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  1. If there is a true spec go there over club champion. Like another poster said, if you’re going to club champion with a budget let them know as they’re going to push premium shafts that aren’t standard issue with whatever oem club you get.
  2. In my experience, true spec is far superior to club champion. Club champion pushes exotic shafts and puring (which in and of itself is a controversial topic in the fitting world given technology of new shafts). If location isn’t an issue for you, I’d recommend true spec.
  3. Like a lot of people said, sell it on eBay. Click completed items and sold items so you know what similar stuff sold for. I’ve had a lot of luck selling things that way.
  4. We are going to get turf throughout the backyard so I’m getting it done professionally. I’m just trying to see if anyone has found using a company that specializes in greens vs a turf company that also does greens because of demand. There is a little bit of a cost difference, but I don’t want my green to suck! Need to improve that short game!
  5. It’ll probably show up on Hulu or something. Worth watching for Phil’s commentary about short game. I didn’t know some of the stuff he was talking about. Was really hoping I’d win the 18 hole round with him so he could fix my short game!
  6. This opportunity is ridiculous! What I wouldn’t give to be included. Thanks to Cobra and to MGS for providing forum members with this treat. I’ve been eyeing cobra clubs, I just dig the mantra of their company so I’m all in on this challenge. As a teacher with summer coming up, I’m ready to play a lot of golf! Newbury Park, CA - 13.6 handicap and falling Twitter - @coachdaigneault Instagram- @jordan.daniel13 and I have Facebook In 8 weeks I would expect to play 10-16 rounds I currently have Taylormade irons, driver, and wedges. I have a cobra 3 wood and hybrid. My dream bag, assuming no upgraded shafts are included in this challenge, would be... Speedzone driver - 9.0, atmos ts 7 xstiff shaft, Lamkin utx grips w 2 wraps Speedzone 3 wood - atmos ts 7 xstiff shaft, Lamkin utx grips w 2 wraps Speedzone 3 Hybrid - Mitsubishi Tensei Pro white xstiff shaft, Lamkin utx grips w 2 wraps Speedzone irons, 4-PW, Nippon modus Tour 120 xstiff shafts, Lamkin utx grips w 2 wraps, 2 degrees flat and 1 degree weak king black wedges, versatile grind, 50/54/58, Nippon Tour 130 xstiff shafts, Lamkin utx grips w 2 wraps, 2 degrees flat.
  7. It’s happening! I exchange for making my fiancé a ridiculous fire pit (below is what the end product will look like...hopefully), she’s letting me get a putting green out in the backyard. Anyone have any experience with this? Recommendations?! I want to make sure I get something fun that holds up to the test of time. Short game improvements eminent!
  8. Messed my back up so I’m on the shelf for a couple weeks but once I’m good to go I’ll hit you guys up!
  9. BX doesn’t spin as much. Both great balls. I didn’t notice a difference in distance between the two.
  10. That’s definitely going to result in some changes to distance!
  11. Agree with other posters, it isn’t about the degrees but how far you hit each club. The goal is consistent distance gaps.
  12. Get fitted. Hit both, it is pretty popular to end up with a split set of 785 and 585.
  13. Awesome company. They have a 40% off discount program for college and high school teams too. Same with Cobra. Helps the kids a lot, and makes me want to game their clubs.
  14. In theory, wouldn’t this not matter? I can carry a 4 iron 230, I don’t need as many long clubs and can focus on more scoring clubs. I see that as a benefit. I think when building a set ignoring the club identifier (9,8,7) and focusing on loft is a better route.
  15. If I leave loft and length the same but move weight it will still change launch conditions. Now my 7 iron will launch like and 8 or 6. I think the idea is I can get a ball that used to take a 5 iron get there with a 7 that is more consistent, holds greens better, etc. Assuming I understand what your comment is implying.
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