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  1. Just my opinion, but keep the Garmin and ditch the Arccos. I only had limited experience with Arccos to be fair (had a sensor included with a Cobra driver) but it drained the phone battery. I used CT10 with an S60 for quite a while and found them pretty good. I now use S62 and live it, but no sensors as I didn't really get the benefit purely due to my skill level and standard of play. I love the convenience of a watch over a phone or handheld GPS and the S62 is great.
  2. In summer it's not uncommon to get the best part of two rounds out of one ball at my home course. But generally losing one a round is about average. In autumn and winter with leaves and longer rough though all bets are off.
  3. I had a discussion with my club pro recently regarding whether you need to actually find your ball to declare it unplayable and take stroke and distance. Obviously, to take back on the line or 2 club lengths you need to find it to get the reference point. But for S&D that is irrelevant. In the scenario where you hit it off the tee into deep bushes and expect that even if you do find it it won't be very pleasant. To not waste time searching you declare it unplayable and just take S&D. rather than look. His take on it was that you need to actually find it to be able to decide if it is unplayable or not (not illogical). My thought was that if I can declare it unplayable at any time in any place, and its exact location has no bearing on where I hit from, and I cannot declare it 'lost', I can take S&D for unplayable, rather than hit provisional and not bother looking. And avoid the potential risk one of my group finding it to give me a pig of a second shot. I couldn't find a clear answer in the rules app. though I would interpret what I found as it being my thoughts that are correct. Can any of you point me to a clarification.
  4. Above all ENJOY it. Try your best if course, but it's a game we play for pleasure after all.
  5. I've had several highly improbable chip-ins for par or birdie, but my oddest par was last week. Tee shot sliced way right into the next fairway, leaving just over 200 yards to reach the green. Trees run between the fairways so my best option is play up the fairway I'm on. I know if I land it in the right general area it will at least roll towards the green I want. I chose my line, nailed a 5 wood which, unusually, went where I wanted it to 'Ooh that looks good' I thought. My ball was pin high on the green having rolled between trees and past a bunker. Long putt and a tap in for par.
  6. Hmm. If I found that put me off more than just a minor disorientation on arrival then I guess my 'mental game' would need a lot more work than it already does.
  7. I use a Garmin S62 with tournament mode turned off if I want 'plays like' distances. That said, I have absolutely no idea how accurate it is. Nor would I know how to verify it anyway, and the same would be true regardless of what device I used.
  8. Inesis Tour 900 (yellow) for me. I used Kirklands for the last couple of years, can't fault the value, unbeatablefor the price. But I just felt more a bit more consistent with the Inesis, and I can see the yellow ones better.
  9. I have a Skytrak and find it very useful. I do mostly use it outdoors into a net (not enough space for a radar device), so do get more misreads than indoors, but it's great to actually see the ball flight and not just distance.
  10. I have a small backyard. I got a 10'x10'x10' replacement cage net and string it up between post/props to catch evetything. With a smaller, cheaper, impact net to protect the more expensive one.
  11. My thoughts... As others have said, you do need to make sure the clubs you are using are the right size for you. Any half decent club pro can do that and, within reason, make any adjustments. That, along with lessons would give you the best value.
  12. Check out some of the Tilley offerings. Not all fabrics will do what you want though. I have one I love, the brim keeps the sun off my ears and the rain off my neck.
  13. @Gaw The obvious answer is try some different ones and just see what works for you. I used the Kirkland for a while and found them great for the price, so may be worth a try Also, maybe check out the Inesis Tour 900, at around £30 doz inc postage if you cant get to a store, comparable price to non urethane offerings in stores. I now use these in yellow (I can see them much better).
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