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  1. Chris - Mankato, MN 2 Hdcp Callaway X-Forged 18/Apex Pro combo PTX Pro-Icon Combo
  2. You got it. I don't get over to New Ulm very often but I've played over there a handful of times. We have a recip with them
  3. I wish I had a picture of the push carts my club has. They are old school, three decent sized actual bicycle tires facing forward, a nice spot to store divot mix, a really nice area to keep your drink, scorecard, rangefinder, also a nice sized basket below to throw your pullover, vest, etc in. They move effortlessly and are very stable, we've had rookies put them by a green and have them get blown into a ravine with a small breeze or a small decline Everyone that plays our course has the same look on their face when they see the ol relics, but by the end of the first hole they are always believers. A couple years ago, a club in the Minneapolis area closed it's doors and had all of their pushcarts for sale. They were the same old carts as ours, except ours are green and these were grey. Our pro drove up there that day and bought them all. Our grounds crew has reinforced them many times and modified them for divot mix. Every time they try to replace them everyone bitches and won't use the "new" carts. There's nothing on the market better strictly as a push cart. The problem with them is they do not fold so they aren't going to work for situations where you need them to be portable.
  4. I have yet to try the 21, it's hard enough where I live to get the 12 The Tullamore cider cask has a touch more sweetness than the cheaper one, I like it better. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for the Amrut, that's intriguing.
  5. Bought a bottle this weekend. It is different than every other Irish I've tasted. Fairly smoky and the finish hangs in there a looooooong time. It was wearing on me by the end of my second pour. Not sure it's an everyday drinker but it's a nice changeup.
  6. Chris Mankato, MN 112mph Handy: 1.4
  7. With ya there. In the off season I decided to thin down my "decoy" bag from the closet and sell some stuff. Well, at this point after selling a couple wedges, two putters and a 3w I still have more clubs in it than at the end of last season. Yikes.
  8. I have not but I'm sure I'll will have to take a trip to the booze shop shortly the way this is going. I'll see if I can find it.
  9. Are there any Irish Whisky guys in here? I like bourbon, like ryes, don't care for most scotches, but have recently fallen in love with Irish Whisky. Some of my favorite everyday drinkers are Jameson Black Barrel, Tullamore Cider Cask and Writer's Tears. Redbreast 12 is great and my favorite is Green Spot.
  10. Evnroll was started by the guy that used to make Rife putters I believe? That face has been around for quite a while. I used to have a blade Rife putter in my bag, maybe 15 years ago, but I can't remember what the model was. Wish Evnroll had more of a counterbalance selection. You can customize a putter but are limited to 36" length and 370g head size in most models. Grips are not really counterbalanced either. Great looking putters though!
  11. KatoGolfer


  12. Titleist makes a great bag as well. I currently use one that I won at a tournament and the two are similar, horse a piece.
  13. I've always been a fan of Ogio bags. They offer pretty much any size you could possibly want and I like their zipperless ball pocket a lot.
  14. I hit my 3 wood off the tee on two of my par 4s on my home course. The landing area on the first one runs out if I hit the driver and the second one is a short dogleg left and I can sweep the 3 wood much easier than I can with the driver. I rarely hit it into a par 5, they just are not holes that you want to hit a wood in to.
  15. Very good video. This is the reason why I try to buy an adjustable driver with as close to the correct loft in the standard position as possible.
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