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  1. ... I love reading these tests as well as seeing the results. 5 Layers has to be pretty tough to get perfect and the TP5 is my favorite ball so I will continue to play them, especially when the negatives are accompanied by " though none were significant enough to be of concern." and "unlikely to cause a notable performance issue." Since I just bought 5 dozen for $99 my True Price is still pretty low.
  2. ... A couple friends of mine went and raved about Mistwood PC and it is close to home. Then several on a Chicago golf site had nothing good to say about CC, although a few enjoyed their fitting. Really just a gut feeling and as I said, I am not expecting to change anything other than shafts or lofts but I will not be surprised at all if nothing is changed. I have probably bought and sold 20 driver shafts in the last 3 years and figured I might as well hit 'em all. I have just never done a full bag fitting just individual clubs and I thought it might be fun.
  3. ... I am really not expecting to make any changes with my equipment other than maybe a shaft in my Driver or DI. I'll let ya know how it goes. T100-S with Recoils is a very tough combo to beat!
  4. ... Not quite revolving but it does open and close a lot!
  5. ... I am joining you and having my first full bag fitting tomorrow at the Mistwood Performance center. I really just wanted a Driver/Putter fitting to check putter for ideal loft and try and few different shafts/heads in my driver but it was $200 for just those 2 and $225 for a full bag fitting. I might as well see how the T100-S stack up to my P760's and the new P770's as well as how my DI/Hybrid/FW gap best for just an additional $25. https://www.mpcgolf.com/club-fitting
  6. ... Other than Allen Iverson I will never understand why people pay for AAA Used balls having no idea where they came from when you can buy PRACTICE balls for less than 50% of the new price. For those unfamiliar, they are the same as brand new balls they just have PRACTICE stamped on them. Not second quality, not blemished just PRACTICE. Here is a great deal on some TP5 Pix PRACTICE balls and they also have the TP5 and TP5x in plain white for $19.99 and if you buy 5 dozen the shipping is free: https://www.golfdiscount.com/taylormade-2019-tp5-pix-20-practice-bagged-golf-balls?___store=default&nosto=nosto-page-category2
  7. ... Hey Nat, welcome aboard! You will love it here. I actually replaced my Adams LS with the Super Hybrid. For me it is a little hotter and the shaft is 1" longer so I have gained quite a bit of distance. Every now and then the LS was silly long too but the SH is just another level.
  8. ... Update after round #3. The Super Hybrid continues to be very impressive. On a tight driving hole I hit it 230 and set me up for a birdie. I do not hit hybrids 230 but the extra shaft length combined with a hot face makes this club "Super" playable. On a par 5 I had 225 and hit it thru the green as it is slightly downhill but very pleased with the shot. And I also proved it holds no magic when I had a slight downhill lie on another par 5 and hit it just a hair fat, on the toe and it produced a weak low 180 yd slice.
  9. ... It will be interesting to hear about the specs because I have never had a set that came in with the correct specs. When I was on staff with an OEM (one of the big boys) I received my irons and the 8 iron was 2* strong and the 7 iron 1* weak so a difference of 1*. That is when I bought a loft lie machine. I was friends with the Mgr of Golfsmith and he adjusted them for me but I bought my first loft lie machine from them during Friends and Family. You would be amazed at even wedges that are not on spec. If you play a 52* and 58* and the is 51* and the 58* is 59* within a + or - 1 degree tolerance that most OEMs adhere to, you are dealing with an 8* gap and wondering why your wedge game is a little off. ... Since we are dealing with Wilson I will repeat a story about Bob Mandrella. When I was on staff with Wilson and my new irons came in I needed them 2* up and since Wilson was right here in town I was invited to meet Bob and have him adjust my irons. He had a big plywood board with some markings on it. No numbers, no lines just some black markings. He put each iron up to the board, then put it in a vice and using a hammer with a copper material splayed open he smashed the he!! out of the iron and then checked it again. 2 iron thru LW and he only had to hit 1 iron a second time. A true craftsman and it was such a treat to watch him work. I double checked them with my friend at Golfsmith and every one was perfectly on spec. I doubt there are any more old school guys like that around with all the digital equipment available today.
