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  1. Got back into golf this year after a 10 year hiatus. Started back in September and completely redid my whole bag (it was 10 plus years old), including the bag. Best purchases so far are: Clicgear push cart Custom fit Sub 70 699 Pro irons Custom fit Cleveland Frontline Elevado putter
  2. Taylormade M2 Driver and Snell MTB Black golf ball. Love the combination.
  3. Putting was the bane of my golfing life. Struggled with it as the rest of my game got better and better. Finally after returning to the game from a decade hiatus and finding MGS, I kept reading about putter fittings. Went and got properly fitted for a putter and it has made a ton of difference. Now instead of dreading putting I can't wait to get on the green and sink some putts!
  4. Another vote for Precision Pro NX9 with slope. Love mine and great quality for the money.
  5. As many have stated here, Augusta would top my list. Since that is not realistically attainable I'd say two from my home state, Pinehurst #2 and Quail Hollow would be at the top.
  6. When someone blazes one way right - "I see you are working the ball right to more right today" When you crush a drive past your buddy - "Is that a Walmart they are building between your drive and mine?"
  7. I started back playing after a 10 year hiatus. Got interested in Sub 70 after reading about them on MyGolfSpy and did a lot of research. Was right on the verge of an online purchase when I had to travel to Illinois for work. Had a day off after my arrival and had inquired if an in person fitting might be a possibility. Jason contacted me back and said he would personally do it. He fit me for my 699 Pro irons and I have never hit a set of irons more consistently than I have these! First round out with them shot 81. I have since purchased a 939x hybrid and love it. Recently picked up a P
  8. JL from Roanoke Rapids, NC I used a practice net back when I started playing in the late 90s. These were not the best for holding up to the elements and lots of balls. I used a mat with mine and wore out both from so much practice. I'm one of the strange ones that loves to practice. I had a 10 year layoff as life and kids came along and would love to have another net for practice. Never used a LM before but have been looking at them recently.
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