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  1. I'm always searching for a better golf ball. One that reflects my smash factor better. Send those balls.
  2. I've been using a skycaddie sx400 and like the size and hole view but I'm will to give a wearable a try.
  3. I tempted those irons are the real deal but like you I can't swing those shaft anymore.
  4. I am ready to try out a new product from Rapsodo anything to improve my game.
  5. Send me that putter I give it a good work out.
  6. I would like to win any of the prizes, but if I had a choice I'd take that bag. The way I look at is if you can't play good you might as well look good doing it.
  7. I have the Perfect Putting Mat and love to see how this stacks up to my current practice routine.
  8. Sounds like it's a winning combination sign me up I'd be interested in trying a new putter. I'm always looking for an advantage.
  9. Plz post photos of the back of the clubs and bottoms of the woods also is there's a band on the shafts try to find the flex on the irons and woods.
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