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  1. Theres someone who brings his dog at our club, never had an issue with it, but was a bit surprised when he turned up with the dog for a comp. I do also wonder about how its urine will effect the grass, I have friends with patches all over their lawns because of the dog urine.
  2. It can get far too technical and it really doesn't need to. First have a look at the putters, rule out the ones you really do not like the look of, because if you dont like the look of it, then it will not work out for you. Get on a putting green with a few and just putt, putt and putt some more from all over the place. You will find theres 1 or 2 which you really like and keep going back to, when you find 1 or 2 you like go home. Leave it a week or so then go back and do the same thing again, obviously leaving out the putters you did not like. Hopefully you will be drawn to the same 1 or 2 putters again. From there just putt some more and go with what ever works best. People will disagree, but as putting is all about feel you cant look at someones stroke and say they need putter x. Its the most personal club in the bag.
  3. Thank you, spent a nice, hot, sunny day on the golf course
  4. Great set of forgiving irons, but we used to sell them brand new for £199 in the run up to the MX-19 being released. And if I remember correctly they were only £349 when at full price. We sold loads of them.
  5. Book the last tee time at a local course, take all the balls out with you and you should have as much time as you need
  6. My Irons are 1/2 inch longer than standard but my woods and hybrids are all standard length. When working for a golf retailer I can not remember ever ordering hybrids longer than standard, and when I had a fitting for my hybrid recently nothing was mentioned about the length
  7. Does anyone know of any apps/websites to calculate handicaps for a society. I have used apps for individual handicaps and am sure I came across one for groups/societies but can't remember the name. We have a society of between 20-30 people, most aren't members of clubs so do not have official handicaps and we would like have a fair and easy process of calculating handicaps which will go up or down after each golf day, taking into consideration average scores for that day etc.
  8. Out of all the majors I take the least amount of interest in the PGA. I couldn't tell you why, it just doesn't get me as excited. The Open and The Masters are my favorite, but sometimes The US open is equal to them depending on the course. I did think It was because The PGA was late in the year but even now its changed I dont find myself too bothered that I wont get to watch much of it due to other plans. I haven't even had a bet. I much prefer watching The Players Championship. Having said all of that, I wouldn't want to see the four majors changed or added to.
  9. Recently purchased the Mavrik Max and love it. Find it so easy to hit. I purchased a Hybrid about 10 years ago which I never used because I couldn't get on with it. But this Mavrik Max is going well.
  10. Bridgestone Tour B X by far Tried a few different balls, including the velocity, but the Tour B X flies past everything else I have tried
  11. Bridgestone Tour B X - Never hit a ball so far off the tee. Compared it other balls and just do not get the same distance, not even close. It stops on the green no problem from iron shots as well so going to stick with it now.
  12. Took my new 699 Pro's out onto the course for the first time yesterday. Loved them. Feels like the ball flies off the face, and my ball flight looks a lot better as well, was very impressed. Distance was good, but the main thing was they are still forgiving. My best shot all day in terms of where the ball ended up was actually one of my worst strikes, caught it out of the toe but it still flew and stopped a foot from the pin. Great clubs, and would recommend people check them out.
  13. My order arrived this morning. Very impressive considering I ordered Friday and Monday was a bank holiday. Love the little extras in the box as well. Superb service. Now I can't wait to finish work and give them a go
  14. This one goes back a few years but has always bugged me. My younger brother hadn't been playing golf for long, he was around 12 years old and playing in one of his first club comps. When putting he would take his practice strokes above the ball, he would hover the club and take his practice putting stroke in the air directly above his ball. He never made contact with the ball and no one had ever raised an issue with it. Well in this comp an adult member pulled him up on the 3rd hole and told him that it counts as an air shot, and his par 5 was infact a 6 as a result. Being young and nervous my brother never questioned it and didn't mention it untill a few weeks later. People take practice swings above the ball all over the course, so unsure if/why on the green would be different, or was this adult member in the wrong? I do wonder if he would have pulled another adult up for the same thing
  15. Richard at Sub70 Europe was very helpful and I have ordered a set today. Can't wait,
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