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  1. Taylormade has their Spider Tour Black Double Bend half off right now ($199)...That usually doesn't happen...is there something wrong with this putter before I throw $200 at it? I'd be going from a single bend blade putter, but still stand over the ball...does the Spider "double bend" change the setup drastically?
  2. TXG, Shiels, Crossfield, for club/ball reviews... Shiels as well as Andy & Pearce at Me and My Golf for instructional vids. They all help in a round about way. I love the vids where Shiels, Pete Finch, Andy and Pearce put out playing golf together too...nice to see that all of these guys actually communicate.
  3. I started using the Bridgestone last year. The E12 Soft (for under 105 mph swing) tend to fly nice and straight for me, but the Speed (over 105 mph)tend to fly a little further, albeit with less accuracy. The Vice balls are pretty popular right now as well, and are gaining alot of screen time and reviews online.
  4. I appreciate all of the responses, they send me in the correct direction. I'm not the second coming of Tiger, nor am I going to be, so I think the set Gap (A) wedge is the way to go for me. The 8-AW are all spaced out by 5° each, so I will order a 1° weaker 54° and 60° Vokeys. Ill make sure to visit the website to find out the correct bounces to order and choose any special characteristics. I knew asking here would set me on the correct path. Thanks guys!
  5. Hey guys and gals. First post, and this forum is the reason for purchasing my TM P790s...so thank you, they hit like butter! Now I need a set of GOOD wedges.. I got the set of 2019 P790s, 4-PW. My PW is 45°. There is an "A" wedge 50° option for the 790 set that I'm contemplating getting, and then a 54 & 58...either Vokeys or TM wedges. The other option, is skip the 790 wedge, and jump with Vokeys or TM wedges in the 52°, 56°, 60°. Thoughts? ...and which wedge would you guys suggest, Vokeys or TMs? Thanks in advance!
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