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  1. Thinking about going armlock. benefits are apparent so why not.
  2. It’s a completely blind tee shot down a hill carry over two sets of trees and a pond to the green. I am stupid, not that stupid. The line you have to take is insanely difficult to commit too.
  3. I guess you could say it was windy? Was 5 over today scratch which is good for me in the big wind, hit the ball very high naturally and while I can keep it low it’s not natural and I’m not as accurate.
  4. One was a Par3. Okay it’s a 195yard uphill par three to the trickiest green on the course but Jesus wept… actually halved that. one was a par 4 I birdied and lost. yeah let’s just move on before I think to much about it. So frustrating putting inside 6 feet from 170 and still losing a hole.
  5. Match play foursomes. lost to a guy we had to give 26 shots. TWENTY SIX. played well and happy with my game. Unhappy with TWO SIX.
  6. Was trying something different. It didn’t work.
  7. 79 today. Don’t know how, didn’t play great but that’s golf.
  8. 260 in the middle beats 280 in the gorse. I play 44” hitting the middle of the face every time sure beats the little speed I could gain. I honestly deplore you to try a shorter shaft really really works*. *for me
  9. Really was. Links golf never disappoints especially an Old Tom course.
  10. A small story. 150 yards. Pitching wedge to 135. Dropped. Walk off 2. Par 4.
  11. Didn’t keep score. Didn’t care but played Moray Old Course today and it was a very special evening. Course is spectacular and should never be driven past.
  12. Today I/We used my favourite practice round. basically I play with my mate who’s same handicap. We both tee off then use the location of the worst ball for both our next shots. Repeat until the ball is in the hole. It does a few things I enjoy.. adds competition into practice and puts both players in position they’re not usually in. was super enjoyable and I feel much more confident going into match play again. The social aspect of it is also huge.
  13. The flex in the codechaos is I think what’s causing the pain later in a round! its the GFORE or footjoy premiere prefer the look these days.
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