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  1. Yellow Pro V1 but I just purchased some e12 contact balls to test out
  2. Mine this year is to get my handicap from 24 to 18 and to possible break 90 for the first time.
  3. I have a 4 iron and a 4 hybrid. My Hybrid goes further than my 4 iron, so my gapping is 5 iron, 4 iron, 4 hybrid, 3 wood etc.
  4. Unfortunately less. It is almost impossible to get a tee time now in SoCal
  5. Not so much a Driver, but Callaway and Taylormade have 5 Woods at that degree, or close that you can adjust to 18 degrees
  6. Scotty Cameron Mail Day Facebook page has a lot of experts on it and will know the true value of your covers. Most will want to buy them off you too I have purchased a few from there at a reasonable price.
  7. That's the plan. My focus is on accuracy and not distance at the moment. My natural shot is a small draw due to a slightly close club face, my coach has me rotating my left wrist on my back swing to straighten it up for the downswing.
  8. I am a high handicap so I don't have the luxury to work on different shot shapes. But my routine is this: I start with a wedge and do little half swings, then grab an 8 iron and hit a few working my way up to a full swing. Then I grab a long iron, then hybrid, then driver. I wont hit more than 3-4 balls for each. Once I am done warming up. I grab my driver, select a target and tee off. If it is a great drive, I grab a wedge or short iron and pick another target close and try and land it near that. If I shank my drive then I grab my hybrid, then again hit a wedge. Each shot
  9. Loving the feedback everyone. I might give changing the loft a try as some have mentioned. If it still doesn’t work then I may get fitted for a 4 or 5 wood, or a 2 or 3 hybrid instead.
  10. It is adjustable. I struggle with it off the tee too.
  11. I am finding myself using my 3W less and less each round and my hybrid more and more. I am a high handicapper so maybe I just haven't mastered my 3W, but I feel a lot more confident using my hybrid off the deck than my 3W. Is anyone else going through the same situation? Or if you are a more skilled golfer using long irons instead?
  12. Pro's only hit the fairway 65% of the time, golf is hard, your shot wasn't as bad as you think! Enjoy
  13. Just a quick question, can I go into CC and get my specs and then order the clubs myself from somewhere else?
  14. New golf balls and a gift card to get fitted for a new driver and also lessons
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