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    MGS of course! Golf is probably my biggest passion in general, but my kids will always come above it. Slightly, but above none the less. I also enjoy football, baseball and great content! Look forward to chatting with all of you and continuing the MGS banter. Play well all!
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  1. I agree with the points that have been made, but I'd offer just a simple observation. If you are in fact seeing your HCP drop, and you're at 1.3 currently with how you're hitting the ball.. add in that you're getting very close to the 300 mark now; does it matter? I say that tongue in cheek, obviously. But, think about it. Your overall game isn't suffering scoring wise. You're shooting decent scores and having an above average distance standard with how you're striking it now. What is to be gained, outside of course maybe consistency on flight and a few more yards, by searching for the magic pill to cure where you're striking it on the club face? Now, keep in mind this year has been a struggle for me. I've been having the same issue you are. With driver mostly. BUT, I'm hitting my driver probably on average only about 270. There again, I say that tongue in cheek because frankly that's far above the average distance for a guy my age. Yet, I've not shot a round above 79 in probably a month / month and a half. I was neurotic in my search early this season to "fix" things. I would hit balls till I couldn't hit them anymore. One day I just realized what is to be gained by all this? I'm scoring and playing very well. What am I gonna gain by hitting my driver 10-20 yards further on average? I'll hit a PW to a green rather than an 8 iron? I don't know that it would make a whole hill of beans different cause I'm playing pretty well now. I say all that to say this. If you're hcp is going down, you're playing well and you're hitting that ball on average that far... I'm not sure you should beat yourself up over that. You probably put it right, in my estimation, that perhaps focusing on this is what my new normal center of face is with that club and focus on playing that as your strength. Just my $.02 brotha. Hope you keep improving and loving the game.
  2. That thing is what nightmares are made of.... And memories. Still remember my old mcgregor starter irons that looked very similar... My hands are in pain just thinking of it.
  3. Great set! I definitely wouldn't mind taking that putter off your hands and replacing my Cameron Select one. Hittem well.
  4. At the end of the day I think what you get out of any league plays relies completely and utterly upon what you want to get out of it, frankly. I play in two leagues (Tuesday and Thursday) Both are fairly competitive leagues with a lot of guys who can get their ball around. Older, younger, same age... Just guys out there who are playing the game we love. There are some, like Tom said that are there to just get drunk and have fun but they always seem to shoot good scores incredibly. For me, though I approach them two fold. 1. I use the leagues to practice competitive golf so that when tournament time rolls around I'm not feeling like I haven't done this before. While the talent in tournaments is often better or more on point with attempting to score and win something than you'd experience in a typical league, the principles are the same and it helps. 2. I also like to utilize the league play to practice some things that I'm working on but am not fully comfortable with yet putting into play during a tournament setting. Shot types, heights, etc. This kinda gives me that no real pain feeling to work on during that time cause I'm really not playing or anything other than fun. Just my thoughts. Hitt'em well!
  5. If ever anyone needs to go shopping for new clubs, I'm sending themselves OR me to your house! I'm jealous to say the least.
  6. I've been a long term Scotty Cameron user, but I've heard a lot of great things about these Edel putters. Lots of Buzz. Definitely intrigued and would LOVE to give these a full testing and provide feedback for everyone. At least from my perspective. Bob Harrisburg, PA
  7. I am absolutely excited at the opportunity to test this model! In fact, it's one that I was going to be looking at as a possible replacement for my bag this season anyways! Haven't been one of the lucky few to get in on any of the testing's so far, but this is one I am absolutely hoping to get selected for.
  8. Both the I210 and the I500 are being replaced by Ping this year. I believe last I heard is you can expect the replacement irons to be coming out around August. But that seems to be a bit of a questionable time frame, as PING hasn't released an exact date yet. I'd suspect their problems with Manufacturing and delivery of products early this year due to everything going on may delay them. That all said, I'd definitely wait on the new options to come out frankly. They're both going to be no doubt better as Ping is pretty much known for not putting new product out unless it's markedly better than the previous iteration. I believe its the I59 model and the I510 model respectively. Could be wrong on the final names, but that's the last I heard.
  9. Nice set up!! Those Hogan's look beautiful!!
  10. Wow! That looks like a tragic crime scene!! Sorry to see it brotha.
  11. Great setup! Looking ready for 2021!
  12. Nice setup! Play well this season!
  13. Beautiful bag, and an awesome write up! Have a great season and hit them straight!
  14. Nice set up! You should post pictures for all of the members to enjoy. Play well this season brotha.
  15. Just goes to prove... that Patrick Reed is quite the innovator in his quest to find new and unproven ways to win! In his defense, I don't think he grounded the finger... he merely hovered it and unintentionally graved Jordan...
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