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  1. my possible way to ship? I live in Maryland, meeting half way would be possible. my zip is 20646
  2. After shipping for everything and including the TV between $3000-3500
  3. Just let me know when you are head this way.
  4. What are everyone's thoughts on having matching shafts throughout bag. With Nippon releasing their driver shaft soon, they are promote "A complete, matching lineup" when you pair the new shaft with their Modus 105/115/125 and Modus Hybrid.
  5. I do have a Rouge White 60s that I took out of my Mavrik but its a 44.5 playing length.
  6. I’ve been working on my indoor simulator setup and I’m almost done. Shipping times were not a bad as I expected. Please let me know what you all think. These are are items I went with: SkyTrax - estimated ship time was 8-12 weeks and I received it in 3. The Net Return Series V2 - net size is perfect for my space (7’8” height, 8’ width, 3’6” depth. They do sell a projector screen to fits over the top, I might add this later on. Country Club Elite Gold mat - my mat size is 5x5. I think a 4x6 would have been the perfect size for the area. Overall this mat is great. It allo
  7. I have 2 go to reviewer TXG - I really enjoy when Matt hits right handed. I think it represents a larger group of players Rick Shields - I think he provides the most honest review of all the reviewers. not that other are dishonest, i just feel hes better at not letting hype for a club skew this review. MrShortGame - He's my go to for swing and shot tips. I know there are a ton of channels that cover these areas, but for me the way he breaks things down, it just clicks in my head. I can go out an execute them most of the time.
  8. I saw them as an option on the custom shop and knew I ”needed” them.
  9. can the game improvement package be added? Is this IOS only or Windows 10 compatible?
  10. SQAIRZ Shoes – Official MGS Forum Review by Edward Urbany Intro Hello everyone, I grew up playing golf as kid but never invested but time in practicing or learning about the game. As I got older, I decided to focus on my game and hit a few buckets of balls to try and improve myself. Unfortunately, due to injuries and work I had been away from the game for the past 5 years, before retuning full force this past summer. I’m your average15 handicap golfer that struggles with consistent ball striking. I’m right-handed with a three-quarter swing and an aggressive tempo. I depend he
  11. I currently have the shot scope v3 and love it. My wife bought me a ranger finder for my birthday, I used it one and returned it. There are very few times when I want to know the distance to an o.b. area. The shot scope will highlight water and bunkers, and I value convenience. I can appreciate the value of a range finder but think a GPS is more convenient for a ready golf play style.
  12. Check out, Country Club Elite. It's thinker then the average mat which reduces club bounce.
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