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    MGS of course! Golf is probably my biggest passion in general, but my kids will always come above it. Slightly, but above none the less. I also enjoy football, baseball and great content! Look forward to chatting with all of you and continuing the MGS banter. Play well all!
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  1. Top end of the bag is on lock. However, I can say in the past I've been one to flip clubs in and out depending on course conditions and what I was trying to do that day. Can't say it helped me particularly, but that's a mindset I tried.
  2. Very interesting results, but not all to surprising. Though I will say like so many others not seeing PING up there at the top section was a bit of a head scratcher.
  3. I believe, and this may be speculative, Mother Nature has it out for my financial well being... it's snowing once again, which typically is code for incarcerating me with a computer and so many "Sale" items to be looked after all day long. 

    I curse you SNOW and all you stand for! 

    Btw in case you were not aware... Global Golf, 2nd Swing, Dicks, Golf Galaxy and PGSS all have fantastic deals going on right now for those of you whom are suffering like I am.  

  4. Nice quiet night with no drama up in the ole MGS Riv Thread! I don't care where any of these guys play, any week they choose to put a peg in the ground. I just want to be entertained and watch some great golf! Good win by Homa! Wish Finau could finish a tournament, but he's made a great career so far of being a bridesmaid. Have a great Sunday evening everyone!
  5. i don't know what @Thin2win would say, but as for me I think it may just be one of the straightest and EASIEST to hit straight drivers I've hit in a LONG time!! The thing is just flat out a fairway finder with full swings. No need to ease into it or slow the swing to get that fairway finder. I did hit the TSi2 and I have to say that the PING definitely was an easy choice above it! But as I always say, to each their own. Your swing and preferences may very well dictate something completely different. BUT, for me with the stock shaft offerings (And I went with the Tensei Orange Raw i
  6. At most 5-7 yards really.. its not huge but you can see its slightly shorter.
  7. Great comparisons there! I have a few guys I golf with that are drooling over the SIM2, but I just can't see that it's a huge jump over what we got with SIM. Shafts are, and have been for a while, the REAL difference. I suspect, though, that pretty much is the standard across every manufacturers clubs tbh. BUT, I did order the G425 though because my game could use a little less Indiana Jones and whole lot more Cheerios! The consistency of flight and the fact that I pretty much could count on being 10-15 yards from the center of the fairway on every drive was the selling point
  8. yup, i heard that as well. That's their biggest ding, and I think PXG is finding the same right now too. They're just not there YET with the bigger OEM's to get on that stage. BUT.. and I do say BUT... They are trending in the right direction. Might see them try to make a big leap here in the next few iterations.
  9. This SNOW needs to go away... I got things I want to test and courses that are dancing around in my brain on the daily!   New update from my winter insanity forthcoming in my signature line.  It would appear that I'm starting to fall into a one brand majority, which I think at worst will always be 2 because of my putter.  BUT IT'LL BE CLOSE! 🤷‍♂️

  10. there's actually been some good traction with their new drivers. I've seen a lot of write ups and youtubes with people being very complimentary. It makes sense though that they are behind a lot of other OEM's currently because Mizuno has always focused on putting some of the finest irons on the market... but I think they're trying to broaden their appeal now.
  11. yup, 100% agree. Different strokes for different folks, but if it's free sure that would be fun! However... the way Scott's raking his around the course lately I'd have to say that's not exactly a great look for Autoflex. He literally looks like he doesnt have any control.
  12. I bought one myself when they first came out and gamed it for half a season before I was compelled to put the BB back in the bag. That was perhaps the most revolutionary driver I think I ever played and one of the most consistent. BUT, having said all that... the Bubble was a HOT stick! We sold ton's of them to the point that TM was sending us free product because we were shattering sales. If you remember those, they also coupled them with the Burner Bubble irons... Now flash forward and think of them against today's modern day hollow clubs on the market. Talk about technology advan
  13. Perhaps I am in the minority on this one, but I just don't get the Autoflex... I know I know... I may be missing something. But A. The price is just ridiculous... and B. There are so many great shafts out there for far less price wise that produce great numbers that I just can't justify playing that outrageous amount of money for that shaft. BUT, as I said, that's just me.... I may be wrong on this one. G425 with the Tensei Orange Raw on order simply because distances are ALL about the same in my testings amongst all the new drivers (There really isn't anything on the market head wise
  14. Hands down, the G425 was the the straightest and most consistent in spin numbers for me as well. The others performed well, but distance is relative. Straight, well that is not!
  15. EVERYONE had to have a bubble burner. That was a crazy time! I look at pictures now and think, man that thing was ugly... but we all played it none the less! I was managing a golf shop and by far we sold the mess outta them. Between those and the Big Bertha's.
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