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  1. My second just arrived last week! Of course she came on the day when I was supposed to do some Trackman work and dial in loft and lie so I can sure up some yardage gaps with my TS1's. Looking forward to your input.
  2. I agree @Popeye64. I'm not going to pretend that I'm the most tech savvy golfer today, but I do have a fairly discerning eye and feel for such things as a product developer. I would put their products up there in terms of performance and quality with TM, Callaway, Cobra, etc. I just need to spend more time with the TS1s and my swing. When I make a good move at the ball, they are fantastic. It may also be the shafts. I opted for the Score LT based on Kris' recommendation. I'm worried that I should have stuck with my trusted DGs.
  3. I bit the bullet after playing some forged blades and a full set that I sourced for a company a while back. We were thinking about starting a line of clubs. They were pretty garbage. That said, I used to be a 2HDCP, and just got back into the game after 14 years away. I started with a demo 7-iron and I loved it. Super speedy, but not overtly so. Still had a bit of the forged feedback that I've always appreciated. I have to say, I really like the TS1s however, getting used to the larger profile is taking a bit of time. I'm just not hitting my irons as well as I'm used to. I'm not sure if it's the thicker sole, or what. I will say, mishits off the toe are EXTREMELY forgiving, however that's not my normal miss with the irons. The driver is fitted with an Aldila NV shaft, I loved it on my old Nike driver (the pro I used to loop for was a Nike guy so I always had Nike clubs around). Crazy thing is, I can't hit it right, which is my normal lazy miss with the big stick. I also picked up the 4-wood and 3-hybrid...they are easily the best fairways/hybrids I've ever played. 100%. They just get up, and go, and they are really hard to not hit dead straight however they can be worked if you find yourself trying to bend it. The TSW wedges...man. I have used Vokeys and Cleveland wedges and I consider myself a solid wedge player. These rival anything they've produced. I'm only two months back to the game so I'm sure I'll come back around to the iron play. I'm playing in Southeaster Louisiana and it's a bit damp an the turf is thick. Not at all like where I grew up playing so it may just be an adjustment thing.
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