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  1. Any of y'all game the UST Mamiya Lin-Q Gunmetal? Pros, Cons or opinions?
  2. I bought the 12 gram weight and felt the same thing they were way to heavy. Might want to try the 6g weights
  3. that's how I am but with the Golf Pride G2 Tour Wraps. The durability and softness is was I like.
  4. yeah I agree, only reason I got a 52 Vokey was because my old irons were hand me downs. I'm even think of just sticking with my sm7 52 and just replacing my 56 and 60 which are the clubs I use the most and practice the most with. I have a 60.12 D grind but out in west Texas a lot of my lies are firm and now that it is winter everything is hard pan. I'm thinking of jumping to a 60.08 M grind.
  5. I have been considering just getting a set GW. Didn’t really think of it till now that I’m looking at getting new wedges. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. That’s pretty interesting that you go with a 5 wedge set up but I also see you don’t lack distance at the top of your bag. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. that is awesome I am going to sign up now
  8. I'm a sucker for snake oil. worst of all I hate spending money that ends up not working, But who doesn't like going on honeymoons and showing up to the course with a new toy haha
  9. any one else here grip loyalist. I've though about switching my grips to the mcc align and I can't convince myself haha
  10. my go to club for anything 90 and in is my 60 degree. Bunkers, pitch shots, chipping as that is what I spend the most time practicing and what I am familiar with. My 52 and 56 are used just for full shot swing when I have a yardage 120-130 or 100-115. At that point I just use GPS and tag the pin to see where I want to try and land the ball. I don't lack distance off the tee as I usually leave my self with 9iron or less to the green on Par 4s. I think I am better off staying with the same wedge set up if I have my distances dialed in.
  11. So I am looking into getting new wedges soon as mine are a year and a half old and the grooves are starting to wear from practicing and playing. I currently have a 52/56/60 as my old PW was a 48. From going to the gym and practicing I've slowly started to gain more distance through my clubs to where each wedge now goes 10 yards farther from last years yardages. I'm not sure if I should go 50/54/60 or 50/54/58 as the Vokey wedge selector tool recommends. If my PW goes is my 130-140 club and my 52 is my 120-130 club I feel like adding a 50 will put me to close to my PW distance. I'v
  12. I used to use the hybird a lot off the tee because my driving was horrendous. Now that I can drive it pretty far with accuracy and to add to it I’ve learned how to hit my 3 wood way better. I rarely used the hybird and prefer the Gapr since I get better trajectory.
  13. Currently have 4 Gapr mid and a 3 hybrid. Gapr goes about 210+ and 3 hybrid will go 230+. I've been thinking of getting a 3 u510 to hopefully go around the 220 distance and drop the two club in my bag as i find myself using the hybird less and Gapr as i find it easier to hit in the fairways. Have any of y'all done this switch or what are your thought?
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