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  1. Any offers? Let’s get this sold so I can buy some more diapers!
  2. Selling a srixon zx #3 utility iron in great condition. Has an upgraded modus 125X steel shaft. Plays 39.5” long, std loft and lie. grip is a tour velvet BCT built up 4 wraps in good condition. Asking $175 shipped OBO
  3. Didn’t think about dicks. Maybe the local one has one I can pick up in person.
  4. Looking for dynamic gold x100 8 iron shaft, does not have to be the tour issue label. 8 iron shaft, which is the 37.5” raw length.
  5. Looking for a t100 9 iron, preferably head only or X100. Head needs to be in excellent condition.
  6. Recently built a set of 2019 T100 irons and was surprised at their size and lack of offset. The short irons to my eye have less offset than my miura blades. Curious for those who have transitioned into the newest version of the T100, how do they compare to the 2019 model in regards to appearance at address??
  7. Just updated with pics. The irons were built with no tip weights and just a few heads needed very little lead tape to get exact swing weights. I can easily remove the lead tape prior to shipping.
  8. I must have forgot to add the pics I took. I will update the post later tonight with pictures.
  9. Selling a set of Miura CB 301 4-GW x100 tour issue soft stepped once. lofts are currently 2 degrees weak. Length and lie are standard. brand new tour velvet BCT ribbed grips, built up 3 wraps. I was planning to combo these with my mb 101, but I decided to go with titleist t100 instead. $1100 shipped. will sell heads only for $800
  10. I ended up grabbing one of the like new ones. Bonus was it had an x100 at std length!
  11. I could definitely keep it under $1000. I recently picked up a set of rac blades for $200.
  12. No, but i do have a set of like new sensors. Only used for a total of 27 holes if interested.
  13. Looking for a 2019 T100 7 iron, head only or with a shaft.
  14. My guess, Another Rahm, Morikawa current top player who is on a hot streak, but not even close yet to being on the way of being an all time great. It’s so easy to say wow this guy is going to win a ton, and he has in the last few months alone, but I don’t see him as a Phil, or Ernie etc. these guys are so young and have so much to prove and they are all close to that next level but the current sample size for Scottie is too small to say how good he’ll be in terms of his career.
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