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  1. ... Well, it was a combination of I absolutely love my MG3 50* and 58* wedges and my distance control with my 46* pw's on partial swings is not as accurate as my 50*. So I am replacing my set pw's with another MG3 wedge. I'll need to replace the DGS200 with a Steelfiber i95 this weekend.
  2. ... Haha same here and it is a blessing and a curse. Never boring and I don't know the greens like the back of my hand like many regular courses I have played. Just very subtle differences and 2 putts from the same distance 1 foot apart can do 2 different things. Some days when my ball striking is really on it can be frustrating. I had 7 birdie makable putts today and only made 3. Some days I make more and some days I don't make any. I remember one round where I had 6 lip outs and all of them with good speed and a goose egg for birdies. I will say this, every round is interesting.
  3. ... Never thought you were. I am pretty zealous about walking but that boat sailed for many a looooooong time ago because 'Murica likes convenience. As a comedian once said if people could get them to throw food in their mouths at the drive through fast food window they would be thrilled. ... And you can drink all the fluids you want but when the AZ sun gets above 100* it is just too intense to walk. And once it gets above 100* it usually doesn't get back down to double digits for months and 110-115* is pretty common July - August. So I ride in the summer at a tree lined course with plenty of shade. Growing up in NC and living in Chicago most of my adult life the AZ sun in summer is unlike any sun I have experienced.
  4. ... I am right there with you, but there are just so many exceptions other than injury/disability. I how found in the glaringly strong summer Phoenix sun, I am risking heat stroke attempting to walk once it gets to 100+. Then there are also many mountain courses that are quite literally impossible to walk, or at least in under 6 hours for an in shape zealot. Then of course there are the courses with insanely long walks from green to the next tee box. Probably one or two reasons I missed but whenever possible I am also walking. My 80 yr old playing pard just bought my old MGI Quad and it has made walking more enjoyable than using his push cart, but I have never seen him take a cart.
  5. ... Considering golf was a game designed by sheep herders to pass the time, rub of the green was the original intent. They played out of divots with no sand fill or repair on ground only altered by sheep eating and dedicating/urinating (talk about some bad lies!) Golf was never intended to be "fair" and the original natural lay of the land courses on the British Isles are quite different than the lush, sometimes pristine conditions in the US. Over simplified American golfers are very spoiled. ... That said, I am with you for any player that wants to make their own rules or abide by none at all. As long as they keep pace and respect the course replacing/repairing divots and ball marks and don't drive their carts (another spoiled US oddity) where they don't belong, so what anyone else does is really none of anyones business other than maybe their friends. Considering sheep herding was an occupation when many where outdoors more often than not, todays golf fills a need for urban residents that was never considered with the original rules. Folks need to get out in the fresh air and sunshine, spend time in nature with both animals and plants and sometimes the actually playing the game of golf by the rules is far down the list or not on it at all.
  6. ... Yea, it is a weird phenomenon that golf clubs can be objective and subjective at the same time. Personal bias enters into it more for some and less for others but I imagine it is always there. My only reason for the response was I have a personal bias for Cobra (mainly because they have the best hosel grind I have played) and since they are usually down the list of irons for many to demo, I didn't want the claim of "low launch and low spin" to go unchallenged. Everyone makes great irons these days so it is almost easier to find reasons to dislike an iron than reasons to like them and narrow down the choices. Don't like the look, the badging, the performance for your swing or in your case just don't like Cobra irons are of course fair opinions. While some of their drivers are lower launch and spin by design, Cobra's Players Irons offerings are not low launch, low spin. The Forged Tours, Fly Z+, Amp Forged and MIM Tour irons included.
  7. ... I am a little surprised you would make a blanket statement like this. My Cobra MIM irons are equal in every way to the T100S played on tour. The only real difference is the MIM's have a slightly larger head so at least look more forgiving and they have a softer feel. But they most assuredly do not launch low with low spin. ... I play MIM Tour and Forged Tecs and the FT's are about 1/2 club longer as well as having 5* gaps. The FT's spin a little less than the MIM's but still have enough to hold greens. For me, having an iron 1/2 club shorter that gives me the trajectory and covers my gaps with predictable spin is better than a little longer with larger gaps between irons costing me at least some distance control. I tend to be pin high more with the MIM's when swinging well and my short and long misses are closer than with the FT's. Obviously having 3 irons at 12* will yield closer grouped shots than 3 irons at 15*. What number is on the bottom is irrelevant to me as long as all my gaps are covered.
  8. chisag

