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  1. Crazy Low MGS Price on the hottest irons out there: $499 shipped!!!
  2. ... It really is jlukes. This was one of my first discoveries when I started teaching. Since the grip is your only contact with your clubs it is by far the hardest to change. Moving your feet or changing your posture or ball position and even your swing path is a little awkward but changing the grip is instantly uncomfortable and disorienting. I had several students with poor grips start their first lesson telling me they don't want to change their grip because they tried it with another instructor and it ruined their swing. I was able to get a few to change their minds once I had their confidence but most stuck to their guns and did not want to change. ... That said I have seen some pretty radical grips work for a player, but I do think a proper grip for your swing is a must for consistency as well as minimizing compensations.
  3. ... Wow. The Bears Packers are the oldest rivalry in the NFL. If the Bears beat the Packers they remain in the playoff hunt. And if the Vikings lose this week to the Chargers or next week to the Packers and the Bears beat the Chiefs, it sets up the Bears vs Vikings game: a winner makes the playoffs for the last game of the season. Don't know about you but most find the final game of a 16 week schedule in a winner take all pretty dammed exciting game. Now maybe that is dead fish in Tallahassee (where it may actually be dead fish you are smelling) but it is pretty big to a large portion of the US.
  4. ... Just sayin, 85 Bears beat the Patriots 46-10 in the Super Bowl and held the Pats offense to -36 yards in the first half. MINUS 36 yds.
  5. ... At least your bunker play must be on fire!
  6. ... With the cost of green fees, carts if you take one, equipment, accessories as well as clothes/shoes ... the cost of 1 ball is almost irrelevant, especially if you buy them on sale. So I start every round with a new ball.
  7. ... I completely forgot I have a set of new and never used C-Taper stiff flex with stock TM unused grips I can install for $599!!!
  8. ... Thank you kind sir. I am planning another winter in Phoenix, hence the PT for the next month!
  9. ... "Perspective" as Anton Ego ordered in Ratatouille. Your Silver Lining would be the main course for many of us. Back spasms the last 10 days and I am in PT for the next month and there is snow on the ground. I would be ecstatic shooting a 90 in sunny, warm Hawaii with a back that would let me hit a whopping slice into the ocean.
  10. ... I really thought these would have sold by now so: before going to eBay!! New an unused grips/DGx 105's for $599 $549 shipped!!! New and never used C-Taper stiff flex with stock TM unused grips I can install for $599 shipped!!!
  11. ...PMookie I hear ya, but Trubisky likes the Lions just the way they are. He has thrown 7 TD passes against 10 other teams in 2019 and 6 TD passes against the Lions this year in 2 games. Please don't change a thing.
  12. ... As a lifelong Club Ho I have probably played over 100 sets of irons in my golfing life. Rarely has any set provided a quantifiable performance boost over the irons they replaced. They did provide a different feel and or look that gave me a mental boost and every now and then a set comes along that actually makes a small but noticeable difference, like the P790's. That said, life is short and golf is fun, so if a new set interests you and you are wiling to make the switch without a boost in performance or scores, I think it is always fun to try something new. OTOH, if you are hoping the new set will make a marked difference in your ball striking and your scores, you may want to save your money. And conversely, if you were not properly fit for your current F8's and the 699's will be fit to your swing, that could well be enough reason to make the change. ... The great philosopher Rosanne Rosannadana said it best when talking about changing golf equipment "It's always sumthing."
  13. ... Amen Rev, it is a very different game because players have physically exceeded how the game was meant to be played. No face mask meant using the head much less and players used to have to tackle, not make vicious hits. And nobody envisioned 6'5" 275lb DE's that would be at full speed in 3 steps. The size, power and especially the speed of these amazing athletes makes it impossible for NFL QB's to survive if they can be hit anywhere at full speed. I have stated this before but my son played a hybrid DE/LB at 6'3" and 255lbs running a 4:59 forty. That was faster than every position played but one speedy WR I played with in college 1971.
  14. ... Today was a question of which team wanted to lose more. Bears tried hard but Lions are more experienced.
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