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  1. capifico22

    Maxfli Tour

    Thanks for the responses, I've been playing MTBX for 1-2 years now and don't have any real complaints. The supply chain limiting purchases to 2 dozen is really the reason I've had a wandering eye. I couldn't agree more with the CSX LS or Left Dash off the tee and something shorter and spinnier elsewhere. A man can dream!
  2. capifico22

    Maxfli Tour

    How does the Tour X compare to PV1X/MTBX/TP5/CSX etc, ie the higher spinning balls in wind and driver distance/green side spin? Seeing a lot of comparisons to the Tour X vs regular ProV1
  3. James Watertown,MA Walk 95% of rounds, usually carrying but I did buy a used BatCaddy X3 Sport(no remote model) to test this season.
  4. James, Watertown,MA iPhone11 Outdoors, testing vs a Mevo Yes
  5. SIM MAX D 10.5 degree driver head, I played a few rounds with it but sticking with standard SIM. $300, PM for shipping discussion- SOLD Brand new SIM MAX 3 Rocket head, was going to be my gamer but I am sticking with SIM TI. $230, PM for shipping discussion SIM MAX Rescue 3 HY, this was my gamer for a couple of weeks, but had a velocore model built for myself. $220, PM for shipping discussion Used SIM Max Rocket 3 wood with ventus blue 6s $250
  6. James Pacifico - Watertown, MA RH Hybrids – VKTR+18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff / XS as backup 18 handicap Currently game a SIM Max 3hy and p790 UDI 2i
  7. I'm over in Watertown, MA- usually play Newton Commonwealth. If anyone hears of any tournaments happening in the area, might be a good spot to send a notification?
  8. James Watertown, MA Epic Flash 18 110 TSi3 8.0
  9. James/Watertown, MA. 18.2 MG2 TW 56/60 Loved my rtx4 raw60, love that the MG2 rust. Anything that gives a classic look while aiding performance is going in my bag.
  10. Hi folks, played 2 rounds with this SIM Titanium 3 wood before discovering I much prefer a stiff shaft to limit the left side misses. Please email capifico22@yahoo.com for more info. I can ship or make the club available for local pickup (Boston, MA area). Shaft is Diamana 65 R
  11. James, Watertown, MA 02472 I have a perfect practice mat I have a perfect practice mat Slow
  12. Sorry the text got covered by a picture. Edited
  13. 8 piece set, purchased in July2020. 5,6,7,8,9,PW,AW,GW Standard length, stiff flex(soft stepped), 2 degrees upright, 1 degree strong lofted. These are mega distance irons with massive forgiveness. email me at capifico22@yahoo.com if interested, offers over $600 only please.
  14. James- Watertown, MA/USA Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 Floki>Ketsch>Tomcat14
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