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  1. Okay here is the final line up for the 7i. All clubs will be bent to 32 degrees of loft and 61 degree lie angle. Nippon Modus 120TX playing 37.25" with a Lamkin ST+2 Calibrate grip. Maltby Ts1 7i stock loft 32 Stock Lie 62.5 playing @ -1.5 flat Mizuno MP20 MMC Stock loft 32 Stock Lie Lie 62 playing @ -1 flat Honma tr20v stock loft 32 Stock Lie 62.5 playing @ -1.5 flat Srixon ZX7 stock loft 32 Stock Lie 62 playing @ -1 flat Final Wedge lineup TBD till Monday hoping a Mirua Wedge finally arrives
  2. Okay everyone someone was nice to send me a Mp20 mmc 7i... modus 120tx 7i came in so everything will be shafted up and pics coming soon!
  3. One thing and this is just a suggestion the shaft is a timing device and kind of needs to match the head you want the best... if your set on the Mizuno the shaft optimizer is a good place to start however it’s limited to things Mizuno carries... if you’re looking for dispersion to actually get better there is Accra then everyone else in my opinion... as @dlow206 mentioned the work is not that difficult to perform yourself and the iCWT 2.0 is discrete meaning that each shaft gets a 1/2” shorter to make it easier to fit and build... happy to chat more as well!
  4. Okay we are having to shift this a little... as some of you know I am making the change from the modus 120TX to X7 and eventually working in the Accra iCWT2.0 as I transition to graphite in a 14 clubs. That being said based on availability of shafts and heads only 2 other heads will be going up against the ts1 forged and they will be the srixon zx7 and honma tr20v and they will all be shafted still with the modus 120TX... wedges will follow because hopefully they will have shipped by that point... I have rented a trackman for this upcoming week to go compare the 7i’s
  5. Okay it’s warming up and my house looks like a golf tornado ran through it, but got the nursery built and the Maltby ts1 is drying so progress is being made... need something fun after everything that’s happened!
  6. So first off y’all have zero idea what I have been through. the ice storm in Fort Worth hit my area the hardest. I live 6 miles from where the 150 car accident was and the water treatment plant main line burst and trapped me and my 31 week pregnant wife for 5 days with out power water gas and I went days with out food so my wife and unborn child could eat. Had to build a fire in my house so my wife could stay warm... there tons more that’s happened, but the maltby challenge is the least of my concern... from 2/11 my last post, it’s been a non stop bursting of pipes weekly visits to the doctor for my wife and o yah we had a hail storm 4 days later after the ice storm that shattered the windows of my home and cars... I’m leading 2 companies working round the clock and I can’t even get a little rest let alone test a “Maltby”.... the only golf things I have done are raise money for charity to cover cancer bills for families and the rest of the time is spent keeping my wife safe and picking up the pieces that’s going to take months to make right... on top of all that out crazy governor decided to just let people not wear mask anymore and covid numbers have never been higher... when I go dark from posting there is usually a good reason and people who have sent me messages I have responded to.... I am still waiting on a replacement birdieball putt up from my testing since mine was defective and that was 9 months ago.... also if I say I am going to do something I am going to do it and do it right I will but I am on my schedule nobody else’s... if you can’t wait for a post DM with your cell and I am happy to give you a call
  7. Okay major update... I know I missed the upload but with a baby on the way it takes priority... plus it is headed for 0 deg for the next 10 days here in Fort Worth which makes it darn near impossible to build a golf club... how ever while I am waiting on a few things I’ll be able to attests get the looks part done.
  8. First update on wedges comes down tomorrow. Still waiting on the srixon zx7 head.
  9. First thank you to @Popeye64 for hooking me up with a maltby 7i and a brand new wedge. please help me tag people who want to follow this that I am missing @Chip Strokes @dlow206 @Hotdocta @Popeye64 This has been a long time coming, but because of covid it took a long time to get a few single modus 125 wedge shaft and a few single modus 120TX 7i shaft so the playing field is as even as possible. I will be using fully built clubs and not club connex to give everything the fairest chance. this will be broken down into 2 categories. Wedge and Iron. And of course this is subjective to me only, but if it performs I will give me honest opinion. Wedge will be first followed by irons incase we need to expand past the 7i for a better view for the wedge the Maltby (56*) will be going up against my gamer the Mizuno T20 the new TW MG2 and what some would consider the holy grail the Mirua tour wedge. All will be built with a modus 125 wedge shaft lie angle bent to 62* and loft at 56*. Length will be 35.5”. Grip will be the NDMC black on black and swing weight will be made to D5. wedge scoring 1. Launch monitor performance including the wet wedge test. I will rent a trackman and hit enough balls to get a good data set. This is the most important factor for me since I play in Texas. (35%) 2. Bunker performance. I will film shots and post a video. Volvik was kind enough to donate 3 boxes of the new S4 balls in multiple colors so we can track and see the results clearly. Workability proximity to the hole durability etc will be how this is scored. (25%) 3. on course performance. I will head to a par 3 course that has a 105 yard hole. 3/4 56 with my gammer I can carry 115 with 13k in spin. Same deal as the bunker, but will also factor in s*** shipping ability. (25%) 4. Ease of assembly. This is important because many people who purchase maltby build themselves. I have taken everything apart to the component level. When I bend them I want to see how long everything stays in place. I will take before and after measurements. I figure it will have about 500 balls on it so should be a good test. (10%) 5. This will be the first scoring but the least weighted. It is shelf appeal. While this is not the purpose major OEM’s use this to get us to buy. Also wedges are speciality clubs IMO and I don’t care as much about the look of I did I would not have the T20 as my gammer since it’s ugly. (5%) Iron scoring This will be the same for the most part except the weighting will be a tad different. Specs will also be D3.5 playing at 37.25” lie angle of 61* loft will all be adjusted to 33* to standardize. Shaft will be the modus 120TX. Grip will be the either the Lamkin st-2 hybrid midsize or ts1 midsize since I will be out of the NDMC. Contestants will be the Maltby Ts1-forged vs my gamer the Mizuno mp20 MMC the honma tr20v srixon zx7 and maybe one more tbd. Stock carry at 34* loft is 186 yards. (My Mp20 mmc are -2 weak) 1. Launch monitor. (25%) I don’t really care much about this with irons I just want to know carry & spin and shot grouping. 2. bunker performance (anyone who knows my game knows I am a magnet for the fairway bunker). (Part of on course) 3. On course performance. This will be the highest weighted category. The same par 3 course has a hole with a 190 yard pin in the middle which I would use a 7i they also have a hole with a 175 yard front pin which I would play a cut into also with a 7i. Will also hit a course and test approach shots and situations. (40%) 4. Ease of assembly. (15%) 5. Curb appeal. (20%) this is higher because of the overall cost of investment. It will also be the first category scored once I get all the heads in. This is also more important to me because the look has a lot to do with how you feel it might interact with the turf among other factors. stay tuned first video comes this week!
  10. Things are coming along will open a thread in the next few days
  11. I have no clue on this but count me in! @STUDque maybe we can make a trade happen this time if you can do that!
  12. When you go to a wedding on New Year’s Eve and the venue tells you the golf simulator is closed.......
  13. You have an auto flex yet?
  14. Glad to hear you are alright! Check your DM you inspired me!
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