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  1. ... What am I missing? Seriously if have a meeting and you spell it out: Fall behind and stay behind by more than one hole and you are subject to last place tee off. If they are habitually slow and everyone knows who they are, why would it be non PC to make them tee off last? And if they are offended for some unknown selfish reason, maybe they quit which would be a win win.
  2. ... Indeed I have drank bulletproof coffee. Kerrygold or local grass fed butter if I can find it. But with heavy cream it isn't necessary as it would be with milk or 1/2 and 1/2.
  3. ... Great info cnosil. I did not know you hit into a sim replicating a course. But even hitting into a sim, you don't lose balls and your score isn't effected by a bad shot. Your brain knows this and allows most to take a freer swing. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying this is true for everyone. Watching Sam swing the club into the net, I have little doubt his on course swing isn't any different. But most of us simply hit the ball differently on the course when it counts, than we do in a net, at a range or even on a sim.
  4. ... My coffee experience has been a long journey. Never drank coffee until I was in my mid 20's and my first wife put Hagan Daaz vanilla ice cream in her coffee and I loved it. Of course it wasn't coffee, just a coffee favored desert. Thru the years and Starbucks initial foray into the coffee world I started using vanilla and caramel syrup in my coffee. Once I found out just how detrimental sugar is for my body I began weaning myself off sweetners but it took awhile. A few years ago I finally made it to grass fed cream only because the fat is very good for you first thing in the morning.
  5. ... Lord no. I usually play a driver one season only and find something new at the PGA Show the next year. The Fly Z was the exception that stayed in and out of my bag for 3 seasons, rotating the last year with the BB Epic.
  6. ... First, I love MGS tests as they give you a great starting point. Most of us know that hitting a ball on the range or even worse into a net with a LM is radically different than playing that club on the course. Standing in one spot and grooving a swing is just so very different than hitting a tee shot when there is water right and a big deep bunker left. Swinging the club with zero consequences and swinging a club with danger lurking is too radically different endeavors. Here is a perfect example: ... I was fitted by Taylor Made for the R1. Truthfully, I liked the look and feel of the RBZ more than the R1 and told TM it was the best driver I hit at the Show that year. After a LM session with the Marketing Director, the R1 produced a better trajectory, more carry and roll, and a better spin rate. First round on the course I was a little erratic and figured it was an adjustment period. But it never got better and my dispersion was not only far too much, but worse I missed both left and right. After a month of trying to force myself to like the R1, I contacted TM and told them my dilemma. I had chosen the RBZ as the best driver but they talked me into the R1 after a fitting. They sent me the RBZ and my driving improved immediately and I started finding fairways and my miss was a little left, something I was comfortable playing. The downside was it spun too much and I lost distance, which confirmed the LM findings. ... What the LM numbers didn't tell me was I would hit the RBZ much better when it counted, in the fairway, loved the look and feel which created confidence. I gladly traded a trajectory that bordered on too high with spin that was less than ideal for all the above reasons. So looking at numbers is always a great starting point. But it is just that, a starting point.
  7. ... No sweeter but grass fed heavy cream.
  8. ... Thanks Shank! Lets see what we find from others for mail order organic.
  9. ... I have really been enjoying Finca Hungria from GroundWorks coffee and it might be my all time favorite. I trade off with other beans so I don't get tired of this amazing coffee that is very light and bright but still has plenty of flavor and just the right amount of acidity without being sour. I also use Intelligentsia beans that are light roast because they too pack a lot of flavor in their light roasts, but only sparingly because they aren't organic. I went to order some more Finca Hungria, but GroundWorks is out and they may not get them in the future so indeed a limited run. What a catastrophic white people problem!!! I would love to hear about any light, bright organic beans you guys love if they can be ordered by mail. If you have some that truly amazing but aren't organic light/bright beans I would be interested in those too, although I really need to find some new organic beans.
  10. ... If you walk old and slow, swim old and slow and quack old and slow, you are old and slow. I am sure you know I meant some older players that have lost club head speed can get some back with a longer shaft IF they swing within themselves, especially those that have lost considerable speed due to age. Something younger players rarely do. ... It alway irritated me when one of my students got fit for clubs and then hit them poorly with "I don't understand, they worked so well at the fitting?" Obviously really good fitters take this into account but imo too many today just look at numbers and not so much the swing, even throwing out the "outliers" which can be more indicative of the on course swing than the "good" fitting swings. I had one student show up with Tommy Armour 845's that were 2* up. I was on staff with TA at the time and could have gotten him the 845's for even less than he paid but he had a $500 credit at the golf store so I couldn't blame him. But I had him fit into standard lie if not a hair flat. I told him to exchange his for standard lie 845's and next lesson he told me something I suspected but wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. They only had the upright lie 845's in stock and would not exchange "already hit clubs" and I found out they could not get more because they were way overdue on paying their bill to TA and went out of business shortly after that. I explained the dilema to TA and they exchanged the irons for me, something they didn't have to do. This is an extreme example of course but we have all heard stories of selling a custom fit very expensive shaft after a fitting when a shaft at a fraction of the price would provide similar, if not exactly as good numbers.