  10. ... Steelfiber shafts are available in 125gms as well so very similar in performance and weight compared to DGS300's. There are just so many great heavier graphite iron shaft options out there right now. Good luck in your search.
  11. ... Which Recoil shafts are you playing? F4 is the flex but I am guessing you are playing the 780's. At 105-115 swing speed, 3.5* of torque is a lot if you also swing your irons corespondingly as fast as your driver. Torque is not an end all be all number these days as it is measured differently by different OEM's and does not always take design into account, like a stiffer butt or mid section combined with a softer tip that can play stiffer than the torque would indicate. But it is at least a good general guideline with iron shafts. And 86gms is very light for your swing speed. I am more in the 100 mph or slightly less and I cannot hit 85gm shafts in my irons as I lose my tempo and dispersion suffers. 95gm' is as low as I can go and the KK Tini 105's seem to be perfect for my tempo, distance and dispersion. I also play Recoil 110 in my wedges. ... There are different ways to swing fast and if you have a very deliberate and smooth tempo you might be able to get away with F4 in Recoil but F5's would seem to be a better fit, at least on paper. If you love the feel of Recoils, I would recommend demoing the 110's in F5. Recoil Prototypes would be an excellent choice but they are very expensive. And at your swing speed you may want to demo the Steelfiber 110's in stiff flex which plays more like an x flex when compared to other graphite offerings. I am a huge believer in graphite iron shafts as they are better in every way to a comparable steel shaft. Not saying steel is a bad choice but comparing apples to apples for similar performance, the graphite will have better feel and is easier on your body. ... These are just blind suggestions to demo but I think they are a good place to start. Obviously going to a qualified fitter will answer your questions much better than my educated guesses.
  12. … This is really an update of my first MGS Tip. I think it is one of the most misunderstood concepts in golf. Played with a guy this week that wanted to know how I hit the ball soooo far without swinging hard. He said it looks like I am just taking a practice swing and the ball just rockets off the face. Of course "soooo far" is quite subjective as I am average in length. But to a high index player struggling to make solid contact and hitting weak 195 yd slices off the tee a 260 yd drive seems like the PGA Tour. OK, 260 is more like the LPGA Tour. His playing pard was a little more knowledgable and told him "Sam creates a ton of lag and he doesn't release the club until the last second and then snaps his wrists thru impact". Nothing could be further from the truth and he was a little shocked when I told them "I do not release the club head with my full swing but I also do not stop it from releasing". This of course confused them both and I demonstrated exactly what I am doing with my full swing. ... I hold the grip as closely as I can while still maintaining control of the club. My wrists and forearms are not loose, but actively relaxed. The best example I can give, it is like a pitcher throwing a 100mph fastball as the concept is the same. The arm is relaxed but moving fast while holding the baseball loosely in their fingers with an actively relaxed wrist. By stepping into the throw, turning their hips and shoulders and then literally throwing their arms toward home plate, the ball flies out of their hands. It is a real eye opener to try and throw a ball with the same muscular tension you swing a golf club. One of the flaws I see in higher index players is forcing the club head to release instead of just allowing it to happen naturally. And on the opposite end of the spectrum we hear a lot about lag, but trying to achieve it can cause the opposite effect of not releasing the club head at all by attempting to hold back the angle thru impact, which causes tension and just slows the club head down. ... If you are holding the club with the proper tension and have loose hands, wrists and forearms it is impossible to not release the club head even though you make no attempt to do so. Taking it a step further, if you try to stop the club head from releasing through impact you will find it is impossible to do so as the centrifugal force is too strong to stop. So swing the club forwarding doing nothing actively with your hands other than holding onto the grip and many will be amazed at the speed of the club head zipping thru the bottom of the swing. Many grip too tight and swing too hard with tight muscles, and while some may actually achieve a level of success doing this, it is infinitely easier to let the club swing and allow centrifugal force to sling the club head thru impact. Additionally when you hold the club in a relaxed state, your backswing will most likely cock the club sooner or later if you force it than you have been doing. You may need to start with the club at waist high in the follow through, then swing back to waist high on your backswing to get the right feel. For many this will be a completely new experience and will go against everything you have been doing. Start with very short mini swings attempting to just swing the club back and forth no more than waist high while just swinging your arms back and forth waist high to waist high. If you are used to muscling the ball, this "simple" drill will be more difficult than it sounds and you will really have to concentrate on allowing your grip/wrists/arms to be actively relaxed. "Actively relaxed" means loose but ready for action and speed, so not a lazy feel but an active feel that is going to involve an athletic move. Allow the club to swing a little farther and farther until you get to a full swing and I am guessing most will be surprised by how fast the club head is moving with seemingly very little effort compared to how you have been swinging. Do this drill without a ball until you feel the club head seemingly releasing on it's own. You have in fact put a kinetic chain in motion that culminates in this unforced release and elite players can actually add speed by timing the release and giving it a boost with their hands. Fred Couples is a great example but those players are very rare and you will just want to allow the release to happen without actively making it happen. As you get better at this release, you can speed up your feet, hips and arms to create more speed thru impact. But initially the slower and smoother the better. And when you do attempt this drill and hit a ball, don't be surprised if you go back to adding some muscle and tension. Just do the drill without a ball then hit one and go back to the drill without a ball, etc until the feeling is the same or at least similar. Good luck and let me know if this helped you!
