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  1. ... 28C+?!? How is an American (how arrogant is it we call ourselves Americans ) supposed to understand what that means?
  2. ... Well, since the MGS ball ratings always have ProV1's at the top year after year, you are far from an idiot. At least when it comes to your golf ball of choice.
  3. ... My winter snowbird pard and his wife (Oct-April) are from Kelowna and they love Take A Moose To Work Day. May the Victoria rains stay at bay and your AF produce long and straight drives today!
  4. ... My playing pard played #1 in high school and at 36 just qualified for the AZ State Am. He is insanely consistent. He had always played ProV1 X and I gave him a sleeve of the Maxfli Tour X. After 3 rounds he bought the 4 dozen Maxfli Tour X deal for $119 and says he can't tell the difference between them. Other than the price of course. Win-win.
  5. ... Reviewing clubs for over 30 years I very rarely ran across a driver (or any club) that is demonstrably better than the previous year. Sometimes a new technology makes a leap but even then it isn't a huge leap. So 95% of their time this years driver will be similar in performance to last years driver. Even if it is 2.1 yds longer most of us would never be able to tell a difference. It is when you have 5 years of 2 yd gains that you can find another 10 yds over what you are playing. If you like the look, sound and feel of the TSR you most likely won't feel like you miss anything with the next version. And as others have said, you gained 20yds with a shaft that seems perfect for your swing and most of us would pay handsomely for that!
  6. ... I don't wanna consider the cost with any of my rounds or my review, but it is a factor. The combination of the Qi10 and Ventus Red Velo has produced the longest drives on all holes at my home course where I use a driver. What I would like to see is the Dream 7 have at least some with my longest drives. Not always as easy as it sounds with how I am swinging, finding the sweet spot and wind all factoring in some of those drives with what I would call "outliers" with several 300yd drives when a normal drive would be in the 260/270 range on hard fast desert fairways. I would also like to see improved dispersion, which will be tough because the Ventus is very accurate. ... So my SF405 has its work cut out for itself, but I have seen some serious potential in the 2 rounds I played it. I figure by the end of this week I should have a really good idea of the performance gains. And the ball really flies in the Phoenix heat.
  7. ... It was pretty interesting watching a college tournament a few weeks ago played at Sawgrass. No stands, very few spectators and other than the 17th and 18th, I didn't hardly recognize any of the holes.
  8. ... Some prolific posters are extremely myopic and live to tell you your opinions are wrong. The great thing about golf is it can be played soooooo many different ways. Unless you are competing in a tournament, you can pick and choose what rules (if any) you wish to follow personally and/or with your group. ... I play with a Canadian snowbird that plays strictly by the rules 99% of the time. He hits some amazing shots from impossible lies as well as some atrocious shots. If his ball lands in a bunker where some yahoo dug in their feet and didn't rake after walking in one side and out the other, he will play it from a deep footprint. We also clean mud off our balls if the fairway has been over watered to protect the grass in the intense 110* heat. Sometimes it is actually casual water as the sprinklers here run while you are playing. Our group also plays by a rule some ASU golfers told me they use in casual rounds. If the ball is lying in the desert and has a clear path for the shot, they move to the closest grass with no penalty. If they are in rocks that obstruct their contact or a plant, bush, tree or cactus is in their way, they move to the nearest grass with a 1 shot penalty. The irony is sometimes moving the ball to the grass gives you a shot that is obstructed. With forged irons costing $1200-$1600 putting a huge gouge in the face or sole in a casual round and have it start rusting when you can move it a few feet and play from grass just makes common sense. ... I play 4 or 5 days a week and have been paired up with literally thousands of golfers. Most are looking to challenge themselves while still having an enjoyable day. I honestly have not seen many that play 100% by the rules whether that is a breakfast ball, playing a different ball when they lose the one they are playing, roll the ball and of course move their ball out of a divot. And only 14 clubs in the bag is a broken rule only bested by the mulligan. .... So I am always willing to share my opinion while respecting and very rarely challenging others that disagree. Give me someone that is enjoyable company and loves playing the game, keeps pace and replaces divots and fixes ball marks. The rest is pretty much irrelevant.
