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  1. I've heard a lot of good things about the Sub-70 brand. I'd be curious to hear your reactions to trying them and seeing how they play? Are you hoping for some more forgiveness or something else in that set?
  2. As we move more towards 2021, I just wanted to throw a thread out there to discuss any new ideas everyone is exploring for 2021. Like me, I'm sure many of you are all gear heads and love to play around with different set ups. As I move into 2021, I'm fairly confident in most portions of my bag. I am, however, going to explore: 1. Different shaft set up for my 20* hybrid. Currently swinging a Tensi Blue X-stiff. However, I'm not so sure about the flighting and playability of the shaft for my swing. (I can tend to cook it pretty hard left when I try to hit a low burner) 2.
  3. The only change to this current set up is: 9* Sim Driver with the Handcrafted X shaft 50 and 58* MG 2 Taylormade wedges.
  4. proper beautiful set right there! Those irons looks so clean, but brutally not forgiving at all! Great looking bag! I also carry that exact same ping bag too! Best bag I've owned frankly.
  5. Great looking set! Love the blacked out everything... And the obvious color coordination from bag, to towel, headcovers and clubs.
  6. My days of wanted too and freely lugging around that Ping Hoofer packed with my normal golf gear are soon behind me. Frankly it's just too much as you get older. I haven't yet invested in a pushcart, but definitely have been eyeing up the Clic Gear and a few other brands. I wasn't aware that Costco had one. I definitely will be looking into that today. Just kills me to think I'm spending $200+ on a good bag with legs and then putting out another $200 for a push cart. Just seems like overkill, but you can't really argue with the convenience and functional pieces it brings to walking
  7. Funny enough, this was one of my main concerns in my recent fitting. Previously, I played the Callaway X-Forged irons with KBS C-Taper 120 shafts. I felt as though I shot them straight to the moon. When I moved on to the Mizuno 919's I actually went with the Nippon 105 shafts. Thinking that I was still hitting them through the stratosphere. I was sure that the shafts were my issue. When I went in for my re-fit with 2nd swing to ensure shafts, lies and lofts along with gapping were all on I was quite shocked to learn that my perceptions of ball flight were actually way off. Wha
  8. Great post man! I thoroughly enjoyed your humor throughout! Keep on keeping Mama happy and watch those clubhouse rats, they have sticky fingers for putters! LOL
  9. Nice set-up! I always love seeing someone playing something other than mainstream irons in their set. Haven't hit the newer Ben Hogan's but I've heard a lot of good things about them.
  10. Actually, JD... I forgot to mention I have a 21* utility iron as well. lol The issue here for me is more of just being a moron tinkerer than a pressing need. However, that said, I would mention that I'm not a big fan of hybrids off the actual tee. Not sure why, but I've never hit them as well off the tee. Actually, more likely to hit the fairway with a driver or three wood than a hybrid. (Yea I know... weird) But to the point you made about the Par-5's... Yes, that actually is one of my biggest issue. 3 wood becomes too much for a second shot and hyrbid from the fairway odds on
  11. As always, I find myself considering tinkering with equipment over the winter. I sincerely hoped that I was content with my set up as it is, but I find myself wondering if a change isn't necessary. So the question, as it is... right now... Do I go with a 2 Hybrid (17-18*) or do I flip out and go with a true 5 wood? I've played two hybrids in my bag for a couple years now. There hasn't been much hesitation in that set up over the years since Hybrids became fashionable / serviceable. This season, however, I've found myself questioning if I should consider going with a more traditi
  12. I reckon, like a lot of us, we never put much weight into fittings and went the same route you did. For many years I purchased previously played clubs and didn't go the new route because, well I could get them much cheaper and tended to shift in and out of clubs with veracity. With the advent of a MyGolfSpy type company and much of the information that has become more readily available to us golf addicts, fittings are definitely the way to go!! Congrats on the new boomer. Frankly, Ping's G410 might be one of the best on the market. (Sim just outpaced it for me in fitting) I think t
  13. check on sites like 2nd swing. Many of the ones they list at 9.5 are typically new models but they didn't sell. So they have them marked as used but they really aren't.
  14. Have to admit, I am a bit taken back by this! I'm not a Srixon fan, but I have many mates that play the ball religiously. Hearing the quality concerns listed above it just shocks me that such a popular ball and company would fall prey. It's almost like they took a page out of the Callaway Chrome Soft quality assurance book here. I suspect that they will be doing major damage control after this, and we'll hear about a revamp of their manufacturing process / location. If not, a change all together in location being the most notable. (Though the profit margin they're making form being there w
  15. I'd reckon we see a huge step forward in the HMB model line. The MB line is what it is. Not too much you can or SHOULD do with a blade in reality. But that hollow line seems to be what every manufacturer is trying to expand upon. I'm going to assume that Mizuno tries to do some massive upgrades in that area.
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