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  1. So to add more context. I did a Taylormade fitting about a week ago. Current setup is a ventus blue stiff w/ TM Sim 2 Max head. After looking at some number the fitter put me in a Hazardous Black Gen 4 shaft. That is were I am getting my swing speed numbers which average about 110 comfortably and if I tried to go at one I could get to 113-115. He said that I could just play the same Sim 2 head I have and buy the Hazardous RDX Black(Cheaper) since the only difference is that I put to much spin on my ball. Where I am getting stuck is he said that I am on the borderline of going 6.0 and going 6.5. Which is why I am asking what would be the pro and con of going from one to the other.
  2. What are the recommended swing speeds for a Hazardous RDX Smoke 6.5 vs a 6.0? Also what would be the down fall if you go to stiff vs to soft? Swing speed is 110 comfortably
  3. This winter I walked more in our Sunday group than I have in the past. I just know that when summer comes round in West Texas I won't be walking in 95-105 degree summer heat.
  4. I have tried to give them a chance and would like to have one but the feel just isn't their for me. Not to say I will never have as I do think they are cool collector items (all black jet set for example) but these putters that are released every couple years don't really have any new innovation for to want to spend money on them.
  5. From what I had heard. When Netflix released the F1 Documentary (same film crew that is producing Full Swing) the amount of people that started following F1 racing grew substantially. Considering not the average person has the opportunity to drive 125+ MPH and has a better chance at playing a course that the PGA players play. I have high hopes this will continue to grow golf and how many people watch!
  6. I am sure they will have drama packed episodes. If the players agreed to be filmed it is with the understanding that all aspects of the season will come out. Good, bad and the ugly
  7. Just saw the promo video and can't wait for 2/15/2023 to come!
  8. Has anyone used Arccos as their every round GPS but without the tags? I really think Arccos user interface is spot on simple and not to much data thrown at you however I am not a fan of the tags. (I feel like they change the weight of the clubs). I switched over to GolfShot, although the gps is great, I think it lacks in the data it give you post round. Wish it had options for you to input if you missed the green left, right, short, long etc.... open to recommendations
  9. That is true. Especially with WITB very few tour players use blades. When I think game improvement irons I think of Taylormade Stealth, Titleist T400 etc..... going off MPF Ratings even T100 are considered game improvement irons lol https://www.golfworks.com/iron-head-mpf-ratings/a/870/
  10. Practically what I just said. Less forgiving clubs will allow you to hit certain shot shapes if that is what you are after once you reach a certain level of ability. It being easier with certain clubs would be a reason to ditch the game improvement clubs. Why don't tour pros use game improvement clubs if ball flights will always remain the same? From my understanding game improvement clubs have a lower center of gravity which helps players get the ball in the air to maximize potential distance. Work ability and Feel vs Height and Forgiveness is all it comes down too....
  11. I would say jump to less forgiving irons when you want to start hitting certain shot shapes. I 100% agree with getting fit to see what you hit more consistently as far as distance and dispersion, but as you get "better" forgiving clubs will just be what they are..... forgiving. I will say I have always wondered when I play against people that are single digit HCs like me that play very forgiving clubs if they would be just as good and/or if I had more forgiving clubs if I would be better? Golf is weird, just get it in the hole
  12. I think it really depends up to you on what you want out of a lesson. I truly believe you have two types of people in golf. Those that want to be told what to do and those that want to figure out what to do. I started playing golf 3 years ago and I in everything have always been able to and wanted to do my own research. There is countless videos, articles and information out there that you can learn from but with this comes a lot of trial and error. Trying things just to find out that they don't work. To me this is why I don't believe much in swing lessons because unless you have money to blow on countless coaches till you find the one you CONNECT with it's just a waste of money. Many coaches have a one size fits all concept which is not true we are all different in shape and size, have different flexibility capabilities and golf isn't a sport where one motion works for everyone. I really enjoy the content that Pozark Golf on YouTube makes because it's based off of feels in golf not so much positions. To me being an athlete growing up it's easier for me to remember a feel than to be think about if my left wrist is suppose to be supinated, shoulder externally rotated and back pronated. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsdU6wpjCe-s-8NR75aTnMQ When I really want to geek out about a swing or position Athletic Motion Golf is a good channel to understand the why in golf: https://www.youtube.com/c/AthleticMotionGolf
  13. Out in West Texas we are fortunate to be able to play year round with the low temps in the winter getting to about 55ish. Still consider it an off season since golf related events die down: Mental Game and Focus: I want to be able to stay engaged in rounds even when there is no money on the line or isn't a tournament round Gym: Although I go often I would like to try and do more golf related work outs for core and stability 140 and in: feel like this is the difference between me touching high 70s sometimes to consistently being in the 70s
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