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  1. i wouldnt mind seeing or hearing how everyone aligns their units. Any tips or tricks to getting some good reads. I currently have one and sometimes I get good days and some are bad. Thanks all for your time and effort in putting together these reviews.
  2. I dont think I will ever get that opportunity as I am in Australia, but a boy can dream.
  3. this has been the longest 24 hours awaiting MGS review of this unit. tossing up between this and a Rapsodo MLM.
  4. following with very keen interest. as we are in a constant flux of lockdowns here in Melbourne this could be a very handy thing to use in the backyard.
  5. Would love to but probably a long shot given I am in Australia.
  6. Just took delivery of these beauties. Unfortunately we are in lockdown so I havent even hit a ball with them yet. Rocking the Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff shafts. Cannot wait to get them out on course.
  7. I signed up for a TM virtual fit as I saw they were doing free sessions. I also tried the TruGolfFit and was pretty underwhelmed to be honest. I emailed and go no response back, which was also disappointing. I might post my findings once I have the sessions.
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