    Maxfli Tour

    ... Well, you and I are old farts but that doesn't make us wrong to expect some common courtesy. After all we are doing Dicks a favor, not the other way around and we can buy other balls at another store or as you said, online. She should have at a minimum offered to order them for you and had them shipped to your home. OR taken your number and called you when they came in, honoring the current price. You have been around long enough to know if you enjoy your job you don't have to work a day in your life. Understanding and making your customers happy should bring some joy to someone that sounds like she is just punching a clock.
  9. ... To be fair, this is a golf forum and golf discussions are part of it and after all, you did ask. LIV doesn't effect my day to day life either and it rarely comes up other than on golf forums. My playing partners and I don't talk about it but we usually don't talk about the PGA tour either. That said, I have turned them on to several of the video's you have posted in the What Are You Listening To thread and that is much more important.
  10. ... Do it! When I am swinging poorly I need to concentrate on making good swings in a practice round. But when I am swinging well or just OK, I LOVE playing worst ball. You still get to hit good shots, you just don't play them. And turning your worst shot into whatever your level of a good hole is, can be very rewarding. And of course hitting 2 really good shots is it's own reward. And if you really want to amp up the pressure, play worst ball with a partner. Choosing the worst of two when you want to support your pard after they hit a great shot is even more difficult than doing it alone.
  11. ... Taking the politics out of it (although I don't know how anyone with daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers does that) Norman would love to destroy, bury the PGA and be King Of Golf so that's a start. The players were warned they would not be allowed to play on tour, would not earn OWR points and Majors may be off the table. If they just took the cash and went on their merry way I don't think the backlash would be anywhere near as bad. Law suits are just another level of entitlement for the uber rich. And personally I don't like obscene amounts of money being thrown at anything, because too many will choose money over morals. I kinda view the LIV players like Scabs crossing the picket line. Of course that isn't exactly accurate but as a lifelong SAG member that has gone through several attempts to break our union and having members cross the picket line was devastating for those of us without work for 6 months that didn't cross the picket line. ... Then, I am not a fan of shotgun starts at outings and don't care to watch the Pro's do it. Limited, exclusive fields and my biggest beef is no cuts, which has been the foundation of pro golf. Like many others in life, struggling to make a living is admirable for the billions of working folk around the world, so just being paid more for signing than many will make in a lifetime just for showing up leaves a bad taste in a lot of mouths.
  12. ... Great game! DA BEAr ... oh never mind.
  13. chisag

    Maxfli Tour

    ... Had another awesome experience last round with an ex Boise State college player. He hit the ball so far and just soooo high, even his wedges which surprised me, but he was very accurate. He was a good example for those that think they hit it too high as I hit a high ball but he was just much higher. Watching him hit a 4 iron for 235 that was just insanely high was a real treat. What I need/want in a golf ball and what he needs/wants is two different things. I want to maximize my distance while controlling the spin and the Maxfli Tour does the best job of any ball I have played. Blake has used several editions of the ProV1/X after his college coach had them experiment with different balls to find what worked best for them. He had never hit a Maxfli and I offered him one and he declined saying he was comfortable with his ball and spin. Amen. ... For someone hitting the ball so far/high I was amazed at how his irons/wedges hit, hopped and then spun back a few inches. Never excessive spin, which he hates and calls uncontrollable. It is always interesting to play with someone much better than you and he shot an easy 65 from the tips with iron 2nd shot into every par 5. As we all know "he plays a game I am not familiar with" certainly applied. On a hole with a slight downhill slope so you can't see where drives end up, he hit a 3 wood and I hit my best drive of the day from the next tees up. He said "Well you outdrove me on that one!" and gave me knuckles. When we got to the balls, the one 10 yds farther was his! I reprimanded him for not letting an old dude outdrive him on just one hole and he said "At least I tried".
  14. ... Every player is different and already some good replies including yours. But I would add for some golfers the difference in flex or weight can change their approach. During my driver fittings the fitter took the club out of my hands after 2 swings. With the first swing if the shaft felt too stiff, I was more aggressive with the next swing and got out of my normal rhythm. If it felt too soft I would ease off a little. Both of these are subtle and subconscious on my part but very real. So for some, playing a shaft that is too stiff will cause them to swing harder than necessary. Getting in a good rhythm can mean straighter and longer tee shots. You will hear players describe shafts as "boardy" and "whippy" with too much kick or no kick at all, where a shaft that fits your swing should feel basically like nothing because the timing is in tune with your swing.
  15. ... I think every good player should play from every tee if they get the chance. Now obviously a high index player that doesn't know where their ball is going on every shot doesn't need to play longer tees to learn more about their game but they can certainly learn from moving up and especially playing the forward tees. Good players can learn a lot from playing both back and forward. I would sometimes play with my ex from the forward tees and it was pretty informative on several levels. The tendency is to be more aggressive than normal challenging water and bunker I can't reach from my tees. So I learned a little about when to be aggressive and when to be conservative. I tend to be more conservative from my tees so it was a valuable lesson for me. This should be fun and informative for you and maybe you influence some others to try it too!
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