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  1. ... Great progress! Granted there is reading the green and having a repeatable stroke involved but putting is much more mental than physical. We can't hit drives like anyone on the PGA Tour but we can putt like they do. Don't try and make a decent putt, don't try and lag it close ... try and make every putt you face. If you believe you can, the odds go up exponentially. The power of positive thinking is never stronger than rolling a ball several feet into a hole. Literally anyone can do it. You just have to believe you can.
  2. ... The best thing is finding a new shaft that gives you improved accuracy and distance and it is a great reason to get fit. Finding out your current set up is as good as it gets is a very close second. Both well worth the cost of a fitting.
  3. ... I mean this as a compliment, but I have no idea how you are a 9.1 index with that swing.
  4. ... I am always perplexed by posts that say Rangefinders take up too much time. I use my rangefinder while someone beside me uses a GPS and they always take longer. I walk and before coming to a stop already have my rangefinder in my hand, shoot the distance with my Bushnell glowing red and buzzing in less than 1 second and it's back in the case while the GPS user is calculating if the pin is front, center or back and then deducting or adding distance for the flag. Then there is the inaccuracy of many GPS and it is not unusual for them to calculate a par 3 yardage and be off by up to 10 yards, especially if it is difficult to tell exactly where the flag is on any given green. I also use it on all 18 holes with the exceptions of shorter par 5's where I am close to the green in 2. Although as you stated, on par 3's my pards may have already shot the yardage and I am not anal enough to need a double check of their distance.
  5. ... Yup, so many factors involved in finding the right irons. The most interesting aspect about todays irons vs irons from the past is distance pretty much maxed out years ago, which is one of the reasons for jacked lofts. There are other design factors involved so it isn't as simple as just being longer but distance is a factor. OEMs began focusing on individual tendencies. Muscle back blades could move the cg a little higher or lower as well as moving it closer to the center instead of the heel. Simple perimeter weighting made shots hit off the sweet spot more forgiving with less loss in distance and accuracy. But current irons can increase and decrease spin, produce more or less trajectory and fine tune shots for where you miss the center. It is possible to figure this all out on your own if you are an equipment aficionado but much easier to diagnose during a fitting. Qualified fitters can certainly attest to many coming into the fitting with a specific iron in mind only to find it is not as good a fit as another iron that is designed to maximize their personal tendencies.
  6. ... Anything is possible. One of the problems with aging is a minor injury you pay little attention to can turn into something worse. Playing through pain was the way all athletes born in the 50/60's were raised and that might have been somewhat OK in my 20's but many of us know by experience it doesn't work once you get past 50. So it is possible I aggravated it in some way and then daily golf made it worse. It was hurting but manageable and then it seemed like one round too many increased the pain exponentially and I walked off after 11 holes, then took the 10 day break.
  7. ... Sweet! As usual, I could not agree more. The TM woods are game changers if you have the right shaft. The Tensei Raw Blue work well for me but I have never hit a Ventus Velo with the right flex as a R-flex is tough to find in demo carts. I hope to get to a fitter soon and try the Velo Blue and Red to see if and how much it might be an improvement over what I am playing. That includes both of those in a driver where nothing has beat out my Diamana LTD but you don't know unless you keep trying!
  8. ... Amen to that! Unless you have a straight back straight through stroke (and few really do) there will be at least some arc to your stroke. A putter with the right balance will stay on track with zero manipulation. Many will "wander" a little off line if the balance isn't right. And I could not agree more, it better look good sitting behind the ball because sooner or later if it doesn't, it will become a scapegoat for your putting woes.
  9. ... You can use both of course. One of the jobs of a good course designer is tricking the eye and brain into thinking it sees something that isn't there. Swells, dips, tiers and several other visual cues can trick you into thinking a distance is shorter/longer than it actually is, especially on an unfamiliar course. Range finders take those illusions out of play if you trust your yardage. Initially I only used mine for unfamiliar courses in that short 40-70 yd range but after getting used to knowing the exact distance I started using it for every shot over 40 yds. I still play by feel after finding the correct yardage but knowing it is 60yds with a dip in front that makes it look like 40yds I can just feel like I am hitting my pitch a little past the hole to make up for the visual illusion.
  10. ... Having played an 8802 style heel shafted blade my entire career I had no interest in mallet putters. Seeing so many on tour made me inquisitive as these guys jobs depends on making putts. I tried the Spider Slant Neck and it just didn't work for me as I have a gate stroke and I like toe hang. Everything changed when I moved to Phoenix and started played Bermuda greens where a nice smooth stroke just wasn't working like it did on fast and true bent greens I played my whole golfing career. I needed to be more aggressive on short putts and just found it difficult to change both my stroke with a putter that had worked well for 35 years. So I started looking at mallets again and decided to buy one and use it for 3 months regardless of results. ... I went looking for a mallet and money was not a consideration so I figured a $399 or more expensive TaylorMade, Scotty or Bettinardi was in my future. I was a little shocked to find a Cleveland 11s putter produced the best feel, balance and results. $129 was a pleasant surprise. Putting is the cornerstone of my game and after playing it 9 months now I feel my mallet putting on Bermuda is finally on par with my blade putting on bent greens. So I won't be going back to a blade as long as I live in Phoenix. Obviously this is purely anecdotal to my putting and style but I could not be happier with my mallet.
  11. ... I have been fighting a nasty case of tendonitis in my right elbow and have not played for 10 days. Getting X-Rays Monday but picked up a brace and decided to try and play 18 today because I am going stir crazy. I noticed swinging the driver was by far the worst for pain and imagine the extension is the culprit. So I played today with no woods in the bag and teed off with a 2 iron. 430 yds with watered fairways is a rough combo and I had to get up and down quite a few times. But really only 4 holes were problems with 220-230 yds to the flag because again hitting into uphill and wet fairways were all carry with no roll. Really put a premium on wedge and putter play. ... After no golf for 10 days I missed one makable birdie putt from 7 feet and another from 8 feet but made several par saving putts from 10-15 feet. It was an interesting "experiment" although honestly I was just happy to play 18 with minimal pain. 16 pars and 2 bogies and of course I have shot worse using a driver. I should add I was in 2 green side bunkers and took my ball out and chipped as hitting out of hard sand is just too painful. After 10 days off when I am used to playing 5 and sometimes 6 days a week I was sharper mentally as I was not taking the round for granted. Something to remember for future rounds. The 3 high index friends I played with all took turns hitting my UDi 2 iron off the tee on 18 and it was pretty entertaining. None were in play which is not surprising since 5 iron is the longest iron in their bags. Felt great to get out in 80* weather and walk 18 holes!
  12. ... Unreal. 6 HOI's?!? Congrats to your friend. The amount of rounds I have played in my life is off the charts and I figure the chances of me not acing a hole twice but only once seems to be: .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001
  13. ... If you win 558.6 more times you can buy new OEM irons. Only $1396.50 to go!
  14. ... Just throwing stuff out there. This guy was very serious just busy working and could not get out as much as he would like but was gonna get fit and buy whatever the fitter recommended. But you know how clubs go, one guy will buy the newest most expensive PXG irons or new Mizuno only and the next guy won't buy anything he can't find for $100 at a garage sale. And of course everything in-between.
  15. ... Of course, there is also Certified pre owned, classifieds, etc. But the top of the line OEM are crazy expensive for the 4 - pw: Ping i59 ... $1749 P790 ... $1300 T100/200's ... $1300 King Tour ... $1300 JPX921 Tour ... $1300 Apex 21 ... $1300
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