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  1. Got out for the first time in a few weeks today, as I’ve been dealing with back pain. Played awful on the front nine (+8), but rebounded on the back and shot +4. Finished with an 82, not too bad considering I haven’t been able to play very often of late!
  2. The real feel country club elite is a great mat.
  3. Awesome opportunity! Good luck to all who apply!
  4. Thanks for this...cutting me deep man!
  5. Overall, this challenge has been amazing. Huge shoutout to MGS and Cobra for putting this on, from the gorgeous clubs to the well thought out challenges it was fun every week to see what the competitors would bring. @B.Boston, @daviddvm, @edingc, @GB13, @Headhammer...ya done good! Reviews were insightful and well written, memes were well used, and you all did a great job of including the forum members in the process. Huge shoutout to @daviddvm for highlighting the one length clubs all year, I have a buddy who plays these and swears by them for those who can't put the time into golf that it takes to hammer down a swing with 14 different length clubs. I would say my favorite part of the challenge was definitely breaking 80 for the first time during the woods and wedges competition. It was a lot of fun to play the different types of challenges, and I will be incorporating some of them into practice rounds for the high school kids this year to keep things fresh and help them learn course management in different scenarios. I'm bummed I was unable to partake in the 14 club challenge, but will definitely be roping that one in somewhere soon. Every week that involved getting forum members out on the course and connecting through golf was a definite win for me. As far as suggestions go, I think it would be a ton of fun to have a week where members get to call out one of the participants and remove X number of clubs from their bag for that week. For example, if someone posted their Arccos data and it was clear their driving handicap was low, you could call them out and take away their driver. Or look at their usage data and take away the club(s) they tend to use for the most shots. This would provide different options off the tee/around the green throughout the round to give more insight to the review, but also would be a lot of fun for the forum members. Perhaps if I want to remove more than 1 club, I need to subtract a point from my handicap for head to head comparison? Just a thought. Thanks for a fun 8 weeks!
  6. Good luck to everyone who applies, these are some great putters! If I hadn’t just replaced mine I’d throw my name in the hat, but I love my new one too much to betray it like that.
  7. Oh yes, can’t wait to throw my name in the hat next year! This has been a blast!
  8. Got busy, couldn’t make the draft. Team sucks, I’ll have to waiver the shite out of this season. Ah well.
  9. Atmos red should spin more and launch higher than elements.
  10. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the New England forecast and post a picture from the golf course when you guys get hit with some snow . Need to keep hope alive that winter will end and you can once again return to the links!
  11. It’s 9:40 am in SoCal and it’s already 96. Heat wave this weekend! We only get a few days a year that high, worthwhile price to have year round golf! I do not miss those New England winters I grew up with.
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