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  1. I don't consider myself 'good' yet. Been playing about 13 years total, but the last 3 fairly seriously, recently dropped to 29 hcp and looks like dropping more very soon. Not especially unhappy with my game overall and I would certainly consider myself 'competent' though.
  2. Please correct me if I am wrong here, But if they happen to be different lengths, whether or not it is the same type of shaft, then that could affect lie angle a bit.
  3. I think the '3 minute' search limit has helped a little, but only works if you set a timer of some sort (add it as a feature to golf watches maybe?), although it had raised awateness a little. Also the 2 shot 'stroke and distance penalty' helps a bit with casual games.
  4. As @hckymeyer said above. A basic fitting to ensure you get the right length and lie, or at least somewhere near will help you a lot. I got my first set second hand from a club pro shop and that stuff was checked at the tome i bought them. It is also fairly easy to fix unless they are far off. Shaft weight and stiffness etc are probably less critical, especially for a beginner, but if you can get them optimised for you then do so.
  5. Got custom fit in 2017, half expecting a 'mixed bag'. The result however was... Cobra King F7 just about everything - Driver, Fairways (3w, 5w), Hybrid (4h) and Irons (5, 6, 7 ,8, 9, Pw, Gw & Sw). Kept my existing Progen 60* Lob Wedge. Got fitted for a new putter in 2018 Putter - SeeMore Si5. No plans to change anything yet.
  6. Music on the course. I don't listen to it personally, and not encountered, or at least heard, anyone yet with it on. In principal have no issue with others listening as long as the volume is kept respectful, each to their own etc. Safety however could be an important issue. Can you hear someone shout 'FORE' clearly if you have music on? Especially with headphones? Was it a shout or the lyrics? Also, my course has several bells and it can be difficult at times to hear them clearly if there is a stiff breeze, music could make that even harder.
  7. I have a laser level which I use to project a straight line along the floor, I use it to help align the putter and putt along it and get a good idea how straight I fail to hit it. You don't need an expensive one, mine was a cheap one (£7 or so from Amazon). If your carpet is ok that works fine, or pretty much any putting mat will help, you can get them quite cheaply too, but better quality ones will generally lie flatter. I also have a PuttOut 'hole' which is great too. Downside with a carpet though is, depending on the pile, it can sometimes cause the ball to curve so can make it difficult to judge what would normally be a straight putt.
  8. I 'upgraded' to an S60 from a TomTom watch earlier this year and I love it. The fitness features have encouraged me to incorporate more walking into my daily routine too. Personally i prefer the convenience of a watch to a handheld or phone app, and feel i am more efficient time wise too, as i can just glance at my wrist unless i need to check stuff more closely.
  9. One course i visited many years ago had signs on several tees saying something like... 'As a guide to pace of play, you should ideally be less than 3hrs into your round at this point' No idea if it worked, but as a gentle reminder it seemed like a good idea.
  10. Down to 16 hcp that quickly is good going, well done. My thoughts are... If you really want to change clubs to help you improve more then get properly fitted for some that suit you and show a noticeable improvement over what you already have, and keep an open mind brand wise. But I think lessons, and maybe a launch monitor to help you practice, would be a much better investment.
  11. Nothing wrong with used, could be a great option for a beginner, and some good deals to be had too, as long as they are a 'suitable fit' as in about the right length etc. A smallish junior using her 6'3" dad's custom fit clubs may be less than ideal though. Custom fitting options for used will usually be more limited though. My first set were second hand Callaways, used for 10 years before getting custom fit a couple of years ago. And will definitely look at used drivers when I want to change mine.
  12. No doubt in my mind, a good player can play fairly well whatever equipment they have. A bad player will struggle to score well even with the best kit. However, the right equipment (as in what suits that individual player the best) will enable them to make the best of their abilities and talent.
  13. Two blue crosses, one on either side. I can usually identify from a few feet away as one of the crosses is usually visible. I also sort my balls into sets of 4, one of each number, and use them in sequence so i can easily identify provisionals too.
  14. All i drink on course is water, which i carry from home. That way I drink to quench thirst and stay hydrated, and dont guzzle it all in the first few holes because it tastes nice. For snacks on course I usually carry a banana or two, with muesli bars and biscuits etc as back-up.
  15. I'm am in the 'leave it in' camp here. I always left it in anyway on solo practice rounds, so it feels fairly normal for me. Over the last few months I have noticed fewer players taking it out than did in January. I think the feeling of it being 'new and different' is wearing off a bit now.
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