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  1. No brained for me, for a proper lesson it would be the coach. On course time and tips though would be cool with the player.
  2. My distance control and strike are somewhat erratic, but yes I do do that, and it does help. I probably don't do it enough to be fair.
  3. You can pick up digital calipers quite cheaply, they are plenty good enough for what you need. And they are a handy gadget to have around anyway.
  4. I'm using a CobraF7, they are adjustable. I'm using a 3-4 hybrid between my 5i and 5 wood. You should be able to pick them up a decent price as they are about 4 years old now.
  5. I'm in the UK and have been using Srixon 'Marathon Soft' for a while. They are available here from a budget multi sports chain for £20 for a 2 dozen pack. They seem to have come to some agreement to use the Srixon name on them. Not great, but not bad as a cheap option, better than some budget balls I've tried, but the Costco Performance + (3 piece) is not a lot more expensive and has a eurethane cover so they may be a better option. I am currently using my last dozen or so before I move on to the Inesis 900.
  6. That's my 'ball park' driver swing speed too. I would put it down to just technique, personal 'tendencies' and practice. I hit my 3 wood consistently better than my driver, I call it my '190 club', but it's not uncommon for me to get over 200yd on level ground, from tee or deck, and it's not unusual for me to out drive or be very close to lower hcp driver users off the tee. I currently carry two Cobra F7 3woods, one 'standard' and the other with my driver shaft and set to slightly lower loft and weight forward. Not a huge difference between them, but it does give me useable options ra
  7. My thought is that is just 'different' to what you are used to. A different shaft (of whatever material) can have different characteristics and give different results, which is the whole point of different shafts. Either you will adapt naturally and revert to your old pattern, or you will get used to the new one.
  8. My take on this... It depends WHY a player is a high handicap as to whether GI clubs are a benefit over blades etc. If they hit it out the middle every time, but they aim badly, 3 putt everything, and have poor strategy then even the most forgiving clubs won't help. If they struggle with making good, or at least consistent, contact then SGI clubs can help.
  9. I'm going to echo what others have said already... Lessons. Also ask the pro about how suitable the clubs you are using are for you, length and lie wise. He may be able to lengthen/tweak them to be more suited to get you started out on the right path without you needing to fork out a lot of cash just yet. Then look at getting fitted for new/newer clubs in a few months.
  10. I have had my S60 about 18 months and it's great. I upgraded (from TomTom 2) as I wanted hole maps. I wear it as my normal day to day watch and battery life is fine, but i think it could struggle to do 2 full rounds comfortably without a little top up. I find the fitness tracking features useful to have, but it has no heart rate monitor built in, which is no big deal for me (if it stops I will find out soon enough).
  11. If this helps... Have a look at PhiGolf. I got one a couple of years back, and as far as I know is still available new. It is a 'plug it in the butt' (sorry couldn't resist) type sensor that gives a good amount of data, as well as a driving range and course simulator with several courses available. It's far from perfect, but overall similar to the other club mounted analysers I have tried. I did find the sensor wobbled a bit, so had to improvise to keep it more stable, which gave much more consistent readings. Because it only measures the club and doesn't detect impact it can giv
  12. I once used the toilet at a crematorium (of all places) and there was a 'urine colour chart' on the wall (shades of yellow - obviously) with captions indicating your hydration level and advising you to drink more water when it was darker than a certain shade. What a brilliant idea, I'm surprised I have only seen it that once.
  13. There are options for both actually.
  14. Interesting, can't say I noticed, but if that is the case then from a practice angle it is probably better than the other way round though IMO. I got my SkyTrak in April this year, and I was a little 'twitchy' after ordering in case I was disappointed and felt I'd wasted my cash. But no, absolutely no regrets so far. I looked at the £500 level offerings and, apart from them needing more space for the doppler to work (which ruled them out for me anyway), I felt I needed the directional and sidespin data anyway. All in I reckon I spent around £2500 when I include the net, mat e
  15. I can't say whether that is 'optimum' or not, but if that was my 'normal' I'd be more than happy.
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