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  1. Didn’t realize one could go play golf during a Covid quarantine 14 day period. I guess I should try to contract the virus and go on vacation to Florida to get some winter golf in!
  2. on my vokeys I had f grind on my 52 and 56. I use the clubs for shots that I keep my face square, and I'm rather steep so I need the bounce. I had a low bounce lob wedge k grind, but I took it out of the bag as it didn't have enough bounce for the conditions I play in most often. Thinking of maybe trying the 60.12 D grind for a lob wedge if I stick with the vokeys, but for now I have ordered ping glide 3.0 with there SS grind to put in the bag and try out this spring.
  3. I worked a bit on my putting yesterday indoors using a metal ruler to roll the ball on. It's a great tool/drill to do for feedback on whether you are striking the ball square and starting it online. I was using my perfect practice matt along with it. The reason I use the ruler is that there is no room for error if you push or pull the putt. You will recognize the direction right away. I will try to get some video of it today.
  4. I hear those are pretty good... but I'll suffer for now with my SM8's that are in my bag.
  5. Custom ordered a set of ping glide 3.0 wedges in 52/56/60 in the SS grind. Going to be a long couple months till they show up!
  6. Found this on the bay... I had one back in my high school days. I remember the first time I used it, was the 2nd round in a tournament after having a terrible putting day. 1st hole I drained a 30 footer.
  7. I found mine used with the Ventus 6x, showed up in like new condition for a few hundred less than new. The ventus is not a cheap upgrade new!
  8. Went for a lesson a week or so ago, with a quick change to my swing I was picking up yardage and better dispersion with the same swing speed. We both agreed that I hit the TSi3 better than the SIM (although not the same shaft). The consistency I had with the TSi3 was excellent so the Titleist will be the gamer for 2021. Plus I absolutely love the looks of the TSi3.
  9. Up for sale is a SIM 10.5 degree head only. It was used only a few times on a simulator. It’s in excellent condition, the top of the driver is mint without any nicks etc. and the bottom shows minimal wear from normal use. Head cover is included. price is $old
  10. When you shop at Apple do they make you pay for the credit card fees?
  11. I have the PP putting mat and enjoy it and think it can be a valuable tool. I worked a lot on my putting during the initial Covid shutdown and my putting was one of my strongest parts of my game this past year.
  12. The updates to the pro v1 is mostly marketing, and how the profiles of the two balls vary from year to year are described and even sometimes swap between the two models. If you look at data, like the test that TXG did between the pro v1 and X, the balls are nearly identical. The difference in spin and launch is nearly identical, so it comes down to feel and the thoughts one has about the two balls before picking which one to play.
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