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  1. I pay for lessons or memberships in advance so I am financially committed. Keeps me turning up each week because I'd be wasting my money if I didn't.
  2. $750 - $900 depending on condition
  3. I like to have some kind of a visual aid. A sight dot, 1 line, or my current putter has 3 lines, I feel it helps me line up with the ball with my read and get the ball rolling online.
  4. Mine is the Nike Air Hybrid golf bag. The reason I chose it, was the amount of pockets it has, and most importantly it has a section to put a few cold beers in.
  5. I don't hit the ball very far so I use the 3 wood on the long 200 yard par 3's, gets me pretty close each time. Always handy to have, especially if your driver isn't working that day, you can always switch it with the 3W for more consistency.
  6. My friend and I convinced our wives to take up golf!
  7. The Callaway sets are always great for people first starting out. I purchased a cheap new Strata set when I started. Once I got better I started to upgrade everything and began getting fitted. I recommend any of the Callaway beginner sets for new golfers.
  8. Thank you, I ride in a cart a lot so this set up is easier to access the clubs. When I walk I switch out bags with my wife, she has the 5 way Nike air sport golf bag, much lighter to carry too
  9. Thank you! Now all I can do is blame is myself if I can't get into the 80's
  10. Looks really nice and clean! Those SM8's!!!
  11. The 14 way golf bag helps with the clubs not clattering. My putter is too precious not to have a cover haha
  12. Name: Nathan, West Los Angeles How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? There is no such thing as winter in L.A! But in all seriousness, I have a putting green at home and have around 5 drills I complete on it to stay sharp. Especially now, with putting greens closed at public courses. When I get a Country Club invite, I spend as much as I can on their putting greens for the day. My Current/Past Experience with putting mats: I have a medium/low grade putting mat at the moment, this assists with practicing getting the ball rolling on the intended line, but lacks speed
  13. I would have just given him a 6. It was given by the group, and he may not have been concentrating when practicing the putt knowing he had it already.
  14. Appreciate the tips. I didn't even think about the added weight. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. Seen it advertised but haven't started watching yet. Will need to find some time. Looks cool, thanks for sharing the links.
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