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  1. I upgraded my Driver from my first Strata set, first thing I upgraded. Got fitted and noticed the difference instantly. I purchased a second hand driver a few years old, but it had all the same tech as the new ones that are out now.
  2. Just a quick question; Should your PW match your iron set or your wedge set?
  3. I honestly buy the found/repurposed golf balls. I can get elite balls for the fraction of the price. At my level the mint versions are just the same as if I played a round with one of them.
  4. Wow, never seen clubs organized like that
  5. I even find the amount of pressure I hold the club with effects my drive.
  6. My 2013 Scotty Cameron Putter
  7. I don't see a problem with it. At least you will know your specs and will be ready to buy when you can. Especially in this current time with the pandemic, and money is lower than usual.
  8. Thank you! That all makes sense. I am so keen to get back to the testing environment again, at least now, with everyone's feedback, I will have the right questions to ask and be able to find out what suits my swing the best. I see that the club should match me, not the other way around.
  9. Love it!! Keep on keeping on
  10. I've never seen the 70 irons. Nice bag.
  11. Haha thank you. No broken records here, I appreciate the feedback. I tested the 7 irons of a few the other day and the TaylorMade SIM Max were the best results, but I hadn't tested the OS version. That's what prompted my question. Now I can go back and just test irons that are specifically GI Irons. Looks like the way to go. Thanks again
  12. Thank you for sharing. I currently play a Strata set only a few years old. I started with the basic Strata golf set and have slowly upgraded different parts of my bag. I am consistent now on everything except my irons. I was suspecting GI would be the way to go, just wasn't too sure how much it actually hides in your real game. But if it's going to get my score down I will take it. I will be going for a fitting, I did that with my driver and 3 wood and it was a game changer, the testing I did the other day with the irons was a good start to eliminate some types. Appreciate the feedback and the links to the other topics!
  13. I tested a few different irons out, but I am 6 feet tall with a normal swing speed. So the regular and standard usually work for me. Once I have decided what head to use, I will get the specs fitted. I just want to know, how much my game will be effected with the GI irons over standard irons. As I improve do I want to have more feel or just let the iron do the work with a bigger sweet spot?
  14. So I am in the market to upgrade my irons and I have a few questions for all of you out there. I went to a Roger Dunn and tested out some irons. The one that felt pretty good out of the brands was the TaylorMade SIM Max, but there is the SIM Max OS. The OS is more of a game improvement iron. Like the M6 is to the M5. I shoot around 100 and am wanting to know, should I get the regular SIM Max irons, these are not as forgiving but will allow me to get better feedback, or should I go with the SIM Max OS and get the extra assistance but less feedback? My next goal is to break 90 now, and am not sure what path to go down when purchasing my next set. What are the pro's and con's for getting game improvement irons over smaller faced irons? Any advice will be great, especially from people that have been in this situation. Thanks!
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