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  1. Hi everyone, a few clubs up for sale as my set has finally begun to take on it's final form (if that is even possible, LOL). First up is a Sub70 Pro 4 wood. It has the UST Proforce V2 6F4 shaft and a new Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 standard grip. Comes with Sub70 headcover you see in the pics. $85 $75 shipped to the CONUS and payment via Paypal or Venmo. I'll eat the fees and shipping. Second item up for sale is a mint Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter. This thing is pristine and although it always wore a headcover it never wore the Cleveland one so it is brand new. It is 35" long and has the Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol grip. This wasn't used for many rounds and you can tell by the condition of the putter. $115 $105 shipped to the CONUS and payment is via Paypal or Venmo. I'll eat the fees and shipping. Just PM me with any questions or interest. Onto the pics:
  2. Sure thing, I'd love to do that. Do you think this section would be the best place to start that topic?
  3. I joined Dollar Driver Club this year and after I didn't care for my first driver, I initiated an exchange for Cobra Radspeed. After about a little over a week of not hearing anything from them I reached out. They stated it was delayed and they weren't sure how long it would take. They did have a Radspeed XB on hand so I elected for that one in the same shaft set up.
  4. I'm 51 and have always walked a lot when playing (just started back after 10 year layoff). I always carried my bag and when I started back last year I did the same. I run 7 miles a day 3-4 days a week and found that walking 18 holes and carrying my bag left me exhausted by the 15th or 16th tee. Arccos showed my performance on the last few holes were suffering considerably compared to the previous 13-14 holes. I decided to try a push cart since I didn't want to give up walking the course. I purchased a Clicgear 3.5 and it was the best money I've spent in golf. I can now run 5 miles in the morning and walk 18 in the afternoon with no dip in performance based on being tired. Like many others stated the other obvious advantage is I can carry everything I would possibly need in a round without causing undue stress on my back.
  5. I agree with the previous two posters. I took a 10 year hiatus (only played a few charity Captains Choice tournaments) and spent all that time with the kids on various ball fields and trips. I wouldn't trade that time and those memories for anything. As soon as baseball is over my son wants to begin playing golf so that will allow me to make all new memories!
  6. Pair of FootJoy golf shoes.
  7. I take my glove off for shots 50 yards and in. Just don't like the feel of a glove and the putter grip. I'm fortunate in that my hands rarely sweat and I've lived in humid NC all my life. I can play a full round regardless of February or August and use the same glove. When I finish the round the glove looks basically like it did when I put it on on hole #1.
  8. Yes I recently got the Ping 425 Max driver and the head definitely takes more work to get off than any other driver I've had.
  9. I have to agree with all the above on Sub 70 clubs. Made the switch at the end of 2020 and love mine. Jason and the staff at Sub 70 are great to work with and clubs built to your specs.
  10. JL Roanoke Rapids, NC I walk 80-90% of my rounds Currently using Clicgear 3.0
  11. Hi everyone, I have started to purge some clubs to make room for new UPS deliveries, LOL. Up first I have a Taylormade M2 10.5 degree driver. It comes with a stiff flex Matrix Ozik XCONN 5.5 shaft. As you can see from the pics I haven't hit this club much and it is free of sky marks. The club looks incredible and comes with a Golf Pride grip which is in great shape as well. I am including the headcover and wrench. I'm asking $165 via Paypal and I'll eat the shipping to the CONUS. SOLD! Second up for sale is a Srixon Z765 10.5 degree driver. It comes with a regular flex HZRDS 5.5 shaft. Same as with the M2, this Z765 hasn't been hit many times and is also free of sky marks. Club looks great and comes with a Golf Pride grip in great shape. I am including the headcover from the pics and the Srixon wrench. I'm asking $115 via Paypal and I'll eat shipping to the CONUS. Now to the pics:
  12. Got back into golf this year after a 10 year hiatus. Started back in September and completely redid my whole bag (it was 10 plus years old), including the bag. Best purchases so far are: Clicgear push cart Custom fit Sub 70 699 Pro irons Custom fit Cleveland Frontline Elevado putter
  13. Taylormade M2 Driver and Snell MTB Black golf ball. Love the combination.
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