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  1. Is there a more enjoyable feeling than paired with a stranger who is just a nice person to play golf with? give me a mediocre round with that guy over a great score with a wet sock of a human.
  2. Left driver in the house by accident, resulted in round of the year. Golf. Golf…
  3. Ended up 2d in lie and 1.5 in loft. tbh TrackMan kinda said it was placebo so idea has been shelved. Now looking for my next great idea
  4. 71 for a nice -1 Hit 13 of 15 Fairways and 15 of 18 greens. games super simple when you play sensibly.
  5. I have circa 57 pairs of AM1s got two pair of AM1 golf shoes and hate them. Now rocking Gfores and codechaos.
  6. Experiment going well, I’d say it is more reliable to crush but it comes out spinny and short it seems. TrackMan session tomorrow will reveal all.
  7. I know he didn’t invent but I’m at an age where Tiger was theeee guy hitting stingers. im also from Scotland, we hit “stingers” most rounds in fife it’s not the serious or deep. Relax, have a glass of water and bring the blood pressure down my guy. It’s not healthy. Yeah 97 is too far back for me, genuinely can’t remember a thing from that age. Earliest I remember is… maybe 02?
  8. Carded a 92. Was 19 over. Nineteen. golf is a humbling sport.
  9. @hckymeyer this is me saying “why the ******* **** is that fade not coming back”
  10. It’s not bad. The Fife Riviera.
  11. Didn’t keep score played with a mate who’s learning. never played the course before and meh won’t be back.
  12. I did not place in the top five.
  13. Let’s go!!!! Now it’s a quick step to always under 90 then 80 on the horizon!!!
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