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  1. I would imagine it's fine for covering the whole area, but for the hitting patch have a removeable section that you can replace when worn and add cushioning underneath to reduce risk of injury. Or put a dedicated golf hitting mat in.
  2. I recently upgraded to an S62 (from an S60). I'm very happy with it, but the shot detection on the S62 seems less sensitive than the S60. I did try the CT10s with the S60 for a while, but I don't recall it ever failing to detect a drive before I got them, yet I have had several with the 'raw' S62 since I got it about a month ago. Has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just my 'ultra smooth' (pffftt) drives not triggering it.
  3. And not hear you shout 'FORE!' ? Seriously, each to their own. But surely playing music loud enough so it inhibits hearing warnings etc, whether through speakers or earphones, is a real safety concern
  4. There is a big difference between background noise and clear chatter. My home course is right next to a motorway, and it just blends into the background like wind through the trees, a waterfall or babbling brook would. Even the odd siren etc doesn't usually affect me. Nor do 'mumblings' from other people. My playing partners and I always pause the banter for the swing though, but that is actual conversation which we are involved in, so will interfere with concentration.
  5. My record in one round is 11, but I was a beginner and the course I was playing had several water hazards and OB quite close on several holes. Typically now I would say between 1 and 2, on average at my home course, but more when fallen leaves are about.
  6. I did find that when I first got the watch it would give the hole views after the round if I synced with the phone when a WiFi connection was available. Then after one of the updates it stopped doing it, and I had plug in to my computer.
  7. I found that the hole by hole map display won't show up until you plug the watch in the the computer and sync. Garmin Express does it fine.
  8. You will get more used to it, but I find the distorted view through my varifocals distracting at times, and green reading got harder too. I now have a second pair of 'distance only' specs that I wear for golf, it avoids the sudden change of focus as you move your head.
  9. I guess 'bogie juice' just sounds a lot less appetising.
  10. Personally I like using a watch, I get the main dustances at a glance with no fussing about and more detail if I want it. I have a Garmin S60 and I'm very happy with it. The map view is great, especially for less familiar courses. Not cheap, but they are on offer in most places now due to being superceded by the S62 (which I may be tempted by at some point). If you just want cheap and simple follow @Tom the Golf Nuts example and see how you get on. You can always upgrade if you feel the need.
  11. My first thought is, could it just be that they are different to what you are familiar with on the course? You are getting past the 'focusing because they are new' phase and into the 'just playing' mindset, but they still feel different to what you are expecting sub-conciously.
  12. Could it just be as simple as getting used to something a bit different? I had this (with my 5 iron in particular) when I got new clubs a couple of years back.
  13. I play golf because I enjoy it (most of the time). Getting better at it is part of the fun for me. Getting worse, however temporarily it may be, still sucks, but that's life. If golf was easy it would be dull. I doubt I will ever reach single digits, and I'm not sure I would enjoy the self imposed pressure of trying to maintain it if I did.
  14. This ^^ I would say hitting in to a net is better than not swinging at all, but be very careful to avoid practicing bad habits.
  15. Shame, she brought a great dynamic to NPG. Hopefully she has moved on to bigger and better things, and will be replaced by someone equally as good. I hope she is well and wish her success in whatever the future holds.
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