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  1. The majority of my golf shoes are white however until these I barely noticed that on all my white shoes the bottom was black. I want to see what shoes they release for the masters these year. The US Open and PGA Championship were awesome.
  2. I have used these since they came out. By far one of the most comfortable shoes I have played in and own. The show fits snug to my feet and I do not have to over tie the laces for the shoe to provide stability. My only cons have been that in the white shoes the spikes turned yellow/green after a couple of uses. I enjoy collecting golf shoes and always wipe them down after I play to keep them as new as possible but that has been the toughest issue with these so far. The big spike on the back does look wired but you do not notice it when you are walking they are very similar to my nike infinity
  3. looking forward to trying this out at the next Titleist Thursday in my town!
  4. Shooting an 81 in a USGA stroke play tournament after only been playing golf for a little over a year and half. Lots of hard work and head aches but nothing feels better than seeing the results!
  5. It all depends on what your putt tempo is. Also I am sure the type of putter you are using will also affect how to ball comes off the club face. With me I have noticed my back stroke has to be shorter with a mallet putter than when I am gaming a blade. One thing I always try and stay consistent with since I have started playing it to hold my follow through until the ball leaves my peripheral vision. I was told "hear it drop or watch it miss" and this is something I try to keep in mind whether I am facing a long lag putt or a short putt.
  6. I can agree with that. One of my biggest issue with putting has been I either get great lag putt control and the short putts struggle or the other way around.
  7. Spider Putter is a great choice. I have messed around with one a couple of rounds and I never feel like I am aligned wrong. I have definitely been thinking about jumping on the spider train.
  8. Jay-C El Paso, Texas Taylormade M4 12.4 Low 100s TSi3 because of the adjustable weights. Which is what I’m looking at getting in my next driver come 2021
  9. El Paso, Texas Handicap is a 13 Vokey SM7 Jet Black 52°/8°, 56°/10°, 60°/12° The Vokeys were the first set of wedges I purchased. Besides the name I really liked the looks. Soon after I started seeing more about how raw finishes provided more spin. Being that I just like many golfers love to see the ball check up would enjoy testing this wedges out!
  10. What's up y'all! As our summer comes to an end, I was wondering if anyone of you guys have used the Tour Striker Smart Ball to improve their game. What Pros and Cons did you get out of it and overall thoughts?
  11. I believe the watch portion of Arccos is still in the beta version.
  12. I have the Arccos GPS and a range finder. I tended to use the GPS when I am more than 150 yards away and just aim at the middle of the green but when I am inside 150 yard that is when I use the range finder more. I am horrible and gauging distance that I'll even tag 50, 60, 70 yard pins haha
  13. I recently got a sleeve of Vice Pro golf balls that I put into play this past week. However these balls were flying off the club head. I usually game ProV1x. My typical 56 degree wedge goes about 100-105 yards and I had multiple occasions where it was going 130 yards. It wasn't until late in the round that I was able to adjust by clubbing down to adjust for the increase in distance. I know these balls always have high reviews as a substitute for high end tour balls but has anyone else had this issue? Also do you think this extra 10-15 yards is worth it?
  14. Sun mountain is a sleeper when it comes to bags. I have a Titleist bag but my friends sun mountain bag is eye catching with the USA color way.
  15. What up! So I have a Ping Sigma G putter that I used for close to a year. When I picked it, I used their "No Arc, Slight Arc, Strong Arc" fitting bands and which the putter falls under the slight arc style. I later replaced the grip with a SuperStroke Pistol GT. Around June of this year I purchased a PXG Closer Gen 2 with a Flat Cat grip (Slightly bigger and the putter is face balanced). I have noticed that on the back stroke when I'm putting I can feel my hands fighting the putter head from twisting (my hands want to twist and the face balanced putter won't allow it). Do y'all think that
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