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  1. ...LOL, I was at the PGAShow demo day several years ago and a WRX guy that looked just like that and vaping was in line next to me to hit balls. I couldn't wait to see this clown hit a driver. He steps up and just kills one well over 300 yds. Then another and another. Book. Cover.
  2. ... Had a great round today carding a 79. 35 mph winds with gusts to 45. It's one thing to play in those winds in Chicago with soft fairways and quite another on hard fast desert fairways. Straight downwind was awesome and I hit a 322yd drive but my pard hit it 376 yds from the back tees! Into the wind wasn't too bad but the side wind shots were just insane. Started a 7 iron 30 yds left on a par 3 and ended up just over the green and pin hit. On a 110 yd par 3 that is a mushroom with a little flat spot and all sides sloping off and into the rough, I started a 9 iron 10 yds left of the pin with
  3. ... At this point in my life thankfully money for golf equipment is not an issue. I am not cheap but I do consider myself frugal so it is something I consider for quite awhile before making any club purchase. Still hope to sell my SIM after the SIM2 arrives to mitigate some of the cost. I probably will go Ebay or even WRX as I have not had much luck selling clubs here as everyone else seems to be cheap frugal too. I thought my Xtreme with additional weights and an upgraded shaft would sell easily at $249 but no such luck.
  4. ... Amen. I was happy with my SIM and had no plans to "upgrade". But most reports were coming back that the SIM2 is more forgiving ... sigh. My SIM2 should ship 3/15.
  5. ... Like many things in life that we used to do most have found carrying a golf bag is just not good for your body. Especially your spine. Obviously you still walk with a push cart or an electric cart that is really nice on long courses or lots of elevation.
  6. ... I love coffee in the morning but my son is a real connoisseur and he turned me onto Verve. My favorite now but I throw in some Intelligentsia every. now and then to keep some variety in my mornings. https://www.vervecoffee.com/collections/single-origin https://www.intelligentsia.com/products/burundi-yandaro
  7. ... We all have our excuses. If I start posting scores my index will jump about 3-4 strokes. These muni Bermuda greens are just brutal. I love the course but the greens are hard to read to begin with and they wander on short putts or when the ball slows down around the hole because using a very technical term, the grass is splotchy. I have never missed so many 2-4 footers that start on line then move one way or the other several times on it's journey like putting on a Chinese Checkerboard. After holing out we sometimes hit multiple putts from the same spot and they never do the same thing t
  8. ... A turing point for me was A Sorenstam in her prime said if she is not positive she can hit the shot 80% of the time she will not attempt it. Announcer asked her what if it is a 75% chance and she responded "then I don't try it." I thought if the best female player on the planet won't try a 50-50 shot why in the world am I attempting to pull it off?
  9. ... I have a playing pard this winter from Chicago. He is 49 and seriously long. I am giving up about 20 years and considerable length. One of the biggest differences between us is when I hit a bad tee shot I am usually in play. His bad tee shots are so long they bring stuff into play I can't reach. We play a short uphill par 4 that requires a 280yd carry over water to drive the green OR a long iron over the right side of the water that is a 220 carry for a LW in OR lay up short of the water leaving 110-120yds to the flag. He hits driver occasionally, 2 iron quite often and hit some spectacula
  10. ... If not, maybe we can work out a trade for some of my stiff shafts? I'd like to try the Riptide 5.5 in my Sim2 shipping in a few weeks.
  11. ... Playing with my normal partner from Chicago. He is much longer than I am and usually out drives me by 10-20yds playing the tips while I play the mens. But we are evenly matched or close as I usually beat him by a stroke or two. Heading into #16 a difficult par 3 playing 198 for him and 181 for me we were tied at 1 over. #16 is a little uphill and into a gentle breeze and he hit it 4 feet below the hole. I hit 1" behind the ball and dribbled my tee shot about 90 yds. I got the wrong yardage somehow thinking it was 68 and it was 98 so I barely hit my 58* to the front edge. Next I have a 90ft
  12. ... I have no idea of shipping costs. But if you pay for shipping why not?
  13. ... LOL after watching Monday night Football I could see a video of several putts dropping and Carl shooting a 37 on the front then a quick montage of 4 double bogies and a C'mon man!!
  14. ... Yup "wish I never sold it" sucks. Money was not a consideration when I went shopping. I took 2 days to make sure the putter (or me) still rolled the ball the same the next day. I forgot to add the Cleveland was also the best feeling putter I tested. I kinda had my heart set on the Taylor Made Ardmore that looks very similar with a tech face, but it was very hard feeling and I just didn't like it at all. I usually add weight to the sole (more on the toe) to get the balance perfect so my putter head swings back and through on line with no manipulation, but the 11S did it stock with no weight
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