  9. ... If they are truly helpful and fit a client into what works best for their swing they probably will make a sale. If the try and force an upgrade on someone not necessarily looking for a higher end product, they will probably lose a sale. Business 101. ... Kinda like heading to a Hyundai dealership looking to buy a $26k Elantra Hybrid and the salesman only shows them the top of the line $45k Tucson LTD Plug-in Hybrid, chances are they aren't getting a sale.
  10. ... I think we have all been there. That square peg looks sooooo good and has so much potential but try as we might it never fits in the round hole like our old round peg. But honestly glad to hear you are back with the G400 and it seems your Quest has ended.
  11. ... Well Pree your index is listed at a 2.2 so of course you know. You should go to a free fitting from an OEM at a golf course and watch for a couple hours and you will see more than a few that hit it both high and low or hooks and slices along with some whiffs. You just have to remember some are clueless and not very good golfers and that is exactly why they are taking a lesson or getting fit (usually at the suggestion of a knowledgeable player). Obviously we are all members of a golf form and our knowledge is far greater than the average golfer. ... Again, I can't tell you how many times I have asked someone I was paired up with what shaft and what flex they were playing and they had absolutely no clue.
  12. ... While this would of course be best, it just isn't always applicable. I taught students that had zero idea why the were hitting the ball so poorly and no clue how to fix it or any knowledge of what they were doing with their swing. You would probably be shocked how many had "multiple swings" they used and couldn't settle on one of them. And the irony is in most cases they were pretty much the same swing but the student "felt" different using what they thought was a different swing. That's why they came to me in the first place. Same with club fittings. The more info the fitter has the better, but sometimes they just have a blank canvas.
  13. ... I am right there with you. The fitter has one job and one job only. Based on your swing, what is the best head and shaft combo to produce your best performance. I had students with no clue about what shafts they played, what flex and what weight. A fitter should be prepared to help someone completely ignorant about equipment because again, that is their job. I do think those really good at what they do, will at a minimum have you hit stock shafts to see how they work for you. Easy enough to say "On average the stock Tensei is 2.1 yds shorter than the Ventus TR, dispersion is similar and the spin is 400rpms lower with the TR. Your longest drive was 3.8yds longer with the TR than the Tensei" and then let you decide if that is worth the upgrade. ... When I had a fitting with the Master Fitter for Callaway that took a full hour after booking a 30 minute fitting, he narrowed my choices down to 3. Tensei Blue AVX, Callaway RCH (a shocker for me) and the AD-IZ. He said I seemed most comfortable with the AD-IZ but it was a $300 upgrade and the numbers were very similar with all 3. ... After so many years in business we all know CC will always try and get you into the most expensive upgrade option. Even when the stock shaft is very, very close in performance but rarely do they have anyone hit the stock shafts and my understanding is some locations don't even stock them. That's enough for me to avoid them unless like JAFERD I had a gift card that would cover the cost.
  14. ... I have said too many times to count a player should use the most forgiving irons they can effectively play. That statement covers everything from MB's to a full hybrid set. Forgiveness means different things to different players. Some need more weight low to help them hit the ball higher while others need a little heel and toe weighting to help with slight mishits. Or a combination of both. ... If you have a fairly repeatable swing with at least similar distances and trajectory, finding the right trajectory and spin is a great place to start. P790's worked well for me in the soft midwest conditions playing Chicago courses. But moving to Phoenix with hard and fast greens where often I can't even find my ball mark, I needed more spin than the P790's produced. ... But a fitting to get you in the ball park and most importantly on course performance should guide your decision. It sounds like you have found an iron in the Pro 245's that check all your boxes.
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