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  1. 200 in the middle beats 280 in the trees, A lot of people need to learn this...
  2. 78 42/36 Could not get length off the tee but irons were hot so somehow played very well. Proper twilight golf last peron on course so had a great time with not being rushed and found it played well to my advantage. Felt like I havent been away for two years.
  3. I draw on demand or go straight. if the hole doesn’t fit that... well that’ll be that. Can’t be super aggressive all the time and I have zero issue standing on a tee with a 5 iron that’s landing on the fairway and giving me a chance.
  4. Count me in, only had one round in two years so trying to find consistency to hit pars first, probably try birdie challenge after a month mayb two. Home Course Pitreavie.
  5. Hello, from the Home of Golf lovely wet Fife in Scotland Q: How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? About... 4 years old so 26 years. Handicap is 5 but not played in two years so thats an issue just now as consistency is wayward. Q: What do you love about golf? Yet too find a part I dont, especially love 100 yards into a green. Q: What brings you to MyGolfSpy? I like fully researching every nuance of what I am doing more knowledge means less guess work less guessworks les
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