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  1. ... My sister in law is producing Strange Things. Don't ask about season 4 because she won't even tell me anything!
  2. ... But we gotta love your style! Right back at it without hesitation. You da man.
  3. ... Better Call Saul. Having watched Breaking Bad can make it more interesting, but it is not necessary to watch Saul. It has the most interesting cinematography of any show I have ever seen. Almost every show is a moving painting. The amount of mind boggling shots that have zero to do with the story but are there for the sake of the art is to be applauded. It is in a class by itself and even if you did not care for the story or the acting (which is outstanding by the way) it is worth watching for the visuals alone, although it does have a killer sound track as well. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
  4. ... I learned from going to the PGA Demo Day every year and hitting all the new clubs that being loyal to only one brand is counter productive. There were always different clubs from different OEM's that not only looked better to my eye at address, they also performed better. Keep in mind many of the Tour guys on staff with any OEM have their equipment tweaked. Maybe a different grind, a different cog placement, internal head weighting and more personalized changes not available to the public, so it is much easier for the to be loyal to the brand paying them. For the rest of us, playing one brand makes little sense, unless as MPR points out there are different reasons to play this game and if it adds to your enjoyment there is certainly nothing wrong with that.
  5. ... The only thing I dislike more than hitting wedge into every green, is hitting 3 and 4 iron into every green. Somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot. I like having wedge into several holes as well as having a long iron or two and maybe even a 5 wood into one difficult par 4. I think the best layouts give you and opportunity to use those two clubs but the majority of the par 4's should have mid iron approaches. ... The game is best played and enjoyed using your entire bag, which challenges you the entire round.
  6. ... Like I said earlier, I hit everything out there. I am of the opinion that most modern irons just come down to personal preference.
  7. ... I have 4 sets I rotate playing. I play P760's the most, then P790's especially in windy conditions, Cobra Forged Tours and Z Forged MB's the least.
  8. ... Thanks. I left the number in black because in bright sunlight the number can easily get lost. I learned that with the first set I picked clean.
  9. ... I'll admit that initially I was a little frustrated but it didn't take me long at all to understand my role. It is your lesson and I always felt my job was to give you what you want and hopefully what you need. I am not paying you to be there for me, I am being paid to be there for you. If You wanna take a lesson and not practice in-between lessons I certainly should have no problem with that. As long as you have no problem with not progressing very fast. ... Your second point is spot on Tony! As an instructor it is my job to convey information to you in a way that you understand. Some of my students that I had a very congenial relationship with might say to me after a break thru "Why the hell didn't you tell me that to start with?" To which I would reply " I did. 10 different ways. But it took you the 11th for you to get it!" I am amazed at how many instructors repeat the same things over and over again when their students are struggling with the concept. Assuming they have seen video and know the problem, lets say a student is having a hard time "keeping their head down" (words I really dislike because they should keep their eyes down but allow their head to move") but I might tell them to "watch hitters in baseball on TV and freeze the frame at impact. Every single one will have the brim of their helmet pointing at the ball hitting the bat so your golf hat brim should be pointing at the golf ball on impact." That may mean nothing to them. "After contact, make sure you pick out one single blade of grass before letting your eye move up". Still didn't work. I would stand in front of them and put the butt end of the shaft on their hat and tell them to keep the grip on the hat thru impact. Didn't work and not a tip for them. OK, try looking backward right at impact, having your eyes move a foot behind the ball. BINGO! It is an instructors job to find out how their student learns and like in your case as a visual learner, no talking without illustrating at the same time.
  10. ... Many years ago I used to view my clubs as works of art, especially my irons. I spent a lot of time and effort either cleaning out the paint fill for a clean look, or changing the paint fill color to match the shaft or grips. Once I started reviewing clubs, especially those sent to me by the OEM's, I did not want to change the appearance. But some of the paint fill came off one of my P790's and I decided to take the time to clean off the rest of it. I have to admit, it looks a lot better to my eye. Now I think I am going to have to do the rest of the set ... sigh. I never see the back at address but of course as the title says, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder and they look pretty beautious to my beholdin'.
