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  1. Agree totally. It was as if they just invited him on there and set him up to be a punching bag. Pretty unprofessional.
  2. I am 100% on Ryan's side with this argument. I found it hard to listen to because of the way Adam was pushing his argument, basically not letting Ryan speak at points. Definitely not as easy as just offering free fittings for all. It may work in a big retail environment like he claims, but there is no way that they could offer the amount of options, or level of service that you would get for a TXG. Bit of a sour taste for MGS after listening to that podcast.
  3. I dont think I will ever get that opportunity as I am in Australia, but a boy can dream.
  4. this has been the longest 24 hours awaiting MGS review of this unit. tossing up between this and a Rapsodo MLM.
  5. following with very keen interest. as we are in a constant flux of lockdowns here in Melbourne this could be a very handy thing to use in the backyard.
  6. Just took delivery of these beauties. Unfortunately we are in lockdown so I havent even hit a ball with them yet. Rocking the Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff shafts. Cannot wait to get them out on course.
  7. I signed up for a TM virtual fit as I saw they were doing free sessions. I also tried the TruGolfFit and was pretty underwhelmed to be honest. I emailed and go no response back, which was also disappointing. I might post my findings once I have the sessions.
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