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  1. ... Congrats Artful! Not that everyone needs to post all their rounds or even any rounds, but I would say bad rounds are probably more relatable than good rounds. I think we all love reading about good rounds but even a + index has more bad rounds than good rounds. Of course "bad" is relative but we are all here because we love reading about golf. Thanks for sharing.
  2. ... Not exactly flat but I walked Aguila probably 50 times last winter and Papago another 15. Always tired but not too bad of a walk. Now I should mention I use a remote cart and that really helps!
  3. ... Some people collect putters but I collect DI's. Here are 2 in MINT condition that need a new home. GAPR Mid #4 with stock KBS Hybrid Graphite S-Flex shaft. Headcover included. $109 shipped! Exotics CB Pro Tungsten. KILLER DI, just a little longer heel to toe than I prefer. Recoil 670 F4 shaft. $59 shipped! $59 shipped!
  4. ... Good stuff Dave. I know you were stating a higher flight as a good thing, but I am amazed at how many people think they hit the ball too high. In over 35 years of golf I have played with a at most, handful of players that hit the ball too high. I had students come in for a lesson because their playing partners told them they hit the ball too high. Only once was that the case. Not to be confused with flipping and creating too much spin and ballooning with a higher ball flight, but for almost everyone that plays golf, a high ball flight is almost always better. That said you need a knockdown shot and if you live in Texas, Oklahoma or someplace open with similar constant high winds a high ball flight would of course be a disadvantage.
  5. ... It is a video that has very little, if any relevance to the average golfer. Most golfers need more height and more ball speed. They will do the opposite of Matt, most likely swinging the GI faster than the MB because they are getting the feedback they want and need. Confidence combined with a more desirable ball flight will almost always result in better swings.
  6. ... Rescue TP has been sold with an extra $10 going to Feeding America. Thank You!!!
  7. ... I take Covid 19 seriously living in Illinois and close to Chicago, one of the hot spots. I stay home as much as possible and have been out a few times to Whole Foods. Been lucky enough to play golf 5 times since the ban was lifted even though we have had the wettest May in history. Played with a friend yesterday and I was back at the same course today. Tough to get tee times because it is 2 some only and spaced 15 minutes apart. That is 8 golfers an hour at a course that normally has 8 minute intervals and 4 somes. ... But the guy I was to play with showed up wearing a mask in his car alone and came up to the starter that I am friends with and I and said "you guys are too close together" when we were a good 8 feet apart. He was standing 15 feet away and said he wanted to play alone. The starter said that was not possible with only 8 golfers an hour. The guy looked at me, then the starter, shook his head and went back to his car. I would add you have to pre pay with no refunds and he just left. I think I may have dodged a bullet as it could have been a very uncomfortable day. With no putting greens/ranges open, I used the time to play a practice round, hitting multiple shots and trying different things like high/low, fades and draws, etc. It turned into a good practice day so no complaints. next 10 days look like rain so glad I got in some practice. May 29th Illinois goes to 10 minutes tee times and 4 comes allowed again so this was probably the last day of severe Covid restrictions. ... How did I play? Extremely well and extremely poorly which is how practice rounds go. Lost some balls and made some birdies and now I am just waiting for my T100-S irons to show up!
  8. ... Awesome my man! I would love to post pictures of my T100-S irons but evidently I did something to offend the Golf Gods because I am the only one that didn't get them.
  9. ... Thanks to the 3 of you that contributed. You guys ROCK! Total for sales came to $120 and with my matching contribution the total was $240, so I bumped it up to $250. I can always write another check if anyone wants to contribute and make an offer on the heads still left. Thanks again for helping those really struggling in these difficult times!
  10. ... Great news from Titleist! We have had the wettest May in Chicago history, and more rain coming this weekend and all of next week. I hope the rain passes over you and lets you enjoy your new irons!
  11. ... Most golfers I play with only care about 2 things. Do you play at a good pace and are you enjoyable company. Personally I would add to the list passion for the game. It is just very enjoyable to play with those that love the game and as a bonus the equipment, regardless of ability. I have played with + index golfers that are agonizingly slow shooting par and high index players that play with great pace shooting 100. But most low index players I have been paired up with are always supportive of higher index players, again as long as we don't hold up the group behind us. Just remember all really good golfers sucked when they started too.
  12. ... I hear ya and would tend to agree with you with the exception of unique land properties. I have played several mountain courses in NC, Phoenix and LA that offer spectacular views. Sometimes the tee box is literally on top of a peak and it is a 100 yd straight up the mountain from the fairway to get to the tee. But once up there, ya take several extra minutes just to appreciate the view. Some others may chime in but Teirra Rejada is a memorable experience and from someone that prefers to walk 100% of the time, I really enjoyed playing there, even with a cart.
  13. ... I have a remote controlled cart and the first time I played Tierra Rejada in LA I told the guy in the clubhouse I was going to walk. He said "you don't wanna do that" but I said I really did. He said he would make me a deal and I should play the front 9 in a cart and if I would like to walk the back he will give me a free round and I was free to walk. So I took him up on the offer. LOL, I could have never walked that course! Up and down as well as around a couple of mountains with breath taking views but some holes straight up the mountain with long distance to tee boxes, virtually impossible to walk.
  14. ... Love this. I think it is time to change your name from yungkory to maximumdegenerate.
  15. ... I will hit my driving irons on a windy day or a par 5 second shot with hard fairways, but mostly just off the tee.
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