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  1. I can’t imagine getting to 10k. That’s ridiculous. Congrats man, thanks for all the contributions!
  2. That’s a rough way to start a Thursday. They’re already bad enough not being Friday!
  3. The autoflex would be nice, but I’m particularly interested in the new speeder shaft. Sik putters would be cool, or some evnrolls. I think it would be awesome to test some of the golf exercise programs out there. I think it’d be super helpful to know the people who actually tried them and if the program helped their game and overall wellness. The marketing with those makes it hard to know who to trust. Truly can’t beat the return of the CCC5. I stand by my claim from the end of CCC4, if I’m fortunate enough to be chosen, I’ll go to the cobra tour truck for the fitting! I’ll e
  4. From what I understand they’ve said all versions are the same, with hexcel technology. They just have different finishes. However, shaft companies are notorious for making a “stock” version and an aftermarket version. It seems this is not the case but hopefully someone can fully verify that as fact.
  5. What kind of clubs do you have? You can always get them bent flat and if you find no benefit, bend them back. What direction does your ball flight start?
  6. Hovland on the last hole...crushing blow.
  7. I hate that itch. ...but boy does it feel good to scratch...
  8. Seemed like you were hitting the Speedzone quite well during the CCC4, I’d hope it’s hard to beat. Less money spent on drivers means more rounds of golf!
  9. You’d need to see other metrics like standard deviation to really know where the six yard difference came from. It could be the center of the face for pxg is really hot where the periphery isn’t, so they had a couple bombs but a lot of clunkers. Callaway might be more stable across the face, so ball speed numbers are more consistent resulting in more consistent distances.
  10. I agree, the disparity in points against accounts for roughly 17 points per matchup from most PA to least. Hard not to see that playing a role. Hopefully over the course of a long season that data normalizes. I’d love to see “league median’s” record. That team puts up points!
  11. Sorry for spamming the trade block. First time using it, working out the kinks!
  12. Played a little par 29 9 hole course today. Short game needs work. I’m struggling to get up and down, zero confidence in my chipping right now. Could be time for a lesson...
  13. I’m wanting to try out the Tsi and the G425 with the new speeder shaft. Seems intriguing.
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