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  1. This, I would agree with. Think the question REALLY should be... A. Do you want to play with a group to have a great time and play bad golf, this would be the group. Or B. Do you wanna play with some sticks, still have a good time but not as crazy good as the former... Then I'd definitely consider a group like the Bryan Bros.
  2. Nah, I don't even know ya. But "Husky" has been my general description for my entire life!! Besides, you're the Autoflex guy... We can't offend ya lest we never have the ability to get the insider news!
  3. How can you not love a fat guy that's a stick!!! And he's engaging and has a great sense of humor. That whole Bob Does Sports group is probably one of the better groups on the tube. I'd have to agree... Though, I think it's fair to say I'd be torn cause I'd love to be on with Jergie and Wesley down at Selina.
  4. I believe you're correct. They have in fact always gone with a shiny chrome look to them. Well, except the ole John Daley clubs he played to win the Open. Like I say, they look beautiful. I just couldn't look down on the shine like that. But I know a lot of people love that look. Funny how we all see things different, but we all agree these things are beautiful looking. And apparently, they feel amazing to hit.
  5. Aaannddd.... the wheels of the machine keep on spinning! Wilson certainly has produced a beautiful product here. The entire line is very clean and looks amazing compared to the wilson's of old that fell off the map. As a self professed Titleist ho, I would never switch over and play them..... But that doesn't mean that I can't admire what Wilson is doing for their fans. The only thing I would comment, and it's just a personal preference... I've never been a "chromey" type person. I tend to like a more matt look to my irons. (Less glare and they don't look as beat up after a period of play) They look amazing and clean, but I'd love to know how they age after about a year of play cause they all look a bit too shiny for my personal preference. Hope these check all the boxes though for those looking to game them. They certainly have stepped up their game and look like they deserve some definite consideration when folks are in the market for newer clubs.
  6. Right on! There are definitely good course, as you mentioned the ones above and they are all very good. Along with Dauphin Highlands, Royal Oaks, The Bridges and a boat load of others. Unfortunately, even their regular times frames are getting a bit more pricey for most folks. Don't get me wrong, though... It's STILL vastly cheaper than going down into the Philly swing or some of the courses towards Jersey and NY. Those can get salty quick. Nice to hear someone on here is familiar with the "Hill". It's quirky for sure and definitely helps you learn how to play the wind very well.
  7. Tale that seems almost NOT as old as time. More like, a Tale that is being written in THIS time. Clubs have gotten to the point where it's absurd. When you're paying $600 for some putters, Drivers going upwards of $600-1000 depending on shafting options, irons that are approaching $2000, wedges approaching $200 a piece, bags that are $400, and the list keeps going on..... That's all before you take all those shiny new toys to the local course for them to look at you and think you're going to hand over to them $50+ a round with a smile on your face. It's just mind numbing. Unfortunately, like you, I have son's that have grown to enjoy the game like me. Maybe not as crazy about it as I am, but they're athletic former college football guys, one now coaching full time... They simply can't see that it's financially available to them as much anymore BECAUSE it isn't. Especially when you add in the cost of living etc of everything in our todays society. I'd love to be the optimist here and say we will see a reset soon enough. Sadly, I don't think so. Not in the cost to play aspect I'd say. Now, clubs I think you're starting to see it with brands like Tahkomo now taking off and becoming a force that has to be recognized at a decent price for all to afford. Heck, even PXG is realizing that they needed to come down in their prices. So equipment wise, I do believe we're seeing a reset. And that's only going to benefit the consumer. Hopefully at least.