  11. chisag

    Modus 105 vs 950GH

    ... I made a mistake I just never make when it comes to equipment. Regardless of what you read, hear or see ... NEVER buy equipment without hitting it first. I picked up a set of P760's that came with Nippon 950GH R Flex shafts. I normally play S Flex and although these worked out much better than I would have thought, they did launch a little higher than I like. I have played graphite in my irons for so long I had never considered steel but I was very pleased with the 950GH's. So instead of ordering 950GH in stiff, I found a deal on some Modus 105's in stiff flex and installed those in my P760's. With the first swing I immediately realized I might be in trouble and the rest of the round confirmed it. ... I hit my 9 iron 145yds and can dial up a little more or less when needed. I had 143 to a front pin on a par 3 and came up 10 yds short of the pin. After a few more holes I doubled back and decided to hit several iron shots to each hole starting with the par 3. I hit 4 more balls and everyone of them was short of the green and even more perplexing was when I swung faster, I hit it in the same spot just higher?!? And speaking of higher, the 105's produced a higher trajectory than the 950's. This is not supposed to be the case but it certainly was for me. I can attribute ths to the fact that the 105 felt quite a bit heavier and much stiffer tipped than the 950's and I have little doubt I adjusted my swing to try and find the feel I am used to in my iron shaft losing my lag and adding loft at impact. ... On paper and according to much of what I read the 105's and 950's should at least be similar in performance as well as feel and both get the typical "smooth" description form those that played them. So even though these 2 shafts should have been very similar, for my swing they were not, and by a wide margin. Had I hit some 105's even in a net at a golf store or better yet a range, I would have recognized this right away. But since I have not played steel in over 20 years I made the mistake of relying on specs and reviews after seeing a deal too good to pass up... sigh. I re-lerned a lesson I learned many years ago: NEVER buy equipment without hitting it first.
  12. ... Yup, I don't second guess anyones equipment snobbery if they can play the game at a decent level of consistency. And if they can't really play the game but are equipment snobs, that really isn't any of my business either.
  13. ... I had to edit my post too because I meant to type 45" or even 45.5" because shafts have changed as well as heads. And yes, absolutely get fitted! But as disclaimer, I am not a huge fan of fitting a driver when you stand in one spot and hit it over and over again, grooving a swing. Kinda like handicaps, it gives you an idea of what you can do when at your best, but hitting a ball into a net and hitting a tee shot with water right and a big bunker left is radically different. So even though a 45.5" shaft may work well in a fitting, hitting into a net with zero consequences, it can be much harder to hit the center when it really counts. This is what a golfer has to find out on his own after the fitting. I will also admit seniors with a slower but repeatable swing might be able to hit the center more with a longer shaft than someone trying to milk as much yardage as possible out of every swing.
  14. ... I guess I should have specified "played" as in she played for a D1 school 6 years ago. She was 29 but still had game and of course played ProV1's.
  15. ... Yea Rev it is a soapbox that has a few slats missing, probably some outdated writing on it, some paint missing and it does not apply to everyone. But it still applies to the vast majority. Are there players that can gain distance going to 45" or even 45.5" and still have reasonable dispersion and most importantly increase their ball speed? Sure, especially those that practice everyday like LPGA and PGA Tour players that don't have the speed of the elite players averaging well over 300 yds. Newer drivers are definitely better on mishits as far as accuracy and dispersion and it has been a selling point for most drivers in the past several years. Cobra says Tour Length accounts for about 10% of driver sales, which is pretty impressive when you consider it is a special order only. ... I remember talking to the guys in engineering at Cobra when the Fly Z came out and everyone of them were playing a driver under 45" with a 16gm weight in the back and the called it their "hot set up" and a fairway finder. But not something they could advertise because Sales VP's could not match shorter driver length with robot testing and would lose the distance battle to other OEM's. I would just suggest starting at 44" or 44.5" and then seeing how a longer shaft works for you. Everyone is unique and I did not mean to imply a shorter driver is better for 100% of the people playing the game. But it still does for the majority.
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