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  1. This is a lively debate. My $0.02: I had shotscope v2. I like it. Didn’t love it. Why? The MASSIVE watch. V3 I haven’t tried on, but I have an Apple Watch, so I’d prefer not to have two devices. Even if V2 wasn’t huge, I still liked having my watch on too. I have Arccos now. The most valuable part to me is not the shot tracking. It’s the caddie. There’s at LEAST three shots a round that based on elevation and wind are an entire club different than what I would normally play. If I had a rangefinder or walked off my yardage and accounted for the wind and elevation I’d get the same info, but I don’t have to. That’s what I like about it. I started the Decade program this year. I see myself moving off of Arccos and manually tracking my stats, investing in a rangefinder, and continuing to use the stats that I get from Decade. I’ve found them to be tremendously valuable (in addition to the system at large). Yes, this app is NOT like Arccos or SS. Scott has tweeted that they have gps functionality available but haven’t turned it on. We shall see. I run an analytics division for the largest independent marketing agency in the USA. I love numbers. Both Arccos and SS gave me numbers I wanted. Neither was deficient in that area. NEITHER of them are “perfect”. Next round I’m going to try and use foresight’s app and see how I like it. I’m very interested in the sensorless tracking. Here is something I don’t understand why people don’t talk about: swing weight. An Arccos sensor weighs 7 grams. I know Ian from TXG says because they sit outside the handle they “won’t effect swing weight” which is 100% true. But I still feel the difference. 7 grams (if you do feel them) would be like going from D5 to almost D9 swing weight. That’s NOT insignificant. All good stuff!!
  2. Would love to see pics. How old is it? Any visible wear?
  3. Month two, and here I am... I haven't played as much or practiced as much as I would like because of life/work and I was changing over my entire bag. Yeah... crazy, I know. I took advantage of a deal that Club Champion had to get fit for free if you spent $500 with them. Easy peasy, so I made that happen... Now back to decade... This last month or so I feel like has put a strain on decade unlike you could imagine and I am BETTER because of it. Allow me to explain: I got fit, and have been testing out new driver shafts on the course about once every other week I sold my putters, so have been using a loaner I sold my wedges, so have been using loaners I THEN sold my irons, and for the last round, have been using loaners I feel like the work that I have put in to learning decade has REALLY paid off in basically playing old, worn out clubs that are NOT fit to me for the last few weeks. Some highlights/lowlights/info: The first D in decade is for distance. Knowing your distance is crucial - I've been all over the place because of swapping out clubs. But one key point that I picked up: "how far do you hit your clubs, not how far do you hit them if it's perfect". This was HUGE for me. I mishit the ball 50% of the time or more just like many of us. So why am I counting on that perfect 149 yard PW when I normally only hit it 143? It's OKAY to take the 9 iron!! The first E in decade is for expectations - I'm not going to give details away here, but my expectations from 101-150 yards was TOO HIGH. I'm not going to get the ball down in 3 strokes or less 2/3 of the time. It's not going to happen. I need to be okay with that and move on. The center of my shot pattern = my target. NOT "if I hit this perfect this is where it will go" - as a result of this, my GIR has almost doubled. Here's some thoughts that are decade related from my last two rounds (with a little context) Two rounds ago: played with my irons, an X stiff shaft (i only need a stiff) in my driver, a borrowed putter and borrowed wedges Shot an 85, hacked it around for the most part, but had GREAT distance with my putts (except for on 3 holes - I three-putted all three of them). Sometimes the hole got in the way. I was poor off the tee, I was poor around the greens, I was okay with my irons. Decade helped me a TON when I would get myself in trouble off the tee. But sometimes, you just need to play better golf in order for decade to REALLY help you. This was one of those rounds. That said, I think I shoot 90 easily w/o decade. Last round: played with some MacGregor blades from the 90s, no five iron, a borrowed driver, a borrowed putter, and two of my brand new wedges Shot an 82. Bogeyed a par 5 (thanks to a yanked tee shot OB), had 3 three putts again, and bogeyed 3 holes from inside of 150. New grinds on the wedges = adjustment time needed! That said, decade is STILL helping me shine! I have been averaging 1.3 bogeys per round on par 5s (only had one this round) I have been averaging 4.2 bogeys per round from inside 150 (only had 3 this round) Overall, as I stated before, I think this is going to transform my game. My new putter came in, my new irons came in, my driver shaft is finally here that I'll be playing with for as long as I can... I'm super excited to keep this thing going and consistently get into the low 80s and 70s before the season goes away.
