to want to contribute to the enjoyment, and be willing to put in the time to move the markers. I mean move the markers to different teeing areas, not just within a single box. Sure I know you can simply tee off from other tee boxes during your round, but it would be nice to be challenged by the set up person, from week to week. Different angles, and distances. Any given week some par 4's shorter, some longer, 3's longer or shorter etc. etc. Anyone who wants to play from only the sloped and rated boxes could still feel free too.
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