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  1. I built a nice room onto my house with an impact screen, putting surface floor, skytrak. I went with the real feel gorilla mat. I got the 3 x5 one without the thick rubber base, which makes it more portable to grab my net and head to the office and hit balls at lunch, but it can scoot a tiny bit while swinging, and I wish i had got the 5x5 so that i didn't have to adjust the placement of the skytrak when i move from hitting a driver or iron. There was, and is, so little information on impact screens, hitting mats, nets, and putting surfaces. It has been fun to see MGS start to cover some of that stuff this year.
  2. Has MGS ever done a most wanted on hitting surfaces? Seems like they've done most wanted on some pretty peripheral stuff, but to me that's one of the most critical parts of practice. Does anyone have enough experience with them to say one they might recommend?
  3. I play every morning at 6:30 am. I would love to see how the waterproof holds up and the comfort since quite often we hustle/jog to finish the 9 holes in 75 minutes prior to work
  4. Brian parkinson rexburg idaho i currently use a bag boy quad xl. I walk 6 rounds per week. I would be interested to see if the cart could keep up with me as I play fast. 1:00 per nine or so. Thanks for your consideration
  5. Brian, Rexburg Idaho iPhone 11 Primarily Indoors. Todays temp, 5*. Have access to Mevo +, and Skytrak for comparison purposes. I have both an impact screen and a hitting net.
  6. Brian, Rexburg Idaho I have used multiple hitting nets - I don't know if we're allowed to comment on which brands, so I guess you can edit if necessary. When I was a newbie I got suckered by the 100% guarantee on the GoSports net. After 3 replacements and a hole in my garage wall, I gave up. I have switched to the Ruckets Hack net, and have had better results. My current set up is a PolySpacer Impact screen from Spectrum Golf. I set up the hitting bay exactly following recommendations (my contractor installed) but was shocked when after hitting just 15 clean balls into the net i was seeing massive scuffs and wear. Currently waiting for a new impact screen from AllSportSystems. Indoor practice and improvement thru analysis is a passion of mine and I would love to write a review for you on SPG-7 net. The amount of time and effort I have put into trying to come up with a quality golf room is overwhelming, and the most frustrating issue is the lack of reliable information available. I currently use a Skytrak Launch Monitor and have ordered the PGRG launch monitor as well (more for use as a radar speed sensor with the overspeed training...)
  7. How To Apply In a post below-DO Not Quote This Post-Provide the following information: Brian, Rexburg, Idaho Right Handed First Choice 18* - Driving Iron - UiHi KBS Tour 90 Regula Back-up Choice - 18* Hybrid – VKTR+ Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular Handicap 18.0 Do you currently play a Long Iron or Hybrid - Current Hybrids - 18*/22* Cobra F8, but still in the bag, 22* Snake Eyes.
  8. In a post below provide the following information: Brian, Rexburg, ID, Cobra F8 18.0 Handicap Swing Speed: 95-100 Which Driver Would You Like to Review TSi2 Thanks for your consideration
  9. To Apply please provide the following information: Brian - Rexburg, Idaho Handicap 18 Titleist Vokey 54* S grind, 58* K grind Back in the day, I made a Dynacraft raw finish 54* that I let rust for feel. At one point I played the RTX 2 and loved the Cleveland feel, so I'd love to try these. Thanks for your consideration!
  10. Brian - Rexburg, Idaho How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? I built an addition on my house with a 23'x13' room that with 4 cups placed in the surface - a country club artificial turf with a 4' 2" drop for putts with break. For the muni course in my area, i would guess the stimp of the room is about 1 too fast. Current/Past Experience with putting mats - I have used the typical 8' 3 hole mats, and my above mentioned room with the artificial turf. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test. When I built my room, I was tempted to use the birdie ball surface for the entire room, but where is was a foam product I was nervous about the longevity of the product. I'd be very much interested in trying the slow speed, which should approximate my muni course 9-10 stimp perfectly. Thanks! Brian
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