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  1. Used ping G410 in excellent condition with ALTA CB 70 XS shaft and MCC align plus 4 grip
  2. I think it’s going to still have a place in folks bags, but I think a lot of the advice about looking at a 4 or 5 wood is better for most folks I see. with all things it’s a matter of preference, and getting on a launch monitor to get some feedback will help a lot. I’m a plus player and I really struggle with woods outside of my driver and don’t carry any, so don’t think you need to graduate to anything- hit the clubs that keep the game fun! I even ditched my 4 iron for an additional hybrid I liked hitting them so much- and it took my ego a while to make that move.
  3. In the market for a new driver. Tried the G425 LST and loved it, but there’s a lot to be excited about this year so I’m going to try everything. Wasn’t considering trying any new hybrids but love the look of the new SIM2, especially with how little I liked last years TaylorMade SIM hybrids and driving irons. Big improvement IMO.
  4. Had a chance to test the 425 LST driver and hybrids yesterday. Love the hybrid losing the turbulators and its compact head (similar to the 410), looks very nice at address. Ultimately the numbers looked too similar to my 410s to justify trying to replace them at this point. I hadn’t played much from ping prior to this year but more and more their clubs feel like the ones I want to test first as a benchmark. Really nice.
  5. Everyone is different. Test it for a while and take stock on what you are hitting and how often you use it. I used to carry the blades up to the two iron in high school and it was an ego thing not wanting to ditch, that, let alone the 3 and 4 irons. Long winded, anecdotal way of saying try stuff and find what works best for you, but if the 3h flys like the 5i, definitly a good oportunity to get some other clubs in your bag that can help the cause.
  6. I dropped the 3 wood for a hybrid this year and haven’t missed it one bit. Not for everyone but worked great for me.
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