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  1. Has anyone made their own club organizer/holder for their workbench?
  2. The "Caddie" feature of Arccos is something i would be interested in learning about.
  3. I found my fitter using Titleist's website. Once I found a few fitters, I just looked up a few reviews. I wanted a set of Titleist irons but ended up getting fit for a different manufacturer.
  4. This sucks. I had the same issue with PING irons I ordered back in July. If I didn't go with a different manufacture, I would still be waiting for my irons.
  5. What Matrix are you looking for? The data collected is not completely accurate and requires editing at the end of a round. I would estimate that it captures about 75% of the data correctly. Shot Scope for club distance will give you an average distance taking into account all shots. It also gives you a "P-AVG" that gives you a "true distance" on well struck golf shots. It does this by using an algorithm that removes all outlier shot distances (both long and short). You can also see the longest shot with each club For Analytics: It breaks it down into 4 categories - Tee Shots, A
  6. I think I'm going to start with my driver and give it a try. I do enjoy the GP MCC plus 4 Align grips for my irons. I know some people say they cant feel the ridge on the grip but i can and it helps me get my hands set.
  7. I've been looking at the JumboMaxx Grips. Their tour grips are 40+ grams heavier then Golf Pride Align grips i currently use and their UtraLite are 10+ grams lighter. My question, is how is the swing-weight changing? Is the added grip weight reducing the swing-weight?
  8. Agreed I've been watching and reading a ton over the past couple of weeks but I'm a prac app learner.
  9. Can anyone recommend a loft lie machine? Not looking to break the bank, just getting started with club fitting and looking to explained my workbench.
  10. No, they should be using the same head weight. The grips can add a lot of weight, even different colors can add more weight. if the get too heavy try adding lead tape to the grip end.
  11. Does anyone have two bags? One cart bag and one carry bag?
  12. Some of my best rounds have been after a long break. i thinks its because i go with zero expectations and stay out of my own head.
  13. Since returning to golf and experiencing the fitting process, I've become extremely interested in club fitting. Has anyone become a certified club fitter and which course did you take? What would you recommend to someone looking to get into the profession?
  14. You bring up a great point with approach shots. What separates PGA pros from everyone else, even + handicap player is their accuracy with approach shots. Once you complete you fitting and receive your clubs, make sure you complete a "micro fitting" or "Gapping Session" same thing just depends on what the fitter calls it. This will make sure the yardage between clubs is evenly spaced. Stat from Mike Bury; The worst ranked putter on the PGA tour in 2020 averaged 30.28 putts per round. If you average 36 putts per round, you would be 24 strokes behind in a 4 - round tourna
  15. Edward - La Plata, MD Right handed VKTR+ - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff UiHi - KBS Your V Stiff Handicap - 20 Currently play Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid 21° - Recoil 480 ESX F4
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