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  1. Rule 19 covers the relief options for an unplayable ball. R19.2a states that Stroke and Distance is a relief option
  2. Rule 18.2b tells us what to do when a ball is lost or out of bounds. Player can always decided to take stroke and distance penalty for one penalty. In this case hitting 5 off the tee. Or player can choice to invoke MLRE-5 (rule book / app has lots of examples of where to drop) and would be playing 6
  3. Yes you always substitute another ball when taking relief. See rule 6.3b(1). Haapy New Year everyone
  4. From USGA faq https://www.usga.org/RulesFAQ/rules_answer2019.asp?FAQidx=205&Rule=0&Topic=3
  5. No you can’t presume. I suggest you get a rule book or the R&A app on your phone and read the definitions of Known and Virtually Certain and Lost Ball. Rule 17 and 18 refer to these situations. Happy reading
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