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  1. ... Yup, you can't help but conjure up Al Czervik as rich, ignorant, obnoxious and a perfect target audience customer. Clearly PXG has plenty of sales so it is working with some golfers. Of course there are those that could not care less about a commercial and base their purchase on looks at address and performance.
  2. ... Can you imagine this same type of commercial for BMW? Rolex? Really any premium brand?
  3. ... Time to repeat a story I have told before. I believe it was Bob Murphy (but could have been another Old-timer). Said he was really struggling with his swing so he took a week off and didn't touch his clubs until the Thursday of the next Tournament. He won that week. He decided to repeat the no practice before a tournament and won again two weeks in a row. He decided he would never practice again, just show up for practice rounds and play golf. ... The very next week and 10 over the cutline on Friday he said he had no idea how to even start his backswing. Everything felt off. On his way home Friday night he said he realized "the golf swing isn't something you own, you just borrow it for short periods of time". If a Pro at the top of his game can win 2 weeks in a row and have no idea how to even start his swing the next week, I think we can give our selves a break and enjoy the good days but accept the struggle on our bad days.
  4. ... I don't think I have ever run into the latter, my build sheets have always been accurate, but the loft and lies have not. As lovers of the game and players that appreciate equipment we like to think there are technicians like those we see in the van at a Tour event explaining the build and showing the process for one club or one set of irons. In reality it is a mass produced assembly line that moves very quickly and almost always a non golfer just doing their job. And yes there are tolerances usually in the + or - 2* range so again you can have one club 2* strong and the next 2* weak resulting in two of your irons being the same loft while still within tolerances. An extreme example but certainly possible. More likely you have an 8 iron 1* weak and a 7 iron 1* strong and well within tolerances but a 6* gap between them and a 3* gap on either side IF the next irons are on spec. ... I watched a smaller company go through builds at Tour Edge. An ingenious system where they accumulate one set at a time and each piece of equipment has a barcode so when picking up a set of 4-pw irons and use a hand held laser that reads the barcodes. If they pick up the wrong ferrules, grip, shaft or head the barcode buzzes with a red light like you lost on a game show instead of a green light. So it is virtually impossible to build a set with any wrong components. The assembly though was nowhere near as precise and the same + or - tolerances come into play as the fly through the assembly. I imagine TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist etc move even faster. ... Lastly it is also just impossible to get a sets loft/lies correct without double and triple checking. When I bend a set I am very meticulous but when I go back and check them after building the first attempt, some are always off due to the way the club sits in the LL machine as well as some metals not holding their specs so I will always bend them a second time and sometimes a third. And of course 2 different LL machines can give you different readings. I have never used them but I would hope since they are building just one set at a time a Club Champion, True Spec kind of custom build would take the time to double and triple check and have your irons as close to perfectly on spec as possible.
  5. ... Well I said I would have no problem with days of rain because we haven't had any in Phoenix for over 6 months and I got my wish. Rained the last 3 days and I wanted to complain on day 3 but I really couldn't even though it did cause flooding in many areas. But the good news was I got to play this afternoon and at 87* ... I got to walk!!! With temps in the 105-118* and 18-38* of humidity it was impossible to walk unless I wanted heat stroke. Feels so good to be tired after the round.
  6. ... It really is one of the big fallacies concerning equipment. Told this before but when I was on staff with a Top 3 OEM my irons came in with my 8 iron 2 degrees strong and my 7 iron 1 degree weak. 1* difference between the two irons and probably would not have known if my playing partner wasn't a Mgr at Golfsmith, so he checked the loft and lies for me. That is when I decided to buy my own LL machine. It would have been pretty bad for a Staff member with a PGA Bag having trouble with gaps and thinking it was the irons, not faulty lofts then not really recommending them to students. I have never and I mean never had a set of irons come in on spec and that includes Mizuno, Titleist, Taylor Made, Cobra and Bridgestone. Mizuno had me go through a fitting with their top Midwest Rep to do a review for WRX and their website and the irons arrived off spec. Some sets have been closer than others but all of them are off spec. That is just how it is and with irons costing $1200 and up, I would definitely have any new irons checked and adjusted before playing them.
  7. ... So sorry for your loss. It truly is amazing how attached you become. We had a rescue mutt and decided to hedge our loss and picked up another rescue mutt when she was 7. We figured when we lost Casey, Buddy would be around to console us and we him for at least another 7 years. After it was Casey's time to lay to rest, Buddy had developed a brain tumor and we layed him to rest only 2 months later. It was a devastating time for all of us so I understand your pain and loss. My son rescued Giz, a Pit Mix that turned out to be a pure bred Stafford Terrier a year later and although we still miss Casey and Buddy, Giz has become a wonderful addition to the family. I hope you and Moose have many happy years together.
  8. ... Yup, I think we all prefer the GOOD stupid bogies. ... I play with some higher index Asian guys and 2 of them bought PXG. Said it was a complete waste of money and they shoulda used the $ for lessons. One sold his and is back in TaylorMade M4 irons. The other said it doesn't matter what irons he plays because he either hits it well or very poorly so he is keeping his. I get so sick of hearing that obnoxious loudmouth during every TV telecast, even LPGA events. And I am not talking about the Bob Parsons (everything I hear and read says he is a good guy) but his LOUD commercial persona that to me at least represents everything I dislike about modern golf from driving carts onto the fringe, playing music at a level the entire course can hear, drinking to excess, can't be b bothered to rapier divots or ball marks and playing at their own pass ... s-l-o-w.
