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  1. PRICE DROPS before going to Ebay!!!!!!
  2. ... Crazy game. Everyone has rounds where everything is just clicking, some more than others. But most of the time golf is a game of misses. How good your misses are on any given day goes a long way to deciding your score. Did you hit a 6 iron thin that felt like sh!t but managed to roll onto the front of the green? Or did you thin a 6 iron that rolled into the water? There really isn't any difference between puring a 6 iron to 12 feet and just barely missing the putt for par or mishitting a 6 iron, then getting up and down for par. Of course one feels much better than the other and when striping the ball it is easy to wonder why you didn't score better just like hitting it poorly but getting up and down or making a few long putts makes you winder how you scored so well. ... I had a round this week where my swing was working so well and I was making excellent contact but for whatever reason I was missing a lot of greens. When my swing feels that good and I am dead centering the ball, that is very rare for me. But that's golf and you work with what you have on any given day. The irony is I shot 72 but felt great about playing because it was effortless, while I also shot 70 but was fighting my swing the entire round. The 72 felt like a much better round.
  3. ... Of course money is relative but if I could magically add 30 yds to my drives I would write the check for $350 without hesitation. Hell for 30 yds at my age I would write a check for $3500 LOL. Getting a new club is just a bonus.
  4. ... I have to admit I am a little shocked (although I shouldn't be) that many states have made this political not medical/scientific. The Virus does not take sides and is an equal opportunity killer. I am now second guessing moving to Phoenix as they are really getting hit hard and seem to have their head in the desert sand. Phoenix Mayor wants more restrictions to stop the spreading explosion but the Gov won't allow it. Just insane. Goodness knows Illinois gets very few things right, but their handling on this pandemic has been outstanding. Obviously Chicago proper got slammed badly in March and the Gov taking advice from medical experts locked things down, made masks mandatory and only reopened some things very slowly. He put into place requirements for reopening and a lot of downstate rural areas met those requirements earlier and moved quicker than Chicago that thankfully still has some pretty stringent rules in place. ... I just don't understand being so greedy in the short term which causes a longer period of economic and medical suffering. Kinda like hitting the ball in the trees and taking your medicine and just punching back into the fairway instead of trying to squeeze it between a small opening over water from a terrible lie and making an already bad situation sooooo much worse.
  5. ... My Navigator Zip works so well with the newer Lithium battery and is good for 36 holes, I figured lawn mowers have to be on par with them. It is quiet, never needs a refill and lighter than our last 4 wheel drive Husqvarna. That said, we have a medium sized suburban lawn that takes about an hour to cut and 1 hour is about as long as the battery lasts. It charges quickly but a bigger lawn would need another battery or a break to recharge.
  6. ... We went with an Ego and it is so much nicer than gas. https://www.homedepot.com/p/EGO-21-in-Select-Cut-56V-Lith-Ion-Cordless-Electric-Walk-Behind-Self-Propelled-Mower-7-5-Ah-Battery-and-Charger-Included-LM2135SP/311174493
  7. ... I will second Nunfa0. The F8 was a game changer for me too off the deck. A little fat and the rails save you and the ball just jumps in the air. If I was gonna hit a bad shot, chances are it was my 3 wood off the deck but the F8, F9 and SZ fairway woods are almost like cheating.
  8. Most of these are from my 60* and 54* playing period and I play 52* and 58* now. The Nike wedges are some of my all time favorites. Please remember I am paying the shipping which is usually around $10 so the prices reflect that. The first wedge is a Vokey SM6 58* M Grind with the stock shaft and grip but All the rest are heads only. SM5 58* M Grind Vokey shaft and grip. Many love the larger heads size of the SM5. $59 $55 Shipped Vokey SM7 52* F Grind head only. $29 $25 shipped Nike Forged 60* chrome $39 $35 ... 54* raw $25 $20 ... 48* chrome $39 $35 ... or all 3 for $85 $75 Shipped Ping Tour TS 52* Great shape. $25 $20 shipped
  9. ... While we are on the subject, the first time I played with women many, many years ago I was shocked at their relationship. First green one girl hits a putt right past the hole with too much speed and it runs off the green and the other girl says "Wow, that was so close. Great job Gloria!" and Gloria says excitedly "I know, it was so close!" and I realized that is how they support each other and break the tension of a putt rolling off the green. I am thinking if it were one of my playing pards we would be saying "Sheesh, you need more loft in that driver!" or "Gotta cut out those steroids for breakfast" kinda remarks to break the tension and support each other.
