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  1. You may want to check with a mod, but I’m fairly sure MGS forum isn’t allowed to have any photos of embargoed product on it.
  2. Great information! I haven’t been checking the site much as we await new stock and word from the higher ups about shipping and whatnot. I’m anxious to try something new, the Epic Max LS is not the one for me. Little too fade biased for my liking.
  3. It’s been rough. My “defense” is porous haha.
  4. I just talked to my foresight rep about this today. Launch will be in October. GC3 and Launch Pro offer the same hardware from their respective companies, with different software. Launch Pro will be lower base cost (probably in the $3k-$4k range) with various yearly subscription options. GC3 will come with same software as GCQuad, just without as many club data points. If you want loft/lie type stuff you’ll need a Quad, only club data from GC3/Launch Pro will be clubhead speed and smash factor.
  5. The greens at Calabasas are gloriously challenging. There doesn’t seem to be a straight putt anywhere.
  6. I love that we’re starting to see a lot of options show up at lower price points than trackman/foresight. Can’t wait to see how this and launch pro stack up in testing!
  7. They have the big five, plus Srixon. Not every head is available in every loft/handedness. I’ll check periodically if/when Mizuno pops up, but the current Mizuno isn’t there. I’m definitely curious to see how quickly new stuff shows once the new year brings us new toys!
  8. I got a couple more rounds under my belt with the Callaway. I know I’ve mentioned this, but it’s really fun to be able to have it out on the course without freaking out. I’ve been working on making the fade a bit gentler. It definitely feels more right side biased than my M5. Ultimately, if I can’t work it out I can always swap it out for another driver!
  9. Stream defense all season. Find matchups against garbage offenses.
  10. False. I’ve never done it.
  11. I’ve been trying to keep updates centered around DDC, and I think it’s worth note that having the time with the driver to try it without freaking out you made a mistake is a really important element. I think the shaft offerings have been quite a disappointment so far. I don’t know if that’s COVID or business as usual, but I didn’t see anything I was excited about when I ordered the Callaway. There were also some heads only available in lefty. I’m really interested to see if that’s just end of season stock, and there will be a nice selection when new stuff comes out.
  12. @STUDque nevermind I figured it out.
  13. I’ve tried to find it on the mobile app. It showed up when I first joined but haven’t seen it since. Any thoughts on where I might locate it?
  14. Got out on the course again yesterday for 9, and the new driver helped me make 3 birdies! I’m getting used to the sound of the epic, it is definitely different. I’ve checked the DDC site a few times, but there aren’t any new shaft offerings so I’ll continue to use the AllFit adapter on my Accra shaft until something new comes out to try. I am not sure this is going to end up my gamer, but it is really nice to be able to have an extended on course test. I find it takes time to trust the driver, and while our time together started off with red flags, I’m starting to develop a fondness for it.
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