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  1. I do remember the softee grips. When they came out I was working in a shop and had to put them on a million clubs. Found out quick though, they were NOT very durable and people were replacing them too frequently.... So many just moved on to another grip. But I do remember them. Felt good to the touch and grip.
  2. I actually enjoy the SuperStroke grips as well on my putter. The midsized one, not that huge one. Just feel that they give you a much better feel in the hands when putting.
  3. I had a similar experience with the Dri-Tac grips. They do feel amazing when they are new... But, when they start to wear it goes quickly. Playing as frequently as I do, I just couldn't keep replacing them so back to the GP MCC +4 midsize I went. Really wish though that they would improve the compounds in those Dri-Tac because they do feel great!
  4. Good clarification! I think I still stand behind the statement though. I mean, I like so many here, have the same sickness and will spend on clubs regardless of the prices. But when the USGA, PGA, and Golf Manufacturers in general speak of growing the game I find it a hard pill to swallow when we see the ever increasing prices. Now, I know many are going to say inflation, costs are surely more on their end and they have to profit, etc... But when I think of someone knew coming in the game and getting caught by the bug.. They're in most cases unless they have a lot of expendable cash going to resort to the second hand used market more than they are going to go to the new market because of the price points growing like they are. Regardless, they're beautiful clubs that I can't take away from them nor would I. I just see the price increases by all these different OEMs and think wow that's salty.
  5. Many are going to spend regardless of the selling price. However, that doesn't mean that it justifies it. $1499 is just a bridge too far. Is that 5-PW or 4-PW? I mean, I'm as guilty as anyone for spending on clubs regardless... but there is a breaking point for everyone where they just say it's far too much money to spend on a set of irons when you still have to buy woods, wedges and putters. Just my opinion.
  6. I know a few who have gotten some of them that this was the case. The August (not official but its the one with the flowers and green) is fairly thing and it actually is quite soft leather. But I have seen some of the other ones that friends got that were a bit on the thicker side. So I totally get it.
  7. I use two different brands. Rose and Fire and Robert Mark Golf. Both are amazing and have positive points about their products. I'm a huge fan of the fine leather headcover in various styles. Some may say it's excessive but I say..."I paid enough for those clubs that I'm gonna protect them and their gonna look good while I'm at it!" The August print ones from Rose and Fire are absolutely in my opinion too btw. I have that on my three wood and driver. The hybrids and putter are split amongst both brands. Check them out.
  8. My opinion, and how I will operate in anything I'm selling, is that the number of financial transactions will increase. You're going to see, and I know I'm not in the minority here, people are going to sell those $800 clubs and request that the purchasee makes 2 or 3 transactions to the total. Just another case of the government trying to take more money from everyone so they can use it for nothing productive. But that's my opinion only.
  9. sssshhhh we can't talk about that company critically and or why they would bring out older product again.. Might cause a ruckus. Just kidding. I did see it, and I can only assume that it was a popular line that did well with them so they offered them again to satisfy the demand. That's the only reason I could think of.
  10. As one of the admins posted yesterday, and I think it really cuts to the teeth of the discussion, everyone is okay to spend money on what they want. If they have the means to do so and it makes them feel good, god bless. For me, my opinion in particular on the TM and Callaway's of the world, pretty clear by my previous posts. Guess I'm just one of the few people on the inner webs as someone else pointed out that likes to not use facts to have an opinion.
  11. Great point and I guess it's like everything... People have differing opinions. Where I see the problem, mostly, is there are a few BIG companies that do pump out new clubs or improvements on a 2 year cycle. Think Ping, Titleist, Mizuno, etc... Putting a new club out with a new paint job on it every year doesn't win me over. Now that's not to say my opinion is ANY better than anyone elses. Nor is it to say I'm right. BUT, for me I look at TM and Callaway in particular and can't help but think.... You do not have to push out new stuff EVERY year guys... The market would fully illustrate that my opinion is bunk in the numbers of people that buy new gear every year from them. The market bares that there is still an appetite for it out there. And that's absolutely fine. I just view it as a "money grab" in a sense because they're REALLY not making wholesale improvements year on year. Some they do, other years they don't really outside they go from green to brownish or white to red. That all said, I don't mean to offend in any way. I'm just giving my take on it.
  12. I did, and I can understand like everything you have to keep moving the technology forward... I guess you can chalk me up as one that hears the words Taylor Made and start to roll my eyes more often than not. That said, I had the same type of thoughts when they came out with SIM2. All those pieces of the head latched together with a couple bolts and carbon all over. I had told a few friends I wouldn't be surprised if it doesnt fail or break a heck of a lot easier. Ended up being right. I'm all for moving tech forward in the clubs. It helps a lot of people. BUT, where my ire gets up is the whole Marketing nonsense they force feed the public. That's always just a bridge too far for me.. In my humble opinion, of course.
  13. I know I may be in the minority here... But I have grown beyond tired of Taylormade and Callaways constant retread of ideas. Yes, this thing has the carbonface mumbo jump thing to it, but really how's it any different? We've reached a point where the distance "marketing" talk has become moot. Forgiveness, sure that can be improved upon. But it's literally the same look of everything they've put out for years..... Literally took the SIM3 and ripped the face out for a new one. Trying not to be so cynical but the constant money grab that these bigger OEM's do just drives me nuts.
  14. I had my first two HIO's this year. The first one was EXPENSIVE!! The second, not as much since I was playing by myself and was lucky enough to have someone else see it on the course. That said, I have a problem with it in a sense. There's a celebration component to it because let's face it we don't get one every day. BUT, like many have said when you go in there and people are top shelfing it like crazy, that's pisses me off. The first one, we had a group of 8 people playing. The 4 in front of my group already started the celebration before I even got to the clubhouse. Needless to say, I don't think ANYONE in that group of guys will ever do that again because I refused to pay for all their top shelf drinks that they consumed before I ever even got in the door. Ridiculous. In my humble opinion, I think the only group of people you should have to pay for are the ones you were playing with. And that should be one drink. The rest of the drinks from them and anyone else in the clubhouse that wishes to participate should be bought for the person who got the HIO. Just seems fair to do it that way and realistic. And if you must buy, it should be a couple pitchers of the beer of your choice and that's that. Not top shelf Goose, Dickel or whatever else the idiots think they are now due!
  15. Watched a pretty decent video today (tough to admit that because I don't like much of his stuff) from Finch. He did a video on the Ping, Taylor Made and new Callaway Driver. When hitting them you could see 2 yards difference. So that's $500 for 2 more yards, MAYBE, if you strike it properly?! But the main take away was that Callaway's new Driver actually boasted that there was more speed across the face this year and was more forgiving. That's the main thing for the 425 and why many have said it's the best driver going right now. So in essence, what you're saying there that the Marketing dollars and the research SHOULD be more focused on forgiveness. Honestly, if you're topped out on how hot the driver can be, this only makes sense for you to be churning out new product year in and year out. However most people mess that up cause they're right in line when that new gear comes out not so much cause they need it, but because it's NEW and they want it. Until the consumer comes around and starts telling these big boys we ain't buying the status quo will continue as it has been. Sadly.
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