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  1. You guys are all picking the wrong Tigers to win it all. Clemson for the repeat!
  2. Thanks for the awesome opportunity! This one is going to be a lot of fun. Having no preconceived notion about the ball should be an interesting wrinkle in getting it out in the course to see what it can do. I’m geeking out about this one!
  3. If I’m playing a scramble I’m still taking you guys, short game only gets better with age!
  4. I have an M5 and absolutely love it. I previously had an epic flash that I ended up returning because it just wasn’t super consistent. No such problem with the M5!
  5. My driver swing speed is about 118-120 and the Tour X goes further than the Tour. I would say it is about 5-7 yards further. Still shorter than the Snell though.
  6. Played nine with both balls yesterday. The project A is noticeably softer. I’m not a huge fan. Even on missed hits it is so soft that I don’t get the same responsiveness from the ball. Everything feels close to pure. I’d recommend the Maxfli.
  7. Yeah I’d for sure snag them for that much. It’d be great to help my golf team test out some different shaft options to get them motivated to get a fitting.
  8. That’s a tough one. They’re all fitting heads/shafts for clubs that have been replaced with newer versions. I imagine they have little on course value, but would be fun for someone who had a launch monitor.
  9. I haven’t played the project A, but I do have a box of them. I’ll give it a go next time out!
  10. I’m relatively new to the forum, though I’ve been a fan of the website for awhile. I love the data provided on the site, it really helps me to have confidence in what I’m looking to get. I was given an opportunity to do a ball test as well, and it is a lot of fun! It is a great experience to hone in on the little details of a product, and truly get a better understanding of how differences in equipment impact your game. Not only that, it’s an awesome feeling to know that you might be helping others gain insight into a product. I’ve always been one to nerd out over the little details, and have been learning a lot about club making and club fitting. I really appreciate mygolfspy for giving me an opportunity to jump in on a test!
  11. I was able to get out and play a full course the other day, and decided to use the Tour X. I feel like I have a good handle on where the Tour ball fits, and wanted to do the Tour X justice. As I’ve experienced before, it is definitely on the firm side. Ball flight was lower than I’m used to, and it cost me a little distance. Overall, the ball performs really well. It just isn’t the ball for me. Both are durable, hold a line well on putts, are a bit lower on spin but not drastically...they’re an excellent budget ball. I’d feel comfortable saying that at 75% the cost of a Pro V1, they are absolutely at least 75% as good of a ball. Are they on a level footing with Titleist? No. If you’re looking for a ball that is a little cheaper and allows you to spend more money playing golf, I’d consider this ball. The real conversation comes with how Maxfli compares to Snell. I think the Snell outperforms the Maxfli in everything except durability, and comes in at a lower price point. For these reasons, I’ll continue to game the Snell. If I opened a box of Maxfli at Christmas I wouldn’t be upset about it though.
  12. The 7 iron is 30.5 and the PW is 45. Standard length shafts. So they’re on the strong side.
  13. I was able to coerce the local Roger Dunn shop into letting me test the golf balls yesterday (which wasn't hard, they're awesome!) on their Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor. I brought in my pitching wedge and my 7 iron. I hit a bunch of shots with each club, using the Maxfli Tour, Maxfli Tour X, and the Snell MTB X. I wanted to use a Pro V1 as well, but didn't have one in my bag! As they are far too expensive, I elected not to buy one in the store. I hit at least 10 shots with each ball, removing the really bad shots from the data set (like the beautiful slice to the right seen below). Here are the compiled results from the testing. The findings were pretty consistent with what I have been experiencing on the course. The Maxfli Tour was shorter with both clubs, and was spinning a lot less on approach shots with the wedges. On the firm greens of SoCal, being able to stick it is very important. I did find it interesting that the PW numbers were fairly similar between the MTB X and Tour X. This one really just comes down to feel for me, the Tour X is just not a pleasant ball to hit. With the 7 iron, both Maxfli balls were down in distance, and has higher spin numbers. While not a huge gap, I would expect that might grow with the driver. Snell claims to have a low spinning ball off the tee, with high spin around the greens. They certainly deliver on that! Ultimately, I think all the balls spin is pretty low for a 7 iron, though the Snell would be helped with peak height. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the data! Let me know if there are questions, I certainly have a few lingering myself. How much does spin have to change to impact the shot? Was I consistently off center on my 7 iron strikes, impacting spin? How does ball speed impact spin rate?
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