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  1. I realize this is a little old but here is my input. Seems like your group may be suffering from the same gripes as a group I have gone with several times. Last year a very high handicap won the weeklong tourney. But other years the lowest handicap won it. This is what the handicap system is supposed to do. Give a high handicap a chance to win against lower handicaps. If the low handicaps don't understand this, you can not help them. I'm not a handicap expert in any way shape or form, but you have to just trust it. Establish a handicap based on the courses you are playing, and that historical data if you can, and go with it. As for cheating or "sandbagging" You can't do anything to compensate for cheating, so the only way to correct for the sandbagger, who wants to win that badly, if there is someone like this is to not invite those people to participate. Lastly the USGA handicap system has a provision on what to do about "exceptional scores", or how they affect handicap . Don't know if this will help.
  2. Great year! Closing in on 45 rounds, and that is mostly just once on the weekend. Holed out from 70 yards for my first eagle of the year, last weekend, thankfully the snow flurries didn't affect the shot any. My oldest brother started playing with my second oldest brother and I so that is a great thing. I'm thankful that I'm getting better (almost completely there), at just not taking the game too seriously anymore. I'm finally realizing(at 55, which is not old mind you) that life is to freaking short to let some bad golf shots detract even the slightest amount from the enjoyment of playing golf with two of my older brothers.
  3. As stated this is hard to answer, without more information. Are you filling in a distance with a hybrid, replacing 3/4 iron, that you struggle to hit? I replaced my 3 iron with a 2 hybrid, and found the 2 hybrid much easier to hit than the 3 iron. Gives me a club for longer 200 yard par 3's. I would consider how often you are going to hit it. As a complete personal note, on the side, I use mine once every other round maybe. I bought mine 8 years ago from a knock off place (Gigagolf), and it is a great club that I still use today, and at that time is cost me $41.00 (including shipping and handling). I would just make sure to evaluate the reason you are getting it, and other things listed here to determine, type and cost you want expend, and that only you can determine. Not sure I helped, but thats what I considered when I purchased mine.
  4. Same as most. If its warm weather then I'll drink at least 3-16 oz bottles of water, and a gatorade during the 18 holes. I also mostly stick with a few bags of fruit/nut trailmix, and while certainly not the best thing for you, a jack links jerky. Eating is important. I find my mind wandering,and my concentration lacking when I forget my snacks.
  5. I don't know. I looked up the clubs you listed Bridgestone Tour B X-CB, on the Bridgestone website. They do not show a 2020 version of this club. It is in the Archives section as being a few years old, from 2018, and they look just like the ones you have pictured here.
  6. I'm just going to throw this out as a last comment on this. Now I am not professing that anyone needs to use new Pro V1's. I'm just pointing this math out should one choose to use Refurbished Pro V1's. Now I'm sure some can find them for less. Most places I looked them up on the internet, they are around 25$ a dozen for very good or "mint", some are more per dozen some are less. I'm going to go with 25$ a dozen, basically half price. I'm going to give two examples other than the Refurbished Pro V's. This is assuming someone will lose 3 dozen balls in 30 rounds. 30 rounds a year x cost per round +cost of 3 dozen lost balls divided by number of rounds again = cost per round 30 x $35(random cost per round)= $1,050 + $75 (3 dozen refurb ProV)= $1,125 divided by 30 rounds = $37.50 per round (this is including the cost of all lost balls. 30 x $35 =$1,050 + $150 (3 dozen new ProV)= $1200 divided by 30 rounds = $40 per round Now if Urethane cover is important to you, Dicks had Srixon Z Star XV for $33 a dozen brand new. (4 piece ball, urethane cover) 30x $35 = $1050 + $99(3 dozen lost Z-Stars) = $1,149 divided by 30 rounds = $38.30 per round. I'm just trying to point out that if you play more than 25 rounds a year, that the actual cost per round of using even new Titleist Pro V1's works out to about the cost of 1/2 new pro V1 per round, over 30 rounds. Given some of the recent articles about the "quality" of what you are actually buying, and getting with refurbed Pro V's, is it worth half a new one a round. And if you are not hung up on playing the Pro V1 name then Z-Star XV's will cost you 80 cents a round to play a brand new Urethane Covered 4 piece ball, instead of Refurbished. If you only play 5 rounds a year and are going to lose 2 dozen new Pro' V's then it would be cost prohibitive, and really increase the cost per round
  7. I guess I've never understood the used ball, refurbished, found ball "thing". I bought myself $1,000 irons. I have $400 of other clubs(driver, putter, wedges, hybrids). I pay on average $35-$55 dollars for a round of golf at my local public courses. I'm on my second Garmin golf watch. After putting all that financial input into this game, I just can't figure out why I would go out and tee up a refurbished, found, unknown real condition golf ball after all that expense. Now I don't play Pro V1's, but if I'm going to play I'm going to tee up a "new" ball.
  8. My point is that by their standards, they rushed through the round, and still managed to shoot scores, which were better than what 98% of all golfers on the planet are ever going to shoot. It just occurred to me that it does actually say something about the necessity for pro's to play so painfully slow, even if they are playing for their living, and clearly I believe could be used by the USGA, or someone else in an add campaign or something , to convey to the 99% of golfers who aren't playing for their living, that playing faster, (I'm not advocating jogging) is not going to negatively affect their score at the end of the day.
  9. I Know! and by the way I looked, Kevin Na(One of the slowest players ever) when he did it and played in 1:59, closed out with 4 consecutive birdies and shot even par 71!
  10. Was it just me or did anyone else notice that the PGA, USGA, or any other tour, or organization relating to Golf made no mention that Niemann literally jogged around the course, and shot 2 over par( 1 double bogey, 1 bogey, 1 birdie and 15 pars), and using this as a matter of questioning the pace of play, and literally(I timed him) people like DJ taking 1min 53 seconds to strike a 5 footer when it was his turn. This should be mandatory viewing by everyone who plays the game.
  11. The only way I'm getting across that is if we postpone this until February, and I get some bounce off of 6 " of Ice covering the pond.
  12. I would say a 1 or 2 iron, loft wise less than my 4 iron. Solely to have a flatter recovery club to keep the ball low, when I have to roll it out of the trees, and back into play.
  13. Chardon Lakes I can take or leave. Always in great shape no doubt. But it starts kicking you with narrowness early on, throws in very undulating greens, and then throws in green speeds most of the time that are off the charts. I have not played Geneva on the Lake. Madison is nice, it was private up until about 10 years ago, its older, pretty narrow, with some small greens on shorter holes, and larger on longer. Hemlock is one of my favorites. Its forgiving, greens are good, and I like it because it is in the woods, and you see no houses, or any sign of civilization other than on 1,9, 10, and 18. Powderhorn is less than 5 minutes from me. Upkeep not quite as good as others listed but has a few drivable par 4's, and makes you think a little bit. And played Punderson for first time this year. Really liked it. OH, and I would rather have a tooth extracted with no Novocain, than subject myself to the TORTURE that was Thunderhill!
  14. It was nice. All the bunkers I saw(up close) and there were a few, were in great shape. Par 5 12/13 ? out along the marsh, the fairway was a little rough, I'm guessing from high water or rain, and it only being a foot or so above the marsh. I just like it. Greens had just been aeriated so that took a little away but I liked it. Cedar Point bought it so hopefully they will put some money into the course, like they are the resort!
  15. I have two hybrids a 2 & 3, which are from 2010. I ordered them from Gigagolf, they were each $37.00 and that included shipping and handling! I hit them well, and just can't bring myself to replace them!
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