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  1. 3-PW or 4-GW, they are but a numeral stamped on the sole of the irons. If you check the loft of the irons and the length of the golf clubs, the two sets should be darn close. It really just the point of view, depending on where you stand. If you ask a younger golfer, he will say, oh, those vintage golf clubs have weak loft and shorter. But if you ask a golfer for the last 4-6 decades, he will tell you the modern iron's loft are jacked up and they are way too long. I had stopped worry about looking for the number stamped on the sole of the iron. All I need to know is which club for the 100 yard and which one is the 140 yard club, then I could get the right golf club from the bag.
  2. Yes, it should be fun. Bring lots of questions that's not covered in the curriculum. Also gather contact information for future references when you need to.
  3. Have you thought about a longer ferrule ? This will be the best choice. If the Adapter does not offer longer ferrule, yo can custom make a piece from a fresh ferrule by sliding it over a used ( cut off ) metal shaft when you tip trim, find the right section and cut it with a utility knife. ( like a section of ring from the ferrule ) If that's out of the question, You could always cover the area with polyurethane paint. I would cover the area first before installing it. make sure you cover enough area to stay below the ferrule, let dry before installing it. If you're patient, you can do multi colored covering. Avoid using quick drying paint. When I'm Lazy, just cut a piece of black electrical tape and covers it. with a little epoxy to hold the tape in place.
  4. Bill Bellevue WA 100, +- Kirkland Signature the original 4 piece Tour
  5. Bill , Washington Callaway X14 PS, Adams SpeedlineTech, SC titleist putter 12.8 Get back to a single digit index
  6. This may be the best of the test offering this year so far..... thanks for all the hard work guys and gals. Bill, State of Washington Tourstage 445, Fujikura Rombax type x in stiff flex. around 99 MPH, 230 carry average William Kuo / facebook Android
  7. Thanks for the opportunity. 1.Bill, Washington ​2. Scotty Cameron, Pro Platinum Newport slant 3. No 4. Queen B 9 model preferred but Bettinardi's putter are all good.
  8. - Bill, Washington State - Adams Idea Super Pro. 20°, 18°, Project X 6.0 hybrid graphite. - Kinda - Strengths/weakness , airborne easily, but inconsistent in contact off the turf ? Love to try the KBS in 85 gm. stiff.
  9. Bill, from the State of Washington 11.2 index. Yes, Staff Fluid Feel Callaway X-14 PS
  10. How I wish this claim is true ! William, State of Wasgington 11.2 Adams Speedline Tech 8.5°, MAtrix RUL54 Stiff, 101, 239 Phil Michelson
  11. 11.2 Washington Average 98 MPH, Average 230 carried distance Preference F7+
  12. Bill Kuo, Washington, U.S.A. 11.2 No current shot tracking system
  13. Washington 11.2 S.C. Newport Select Had never tried a floating face putter in the past, be very interesting to see what's the difference.
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