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  1. I must be learning from the wrong side of the street. Just the opposite of what you stated. Hit the stiffest shaft in the driver one can swing ( with multiple swings, not just a couple ). I could not hold back or half swing, 3/4 swing a driver. Mid irons or wedge maybe, not the long clubs. Once I met a senior golfer, who took up golf after retirement. I was looking at his low flying bullets with his fairway woods and hybrids. Asked to see his hybrids( always ask before one touch another's golf club ). They were low launch XS from some wholesale store. No wonder the trajectory was so low, since he didn't have the club head speed to elevate the golf balls with XS flex. I asked him why did he purchase golf clubs with XS shafts ( this is a guy who could not carry his drive over 190 ). He replied, the stiffer shafts in the hybrid made better ball contact. True, but he had no business swinging XS shafts ( no matter who the OEM is that stamped the XS on the shaft ).
  2. I think over the years I had known him, he got fitted twice to my knowledge. His neighbor had warned me once not to be too serious about anything with him. I didn't understand back then. When someone I know asked for help for their equipment or their golf game, I'd do what I can if I have the spare time. I even helped him to set up using the air to re-grip, ended up I had to finish most the work for him. This is after the hands on demonstration and tutoring watching him did half a set of grips without much issue. Told him the inside tip of how to unstuck the grip halfway installed, Showed him how to extract an old glued on grip...... all those tips I learned throughout the years. Ended up He asked me to re-grip for him. Same with the basic golf swing issue. He'd have issue with driver or iron...... I'd go to the driving range and spot for him. Usually something very minor, fixed it, he's hitting great shots. A few weeks later when I ran into him on the golf course, same issue or something new. Asked him what happened ? Either someone else gave him friendly advice or he's been watching some video on the YouTube. I gave up after a few years. Recently, I took a novice golfer from the beginning to playing on the par 3 in 2 months, that's 4-5 driving range sessions each month with 1-2 bucket of range ball each time. From how to grip a golf club to an 8 iron teed up, to hitting off the mat, to fairway woods and chipping and putting. But I can't help this guy for some reason since he'll be like a chameleon, ever shifting and changing and goes round and round in circle. I understand the urge of changing equipment as I'll be saying "I'm one of ". I have a garage full of golf clubs ( as I never trade in nor throw away my old sets in the last 4 decades ). However, this guy is a puzzle. We'll probably still be friends, but he'll need to find someone else to help him with his golf game or with his golf equipment.
  3. You're "probably" not maximizing your game as always the longer length could tolerate a firmer flex than the shorter length. If you need to be educated on this subject, there are lots of reading you could find online instead someone going through the pages of details which is well known. I always believed for the same person, the progression of the stiffness in relationship to the length of the golf club should be linear. Until the golfer hit's his/her physical limit. That's how I learned and proven over the years while in and near this game. There maybe exceptions but , rarely. You might be one of the rare animal who does the reverse of the common practice and do well , or thinks that you do well, without knowing how much better you could have been. Sorry, I say what I see and not always correct as my wife will tell me. But if you're using a softer flex in driver and stiffer flex in fairway woods... maybe you should get some opinions on whether you could improve from where you're at now. Very well being that you could benefit from a shorter length with driver shaft. Yes, I'm only guessing. Please, don't take it too seriously since I say it in the general form and never seen your game.
  4. Absolutely, nothing wrong with what you do.... you're just not maximizing your game. Golf is one a the few things in life which one does not need to be good to enjoy. The issue is not what one golfer does with his own equipment. The question is, when this golfer keeps asking for advice where he obviously not taking it. Even after he himself had tried and proved what works better for him. My personal perspective is , I could not help him on his golf game when he tries everything under the sun, randomly. When someone ask for advice, after spending the time and the effort to help, the advice is tossed out of the window. would you still help ? I had also told him, for his physical make up and his age group, no miracle golf shaft/driver will give him more meaningful distance. He needs to hit the gym with a sports specialist. Instead, he found massage, and acupuncture...... can't help him.
  5. This might include myself ! But he is getting stuff totally wrong for his game and mostly did it in reverse of what the logic tells him. For instance, his driver is a very soft flex, fairway woods are stiff, irons are regular and wedges are stiff. Usually the longer the length , more stiff the flex. He is very short in stature , est. 5'3". refused to try a shorter length, kept complaining of the dispersion when he got tired and could not swing the regular length with control. Thus his posture and weight shaft would be all over the place...... The golf industry needs golfers like him, to keep moving equipment. Only if these golfers won't run short of their interest for the game. I believe he keeps in the game for other reasons. In his case, not going into detail, the golf course is an escape for his other issues in life. I had come to a conclusion of not really answering his questions from now on until I feel I could help his game. For now, he probably just need someone to talk to. I'll stop wasting my time on the subject of how to help his game. If he really needs help, he could get it from those who will charge him a fee and that, will test his real needs for the answers to his repeated questions.
  6. A guy I know for many years, who always ask for advice in golf related subject, and hoping for a miracle solution. Never fails, he would ask from all his friends who is better than his skill in golf and also from the paid professionals. Over the years, I had helped him from re-gripping to re-shafting to giving swing advice. He would do well , for awhile , then goes back to something he saw on YouTube or from another golfer giving him free advice. He is chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. By getting " a good deal " from his fellow golfer's left over golf equipment, or by shopping on the internet. He knew the golfer himself trumps the equipment at anytime for the performance. However, he is still chasing after the Dream by spending his retirement savings. I had stopped helping him, after he told me " But it keeps me happy ". So he could be "happy" in his own way without me helping him. For an instance. He is playing the A/L flex in his irons so he got this great deal from the PXG benefactors ( the buy one get one free deal ) a driver with senior flex set up. All of a sudden, he bought some Titleist fairway woods with stiff shafts. I had given up on this dream chaser who will not take advice. After time and again, I have to give up on "helping" him.