  8. Quite the timely topic... So our Tuesday League and Thursday League start in a couple weeks. We just had our captains meeting this past Tuesday and frankly I was extremely annoyed. Living in Central PA, the cost of golf continues to escalate. At a rate that's actually more than the standard inflation costs for all things in our society. This year, for a 9 hole league, players are expected to pay $19 to walk and $26 to ride. Last year? $16/$22. Now, keep in mind, NO SUBSTANTIAL improvements have occurred on this local muni. In fact, the "bunkers" (in name only!) that are on this course haven't had new sand or appropriate drainage in them for at least a decade. The course typically gets overgrown with Clover and some of the fairways midseason end up with growth in them that essentially emulates a mine field. But, year on year, the cost of a round is going up $3 to $4 a round. That's wholly unacceptable. What's difficult for me is that this is merely a moral issue more so than a financial. My daughter works at the course and as part of their rules, I get a free membership for that. So financially, it's not out of pocket for me. That said, I also get quite irritated because my team members don't have that luxury. And when I look at them and tell them the cost many will roll their eyes and have said each year "this may be my last with this nonsense." I get it, organizations are always trying to turn a profit. That's the way the world works. But when you see very clearly that people are just being GREEDY, that causes me a whole moral dilemma. Funny enough, Dauphin Highlands (Yearly noted as one of the best courses in Cenn PA) is $1 more expensive. $100 more expensive for a yearly membership. Both are municipal run courses, while DH does have a management group in place so that the Muni doesn't have to do the work and can just collect the money. Regardless.... You look at that vs our local muni that's only 5 miles away from each other doesn't come close to saying our product is just as worth it as the other. That's where I just feel it's stupid, at best. So overall, with the topic of this message, I completely agree. The costs have clearly jumped the shark and are frankly getting to a point where people will simply stop playing golf as much. Maybe that's their wish so that they have less upkeep etc... But that doesn't benefit the Golfer in my opinion. And that's a shame.
  9. shows ya how much I paid attention! lol It actually popped up cause I think someone responded and back I got the alert up top on the screen. But it is funny that the times change, but really not much. It's all what ever is relevant. and as you said, the 7 iron lofts now.... Back then we would have called people crazy for doing that!
  10. Along those lines, I saw Crossfield on YouTube has done some of this with his Srixons. He carry's two 6-irons. The lofts are obviously different and each plays at a different distance. I found it VERY ODD, but after thinking through what he was saying it kind of made sense if you want to do something along those lines. But I do like the idea more to have lofts on there somewhere that would make it easier to tell.
  11. Option two. The 350's wont give you the short iron feel that you need and would get out of the 200s. Conversely, the 350 longer irons will maybe miss out on some of the feels but they'll launch a ton in the air and be extremely playable.
  12. In my testing, the 350 I'd probably tell you go with the newer 505 model. That thing is a cheat stick and to my eye it set better on the ground. However, that's a completely subjective thing so you may enjoy that. Depending on size, however, you may enjoy the looks of the 200 4-iron in there. My set up currently, I do the 150 from 5-pw. Vokey's down below. BUT, my 4 iron is the 505. And I purposely did that because it launches FAR higher than most other models. And I really wanted to have a long iron for those 200-215 yard shots that I can carry there but have it high enough that it's going to stop unless the green is a parking lot. Even then, I haven't ran it through many. The good thing though by and large this year is I think of MOST manufacturers Titleist has done the best job of making each of their clubs blendable to the point that they don't look too out of wack. So definitely, enjoy that fitting. I'm sure you'll come away blown away with what you felt and had results wise.
  13. As someone who's played all three models, I have to say the T150's are just simply amazing! I would highly recommend them. The 100s are the same model just a little thinner looking, but play about the same. The 100's are great if you enjoy traditional lofts and have no concerns about distances. But why not get all the playability and a little extra distance, imo. As you can see by my bag below I'm pretty all Titleist except that Triple Diamond. That thing was just too good and continues to perform better than most.
  14. I mean, at least your significant other supports your habit! That's a HUGE plus. LOL My favorite part of the whole thing was them talking about acoustics. Totally geeking out on the frequency matching etc to ensure that all clubs essentially tried to feel and sound the same. I'd say from personal experience from the blades through the 150's that's absolutely accurate. The 200 and 350 it's close but... Regardless, it's Titleist and I'm here for all things with the T on them! LOL I say that when I have a driver that isn't a Titleist and a putter flip in and out with one not being a Cameron. But hey, no OEM can be perfect all the time! At least I try to tell myself that.
  15. As a self professed Titleist "HOOOOOO" I'm here for it! Loved every second of it .
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