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  1. ... I like promoting Cobra and the yellow is just so very noticeable. Plus I am not a fan of matt black on woods but realize the younger crowd loves it so it was a smart move by Cobra to offer he mat black and white combo. Finding a reliable fairway wood is such a difficult task, and once you find one it usually stays in the bag as long or longer than any other club. So I get you are reluctant to replace you xr16's and with good reason. But the F9 fairway wood is just silly good and I would at least demo one to see how it compares to your trusty xr16s.
  2. ... I think it was extremely telling that the USGA admitted they didn't consider the pin staying in as an advantage, just a rule to speed up play. Huh? It is their job to determine what is or isn't an advantage, either technically or by rule. That said, we are dealing with millennials that want two speeds to everything in life. Instant and more instant. So anything to speed up play is good for the game. I do think in the end a good putter is a good putter and a bad putter is a bad putter, so this rule will have very little effect on scoring. How many times is a bad putter with poor speed going to hit the flag and have an easier come back putt? Of course good putters that may touch the flag will probably have good speed and the ball would have dropped without the flag. ... I have played 6 rounds since arriving in Phoenix and so far I have only seen one putt hit the flag that was traveling too fast and it bounced off leaving a 4 footer ... that was missed. I think this rule will have very little impact on anything other than speeding up the game a little.
  3. ... I remember people saying this about the first metal wood and many swore they would never use one. I am guessing it happened when shafts went from hickory to steel and of course when they outlawed the Stymie. Golf is a game where the rules are always changing and we as golfers do not have to be happy about any of them, but sooner or later we all accept them. Nifty being the exception.
  4. chisag

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    ... I would add that while there is speculation as to exactly where the Kirkland and Cut ball design comes from and are they left over stock, Snell separates themselves from most others because Dean Snell was the designer of balls from the ProV1 to Taylor Made offerings and of course his current Snell Black and Red golf balls. He has certainly done his own R&D and you know exactly what you are getting from Snell, a premium ball Dean feels competes or even out performs all other balls on the market. Of course in the end, this may not make any difference to a given golfer depending on their skill level, but I like supporting Snell because he has put in the work for many years now and is not just ordering balls from a catalog or using left over stock and stamping his name on them.
  5. chisag

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    ... Yup, I was torn between posting here or just ignoring it because I know they rushed me the balls to arrive before I left for Phoenix. I am hoping it is a one time thing because I too liked the performance of the previous Cut Blue generation. These have a slightly duller looking cover so CUT addressed that, but obviously I don't know how they perform in the wind. I was gonna write a review but I don't wanna trash Cut if this was an anomaly and hope they get it together. Perhaps they already have!
  6. chisag

