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  1. The Ping Glide 3 is D3-D4. Maybe a little heavier grip could help shift the D3 closer to D2. PING - Glide 3.0 Wedges
  2. Using a phantom x 8.5. Has a simpler look but love the feel and weight. We'll see if it makes a real difference in the course in spring.
  3. Trying to fix line and return face square to ball. I'm about 2 deg open as is and tend to push the ball. Before looking at new putters, I was checking the forum to learn if there's a particular grip or drill that can help practice to close the face more.
  4. True. Really like the look of putter but a change could be in the cards
  5. Got a gadget that helps measure the putter rotation through a putt. I'm averaging about 5.5 deg on backward path and 3.1 deg going forward. Trying different grips and ball positions to close the putter face more on the forward path without much success. Anyone have any tips or suggestions that can help with this? Or maybe the opposite, tips to help reduce the backward angle.
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