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  1. So first if you read anything I was asking for the durability to be factored in by a data driven test... not just one mans opinion... and only for the best of the ball lab since they are most likely to have all 12 balls playable... I also said for this to be tested after since Tony has put in a years worth of work just to get to this point
  2. just thought of something else that needs to be considered in as well. Snell with 5 boxes of less gives you free shipping but companies like Vice charge shipping for a single box or 5 charge $6.99. So where the vice is $34.99 its base price is really $41 and I have to wait where I can go just about anywhere and ProV1's are the same price... If a DTC charges shipping that has to be factored into the true price... Way to go Snell for not charging!
  3. Just like made for shafts vs after market different materials are used that cause tolerance and quality differences. In order to get a DTC cost where it is attractive to the public I would imagine less expensive chemicals or quality of them are used. Even the chemicals themselves used have tolerances and purity factors.
  4. You could do like they do with tires. Use a robot and hit the ball over and over again. Total number of strikes required to make ball unplayable /12 = Avg per that ball which can be converted to a metric for comparison. Second sand test soft med hard. This could be done in a controlled environment with limited factors. Cart path bounce could be done with a ball cannon with various ball speeds etc. My point is lots could be done. Durability is a huge factor if the box of 12 balls is all playable,
  5. I will say there should be a cut off for balls that make it to a durability test just because of the amount time it might take to do right although I feel it should be done on all of them because it could improve the true price of some of the balls that have already been reviewed, but the problem lies in knowing you get 12 good balls out of the box. However on balls that we can confidently say all 12 in a box will be playable I feel it has to be done to get a true price. If you are having to replace lets say 1/4 of the MTB-X every round it effectively makes the true price $41.25/box (still better than most) Say after 4 rounds all the balls are trash now you have to buy a new box making the true price $82.50, because where with the ProV's if you go 4 rounds and it is still good and you are into your second box of MTB-X the snell has become much more expensive compared to the proV's.... however that second metric only works assuming the prov1 holds up over 4 rounds. Lets say 3 good bad though it makes the MTB-X around $61.88/box when compared to the Prov1... I know I made 2 different metrics one factoring in Durability ($41.25/box) and the other cost of replacement vs ProV1 ($61.88 with 3 prov's bad & $82.50 with no prov's bad)
  6. I have been waiting to comment on my thoughts till I saw a Snell ball go up since I feel it might be the standard of DTC balls. I honestly feel the ball lab true cost is missing something very critical when factoring in the true price of a ball. However, this should only apply to balls that reach the level of the Snell or ProV’s. At this point a durability test should be factored in. Just because you can have confidence that you can buy a box and all 12 will be playable does not mean they will hold up the same. From this article it makes it look like the best option for a tour level ball is clearly the MTB-X. That being said I have my own first hand experience testing this ball at great lengths vs my gamer the ProV1x. Of The box of Snell’s I purchased only 6 balls made it through to the end of the round and none were lost. On full wedge shots and bunker shots (Texas sand not so soft could be a factor) the ball simply did not hold up. The ProV1x I can go multiple rounds with the same ball (as long as I don’t sink it). But of course some of this could be my own thoughts from the disappointment I had from Snell. I will say the MTB-X performance is on par 100% when good, but once the true price is established and the ball has the metrics of the Snell or ProV’s a durability Assessment needs to be done and added to the true price. This is something that I would like to see happen hopefully!
  7. welcome @That_Nigam! And especially welcome to a spy in the DFW... although I live in Fort Worth I do enjoy Stevens park and the view of the Dallas skyline... it would be nice if we could get a group of local spies and maybe play a scramble there or something... also since your from Pitt I assume your a Steelers fan but I do love me some Yenungling... welcome!!!
  8. That makes so much sense! You’re a genius! Look at ping making a smart move! I am watching the exchange rate and when it launches I’m only getting the shaft if it’s the 130msi legit... also looks like there will be an av orange but not the raw we will see on Thursday
  9. Hello everyone my name is Brandon and outside of golf I play ice hockey ( I have an equipment problem there too). My game is improving and I spend time working on each aspect. I have gone to great lengths to improve my putting. I went to BGT to get fitted by Blair and built a couple of putters with the stability shafts which I feel were 100% worth the money. At home I practice with a skillz mat and actually try to leave it just short of the cup for pace control. Since it is in the garage it is really broken down. At the course I practice breaks and green reading. I am so excited to be testing this since I will finally be able to do everything at home. I am actually going to be getting our neighborhood golfers together for a party night. Because of the cost one thing I want to test is there hidden value such as party games and getting others who don’t golf interested. My plan is to start out with it flat and get used to the roll and then begin to use the ramps. I am not sure what drills I will doing yet, but I am going to buy some prov1x practice balls to keep the ball consistent through out testing. I am going to build a stand for it if I have time before it arrives so it stays clean in the garage... if not I am clearing out my entry hallway since it supposed to be able to fold up. Wish me luck!!!
  10. At that speed you need a shaft that is going to resist twisting... the smoke green is popular... but I would look at a GD AD XC in 6tx and 7tx and maybe looking at tipping it a bit... @Chip Strokes what shafts did you test
  11. Easy for me since I have family over there and can ship military... I don’t need the shaft either unless the 130 I can get in tx... I was just debating do I want to spend a little extra to get it now...
  12. I have no clue why Aus is going first... but Alex Etches on you tube already has them and has reviewed them... I also have family there and based on exchange rate the price would go down... I can also ship military so that’s not a concern...
  13. The Tensei orange for ping was designed with a softer tip for a little higher launch... it was a better made for shaft than the one version... just check with the ping site
  14. already been down that route gotta have at least 1... Blood and plasma cant do every day, and I dont want the mrs to catch me selling my seed
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