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  1. My wife tends to give me cash so I get what I want, and I will do the same for her unless it's a 'project' i do for her instead of a 'gift', in which case i design or decide what to get, buy it and assemble it.
  2. First proper fitting for me was 3 years ago. When I wanted to replace my first set that I got used around 10 years previously. Originally went to a golf retail chain outlet at a local course, and got very disillusioned by the commission hunting 'fitter'/salesman steering me too much so I walked away. I then found an independent fitter who checked my swing on the 'Mizuno gadget' to determine the appropriate shafts for me. I tried multiple irons and woods and got what worked the best for me. It wasn't the 'full worķs' as in gapping, and tweaking lofts etc, but I was far too inconsistent at the time anyway to have got much out of it, and my budget limited me to stock shaft options.
  3. I have Tiger Woods (2008?) On an old laptop that I play occasionally. I found it helped my mental game a little, by training me to pause and think about each shot a bit more than I tend to do on course at times.
  4. You buried all your teachers in one grave?
  5. I dont really think bifurcation/rollbacks would be a good solution. I still don't grasp why they don't just try setting the courses up differently for a couple of events and see what happens. Slightly narrower fairways with very slightly longer grass to reduce roll. Slightly deeper rough to reward accuracy etc. It's cheap and easy to do and if it doesn't work then it's easy to stop doing it. As long as the players are informed that's what to expect I don't see a problem.
  6. I'm primarily a push cart guy. But if just doing a few holes, or trolleys are not permitted due to weather etc, then I will carry. I like the extra luggage capactiy I can use with a cart, water, snacks, etc. My waterproofs live in my bag as a precaution, so I don't forget them when I need them.
  7. Mine came as part of my iron set (as did my GW and SW), but I would say it doesn't really matter. Whatever works best for you.
  8. I guess the obvious answer would be to 'get her fitted' if possible. I never really understood the whole 'mens v ladies' clubs divide. Surely it just should be what works best for any given individual.
  9. Not sure if you will be able to source them easily, but the Inesis 900 is well worth a try if you can. £20 doz in UK, (same price as Srixon AD333 etc.)
  10. I like that idea, I will give it a try. I reckon a lot of beginners could benefit from that too.
  11. Intetesting thought, but I tend to think it wont' help much physically either. Doubt it will do any harm though. I suppose it could just possibly impact your mental game a bit though. Either by helping you learn to concentrate. Or by making you too tired from practicing piano to keep your head together on the course.
  12. My home course has a couple... A long par4 (par5 in winter) with left to right slope to add to my fade/slice. Tee shot mostly goes in the trees or through them onto the adjacent fairway. Only parred it once, usually score 6 or 7 as I play it as a par 5 due to length. And a 150ish yd par 3. OB left (catches my pull) and steep, deep downward slope on the right that means a nasty uphill wedge (often through a tree) to get on the green.
  13. Personally I would like to see this optional local rule become a normal rule that is acceptable for handicap qualifying club comps and supplementary cards. My club has chosen not to officially adopt it, to avoid any potential confusion. But it was also stated that if you use it when playing casually with friends then it's not a problem (it's no different to whatever other minor infringements that get overlooked when just playing for fun or practicing, and it can help avoid slow play issues). I can understand why it is not an official/normal rule, especially for 'elite' level play, but perhaps making it acceptable, but with an 'opt out' option, would be a better way forward.
  14. I went for an open minded fitting for my current set 3 years ago. Expected a bit of a mix, but finished up with Cobra F7 throughout as they just worked best. The only ones I didn't change was my existing 60 degree wedge (an old Progen) and putter (Odyssey at the time, but got fitted into a SeeMore a year later)
  15. Nothing ludicrous about that. If you enjoy it go for it. And nothing is stopping you doing it more seriously in the future if you want to.
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