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  1. Swing weight is more a function of the fulcrum, in the sense of how heavy the head feels during the swing. If I shorten the club, I change the balance point and decrease the swing weight. It is relatable to the idea of holding something close to your chest vs holding the same thing with extended arms. It will feel heavier. In theory, choking down will change the swing weight, and lead to the club playing fractionally stiffer. Depending on how much you choke down, it will also effect launch.
  2. It is getting ridiculous how expensive drivers are. How long before we eclipse $600 for a Taylormade or Callaway (ie non-pxg)?
  3. Wouldn’t you then say only one of those was a proper fit? Unless you picked up 4 mph ball speed and a sprinkler like spray pattern. I can get a “best fit” into the wrong driver and it still isn’t a proper fit. Hence the idea of being brand agnostic going into a fitting.
  4. I think you can definitely see a 10+ yard improvement if you go from a driver off the shelf to one you actually got fit for if your swing speed is high enough. Especially if the fit helps you square the ball up more. If you go from good fit to good fit you shouldn’t see that though. Definitely agree with some posters, if you aren’t over 110 you aren’t cracking 300. My swing speed is 115-120 and Arccos has me averaging 292 total distance. I always like to check to see what the wind is set at demo days and in the shop. A lot of times I notice it is a tailwind. Like one poster said, always compare to your current equipment!
  5. Indoor golf doesn’t count! CA weather is unbeatable for golf.
  6. Because I’m wearing shorts in February. Only place you can surf, ski, and play golf in the same day!
  7. Why can’t you guys just move to SoCal like the rest of the golf industry?! Then I’d definitely apply! There’s just no moving the fiancé to VA from SoCal.
  8. I’d actually love to try the X, just to compare them. I think for the cost of shipping it’d just be cheaper to go buy a sleeve though! NJ and CA aren’t exactly close.
  9. Found it! Which is honestly surprising, I played like garbage. I could not groove my swing plane today, and sent 6/9 tee shots left. The one green I hit spun back and off, so that sucked. Granted, I only landed it about a foot onto a sloped green so that’s on me. Even on a day I wasn’t hitting it well, the BXS lived up to it’s billing. It feels really responsive off the club face, it spins well with the scoring clubs, and boy does it go far. Part of my missed greens were because my 60* wasn’t playing it’s normal 105-108, but more like 110-115 (I played a par 3 course). Despite getting a full tour of the rough, including face time with a tree, the ball is really durable. After 27 holes, these are the only blemishes. Did I mention the tree? It’s a miracle that I made it so long with one ball, and that the cover looks this good is even better. It pains me to do this, but #finditcutit time... Definitely not making it easy on me, you served me well #4. If golf balls could scream, what would they sound like? I had to turn away. That face! I lost some of my soul today. The deed is done. Interesting to find a white blemish in the middle. Perhaps the compound didn’t mix all the way? Not sure what exactly caused that. If you’ve got some headed for the shag bag after a few rounds, it’d be interesting to see if you notice something similar. Did a lot of the balls at the pga show have that? Doesn’t change my mind, I still love this ball.
  10. I agree with the others. The XS is the way to go. Did you put distance as what you care most about the ball for the questions that go with the video? I put feel, and the XS has not failed to deliver. Out of probably 100 or so holes, I’ve only had one shot leak out on the green with a scoring iron.
  11. I know Bridgestone already beat us to the punch on this one, but if I can still find my ball by the end of the round I’m playing in the morning... It’s going down! #finditcutit
  12. Jordan, CA Currently have an Aldila Xtorsion Copper 70X shaft, and I’ve been looking for something new to decrease dispersion. I’m intrigued by some of the technology Fujikura has to strengthen the tip, as I have an aggressive load in my swing. Getting the advantage of length my swing speed offers with a more consistent impact on the face would be amazing. Swing speed is between 115 and 120. I have unrestricted access to a Foresight launch monitor.
  13. Open to offers. I’m willing to package guys for Rahm or Schauffele. Not sure what you’d want for Snedeker.
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