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  1. Finally got a build date for my Mach E! Coming to a course near you in November. Though I’m debating immediately selling it. Between the $7500 credit, a $2500 ford options rebate, and them honoring the 2022 price I’m getting it for $17k under MSRP. If I can flip it for close to that I can upgrade to a Model Y and save some money in the process.
  2. Yes, but I’m not sure if that will change if it moves to a 2023.
  3. I’m nervous to see how much the Mach E goes up by. My 2022 order is being rolled into 2023.
  4. Haggling is part of the fun! I do enjoy the Tesla model where you don’t even have to deal with a dealer. Just order online and have it show up at your house (months later).
  5. What’s crazy is that Teslas have barely depreciated. They’re retaining value surprisingly well. My brother in law has one and it’s worth 3k more than he paid for it three plus years ago. Granted, prices are crazy right now.
  6. They’re definitely getting a different vibe going with the newer Ioniqs. I imagine people will be very polarized on these. I like them!
  7. I can confirm clubs will definitely fit in the back. Brought mine to the dealership to test it out.
  8. Debating a trip to Cincy…if only SoCal were closer!
  9. What an opportunity! I decided to go with the Forged Tec X. I have not played game improvement heads in awhile, and I’ve been frustrated with my irons of late. I am hoping the forgiveness helps me gain some confidence in my iron play and get my handicap under 10. I currently play Srixon ZX5/ZX7 combo set, and when my swing is right they’re really good. Consistency has been elusive, however. My name is Jordan and I live in Newbury Park, CA. My handicap is an 11.6, and I’d love to share my experiences with the forum!
  10. Oh, I’m sure they do. I just haven’t seen it personally. I also only know two people playing the TR.
  11. I know a guy who snapped two Ventus black. Haven’t heard of the TR snapping.
  12. I’ve always wanted to try curling. It seems like a ton of fun, and is likely way harder than people think.
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