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  1. For overspeed training, I've boiled it down to the Rypstick and SuperSpeed. I only found this unboxing comparison but it's not a long term review.
  2. Wow, I love that the majority are 4+ brands. I see way too many one brand bags and find it so cringy (unless you are sponsored obviously). Anyways, 8, soon to be 9 for me. Gotta earn your spot in the bag. Best of breed only. D-Honma 747. 3w-(formerly) PING G410LST 3h-Titleist 818 4h-Adams proto (favorite club ever) 5-PW - TM RBladez Tour (getting fitted soon so swapping these out) Wedges- Haywood Signature and Fourteen golf. Putter - Scotty/EVNROLL, depending on greens. 9th brand will be my 51°. Eyeballing those Mizuno wedges or
  3. I bought the PP putting mat. I guessed the usual coupon codes. save15 did the trick for me. I went with the acrylic version, we'll see it goes. I may look at the wood one at the store and see if I need to swap it out.
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