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  1. Brandon / Fort Worth Texas Ping Glide Forged The loft I would choose would be a 56 deg.
  2. I did not know they changed that. I figured they were the metal adapters just wanted to double check. I am going to send you a DM here in a bit
  3. Manimal26

    All Gone

    possibly interested in the wedge till my pre order gets here. I am willing to try and make a trade work. Does the wedge have the new TI DG spinner shaft in it?
  4. Thanks.... I am going to measure the length of my driver shaft with the TM adapter to compare. Also when I looked at the adapters are they the metal tour issue ones? It could be the picture but just wanted to check Thanks!
  5. where are the pictures? I am interested in the ventus possibly
  6. love the bag man! Titleist to the core until you see that nice EVNROLL hanging out there LOL!!! I will probably always be a Titleist iron player, but nothing else is safe... Although have you seen pics of the new TM p770's? man they may be a t100 killer
  7. Had to give an update to my bag. I changed out the g410 plus 9deg with the Tensei CK Pro Orange 70TX for a TM SIM 10.5 deg with the Graphite design XC 6X. There were a few reasons for the switch. First was that I changed home courses and the driver holes give a huge leg up to a high cut or fade. Driver for me has always been maybe 1 or 2 deg up and but with the speed I got a nice middle high draw. Well after getting crushed a few times and tweaking with the G410 settings I was still having a lot of trouble. So after comparing the price of a fitting plus the shaft I figured Id just do a driver fitting. Thanks to MGS the G410 was an easy sell and the SIM happened to be the best for me. I moved down in total weight and swing weight to help me get out in front and boom! The move to 10.5 was tough for me to swallow, but I am glad I listened to the fitter. I understand why DJ and Ram use 10.5 drivers and play the power fades they do. The other small change is that I tossed the t200 4i for the t100 4i which I do not know why I did that to start with but I am so much happier not looking at that offset it really makes me happy. Its not a butter knife but the feel and not hooking every stroke is fantastic. Not the last update I will do, but actually happy where my game is at, but looking into some new wedge options since my Glide forged are wearing down... Also probably another putter or 2 will be added here before summer ends. Stay safe everyone
  8. I am looking for a Blue or White or both Tensei AV Raw shaft in a TX or X flex. I am not fixated on the weight to much just want to know how much the shaft has been tipped if it has been. I have a decent amount of various exotic shafts, extra high end putters, wedges, etc to make the deal work for both us. Feel free to ask any questions or DM me if you are looking for something specific. Thanks, B
  9. would you be willing to do some kind of trade instead?
  10. Brandon / Fort Worth Texas 8 HDCP titleist t-100 icons
  11. forgot to ask about your pured modus shafts... did you notice a difference in before and
  12. Manimal26


    Dang jelly of the putter!!!!!
  13. I have not swung the XC thanks to Covid19 but already have 2 of them lol 6x and 7x... I do love the BB though... if the XC does not work I’ll just got back to old faithful lol
  14. All these shafts and clubs are up for trade or sale/OBO. I would prefer to trade and I am willing to do a 2 for 1 or 1 for 2 etc... All shafts and clubs have Midsize Grips and lengths are in the pictures... All prices include shipping Feel free to ask questions or DM me and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible. Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 6X G410 adapter $135 Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Red 60-TX G410 adapter $195 Rare Fujikura Speeder 665 Evolution II TS Taylormade adapter. This went only to Fujikura Charter Dealers and is ML/LS Still being sold new for $350 (https://www.dallasgolf.com/fujikura-evolution-ii-665-ts-graphite-shaft-adapter-grip/) $195 Brand new Smoke Green 3W shaft Cobra SpeedZone adapter... came with my Speed Zone 3W and never used it $100 Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange 70-TX 3W shaft Cobra Speed Zone adapter $150 Mitsubishi Rayon D+ 82-X 5W shaft Taylormade adapter $75 Mitsubishi Rayon S+ limited 80-TX 5W shaft Taylormade adapter... really rare and still being sold for $300 on golf works and swing science... great shaft! $150 Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro HY Blue 80-TX Ping G410 adapter with rare golf pride BCT full cord midsize grip $100 Taylormade Mill Grind Hi-Toe 64 SLW... Stock offerings grip and shaft except grip was built to midsize and the lie angle is -2 Flat $95 Ping Glide Forged 50 gap wedge with DG TI X100... club was $230 new and is in mint condition... $150 Titleist T-200 4 iron with nippon modus 120-X... club is -2 flat and -1 weak on loft... Bought to test between T-100 4i but I am going with T-100 4i... $135
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