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    ... Answering here as I was asked about the new Cut Blue balls again. I received the first batch and was pretty disappointed. I know these new balls were held up and perhaps Cut rushed them out without checking QC. But mine were unplayable. Some worse than others but I will share a few pictures of the worst ones. I really like the CEO and the company too, so I hope Cut gets this issue sorted out because I had no issues with the old version as far as QC. But I would call to make sure QC has been addressed before ordering any of the new balls.
  7. ... 3 days of driving didn't do my back any favors and I am still stiff and sore. Taking it easy and avoiding spasms but played a couple days which is enough to know I absolutely love the sound and feel of the F9. I have never had a sound which is a mid pitch thwack, not a low thud, but feel so dense. Normally the feel is a little crisper to match the sound so a perfect combo of sound and feel for me and I think many are gonna love the combo. Almost like the face holds the ball an extra millisecond before rebounding with the ball jumping off the face. I will have to wait til I can swing freely to really judge performance, hopefully within the next week or so. But so far I am impressed, and again the F9 3 wood is just sooooo long and forgiving paired with the Atmos Tour Spec Blue shaft. ... One change I have already made is white paint fill on the crown logo. The yellow was by no means distracting or unattractive but I have had a white logo on my crown for so long, it is just a comfortable look for me and easy to do as I just traced the logo with white dots. Looks like "2nd grade arts and crafts" up close but from address, it looks good and that is really all that counts:
  8. ... I was paired with a couple 2 days ago and told them I would prefer leaving the pin in when I putt. The husband agreed and she said "as a member of a woman league" she would leave it in but it just felt weird to her. On the first green she immediately pulled the pin and I asked her to leave it in and she said "Oh yea, I forgot". Then she did it again on the next hole and I reminded her a second time and she put put back in. She left it in on hole 3 but again after her husband lagged his putt to 6 feet she pulled the flag. I was not going to spend my entire round monitoring her flag etiquette and sure enough she pulled it for the rest of the round after anyone lagged their first putt. ... Then played with another couple yesterday that wasn't even aware of the new rule. She too was a league member and said it felt very strange to putt with it in and she pulled it once and her husband reminded her to leave it in and she said "duh" and put it back. On 18 she said she really liked having the flag in, not so much for any putting help but it just made things easier and faster. Amen.
  9. ... Mine arrived today. Driver and 3 wood with Atmos Blue TS shafts. They look so good at address and remind me of older Cobra drivers that are not quite as round as the Fly Z thru F8. Unfortunately I am playing new courses the next several days here in Phoenix so I won't be able to compare distances on familiar courses to my F8 for at least a few rounds.
  10. ... They are, but I imagine may (all) of the shaft OEM's will have the M4/5's shafted with their product for demo at Demo Day.
  11. ... Pretty sure The Hammer corrects any angle of attack ... POW!!!
  12. ... If you have been fit in the last few years, I don't really see any of these drivers significantly outperforming the top drivers. Flash isn't gonna be significantly better then an Epic, M4/5 isn't gonna be significantly better than the M3/4. G400 ad F8 is right there with them of course. Sure, you may find 1.3 more yards and 126 rpm's less spin resulting in a very modest boost, which for some is enough. I imagine the F9 may provide a boost in performance over the F8, the TS Series will be significantly better than previous Titleist drivers and I think the 180ST is gonna be significantly better than previous Mizuno drivers. If I get a few more yards and a little less spin, as well as slightly better performance on mishits with my F9, I will consider that a success. ... I play new drivers every year and rarely have I found one that made a significant leap in performance. SLDR and Epic come to mind, and then the next year everyone catches up. Most of the time it is a new look, sound or feel that gives me a mental boost, as in it's just more fun sometimes to play something new. And if you hit everything every year, sometimes you will find lightening in a bottle. No rhyme or reason for a big increase in performance but sometimes it just inexplicably happens. And of course, there are always forum members that have not "upgraded" in several years and for them, 2019 should be a real Bonanza. These are the players I write reviews for, nit someone that bought a G400, F8 or Rogue last year.
  13. ... To be fair Plaid, you are warm and cold on every new driver every new year!
  14. ... I have said many times I am glad I am not in Marketing or Sales when it comes to the equipment market. On one hand the Cobra release was brilliant as it got a ton of coverage from just about everyone which in turn created quite a bit of buzz. Since Cobra is not viewed by many casual golfers as an equal to Taylor Made and Callaway, it made sense to get all that exclusive coverage before the release of the M Series and Flash because the F9 could have been lost in the hype of the big 2. On the other hand, a lot of that buzz has been lost on any non Cobra fans with the hype and release of the TM/Cally offerings and they are the very audience that Cobra needs to take the next step. So I see advantages and disadvantages with either approach. Hopefully actually all hitting them and finding what works best keeps Cobra in the game.
  15. ... Who is going to the PGA Show this year? This is the first PGA Show in 15 years that I will miss because of family obligations, other than one other year due to injury. I think this year might be shaping up to be the best year for drivers I can ever remember. Cobra F9, Mizuno ST190, Taylor Made M series and Callaway Epic Flash all look to be awesome offerings with premium shafts as well as many free upgrade shaft offerings and I will miss hitting them all at Demo Day. Which driver are you guys most looking forward to testing out when they are released?