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  1. ... Whatever it is called, I have 2 of them. So Double Albatross? The irony is I still don't have a hole in one. While more than a few HIO's are lucky, at least most times you are aiming at the flag. But with an Albatross you are just aiming at the green so I think there is more luck involved. That said, my cousin has never broken 100 and has 4 HIO's ... sigh.
  2. ... One tee, divot repair tool and lucky coin given to me by 3 Indian guys I played with in LA to remember them by in the front right pocket. Remote for my MGi Navigator in my right rear. Never worn a glove so left pockets are clean.
  3. ... Balance is of the utmost importance imo. An unbalanced putter will wander off its line, especially going back. If it has great balance you can just let it hang and swing it back and forth. Unless you are technical and use a straight back straight thru stroke. I put lead tape on the sole of my Bobby Grace many years ago to get the right balance.
  4. ... I have been trying to play a Newport 2.5 with a decent amount of toe change but should have known I am a blade putter for life, it's all I have ever used and I don't know why I try new ones every 5 years or so. Back to my Bobby Grace 6330. Good luck in your search!
  5. ... You should be getting a commission check in the mail. I have been throwing out super low bids on eBay and losing by $200-400. Somebody was sleeping today as one of my low bids won. So I should be playing P790s sometime next week.
  6. ... Pro's and many scratch or + index players hit their irons pin high a lot, but if they miss they are past the pin 50% of the time and short of the pin 50% of the time. Most mid/high index players are short of the pin or even short of the green 90-99% of the time, not counting mishits or bladed irons of course.
  7. ... Arccos is pretty strait forward. It tracks how far you hit any given shot. Pays no attention to wind, slopes or speed of fairways so like a box on a scorecard asking for a score, it just gives you a number. The eye opener is it tracks distance as the crow flies. With a phone in your front pocket using the Arccos app, you just hit your drive (shot) and when you take your next shot, Arccos GPS measures that distance. I have never used it in my irons but I know my distances so I have never considered it. If you do not know your distances and do not hit your irons consistently, I could se where it might be very useful. Mid to higher index players tend to choose their irons by the distance of their best shots, not their average shot. So learning how far you average with your irons could be very beneficial.
  8. ... Many factors involved in a successful lob shot. Of course a urethane ball is a requisite, and as others have said just about any urethane covered ball. An open face, sometimes severely open is also almost always necessary. And of course speed, you don't hit a careful lob shot, you must trust your technique and hit the ball with some clubhead speed. I can hit a lob and have it almost stop right where it hits. More often it will hit make a little hop and stop. But these shots are executed from a good tight lie. From a slightly fluffy lie I am gonna get some roll out. From a lie in the rough or some gnarly bermuda, I am gonna get substantial roll out. the green is another major factor. So depending on the slope, the grain or the speed of the greens themselves, a lob shot can stop very quickly or roll out 20 feet or more.
  9. ... Thumbs up! Before I found the TP5x, the Z Star was my favorite ball. And you can usually find last years Z Star for $29.99 or less.
  10. ... Amen. I had 5 birdies today. But I offset those with 5 bogies. 3 were all on me with a couple of loose short irons and a topped 2 iron, but hit a sprinkler head bouncing over a green on one hole and on another hit an aggressive spinning pitch I hoped would hop and stop to a front pin at the bottom of a slope, but it hit right on the collar and shot forward up the slope. The whole day felt a little like kissing my sister.
  11. ... Just be careful with advice on line YK. There are many reasons someone may be flipping or closing the face thru impact resulting in a hook, and it is impossible to know what it might be unless an instructor has eyes on the student and sometimes additional film they can slow down and show the student. And remember a cornerstone of teaching is exaggerating a move. For instance if someone is swinging well past parallel causing inconsistent contact, I often asked them to make a 1/2 or what I called a big pitch shot. With that in mind many students shortened their swing by a few inches, still swinging past parallel but when asked for feedback said something like "wow, that 1/2 swing felt weird. I could never hit the ball anywhere with that short of a a swing". ... Exaggerating a wrong move for your swing can really send you down a rabbit hole. Again one of the reasons I told my students to never repeat advice I gave them because that advice is tailored to their swing and their mental approach. So if you are inclined, feel free to try different advice as you might get lucky and something that worked for someone else may work for you, but just be careful you don't create a new problem trying to fix an existing one.
  12. ... Since this is a thinking about thread, I have to admit I have been thinking about P760's waaaaaaay too much. Like a homing beacon or Sirens song (C-h-i-s-a-g ... touch me ... hold me ... swing me ... hit me) I am drawn to them everytime I enter a golf store. The voice whispering in my head tells me they will be a perfect cross of my two favorite irons. The forgiveness and foam filled distance of my P790's with the look and feel of my Cobra Forged Tours. Will they improve my game or lower my scores? Nope. Thankfully they are $1300 which is $100 less than I paid for my first new car, so until there is a bargain on Ebay or a store deal on a new set I will continue to just be thinking about them.
  13. "My biggest gripe, as embarrassing as it is to admit, is the aesthetics. In my humblest, uneducated opinion, the graphics on the ball are not pleasing to the eye at all. I feel silly for saying this, but it translated to not having much confidence in standing over the ball, it just looks cheap - despite how well it performed." ... We are human with likes, dislikes and bias. I can play with something that doesn't look good to my eye. But I can't play with something that looks bad to my eye. My first round with the previous version of the Cut Blue, shiny and cheap looking, I shot a 66 tying my lowest score. My next round playing it, I hit a high push off the first tee and immediately thought "POS shiny Cut ball!" and switched to my favorite TP5x and when I hit a bad shot it was my fault and had nothing to do the the TP5x.
  14. ... Very well thank you. Have fun dialing it your F9!
  15. ... Yup. I am of the belief to win playoff games in the NFL, sooner or later your QB has to mount a game wining drive when everyone knows he is throwing the ball. Foles isn't gonna win a shootout but he has proven he can produce that game winning drive. Many teams don't have that QB and it is why an above average but not franchise NFL QB is so valuable. When you have a Carr, Stafford, Cutler or Goff, you have to hang on to them until you find a better QB. Sure, every fan wants a Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Luck or Mahomes but they are so few and far between. It is almost a curse to have that above average QB but not franchise QB and fans don't like it, but watching the Bears 50 starting QB's, and almost all of them well below average, ya gotta hang on to the Foles of the NFL. Unless you hit the jackpot with a franchise QB. While the Bears were starting 50 QB's, the Packers were starting 2: Favre and Rodgers. And the records for those years are obvious.
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