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  1. Despite having purchased the balls over a month ago yesterday was the first round I have played since they were delivered, and I was very impressed. Thought id give sharing my thoughts a go. Distance I have been using the tour speeds or Tour B X and have found these to be around the longest balls for me, I was expecting the Wilson to be a bit shorter but there wasn't any difference, I was constantly around the same area distance wise I would expect to be, and on one hole I carried a bunker, just short of the green, which I haven't carried for a long time. Distances with my irons was normal as well. Driving So the distance was good, but I purchased the ball to hit more fairways. Well, I didn't lose a ball, played the whole round with the same ball, which is a miracle. I did go into the trees, but was not as far in as I have been on other days. My drives normally are either straight or left to right, and when they go left to right its enough to put me into the longer rough or trouble. With these balls I found they were not moving anywhere near as much, in fact the only time I got into trouble right was when I aimed to the right of a tree off the tee and was aiming a bit too far right and the ball bounced into the long rough, I didn't slice one drive into trouble Iron Shots Nothing out of the ordinary if I am honest. Nothing jumped out at me positive or negative. If anything the ball flight looked better, but the end result was what I would expect. Didn't notice any more or less spin into the greens Short Game Felt great off the face and was suited to my short game. From 60 yards in, the 3/4 - 1/2 swing with my 56 is my go to shot and the ball done what I am used to my golf balls doing, bounce and roll up towards the hole. I have never played with a lot of spin with my short and its not something I really look for in a ball. As long as the ball is not like a rock which will bounce and shoot off it will work for me. Putting I noticed a big difference here. The ball felt great off the putter and it may have just been a good putting day but it rolled lovely and I holed more puts than I normally expect too. My brother, who I was playing with commented on the roll of the ball compared to his a few times. Only one round but was very impressed. Durability The ball held up remarkably well. I used the one ball for the whole round. I hit a tree, a cart path and had a couple of bunker shots and I would still use the ball again. I tend to find the Tour speed scuff, but these Triads seem a lot more durable. Im playing again tomorrow, so hopefully much of the same.
  2. Just had a dozen delivered. Could have had them Friday but was out all day. Hopefully I will be able to play on Saturday and give them a go.
  3. I prefer watching them play the harder courses. I will not watch most of the normal events because its just boring. I do think the courses should be set up tougher, make the fairways narrow and the rough longer/tougher the closer you get to the green, harden up the greens a bit, stop the ball rolling as much on the fairway. Change things up a bit, make them think about what they are doing.
  4. Thanks, my query is not so much about the relief I'm allowed. It's to do with the fact I couldn't retrieve my ball from the water in the bunker as it could not be reached. Am I allowed to take relief with another ball or do I need to wade in and get the ball. From the replies it would appear I need to somehow retrieve the ball
  5. Yes, although the ball couldn't be reached. Was smack bang in the middle of a massive bunker. We all knew it was my ball, we all saw it go in and it was the only ball in the bunker, just couldn't see the markings. I'll just aim well left of that bunker in club comps and hope to avoid it ,,
  6. Playing the other day and a few bunkers were full of water. The pro shop told us before we went out that if relief can't be taking I side the bunker then relief can be taken outside the bunker no nearer the hole so that wasn't an issue. On a par 3 I hit my tee shot into the green side bunker. We all saw it go in and all saw it splash. When we go up there the bunker was completely full of water, you couldn't step in the bunker without water covering your foot. We could see the ball, in the middle of the bunker, Under water. We couldn't reach the ball, but couldn't identify it, however it was the only ball in there, and knew my ball had gone in. As it was a friendly round I just dropped a ball outside the bunker and carried on. What would the normal ruling be? As I couldn't retrieve the ball would it have to be classed as a lost ball?
  7. Local to me in the UK I think most fittings are free. They certainly are from the major retailers and local pro shops. I know there are a few independent guys who charge. When I was fitted for my Driver last year (first fitting I had for around 5 years) I went to a golf club around 45 minutes away which has a huge shop. They charged for the fitting appointment, £40. I was on the range, with the GC quad and the fitter for over an hour and went through everything. I ordered the club through them after the fitting and as a result I had £60 knocked off the price. What I hadn't realised is, if you book and pay for a fitting from these guys, and then purchase the club from them they will knock the cost of the fitting, and a bit extra, off the price you pay for the club. II have attached the advert on the website, the amounts have changed since last year but its still well worth it imo.
  8. When working for a golf retailer we would just 'build' a ridge in with tape. Was fairly straightforward and quick.
  9. Honestly, it was expected. My partner watched some of it with me and she commented on how bad it was but it wasn't any worse than I expected it to be, Its been the same for a long time. That doesn't make it right though
  10. Was a great weekend of golf, and USA fully deserved the win. Worried about how Team Europe will be able to make the next few Ryder Cups competitive. It may be because there are not many people out on the course so I noticed it more, but I was getting really fed up with the amount of time taken to take shots (both sides). I know people have spoken about it every week, but it was ridiculous. Id love to see some sort of shot clock introduced to the Tours etc. Once they get to the ball they have 1 minute to take the shot. Cant see it happening though.
  11. After a quick phone call to the person I went back the next day and the locker was empty again so I reclaimed it
  12. Someone stole my locker, took the padlock off and emptied it, leaving everything nicely in the corner of the changing room and put their padlock on it. My Dad had a Polo shirt stolen from the locker room, went to get changed after his round and it was gone
  13. Was using the Bridgestone Tour B X and was generally happy with it. After the ball test on here I tried a box of Titleist Tour Speed and have been very impressed. Distance seems similar, although a couple of times I have noticed I have been playing my second shot from further down the fairway than I am used to, not sure if its me putting a good swing on it, the weather or the ball but I am defo happy with the distance. The big difference has been around the green, my putting feels better. With the Bridgestone I was struggling to get the pace right, with the Tour speed its much better, again could just be me, but I am happy. Where I know the improvement is not me though is control with the wedges. The Bridgestone just didn't want to stop, but with the tour speed I have a lot more control.
  14. Personally I think its a poor decision by the official. We see it in all sports, officials wanting to get involved when its not required. For any one who watches the premier league will know what I mean when I say it was a bit of a Mike Dean moment. My other issue with this is I have only seen one camera angle, and its not very clear, imo its not over hanging so I do not believe the official could be 100% certain. Another camera angle would have possibly cleared up any confusion, surely a big sporting event like this has more than 1 camera angle.
  15. Id do it, It could spectacularly back fire. BUT dont you think they will push each other. Neither will want to the other player to be the stand out player in their pairing and I think this would drive them on perform better. And if it back fires it will be great TV
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