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  1. Yea I know it’s the swing, just needed someone to tell me. Split second I thought about picking up some SGI irons for a second to get my confidence back haha
  2. Hey guys, this post may be a product of my frustration over my game lately. Early this spring I got fitted for mp20 MMCs. Absolutely love them, but been working on swing stuff with my coach and that obviously took a toll on my on course results…(it’ll get worse before it gets better they say) I’m toying with the idea of picking up Mp20 HMBs with similar specs to help with my thin/toe side strikes, maybe gain a little more height. Am I being ridiculous? I feel I should power through and work on ball striking, and chalk up this years goals into the loss column. have people noticed much difference between the two in terms of forgiveness?
  3. This may have been brought up... I got a set of Architek, 3 weights. Program follows a “donut over bat” protocol that starts heavy to light stick. Any insight on the difference or results? also, super speed has people going all out? Did this negatively affect anyone’s transition? thanks!
  4. Yea I’m in Maple Grove and went to Joe Moravick. Been working with Jon Reigstad for few months
  5. I figured as much as he was very thorough. Another good option was zx5 with recoil 780 shafts. I honestly felt kinda old and weak. I know graphite tech has changed, but the stigma still strong
  6. A little background, historically I’m been a low spin, low launch player and adjusted accordingly. Couldn’t hold greens so I rolled them up. I got serious with my game and the lack of GIRs has been very frustrating. I finally got fit by a reputable fitter in MN recommended by my coach. For initial reference, I’m 32yo, 15 HI, 7i carry around 150 with 10 yrd rollout with my JPx HM919– px Lz 5.5 shafts. Long story short, I got fit into Mizuno MP 20 MMC with Recoil ESX 460 shafts. Im kinda surprised that I was fit with such lightweight shafts to give me optimal numbers 155 carry, 80ft apex and 45* descent. 5800-6000 spin. So the question is, did he give me such lightweight shafts to make the clubhead work, or is it my smooth tempo and weak swing that made those shafts ideal?
  7. Yep, still can’t hit a draw. Will have to take it to my coach next time I see him.
  8. @RickyBobby_PR those videos were great, got back to short pitching motions with the band. I decided to take some swings without the band, sadly to see how much potential speed in losing on upper body disconnect. With my PW, I hit the ball 120 yds just from P2 position- just from firing the hips. That was my stock distance with a full swing. I need to learn how to fire those hips from P4
  9. Net is a good one to work with, although the next video of the series, he really changes his takeaway from straight back to inside. Can really confuse some folks
  10. @RickyBobby_PR thank you much for the breakdown. Shows how much guidance this product needs. To summarize, I should focus on greater hip/shoulder rotation p2 to p4, actively bow the wrists p4 to p6. the early extension may part because I don’t have a ball in front me. the takeaway confused me with the early protocols because they didn’t focus much on hip rotation. If I keep rotating from the start, I assume my hands would be more inside?
  11. Here’s my pw and short band. Feels like my wrist is in a better position, but face still slightly open at p6 compared to how it was at p2
  12. Just read through the thread and learned a lot. I think I have an answer to why I’m missing right, but want to hear some input... awesome info from @RickyBobby_PR
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