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  1. OK.....I voted earlier for 300 yard drives, I've changed my mind. Since then went out on an easy course in my area. Through first 7 holes I had 4 pars, and 3.. 3 putt bogies. I don't want to 3 putt anymore!!!!!
  2. DJ as others have said, sometimes its tough to find the right club to "fit" in. I recently got a new set of clubs(previously had no club for full 120 yard shot), and if you are going for a fitting just make sure to pay close attention the the lofts. I got my clubs because the lofts were more aggressive than my previous set. This allowed me to eliminate a 3H at the high end, and put another wedge in at the bottom end. I ended up with PW(set) 43d (120-125), AW(set) 48d (105-115) ADDED 52d (95-105), and stuck with most lofted as 56 degree(75 -85). I can't hit a 60 full shot, so I just try
  3. Reading the comments, I see some switch from white to Yellow, some like me switch from yellow to white, in leaves. Maybe it just has to do with the Switch? Maybe because we are looking for something different, than we are all the other times, makes it jump out at us. Hmmmmm . And I use Top Flite cheap, because I don't want to be tempted to test the thickness of the ice, to retrieve even a $2 Bridgestone E12, because its sitting there on top of the ice taunting me ... You would think they would just roll to the edge of frozen water.....they don't, they come to rest tauntingly beyond the
  4. I use matte green Bridgestone e12's. I think they do stand out a little better than more brightly colored yellow, Q-star, or yellow E6's. I think the lack of a shiny cover helps them not blend in with shiny grass from dew and other things in the morning. I've just always been able to pick out yellow, or now matte green better. In leaves I use white and cheap (Top Flite cheap), kick the leaves once or twice, drop another and move on.
  5. In the fall I switch from Matte Green, to white. I find that in amongst the colored leaves white stands out better. As conditions deteriorate(leaves, freezing ground, literally rock hard greens) here on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, I simply use white Top-Flites or some other cheaper ball. It becomes more about just getting some swings in(when the ground is not covered with snow) here, and not about score or how the ball reacts. I use white because I think its stands out in the colored leaves, and I just use cheap ones because if there are a lot of leaves I do a cursory check, and dr
  6. Your Welcome: The issue as you and I have disagreed on before is that there is a still prevailing, sense of superiority, and a disdain by those who are rules czars, toward people like me who don't really care what the rules are supposed to be, unless I am playing someone for money(and then we'll just play by whatever rules the two of us agree upon), or in some sanctioned event. Like some actual harm is being done somehow, "to the integrity of the game" by encouraging people to just go out and play and have fun, and adhere to whatever rules they wish. And I would submit to you that l
  7. See how I've quoted a response I view as being directed at a comment I made, and which is a comment to a particular comment, or persons comment, and not the original post. i began reviewing this thread by reading the original posed comment. I was pretty readily able to surmise what were responses to the original post and who were responding to comments within conversations, and carrying on side discussions. I will try try to use "quote" more to keep everyone up to speed.
  8. Hopefully you chipped in from just off the green for a BIRDIE, and marked that down. Because if this had happened to me, I'm proudly logging my birdie. As I've stated in several other loosely related topics. EXCLUDING THIS YEAR WITH NO FANS AN LIMITED MARSHALLS. Don't forget that probably less than 1% of all balls struck by pros(pga, European tour, lpga, any spectated event) that landed in play but in the rough, or somewhere else (not water, or o.b.) were found by fans or spotters. DON'T LET THE RULES OF GOLF PENALIZE YOU FOR NOT BEING A PROFESSIONAL. Use your first ball!!!!
  9. Don Madison, Ohio Nike Vr Pro set to draw bias 12 handicap mid 90's Tsi 2
  10. I agree. Also use CP 2 midsize. I had the same problem with Winn Dri-Tac. Very tacky to start with but smoothed out very quickly it seemed. Will likely stick with CP 2 or similar from now on. I can get 2-3 years out of them.
  11. Sparkee I think you've figured it out. Practice is what will make the difference around the greens. I am a little younger than you but have hunted for that ONE ball to use. Sadly I just don't think it makes that much of a difference for me in the end. I refuse to pay $47 for a dozen golf balls, therefore I have tried and used almost all of the ones mentioned by others above. Q-Star, Bridgestone E6 & E12, Wilson Staff Duo Soft, and currently giving Maxfli Tour a try. Some high visibility, currently matte green is my preference. The Bridgestone E12 feels softer to me around the greens
  12. I would have to go 300 yard drives. I don't 3 putt that often, probably high 1 point something to 2 times per round. I drive the ball pretty straight and think it would mean more to me to be within 40-70 yards of the green on low and mid 300 yard par 4's, as opposed to having 100-150 yards in. My chipping is pretty good, so I think I could improve my proximity with 300 yard drives, and ultimately maybe score better in the long run. 3 putts when they come are annoying, but sometimes they come on big greens when you got 50-60 feet for a first putt, I don't mind those so much..... just th
  13. I want to thank Tom the Golf Nut, and Link Hills(Greeneville TN) for inviting, and allowing me to play a round with him, when my wife and I were in the area. Tom was a great host, the course was beautiful, and everyone at the course was extremely nice and accommodating. Unfortunately it was a little drizzly, but that didn't detract one bit from the great time I had. Thanks also to MYGOLFSPY it's how Tom and I arranged this! Thanks again Tom:
  14. Thanks to everyone for the information. I will just have to look and see how many features I really need. Thanks Again!!!!
  15. I have an old Garmin Approach S2, and a Bushnell Neo xs. I am a watch and not a rangefinder person. I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience with the S60 or any comparable Bushnell watch. I am thinking about upgrading.
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