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  1. Not sure if you already had a chance to go out and test some clubs, but I thought I’d throw my two cents in here. First, is there a true spec location near you? They’re currently offering a free full bag fitting through the end of the month, which I highly recommend. I went last week for giggles to see if what I fit myself for was correct as I try and learn more about the process. The fitter was extremely knowledgeable, the toys plentiful, and the results left me feeling like I’d be seeing lower numbers soon. To speak to the eye test, I tried the ping i500 and absolutely loved the feel when I pured them. I’ve felt very few clubs that had that buttery sensation off the club face. I could not stand how they looked. Despite my protests of wanting to hit them more, the fitter said look is an important part, as evidenced by my struggle to flush them more often. Golf is too mental to not feel confident looking down at the ball. Side note, has anyone hit these? They are sooooo tall! Freaked me out. So buttery smooth though...why weren’t you more beautiful?! With regard to blended sets, a lot of people have had success with this. Especially on the merit of having more forgiveness in the long irons but control in the short ones. Ultimately, you’d want to see the numbers and try to hit some different shots to see what inspires confidence that you can put the ball where you want it. Looking at the difference between players distance irons and blades, they do what the manufacturer says generally. You will get more distance, but you will sacrifice workability. It would really depend on where you are with your game. I was fitted for p790s after hitting both srixons, the mizuno hmb, Titleist, and the butter-face i500. My misses were just better with the p790s, distance was pretty negligible amongst that group. Like others have said, unless your swing speed is way up there, get a hybrid. Hope you end up with a great set of sticks!
  2. I’m fairly certain the 95% whose likeness is not currently used for profit are still getting scholarships. Those are definitely valuable!
  3. How does allowing kids to profit from their own likeness end the NCAA?
  4. So you think the NCAA excludes four pac 12 schools, and over 68 universities from competition? I don’t think they’re that dumb. The NCAA policy will change. I don’t think a lot of players benefit big bucks from this, but for some every little bit helps. Maybe some kids opt to stay in school longer as opposed to being a sixth round pick.
  5. CA is a huge market and combined with pressure from sponsors and legislators and pro organizations I think the ncaa amends its policy prior to 2023. You don’t make UCLA, the school with more championships than anyone, ineligible for the ncaa. Nevermind four pac 12 schools. That’s bad for business. CA absolutely has a say in what is legal and illegal inside its borders. They can not dictate what the entire ncaa does, but they absolutely can make it illegal to prevent athletes access to sponsorship. I think the ncaa will posture for a bit but eventually cave to adopting Olympic policies on sponsorship. The top athletes don’t need the ncaa, the ncaa needs them. Now the athletes are empowered to force change.
  6. https://es.pn/2mXlB1M This just hit news stands! CA has made it illegal to prevent student athletes from cashing in on endorsements. Though golf already has more lax rules when it comes to endorsements for juniors, how does this impact the game? I personally think this is great. How much did OSU make off the golf channel special a couple years ago? Or airing NCAA championships? And that’s just for golf... If you’re using the kids name to profit, they deserve a piece of the pie.
  7. This is an interesting topic. I think where you play certainly makes a difference. I coach high school, and have to tell my boys to fix every ball mark on greens (not just theirs) and leave the course looking better than it was when you got there. I wish I could say I don’t have to tell them that, but simply do because everyone should play that way. However, I’ll play in the group behind them and fix every ball mark and every divot, only to have the pro shop tell me someone complained about ball marks and pace of play. There were no ball marks. We WALK an 18 hole round in under 4.5 hours. People literally complain because they’re kids and kids must be punks goofing around. Meanwhile, the kids are out there earning scholarships shooting under par. Move had some of the experiences mentioned where people are amazing on the course. Played with a guy who was barefoot and looked high as a kite, great round. Once had a member at a private course get one of my kids thrown off for wearing Callaway golf pants that were somehow in their mind improper. Also had a member try and get me to tuck in my pullover, despite me explaining pullovers don’t get tucked, polos do. There are pricks and great people everywhere. Golf is no exception. Entitled people see the course as theirs and that anyone slowing them down shouldn’t be allowed out. Sometimes we have people drive up behind a 5 hour round to ask how the boys are playing. I’m worried they’re coming to complain (slow group in front of them is always the reason for us being slow), and they just want to support kids. It is unfortunate to have negative interactions on golf courses. I’ve definitely stopped playing certain courses because of it. It sucks the life out of a round. If everyone would just be kind and pleasant, this game would be better. That just isn’t how the world works, and golf is just a microcosm of that.
  8. This. I did this recently because I want to know what my options are moving from stiff to xstiff flex, so they had me hit the newer clubhead that was most similar to my current irons. While this will not get as dialed in as a full fitting, it will definitely get you some good options if you wanted to reshaft your clubs. I also disagree about a new set for one reason. When you stand over the ball you need to feel confident that the stick in your hand is going to allow you to pure a shot exactly where you want it. If your clubheads help with that, it could be worth some new shafts. I wouldn’t close the door on new clubs, as you may like some even more, but sometimes things just work for people.
  9. Interesting to see that the testing methods are different on tour than at the manufacturer (per report). I am curious what the source of error is. It would seem unlikely that all instruments get the exact same results with the same driver when talking about such small differences between conforming and non-conforming.
  10. I’d be interested to know how these drivers are failing. Manufacturers are pushing the limits so close to USGA guidelines that it isn’t surprising to see some miss the mark. It would also be interesting to see if it is more consistently one brand than another. How would they be held accountable?
  11. Jordan CA Taylormade Ardmore 3 Elevado Slant Neck
  12. Jordan, CA Driver Swing Speed 119 Current Ball Snell MTB Black Prefer Tour but happy to test both!
  13. Well that’s insane. Hope that never happens to me! Hopefully no injuries!
  14. I have the same shaft with an M5. It’s awesome. It feels so smooth throughout the swing. Sometimes shafts feel stiff in the butt or tip, this one feels balanced throughout. Loving this driver setup!
  15. Shaft inserts are an interesting topic. I coach running, and we recommend athletes never use inserts unless a doctor tells them to. We’d rather see them get fit properly for shoes that negate the need for inserts. I imagine golf would be the same, or do they just improve on a shaft that is already a great one for your swing? Additionally, how much do they impact swingweight?
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