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  1. How To Apply In a post below-DO Not Quote This Post-Provide the following information: Brian, Rexburg, Idaho Right Handed First Choice 18* - Driving Iron - UiHi KBS Tour 90 Regula Back-up Choice - 18* Hybrid – VKTR+ Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular Handicap 18.0 Do you currently play a Long Iron or Hybrid - Current Hybrids - 18*/22* Cobra F8, but still in the bag, 22* Snake Eyes.
  2. In a post below provide the following information: Brian, Rexburg, ID, Cobra F8 18.0 Handicap Swing Speed: 95-100 Which Driver Would You Like to Review TSi2 Thanks for your consideration
  3. To Apply please provide the following information: Brian - Rexburg, Idaho Handicap 18 Titleist Vokey 54* S grind, 58* K grind Back in the day, I made a Dynacraft raw finish 54* that I let rust for feel. At one point I played the RTX 2 and loved the Cleveland feel, so I'd love to try these. Thanks for your consideration!
  4. Brian - Rexburg, Idaho How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? I built an addition on my house with a 23'x13' room that with 4 cups placed in the surface - a country club artificial turf with a 4' 2" drop for putts with break. For the muni course in my area, i would guess the stimp of the room is about 1 too fast. Current/Past Experience with putting mats - I have used the typical 8' 3 hole mats, and my above mentioned room with the artificial turf. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test. When I built my room, I was tempted
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