  7. The manual Maltby ( golfworks ) puller/extractor will last you a life time. The Air Compressor w/ Attachment tools, Hook Razor blades, butane mini torch...Will set you back maybe half of the $500 budge if you look into Harbor Freight Tools. HF has some good quality air compressor on sale now.
  8. This is not unique to a region, it's everywhere. Many also found position in a new industry and decided not to return to the old one. At one time, there were enough economic support for all the golf courses in the area. A current study of why the diminishing economic support for the golf courses in trouble is needed, If anyone wants to "save" the golf courses. Demographic changes ? Shift in the local economic development ? Perhaps, the local economy could no linger sustain all the golf courses in the area and some of them just need to be retired ?
  9. Your basic tools for starter should not be too long a list. Most of the hobbyists build their tool inventory as they move along. Some tools are just too bulky / expensive to acquire unless one is doing volume and/or profit from it. There is no such thing as a work shop with complete tools. If you want to come close to a complete shop, think of $12-$16 K for all the toys + more. A budget complete shop is around $6K-$8K. Assuming you had already done the re-griping and have those done pat. The heat source to breakdown/soften the epoxy to separate the shaft from the hosel is the next tool. Propane torch , heat gun, mini torch.. all applicable. I prefer the propane torch with pencil flame head nozzle. These can be had at your local hardware store, or online. Shouldn't be too expensive. I like this option because it provide enough heat fast and concentrate at where it's needed. Most the professional golf club smith prefer this option. But all the other options work. The next larger purchase should be a graphite shaft puller/extractor. The manual extractor also works but the benefit of the hydraulic tool will be the separation of the heated hosel from the shaft immediately after the epoxy is broken down. This will minimize the heat damage to the tip of the shaft. Not to mention less elbow grease to operate. In my view, it'll be a great investment if you'll pull more than a couple of shafts each year. You can build one from parts, may have to have machine shop stamp/mill a few parts for you but most of the parts could be assembled from hardware store. Fully assemble unit often found under $200. Find one with the hydraulic unit could be unbolt and changed in the future, they won't last forever. A good bench vice is indispensable, you can improvise with the rubber paddings from hardware store or recycle parts from around the house. The "grip" which is the friction provided between the jaws of the vice and the graphite shaft should be enough , so you won't need to over tighten the hold and cause damage to the shaft. This is important because the lighter weight of the shaft all have thinner wall. Cracked shaft is one of the common mistake from the rookies. A piece of the inner tube from the bicycle tire added to the rubber pads wrap around the shaft, works well most of the time. + a good belt and disc sander / polisher. ( vacuum unit is optional but recommended for your shop's cleanliness and the health of your lungs ) Off you go with the heat source and a good puller. Of course, continue to add some tools here and there, like a kid in the candy store, never enough of the goodies.
  10. After second thought, I admire him to have his golf swing posted on social media. Can't say much more about it except the obvious "old man " swing without much turn of hip and shoulders. The hesitation in re-gripping might be related to the subconscious fear of injuring himself. Sergio was totally another case, mostly between the ears, he rid of most of it now. He's not that aged yet is he ? Maybe he had some serious injury when he was younger. Probably hip and/or knee related.
  11. It's more a challenge of between the long and the short sticks. Somedays my driver and fairway woods are more under control than the short irons, and vice versa. Somedays my putter could not miss within 10' and other days it could not find a cup larger than a barrel. Golf is Not a game of perfect ( there is a book written by Dr. Bob Rotella ) . Learn to play with your B Game or even the C game and then, you'll have a lot more fun doing it. Jack Nicklaus said, many of his winnings came with his B-Game. I had always treat the "hazards" of the game as a challenge when I was new to this game. I would be actually excited to have a difficult shot , like the tee ball found a unfixed divot in the fairway. It actually would give me a chance to practice such shot under pressure. I was told to pick it out of the divot by fellow golfers. I would not miss a chance to have a go at it. It's all how you look at it. If one keeps at it, the percentage of playing up to one's own standard will increase.
  12. I had been looking into this for almost a decade now. No feasible way of doing it, unless we have a material which could be molded into the shape of a driver head. The weight and distribution of the weight could be customized during the process of molding the head. Should have a digital program to customize the process. Ideally, the material should allow normal play within minutes from the molding process. Imagine, this can custom make any spec under the Sun. Science Fiction, I know, at this stage. But flying, deep sea diving........ all came from thoughts not that long ago.
  13. Private golf club/country club, whether it's equity ownership or not, all have special assessments. The price the members pay for having their own play ground. Club house , fitness room, shower/locker room , dinning facility, plus any other amenities. Swimming pools/diving pool. Sauna room/ massage facility , I had even seen one with bowling alleys , tennis courts............ All of the goodies need to be maintained and add improvements over the years. I know there was a local golf course which hosted the PGA Championship in the past has major exodus of memberships, because of a special assessment of over $80K for improvements. Equity membership means ownership, the members will pay for everything that ties with the property. including lawsuits. Personally, I stayed away from equity ownership, one has to pay the initiation fee to get in, and a hefty exit fee when selling/leaving the club. I enjoy playing the public daily fee golf courses ( and some of them are quite nice, just can't pick your company ), the leftover balance from paying the monthly membership due, could mean a few golf trips to dream destination.
  14. Very true. Players have stuff in the bag for "just in case", rain gear, extra pair of socks, sun screen, snack...... anything you'd imagine that one might need for the 5 -6 hours on the golf course. Believe me, if they cold fit a honey bucket in the bag, it'll be in it.
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