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  1. I agree with what @turpp said above. A good book that helped my understanding a lot. Lessons are great, and a 'multi lesson' package deal with a pro you get on with is not a bad option. But at least one lesson, maybe two, to give you pointers is needed to make sure you are fixing the right things. The trick though is to remember, and practice, what the lesson highlighted. Which is where the right training aids come in. You need things that give decent feedback to ensure you can see when you do it right or wrong. Depnding on your needs a simple thing using stuff you have to hand, like placing practice balls to guide your swing path, can be as effective as fancy gadgets.
  2. I would say a lesson or two at least as a starting point. Then see how it goes, you csn then get more lessons and/or pointers as to what equipment would be your best options.
  3. Not ideal I know, but if you can't source one, you could get a dirt cheap putter, or an old one from a charity shop, and have a go at grinding or filing it a bit yourself. Or, less destructively, try sticking something to the face to get a similar effect.
  4. How about looking into some form of collaboration with local golf clubs? After all it is potentially helping to recruit more membership for them.
  5. @Kevin E, this happens to most, if not all, of us. When it happens to me it usually creeps up on me over a couple of increasingly erratic rounds. Then it dawns on me what is happening (usually old bad habits sneaking back in and exagerating my natural out-to-in path by not rotating my body enough), so i can then work on getting back to trying to do it properly. Going back to basics is the way to go for me too.
  6. I have an S60 and like it a lot. I think the S40 functions the same golf wise, I like the convenience of a watch over a phone app. Just glance and look, then just fiddle if i need more info. To get 2 full rounds out of a full charge would be a very close run thing, so definitely worth assuming it is not going to manage it. Club tracking is ok, but often misses chips etc. and is independent to the score, which you enter manually. The TomTom2 has an easy to use manual shot entry feature which the Garmin does not. The garmin app I like, much more than the TomTom one. But ot does ignore the missed chips and adds them to the length of the previous shot. If you like the idea of a watch then give it serious consideration.
  7. I was hitting my 3 wood better than driver fairly consistently so, rather than mess with my existing 3 wood I got another the same off eBay and swapped shafts with my driver. So I now have a choice between a 2" shorter driver and 2" longer 3wood. So far the driver is doing well, not lost distance, gained if anything, and more accurate. I need to do more evaluation, but so far shorter driver seems better for me than 'standard'.
  8. If GI or SGI irons make it harder to 'shape' the ball flight how come i can slice it so badly with my Cobra F7s? The problem I have is controlling MY swing, if I could do that well enough I think I could shape my shots more or less how I wanted. Isn't a slice just an unintentional curve on the flight? If it can be done that easily by accident, then with enough skill i don't see why it shouldn't be possible to produce the shape I want. I can't say whether blades would be 'easier' to 'shape' or not, I haven't tried blades, but I can't imagine there would be a great deal of difference between similar lofted irons, certainly for most handicap golfers anyway.
  9. Pandaman


  10. I don't consider myself 'good' yet. Been playing about 13 years total, but the last 3 fairly seriously, recently dropped to 29 hcp and looks like dropping more very soon. Not especially unhappy with my game overall and I would certainly consider myself 'competent' though.
  11. Please correct me if I am wrong here, But if they happen to be different lengths, whether or not it is the same type of shaft, then that could affect lie angle a bit.
  12. I think the '3 minute' search limit has helped a little, but only works if you set a timer of some sort (add it as a feature to golf watches maybe?), although it had raised awateness a little. Also the 2 shot 'stroke and distance penalty' helps a bit with casual games.
  13. As @hckymeyer said above. A basic fitting to ensure you get the right length and lie, or at least somewhere near will help you a lot. I got my first set second hand from a club pro shop and that stuff was checked at the tome i bought them. It is also fairly easy to fix unless they are far off. Shaft weight and stiffness etc are probably less critical, especially for a beginner, but if you can get them optimised for you then do so.
  14. Got custom fit in 2017, half expecting a 'mixed bag'. The result however was... Cobra King F7 just about everything - Driver, Fairways (3w, 5w), Hybrid (4h) and Irons (5, 6, 7 ,8, 9, Pw, Gw & Sw). Kept my existing Progen 60* Lob Wedge. Got fitted for a new putter in 2018 Putter - SeeMore Si5. No plans to change anything yet.
  15. Music on the course. I don't listen to it personally, and not encountered, or at least heard, anyone yet with it on. In principal have no issue with others listening as long as the volume is kept respectful, each to their own etc. Safety however could be an important issue. Can you hear someone shout 'FORE' clearly if you have music on? Especially with headphones? Was it a shout or the lyrics? Also, my course has several bells and it can be difficult at times to hear them clearly if there is a stiff breeze, music could make that even harder.
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