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  1. Inesis 900 for me. I'm upgrading from a cheaper different brand that I've used for a couple of years and get on ok with, but feel I may benefit from a better quality ball. I like Srixon Soft Feel, but i get a eurethane cover for about the same price with the Inesis so giving them a go this season.
  2. Could it just be that they are 'new', and therefore 'different' to what you are used to? So, yes, your swing is causing it, but mainly because you are still in the groove of swinging your old clubs, especially on course.
  3. I would also say get fit if possible, even if it is to just get the length and lie angle you need so you can shop for something close and get it 'fine tuned' later. I'm no expert, but I believe length can also be adjusted a bit after purchase, but will likely mean new grips too. Though any adjustments to used clubs can be limited though, so no gurantees that the amount of tweaking you may need is possible.
  4. A lot less. Due to lockdown and courses not able to open.
  5. Yes, different balls can absolutely make a difference. Any sim/monitor that captures ball data will measure what the ball actually does. So balls with different launch charactrristics will naturally give differrent results. Depending on the monitor, appropriate markings and 'dots' etc can help the monitor see what the ball is doing, giving better readings, but shouldn't affect ball performance in themselves. I tested this on SkyTrak a while ago, and different models can and do perform differently for launch angle and spin, and therefore flight too. The biggest difference I noticed
  6. Gamers for me. Though I do have some cheap clubs i use on occasion for swing practice into a net at home.
  7. I've been using a cheap 'store exclusive model' brand name for a while, and they served me fairly well. But I wanted to move to a better quality ball No way I want to spend top price range though. Going to use the Inesis 900 this season. Having tried them briefly before. Same price bracket as Srixon 333 and Soft Feel, with a eurethane cover. I tried the current Kirkland 3 piece too, not bad for the price, they worked out just a litte more than the 'budget' ones I used. Which is the thing often ignored when referencing them, they are a cheap ball, so should really be compared wit
  8. Because i don't have space for a permanent setup I just bought a 10'x10'x10' replacement net and used 1" x 2" batten timber as props, but sturdier timber would be better. Not 'cheap', but no more expensive overall than some of the 'better quality' free standing ones. I have attached an image, hopefully it appears here ok. The two rear props hook into brackets on the fence and outbuilding to hold them stable, and I use guy ropes attached to wall hooks for the front posts. Sets up/down in under 10 mins. It doesn't show on the image, but I use carabiner clips to hang an 'impact net' to prote
  9. Speaking from experience... I have an 8' square net and even when hitting as close to it as I can my wedges can get way too close to the top for comfort, close enough for me to lose confidence so I daren't swing fully. And I skied my driver over the top once too (saved by my neighbours tree), scared the living $##t out of me enough to stop me using it for anthing other than a backstop for chipping. IMO, no matter how good you are, the odd 'sprayers' CAN happen. It only takes one close call to cause you to lose confidence so you don't swing normally after that, meaning your practi
  10. Interesting idea. But I would guess the results would be the same, or so close as to be irrelevent or indecisive. I think the 'accelerating vs decelerating' thing is more to do with quality and consistency of strike.
  11. This is probably very much down to the individual player rather than 'brand'. What is a 'good fit - off the shelf' for you may not be ideal for me. I would say most OEMs 'standard' will be 'ok' for many, but when it comes down to the details of length and lie angle then minor differences can make one a little better 'fit' for some than others (never mind the shaft). Sometimes different heads just 'work' for you when another isn't quite as good.
  12. Mine was Skytrak (luckily ordered it just in time, before stocks ran out), which got delivered on my first day of full lockdown. And upgrading my outdoor net so I could use it safely.
  13. SkyTrak can connect directly to your device, it creates it's own 'hotspot' so even if no network is available it can still connect to your tablet/phone. I had a 3Bays a while ago, and liked it. I sold it when i got a Garmin watch and truswing, otherwise would still use it. I would suggest you look at PhiGolf too. It is more 'gamey' than 3Bays, but does putting and has a simulator with driving range and courses you can actually play, rather than just giving numerical data. Both 3Bays and PhiGolf will work without a ball. And as both plug in to the grip end they can 'wobble' a bi
  14. Definitely don't buy before you try them, and If you can, get fitted. Even for a second hand set, where you obviously won't get a choice of shafts, you at least need to make sure they are the right length etc for you. It should be possible to get length and lie angle adjusted a bit later if it can't be done at the time you buy, most club pros should be able to check and adjust this for you do, for a small charge, although you may need new grips fitting if the length is altered.
  15. Dream bag? Cost no object? I'd fly out to TXG and get fitted to what's best for me. I reckon I could just about get away with it if I took my wife to Canada for a 'holiday' for a couple of weeks. No point in me drooling over shiny stuff that's not actually going to help my game.
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