  11. ... Excellent replies from Pmookie and Plaid, From my teaching days I can assure you every student is different and unique. I loved when my students came to their first lesson knowing what they wanted from their lessons. "How much are you willing to practice?" ... "How much are you wiling to change?" ... "How long do you expect a change to become permanent" ... "How many steps back are you wiling to take before taking steps forward?" ... "Are you willing to play very poorly while the new swing takes shape?" ... These are questions I liked to ask before and during a lesson. Be 100% honest. Some admitted they were not going to practice, just play Saturday and come back for their next lesson. Some wiling to put in one day of practice and some practice every day. It makes a huge difference in how I would teach. I think one of the reasons I was so successful with word of mouth from my students is for the vast majority, I tried to help them do what they were already doing, just do it better. Meaning take a weak 25 yd slice and turn it into a more powerful 10 yd fade. Yes, I had some students willing to make huge changes and were willing to take a full year or longer with constant practice, but they were the exception. Most just wanted to make better contact, hit better shots and shoot lower scores. Not going from 110 to 79, but 110 to 90-95. ... And lastly, you should have a good rapoire with your instructor. I was a positive, encouraging, happy and friendly instructor because that is who I am. I started every first lesson with a smile and a plea "Whatever you do, please don't hit any good shots. It just makes my job so much more difficult. If you can hit some really bad shots and give me your very worst swings it will make my job sooooo much easier". Find an instructor that matches your personality or has a personality that appeals to you and your lessons will go much better. If you do not have a connection and/or do not like what or how your instructor gives you a lesson, find another. I had students that complained they really didn't like their previous instructor(s) and stayed with them too long. ... Lessons can be so much fun, so helpful and great for your game, so I wish you the best of luck gong forward!
  12. ... I wasn't talking about hitting a bird in flight with a tee shot LOL. The irony is I still do not have a hole in one. Honesty can't say I have ever really scared the hole either. Plenty of shots within a few inches but never right at the hole or gently bouncing off the flag. The Golf Gods actually made fun of me at a resort course when I hit the green and spun it back in the water, then holed the next shot for par. So they let me know it is certainly possible, they just aren't gonna let me have one.
  13. ... Well done! I love Reems Creek. I had one of my 2 Albatross's there.
  14. chisag


    ... My two favorite films for 2019. I am not sure I have ever seen a film get such polarizing reviews from both critics and the public. Not many 2/3 star reviews, just 4 and 0 stars. That in and of itself tells you something. It has been several days and it is still pretty active in my consciousness, and that is also pretty rare. I look forward to your thoughts on the movie.
  15. ... Layout and scenery are paramount for me. Don't care for houses on a course unless they are far enough away from greens and fairways. The more nature the better. This is one of the reasons I love Champions Gate in Orlando as it has an amazing amount of exotic birds as well as alligators. Condition is also a must. It does not have to be pristine, just in reasonably good shape. Aguila and Papago in Phoenix are great examples of picturesque courses that get a ton of traffic but are in decent shape for the price. Walking is a huge bonus. I am not going to skip a course like Quintero because I have to take a cart, but I will always choose a walkable course for most of my rounds. ... Like others I am not a fan of blind shots and certainly not multiple blind shots. But my biggest gripe is tricked up greens that don't match the natural terrain and have fabricated humps, mounds and tiers. Especially when the lay out is so nice but ruined by silly greens. Hitting a good drive and a great iron shot to 8 feet and looking at a possible bogie because of a mound or tier just isn't they way I want to play golf. I don't mid a tier if they keep the pins a good distance from the top or bottom but my experience has been if they have tiers they like to put the pin right at the top/bottom edge or even on the slope. Mystic Dunes/World Woods in Florida are perfect examples. Here is a review I wrote on Golf Advisor about Mystic Dunes: Beautiful course ruined by greens I do not normally write negative reviews. But in this case I wish someone would have and saved me a wasted round of golf. The greens are virtually unplayable if you are looking to post a score. It was a wind advisory day but they still put pins on slopes. Of course there are so few flat spots I guess the didn't have much choice. Putting defensively on every single putt gets old quickly. What is really dissaponting is the lay out is very picturesque, especially the back 9. ... Interestingly the couple I played with at Mystic Dunes were high index players and they loved the greens. They said they struggle and 3 or 4 putt on all greens so they had an excuse for poor putting and they loved watching a better player struggle like them on tricky greens LOL.
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