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  1. Dang, just saw this. I live in the area let me know when you’re out. It’s a great track!
  2. Dude! I’m also a teacher who plays regularly at Robles. We’ll have to connect for a round sometime.
  3. Already found something interesting, the shaft selection for X flex is pretty sparse, and not all drivers are available in right handed. It’ll be interesting to see if that changes. I’m thinking I might try one and swap some shafts out to see how that goes and see if inventory changes.
  4. This is one of the things I’m particularly interested in. Also, do I have to ship driver 1 back before I get driver 2? Same with shafts. I think it’s unlimited shaft changes but I’m not positive so that will be nice to know. I think we just have to pay for all the shipping, which is a bit of a drag. I’m interested to see what a “small shipping charge” correlates to.
  5. No, because the claim processed for Harman. I don’t screenshot all my claims. It is what it is. Moving on.
  6. I did. For someone who got snagged elsewhere.
  7. If a transaction is going to be undone than every transaction needs to be reset so people can put bids in on other players. And rules need to be established ahead of time.
  8. Leishman was just on waivers and is above Harman in fedex. Fitzpatrick is top 20 in OWGR and was just on waivers.
  9. So we have can’t cut guys, but ridiculous trades can go through? Ok…
  10. Haven’t played a ton of late as my wedding took up a lot of time. Finally feel like I got my swing back today. Shot 83, made par on the final four holes. Felt good to hit the ball well (and not lose a ball for 18 holes).
  11. Listen, I’m fine if the trade is vetoed. It’s the rest of the non-vetoed trades I take issue with. This is definitely not the most lopsided trade of the year. Some have been downright frustrating. For me the lack of consistency is the issue. The rules can’t change just because we’re up against the end of the season.
  12. Frankly, I don’t see the trade as balanced. However, there have been far more unbalanced trades that went through without protest. I understand it’s late in the game, but some of the questionable trades set the stage for the way the season unfolded. I’ve received quite a few email notifications of trades that made it feel like I had no chance to win this league because of some of the trades that go through. Either we have a metric to balance trades or we let them all happen.
  13. Did I just see a trade got vetoed? I didn’t even know that could happen.
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