  4. I was informed (by CC) that one of the reasons is because Edel is building this wedge and not CC that CC is at the mercy of whenever Edel decides to finish it. CC said that Edel will fulfill their own retail orders and deprioritize partner orders. I get this to a degree, but 6 weeks still seems excessive. What I ALSO found out is that CC only ships your entire order. So if they are waiting on your putter, but they have your irons and woods and wedges, they won’t ship the order. Thankfully I talked them into sending along the putter and I’ll just have to wait for the wedge. Honestly, if I didn’t NEED to keep the wedge from CC to have gotten the free fitting, I would cancel it and just order from Edel.
  5. Totally understand that type of situation. I actually called both of the OEMs, and they confirm for me that my items already shipped out to club Champion. So this makes it even more maddening.Totally understand that type of situation. I actually called both of the OEMs, and they confirm for me that my items already shipped out to club Champion. So this makes it even more maddening.
  6. I’m the “get fitted” guy here. I’ve been fitted twice in the last 11 years and it makes WORLDS of difference. If you’re going to drop $$$ on a driver, spend the $100 extra and make SURE that what you buy will work. BUT set expectations with your fitter. What is your max budget? That you don’t want to spend $250 on just a shaft, etc. That said, if you don’t have the ability to do a fitting, I play the Ping G410 LST and my miss is a hook and on the toe. I recently dialed it down to 7.5* and installed a KBS TD shaft. 267 carry, 157 ball speed, 2600 spin and 104 height. My dispersion used to be around 60 yards wide and now it’s closer to 25-30. HUGE difference for me.
  7. The EXS 220 is what I recently got fit into. I was hitting it 245-255 with about 12 total yards of dispersion. I don’t hit my 8 iron that straight most of the time...
  8. Got fitted recently and have swapped out almost my entire bag. Callaway mavrik pro 4-PW irons custom specs Edel custom wedges (48*, 53*, 58*) SeeMore Platinum mTRI Mallet putter Kept my Ping G410 LST but upgraded to a KBS TD shaft Haven’t played a three wood in a while, the Raijin shaft fit me perfectly so trying it in a Srixon zf85 three wood for now but will be likely swapping it into an Exotics 220 EXS four wood (16.5) I did all of this for a net cost to me (including the fitting!) of $350 by selling off all of my old clubs. Kept my wife pretty happy that I got a bunch of clubs out and it kept me busy for the last couple months working the best prices I could find. LMK if you are looking for any deals on KBS shafts, Callaway irons... I got great prices on those specifically. Can’t wait to get to practicing this week with these new sticks!!
  9. Hey all - I took advantage of Club Champion's deal where the $350 full bag fitting was free as long as I bought $500 in merch. I ordered a Seemore putter and an Edel wedge from them over a month ago and they're STILL not available. Conversely, I ordered two other wedges directly from Edel and they were delivered in a week. I called Seemore and they said they are getting things out in 2-4 days. Supposedly my putter was delivered to their Chicago build facility over a week ago and it still hasn't made its way to my local CC. They were also "unable to give me an update" on the Edel timing. I know that EVERYTHING has slowed down during COVID, but this seems SUPER excessive. I also know that Club Champion has longer than normal times because of "their process" of building things "from scratch" to ensure the highest quality standards. Am I going crazy?
  10. See pics. Brand new. Never out of the plastic. Asking $325. Includes the new head cover as well.
  11. $100. Ping G410 driver tip. Just completed by Club Champion and pured. Brand new, never been hit. I’m moving on to KBS TD. Retails for $95 plus the puring. Tensei from the pics is already sold.
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