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  1. No method to repair these dents. I would keep using it if it works until the day it quits. Can't claim warranty on damage caused by misuse. I would be surprised if the OEM will replace it or even give partial credit towards a new purchase. Would the auto dealer replace a new car you purchased and ran up a curb just outside the dealership under warranty?
  2. Measure the shaft O.D. There might have been a small discrepancy in the shaft size. A digital caliper is a useful tool in the shop.
  3. HAVE NOT BOUGHT NEW tITLEIST FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS. Still going through the boxes I have in stock when I bought bulk to save a few.
  4. $300 + your time and the cost of fuel. I would take that fun trip myself.
  5. A lot of work. either you have to love that particular putter much or someone has to pay enough for the trouble. I'll just slap some lead tape on the head and call it good.
  6. First, make sure the grip I.D. fits the shaft's O.D. The shaft has taper, the more we trim off the butt end the thinner the shaft's O.D. You can try using another layer of masking tape or two, they are thinner than the two sided tape. Or change the tape to another kind with textured surface. Masking tapes has smooth surface which could be roughed up with sand paper to give more friction. And if you use a two parts grip (typically harder material on top and softer material in the lower half of the grip) It will be easier to twist with use. It will probably also twist with double sided tape. Push the grip all the way down make sure the end cap is seated. squeezed the grip in it's entire length to vent out possible small pockets of air so the grip is firmly attached to the shaft. Beyond that, use another type of grip. The best type of grip for air install is the traditional wrap or tour velvet.
  7. It is why we use a nosel with pressure trigger which able to moderate the pressure. Also using a sleeve over the grip to install and remove grips. Always be careful when the grip could not expand uniformly. The ones with a rubber underlisting, or a two parts construction will need extra attention since the parts will expand differently. Use a little solvent if needed to help lubricate the parts when sliding on with air. Very helpful when fitting a smaller grip on. There ar different types of painter's tape the original blue tape works well when the grip I.D. fits snuggly to the shaft's O.D. Of course, if the butt of the shaft is trimmed off the O.D. will get progressively smaller from the taper. No bbig deal to figure it out, hands on. It is not sending a rocket to the moon and back.
  8. Imressive for private project. Refine the method to attach the parts and it could fly commercially. Other consideration is to move the weight around on the design ot to provide a way to move the weight. The only short pont I could see is too many moving parts for longevity.
  9. If it were I. I'd get that guy a lunch or refer him some business in the near future. Understand that he sort-of volunteered to spend the time with you but, you get to experience a lot of the heads and shafts combinations without paying for his time. You would not have been able to do all that without his presence. Typically, they will not allow anyone to try out so many different combinations knowing that no fees were paid and no interest in buying anything. An hour and a half should march you through the whole bag at a normal pace after the initial discussion.
  10. Foam golf balls? Use an old bed sheet. Draw multiple bullseyes on the sheet for target.
  11. Most of the guys in our group will remove the OEM head covers from driver, fairway woods, hybrids and putter and replace them with generic head covers. A popular theme on the head cover will be the local sports teams. This is frequently practiced after someone's driver/putter was stolen at the bag drop area, one incident was right in front of the club house. The club house has installed video cameras but it's better than paying the deductibles on insurance to replace the stolen golf clubs. A golf bag containing a few thousand dollars' worth of golf clubs will attract opportunity thievery.
  12. The drawback from using a magnetized closure for head cover is ripping the material after frequent usage. Velcro could be replaced but the ripped material could not be easily repaired. Save your Scotty head cover and use aftermarket head cover featuring magnetized closure. Not just for saving the head cover from wear and tear, but the Scotty head cover is an advertisement for unwanted attention. Thief on and around the golf courses are on the rise.
  13. Yes, a tip weight for graphite shaft. It gets loose when you pull the adaptor. I would not epoxy it into the tip of the shaft if you're thinking of reusing the shaft sometime down the road. It's good as long as not rattling.
  14. In your situation, I would go for the mid-weight graphite shaft. Instead of switch to the light weight steel and soon will need to switch over to graphite.
  15. Customs-hop was ever cheap. It's their business model. The owner learned that business trait before he got famous and popular. Use good quality paint, clean up the cavity really well prior to applying new paint. Have fun.
