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  1. I think he has every right to capitalize on the positive moment he has generated in the last couple of months. It also give us fans a inside look on what his day to day is like. YouTube is a great platform when used correctly. In his last video he talked about how he get 200+ ball speed with ease now but that it didn't happen over night. Great message for kids and anyone looking to change and improve there game. “Focus on the process of what it takes to be successful.” -- Nick Saban
  2. The real problem is the people that play game improvement clubs and not blades!!! Then they walk around the club house thinking they are so good at golf..... ITS OUTRAGEOUS! Who gives a damn what others do on the course! Let people enjoy the game the way they want too!
  3. Recently did a woods fitting and the fitter was able to get my 3 wood to carry the same distance my driver is carrying (about 260-270) off the deck. What are the chance if I do a driver fitting that I would see an increase in driver carry distance?
  4. The two weekend leagues I am in are walking only. I surprisingly find it easier to carry my bag than it is to push a cart
  5. Blind buying doesn't hurt. We have all been there we somehow ended up with a club in our bag that just works great for us. Whether it was purchased off the shelf, a hand me down or we found it at a great price and said "WHY NOT". I'm a big believer in fittings if you just can't figure it out what the issue is but I also believe fittings aren't a cure all remedy. If you are a full time golf junkie and constantly trying to really improve, I am sure you have put some thought into your blind buying before hitting the purchase button.
  6. I think playing a 60 degree just depends on the person. Some people carry a 60 just to say they have a 60 and other actually utilize the club for a purpose. To me my 60 is my best friend around the greens but I also spend of my time at the range with it. I know or understand how the ball will come off the club in different situations. Although my confidence is sky high with my 60 I know that there are certain shots where I would have more room for mistake if I used a different wedge. For EX. say I have a 30ft chip shot. I know I can carry the ball with my 60 about 20ft (depending on the green conditions.) I could also grab my PW or 52 and hit a bump and run shot that will carry 10ft and roll up to the hole. For me on paper the PW/52 bump and run makes more sense but I happen to lose focus when I have "X" room for error. With my 60 I know I have to focus more on what I need to do to execute a shot. This is something I am actively trying to work on in my short game.
  7. Solid article. I took have looked into getting a reasonably priced launch monitor but just as you mentioned unless you're pay top dollar many struggle with short shots.
  8. Yeah that is how the courses in my area are set up. it's just your standard range with pins are different yardages. There is one course with large chipping green but nothing more than 20 yards
  9. All great tips! I usually go to the range with my 60 and hit a bucket of balls to the different targets they have (sometimes it just one distance) so I try and focus on repeating the same swing while focusing on posture, grip and swing tempo. I think I need to start taking my other two wedges and learn how to hit multiple distances with all my wedges
  10. try Alibaba. that is like an online costco however i am not sure about quality and how much time it takes to have items delivered
  11. wondering what drills y'all do for shots from the 30-90yard range? I usually go the range and try and hit it as close to the target but was wondering if there is any drills that i can do to further improve my game? HIT'EM HARD!
  12. Wondering if any of y'all have adjust the Loft/Lie on your TM Spider(Slant Neck)? If so, why did you go with the adjust and how has the putter performed since.
  13. Any of y'all game the UST Mamiya Lin-Q Gunmetal? Pros, Cons or opinions?
  14. I bought the 12 gram weight and felt the same thing they were way to heavy. Might want to try the 6g weights
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