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  1. Awesome thank you all! I will probably go a high bounce 54 and bend it to 55 in addition to a 60 low/mid bounce option.
  2. Andrew Los Angeles CA Taylormade sim 13 index tsi3
  3. Hi All, I currently play my gap, sand, and lob wedges at 50, 54, 58 and am looking to replace the set as it's about that time. I'd like to add a 60 to help with getting the ball get a bit more airborne on chip/pitch shots where I don't have much green to work with or need to carry it over something. In order to maintain even gapping between them, I'm planning to get either a 54 and have it bent to 55 or a 56 and have it bent to 55. I understand that bending strong decreases bounce and vice versa. Has anyone done either of these and noticed any differences in offset and if the club face sits more open/closed?
  4. I did the same deal as you for the free fitting if $500 spend met on July 2. I got a SIM Max and Newport 2 putter. As of last week I am still waiting on the order (2 clubs) so I ended up just canceling the SIM head since we're only a couple months away from TM releasing new woods and figured I can wait until then at this point. If I decide to just get it I could probably just order it from DSG or Carlsgolfland and have it here in two days... CC told me the next target delivery date for the shaft and putter is next week. We'll see how that holds up.
  5. I'm in Thousand Oaks and looking for new people to play with. If anyone is down to play soon let me know!
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