  16. Don't forget the total static weight of the club and the balance point of the assembled club. IMHO they are more important than the swing weight numbers. The back weight is to improve feel, not a magic bullet to cure issues in a golf swing.
  17. The Bocceri secret grip has a 16 gram back weight in the grip cap. It will "feel" different than sliding a 20 gram weight down the butt end of the shaft. In both cases the static weight of the whole golf club will increase by the back weight, plus the change in the swing weight. I had used the Bocceri grips in the past when it first came out and removed them soon after trying. I use a heavier tour wrap style medium size grip and that little weight increase seemed to work fine for me.
  18. Some solvent will have additives, to prevent combustion or to meet safety code. The solvent you used might not dry up completely. You can blow air through the grip a few times after installation, either needed to adjust the grip position or to blow out the excess solvent. Blow out a few times and reseat the grip if you use a lot of solvent without the grip tape. Squeeze down the grip to eliminate possible small pocket of air bubbles trapped inside the grip, make sure the grip is tightly adhere to the shaft. Beware of counterfeit grips, these grips used inferior compound material, twist easily and will wear out faster. I had encountered a few times of these counterfeit grips when people brought in their own grips for me to install. They will twist, even after using the grip tape and solvent method.
  19. You have been using the method for years without issue so, lets exam the possible variables this time. - have you purchased the grip from the same source like before ( the vender might change their source )? - Have you use the same type of grip as before? - the multi material structure is easier to lose its position after install, if not seating the end cap all the way in. More difficult with some makes than the rest. - Whether the hands are on the grip correctly, some golfer will have the twisting move while going after a golf ball( their hands will twist to opposite position instead of working together ). -Some painter's tape will have a glossy surface ( no texture) which will assist the installing but will also have less friction to hold on to the grip . If you use painter's tape there should be no need for solvent except for wetting the lips of the grip to slip it onto the shaft. Make sure the end cap is fully seated. The grip and the shaft are similar size. Change the tape if necessary ( or use no tape with some of the grips ). One last thought is, whether the grip is authentic OEM product, not a counterfeit or rejects of the OEM. I had a guy brought me his own grips for installing ( he purchased online ), and those are junks ( same type of grip as yours but in regular size), twisting after a few rounds of play. He brought them back and I reseated the grips with air for him, same result in a few weeks. I finally put the double sided grip tapes on the clubs just to see what will happen, same result. So it was the grip. Probably some counterfeit grips using materials not meeting the specification of the OEM.
  20. Yes, I agree the packaging and the shipping will be the main issue because of the weight and the shape. People are willing to drive for distance to pick it up if the price is right. Think of the cost of fuel these days so probably about an hour worth of road trip would be right. Surely there are many golfers in your region who might want to pick up a set of loft and lie machine for their shop. I don't think you'll have problem selling it for your friend's family. Make sure you categorize all the parts including the bending arms and the accessories ( stand?) because the potential buyers will ask for pictures of what they will be buying. I know that I would be willing to drive an hour to pick up a nice loft and lie machine.
  21. Theoretically, many of the epoxy/glue over the counter could bond the parts together well, that might include the gorilla glue. The thing to watch out for for golf club making is not just the tensile strength of the bonding but because there is a very good chance either you or someone else might wish to take the club apart in the future to either repair or change shaft so the breakdown temperature is one element which could not be ignored. Go to your local hardware store, read off the label of the two parts long cure epoxy. Find one which have high tensile strength and low temperature break down. Most the so called golf epoxy will break apart around 200F - 220F. The golf stores will order the epoxy in large quantity and bottle it, brand it for retail. Buying from hardware store might cost a little more but convenient if you're not doing the re-shaft in volume.
  22. I know that you said you "tip" the fitter. It is definitely a minority in the business to not trying to upsell you things before you walked out of the store. He will be the guy to revisit when you are in need of new golf equipment. Referrals should be sent to him.
  23. The chase for the greener pasture and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will be ongoing. $100+ tips plus the road trip will ensure you to come home with a stronger faith in your current equipment setup.
  24. Weights in the grip will make the heads feel lighter, yet. If you want to feel the heads, you should slap a few pieces of lead weight on the head. Or properly increase the shaft weight by inserting the additional weight below the grip in the shaft, but this might also increase the chance of ripping the fiber of the graphite shaft. Especially the light weight shafts with thinner wall. I'd start by applying a few wraps of lead tape just below the grip.
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