  13. I only have 2 rounds in with my 17* Callaway Super Hybrid but was very impressed and since end of the season deals may be here I wanted to post a mini review. I would have thought almost all club ideas had been exhausted by now but I think this Super Hybrid is almost a new category of it's own. I found the Super Hybrid to be a cross between a hybrid and a fairway wood. A little larger back to front than a hybrid but smaller front to back than a fairway wood. If you are a sweeper this is a great club to give you the best of both worlds. With a shaft about 3/4 - 1" longer than a hybrid it produces more distance. And about 3/4 - 1" shorter than a fairway wood it can provide more control and accuracy. I was playing with a guy yesterday that was about the same length off the tee and on a par 5 he was about 5 yards in front of me. I hit my 17* SH producing a nice mid-high trajectory and was a little shocked by how far it went. He hit his 5 wood and with a higher trajectory ended up about 10 yards behind me. 15 more yards compared to a 5 wood is a nice thing to have in the bag. Off the tee it is even longer. And it seemed plenty forgiving and I imagine the 20* Super Hybrid would really be ideal for a lot of players. Again I only have 2 rounds in with mine but it doesn't feel like a honeymoon, more an instant addition to my bag. I have 2 holes I play where a 5 wood is a little too long and a hybrid not quite long enough and think my 17* Super Hybrid should work perfectly. At $319 I found it just too expensive for an experiment, but Callaway Certified Used had one Like New for $203 with free shipping and I am glad I took a shot with it. If you haven't hit one, I strongly suggest you give one a demo.
  14. ... I have been playing my T100-S exclusively but I played my Z Forged MB irons today. I will admit they feel a little denser and a little softer. A little. But all in all not a lot of difference although ironically the ZF are larger heads than the T100-S while the top line and shape of the T100-S are still very MB like. I hit several shots I think would have been more forgiven with the T100-S but I can't say whether they would have made a difference in my score, although I am pretty sure one of them would have as it would have been over the bunker. Low on the face and a little toey. Since our bunkers are kinda bare with very little sand it cost me a shot and the T100-S would have carried the bunker. ... I have had better ball striking days and I have had worse. For me at least this is where the difference really is noticeable. If it looks like a MB and has the same control as an MB but rewards my miss hits a little more, so why would I play a MB? We are all different of course but if it is the difference of one stroke every other round, that is enough for me. And of course some days it is more than that so again for me MB's are really fun to play once in a blue moon, but I will take the look, the feel and the playability with added forgives of the T100-S every time.
  15. ... We are not talking about one speed slot line that is also flush with the sole like the P790's or new P770's. They have proven to help shots hit low on the face. We are talking about 3 separate and individual slots across the front instead of one and 2 more additional slots behind those. Now there might be a technical reason for 3 instead of one and if they really work who cares what the sole looks like, although getting dirt in them is hard to over look. It just seems like a move to separate themselves on the shelf, which is a real problems that OEM's, especially the smaller piece of the pie guys have to fight for.
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