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  1. Best ball tourneys are like "casual friday" at the office. Still the same "work" to be done, but in a much more fun and relaxed environment. Enjoy the break and feel better!
  2. Welcome to the Forum Barney! Glad you decided to make yourself "visible" to the forum Continue to explore the threads and don't hesitate to drop comments anywhere... a great membership here to engage with! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out any time. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you across the forum. ~TCB
  3. Just checked CB's card... his front 9 was as clean as your back 9. That is a Best Ball right there.... Ouch.
  4. You and @CB Lobo 4 Life are going to be tough to beat this week!
  5. Congratulations to the Net Birdie team helmed by @richk9holes and his team of @WillRowland, @MaxEntropy and @BrightFairways for joining the Flight Club in the Week 1 Undefeated column. Let's see if you can keep the perfect record through WEEK 2!!
  6. @Mr. Mushball are you up to filling in on @BassMaestro's MidWest Aces? You play in "MidWest Portland" Let us know if you can post a round this week to help out the Aces. thanks,
  7. MyGolfSpy Forum Member Virtual Championship Tour Season 2 - Week 23 Final Results (full leaderboard at top of this page) Plenty of activity on the VCT this week. Not only did we have the scoring for Week 23 of our 2nd Season, but we also had scores from the first week of the MGS Forum Member Match Play Event! 89 scores posted in all, and plenty of highlights throughout. Low Net Score This week, we had two Low Net scores from both ends of the spectrum - which is what makes the handicap system so great. All players with all levels of golf scoring can compete equally against each other... and this week is a perfect representation of that. At the top of our Low Net Score list, in one corner we have: @Mr. Mushball - a 39 handicapper playing at Glendoveer West GC in Portland, OR. - His gross 103 resulted in a net score of -7 (64) and included a staggering 17 net birdies or better (I can imagine there were a couple of net eagles on that card!) And in the other corner we have: @Ben Joest - a 5 handicapper playing at Majestic Springs in Wilmington, OH. His gross score of 69 (Gross -2... but more on that in a minute) which resulte d in a net score of -7 (64) as well. Ben also tied for the low gross score this week. Just Outstanding Play! This week, I will award the MGS Black Jacket to Mr. Mushball, and celebrate Ben's low gross score with the Low Gross badge (see below). Honorable Mention to: @Blake Hopkins (-6), @Hasty (-6), @fredsharky (-5), @rkj427 (-4), @richk9holes(-4), @GolfSpy_APH (-4), @J7Hawkins (-4), and @Lacassem (-4) Low Gross Score As I mentioned above... @Ben Joest posted the lowest gross score... and he did so as a tie with two other VCT Members (I'm telling you... the MGS Forum Membership is STACKED with players). @Javs and @Bohnson also recorded Gross -2 rounds at Sun City White Wing GC and Country Club of the North respectively. Wow. Great rounds guys!! Most Net Birdies of Better I mentioned above the Mr. Mushball posted an incredible 17 net birdies or better, but since he is busy getting fitted for the MGS Forum VCT Black Jacket... I will award the birdie badge to: @Hasty with 11 net birdies or better recorded in his round of Gross 80/Net 65 (-6) at Empire Ranch GC. Enjoy your Birdie Badge Hasty!!! Longest Drive 26 Drives at 295 or better this week. no words. @CB Lobo 4 Life stepped up to the tee and BOMBED a drive 359 yards - besting @J7Hawkins by 10 yards, @TylorJudd by 17 yards, and @OrangeCrush by 18 yards. CBL4L will carry the Long Drive badge for the coming week. Congratulations!! See you all in Week 24 and in the 2nd Week of the VCT Match Play!!!
  8. However you can post your card with hole by hole gross scores, and that also shows the hole by hole handicap - along with your course handicap... and we can calculate from there. If you want to be an over achiever, you can also show your hole by hole net score.. but our crack team of mathematicians will re-calculate the net score anyway . So you can use an electronic card or post a pic of the actual card with your scores. as long as we can see where you get your strokes, should be all good.
  9. I am going to talk very quietly as to not wake you from the fabulous golf dream you are having... 79 then 81? Wow G2M. You Fire!!!
  10. Boy Rich... you came out firing!!! What a card... that has to be one of your career scores, yes?? also I noted you clicked the match play field. Was that intentional? I may be overlooking you on the match play team list.. let me know. Thanks.
  11. @GolfSpy BOS may I introduce you to your backup player for Week 2 - @TylorJudd @Golf2Much to let you know, I believe Tylor will be subbing in for @Placasse61 this week on Team Duckboats. @GolfSpy BOS can verify.
  12. strategy... usually the part of my golf game I leave at home! lol.
  13. Hey, It looks like you have a break in the weather system over you... You can get 18 in....
  14. By The Way... How could I fail to call out @J7Hawkins @Blake Hopkins @srooch2 and @Brian A AKA Week 1... only Undefeated Team in the Match Play. Congrats guys!!!
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