  9. ... I wonder what Chi Chi, Palmer, Floyd and Trevino would have thought of a modern instructor taking apart their "flawed" swings on video. Same thing today for Furyk, Wolff and Bubba. There was a Golf Digest article many years ago that showed all of the top players at impact and with wildly different backswings, their impact positions were virtually identical. Like you said ... swing your swing and make adjustments if necessary based on ball flight and accuracy, not how it looks on video.
  10. ... Exactly and sorry to hear you go though the same thing. I can be sitting in my recliner watching TV and realize I am tense and have to just let go of the tension. Funny that walking and playing seem to be the best scenario for me as I tire myself out so good for releasing tension and getting much needed exercise. At least that is my story and I am sticking to it LOL. But swinging a club, climbing into a cart and sitting while going over humps and bumps a person without spine problems would never even notice is just a bad combo because the body is on constant alert, tense and ready to lock itself down. I will be very happy when it gets back to sub 100's so I can start walking again.
  11. ... No doubt that always helps. The crazy part is how much the body wants to protect itself. After 2 back surgeries it seems to be of the opinion golf is something I should not be doing LOL. There certainly are days it is painful, and quite a few days where it hurts a little but after pre round stretching more often that not it feels pretty decent to start out and there is no reason to be tight. Walking always helps to keep loose and relaxed but the last several months have been riding in carts because of the heat as it would be reckless to walk in 105*+ temps. The breeze in the cart and riding quickly to some shade are musts.
  12. ... I have been struggling lately and went out yesterday for a practice round at 5pm and had the course to myself. @#@#$%%^(%*& back has been a problem all year and most days I just seem to be too tight to swing with the freedom I need to play my best. I would hit a really good day and shoot a 69 but then the next day felt stiff from the get go and back to mid or even upper 70's. I talked to one of my friends I taught with years ago in Chicago and he told me he always marveled at how relaxed I was swinging the golf club and reminded me of something I told him "Your address position should be like a free throw. Active and ready ... but relaxed". (To be fair I always marveled at his swing which was shorter, compact and explosive and seemed like little could go wrong). One thing I used to tell my students that tried to muscle the ball was Nicklaus said he wanted his arms to feel like "overcooked spaghetti." So my main focus yesterday was being completely relaxed regardless of how poorly I hit the ball. ... Hit a couple of bad tee shots off the first tee and played several balls from the best with 205 to a back flag. I hit three 4 irons inside of 10 feet. It felt effortless as far as tension but I was swinging as fast as I possible could while staying relaxed. It just goes to show what I tell others all the time, when it doesn't count you can swing much freer. Obviously if I hit balls far into the desert it didn't matter because I could just drop another ball and hit again. So it was great reminder to swing like I don't care where the ball ends up. ... Rest of the practice round went very well hitting the ball both farther and straighter than I have in quite some time. By the time I got to #16 after hitting so many shots my back started to tighten up again. Hit some really bad shots on #16 and #17 so I took a little break in the shade since it as 104*, then stretched some, took some free wheeling swings and had the relaxed feel again and played #18 well. ... I am not recommending you go out and swing in a relaxed state (although it might be a good experiment) but that is a swing thought that works for me. It is like having a picture of myself in my head of Freddie and not Tiger/Rory/Thomas. When playing my best I always channeled smooth swingers like Freddie, Larry Mize and Tom Purtzer. I am looking forward to my next round to see if I can retain the relaxed feel.
  13. ... Bummer. Posted elsewhere but I took out my 588TT's last week just to see what Game Improvement irons would be like after playing Z Forged and King Tours for a full season. When I played them with Recoil 110 shafts they performed very well for me. A little higher flight than ideal and not the solid feel of my Players Irons but excellent performers. Getting another year older I thought it might be an interesting idea to re-shaft them with the lighter VS Proto 85's as the VS Proto 100's are still some of my favorite iron shafts. ... But like you they were just all over the place. It didn't take long to lose confidence standing over the ball and not knowing what kind of shot they were going to produce. To be fair to the 588TT's and VS Proto 85's, they are an amazing combo but just a bad fit for me. Too light and I had no feel for them at all. As a feel player that ain't good and once you put doubt in your head it is tough to swing normally. Went back to my Cobra's with Steelfiber 95's the next round and was right back in my comfort zone. It clearly was not the heads but the shafts and as you know all too well, that can make aaaallllll the difference.
  14. ... I was going to ask the same thing. I imagine since Titleist does not offer many graphite options that plays in to it but still kinda surprising. I feel the opposite and think everyone should be playing graphite in their irons and wedges. Obviously the young and fit do not have to worry about immediate damage from pounding steel shafts into the ground but the older you get the more trouble you potentially expose yourself to. Of course if you play once a week it really isn't an issue but if you play and practice multiple times per week, graphite is just so much easier on your body. Combined with just about any weight from 65 to 130gms, flex point, trajectory and torque for feel I just think it is an easy choice. Lastly $ might come into play as well and I certainly understand why someone fit, young and not playing multiple times per week would not want to pay a $50 premium per club for Steelfiber or Recoil shafts when excellent steel shafts are available at no up charge. ... Playing graphite in my irons for over 20 years now I went back to steel with some Nippon 950GH as that was all Cobra offered in their King Tour MIM irons at the time and I really liked their performance. I started developing some elbow tendonitis again and those of you that have experienced this know it happens quickly and can be very painful. Cut back on my playing (a little ) and re-shafted my Cobra's with Steelfiber 95's and the tendonitis is almost completely gone. No meds, no exercises and no changes other the switching from steel back to graphite. Ymmv ...
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