  10. ... I have to remind my wife every now and then, guys only give a hard time to guys they like. They ignore guys they don't like but after a great shot "FU!" is the ultimate compliment.
  11. ... I was thinking you were being a little harsh but Lego Camera is just too good not to appreciate!
  12. ... And thought I would add I usually post about my good rounds, especially with the T1000-S irons I am reviewing. But rest assured we all have bad rounds. Leading up to my 2 day break, my back was tight and I played poorly for a week. Last 2 rounds I didn't even keep score but if I did, I would have shot in the upper 70's or even crept into the 80's. Just sayin...
  13. ... After 2 days of rest and looking at 2 more for a 4 day vacation from golf in the middle of summer I was pleasantly surprised when the forecast was reduced from 96 to 91 and the heat index dropped from 106 to 94. So if course I played yesterday! Lightening alarm stopped play while we were putting on 9 which could not have been more perfect timing. A front rolled in and while no rain, the temps dropped to the low 80's. Win-win. After a 1:10 delay the siren sounded and we finished the back. ... Shot an even par 72 on a strange day. Swing felt great and I was hitting the ball solidly but just missing left, right and a couple times short. Had to get up and down quite a bit and did so successfully every time. My playing partner marveled at my short game, (which admittedly was as good as I could play) but he kept saying things like "if I could just get up and down from here" and "I have no chance with this shot" and I told him my focus is not on getting up and down but holing every shot. I honestly believe I can from almost any lie and I occasionally do but mostly get it close enough for a tap in or inside of 4 feet. So IF 4 feet is my miss trying to hole it and IF my target was a 4 foot circle my miss would be 8 feet. 6 foot circle and my miss is 12 feet. etc. You have to believe with complete confidence that you are gonna hit your target and good things follow. Believe you won't get up and down and most likely you will not. ... I was 1 under thru 13 and the 14th is the most difficult hole on the course, but I usually par or birdie (rare) and of course have a bogie every now and then. Big bunker on the right, trees and heather on the left but a generous fairway because a lake is on the left side of the green with the front left half a false green that rolls off into the water. Tee shot as far left as possible is ideal. For some reason only known to my sub conscious, I decided to hit a HUGE drive and really hug the left side. Unnecessary as a good drive in left center is perfectly OK. Pulled my tee shot way left into the heather (never done that in 500 rounds here) I took my drop and had to punch out under a tree still leaving me 165 from the rough. Hit a sweet 6 iron above the hole about 8 feet but the pin was cut on the very bottom of a hump so fast and breaking. Playing a muni late in the day is never ideal for that kind of putt because hit it with pace and it goes 8 feet past, but just barely feed it to the hole and the ball wanders on less than ideal greens. Missed my putt for a double bogie. GAWD I hate double bogies!!! Hit my 48* T100-S from 95yds with a 3/4 swing to a foot on 18 and tapped in for birdie. T100-S irons were much better on the back 9 after an adventurous front only missing one green. ... Lastly played with THAT GUY again. Thankfully he and his buddy were in carts and my pard and I walked but he literally complained about every single shot he took. Really good player that thought he should hit every fairway around 300 yds and stick every iron to tap in range and make every putt he took. We stayed away from him as much as possible and finally on 17 when he hit to 4 feet above the hole for a birdie putt I said "Wow, one of the worst shots I have seen all day. Above the hole here is just a really bad shot" thinking he would finally say something positive but he replied " Well I have certainly hit some worse shots today but yea, that was putrid!"
  14. ... Thanks to all for your help. I signed out of the email account on my phone and simply signed back in and now it is working.
  15. Do emails from your phone without an attachment come through? Yes Do emails from your photo with an attachment other than a photo file come through? ??? Does a photo emailed from your phone make it through to other people? no When other people send you a photo is it coming though? yes Did you download an update recently? If yes, did it start with the new software installation? AT&T had me change my password
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