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  1. Fortunate to play at a course that has a chipping/pitching area. I use my laser to measure and will cover that distance. The green normally has two pins so I can vary my distance without having to move. Outside 50 yards I try to have two different clubs. I try to use the "clock method" to get more consistent. I only practice carry yardage. What it does after landing is judgement.
  2. I won a Sun Mountain over 20 years ago. I had always carried before. There are many newer "better" carts out there now so shop around. Bottom line is that if you play a lot get something durable. If space in your car is an issue consider that. Mine has an umbrella holder. A must in the Pacific Northwest. Sun Mountain is pretty good for replacement parts like a brake cable. I also replaced my pneumatic wheels with solid foam. Overall better than carrying or a pull cart.
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