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  1. All that and you still didn't answer the only question I asked. "If my driver should have a stiffer shaft than my 3wd (driver is/was 2.5" longer than the 3wd), then should my 4i also have a stiffer shaft than my 9i since it's longer (~2.5" longer, too)? "
  2. I get what you're saying, but I think the rule of thumb for the driver is to hit the softest shaft you can control. With my fairway woods, I'm more worried about control than all out distance. Heck, even when I was playing an X in the driver, it was a Smoke Black 60g, 6.5 and compared to the Black 85g, 6.5 in my faiways, it was a wet noodle. Haha... To disprove the "longer club calls for a stiffer shaft", I present... If my driver should have a stiffer shaft than my 3wd (driver is/was 2.5" longer than the 3wd), then should my 4i also have a stiffer shaft than my 9i since it's longer (~2.5" longer, too)? I doubt many would go with that.
  3. Haha... yeah, that might help. Anyway, looks like you've got a stable to choose from there to get you going. I was gonna see if I had something I could send your way to better fit you, but with an L, an X, and an S, you've got about all the bases covered.
  4. Welcome to the game. That's a good read. Tell us a little about your driver that you think is too soft. I might have something to help you out.
  5. Curious as to how you can conclude that I'm not maximizing my game. I refute the hard and fast rule that clubs should (must?) get stiffer as they get longer.
  6. Unless those shafts are from the sa.e manufacturer, that likely doesn't mean much. There's no standardization of shaft flexes in the industry. That being said, there's nothing wrong with going softer as you go longer. I prefer a softer driver than fairway wood. I played Stiff driver and XS fairways for the past few months.
  7. I have asked a question before of people... "How do you derive joy from the game of golf?" For some it's score, plain and simple. For some, it's improving their handicap. For some, it's fairways and greens. For some, it's just being out in nature and enjoying the walk. For other's still, it's the chase of new (to them) equipment. We all enjoy this game in different ways. I guess as long as he's not hurting anyone and not doing anything illegal, leave him be.
  8. Reasonable offers accepted. I'm sure there's gotta be some interest in some of this. Definitely willing to split this stuff up, too.
  9. Edited the first post. The 9wd sold locally for the full asking price. Let's get the rest of these clubs moved to new homes!
  10. I had it in 2017. Rested it and it didn't come back until 2021. Seems to have worked pretty well that time. We'll see how it goes this time. As for the shafts, it won't break my heart to keep them. If I ever get back to swinging 105ish, I'll give them a go again. For now, I'm thinking of going with 75g, 6.0 HZRDUS Black, but I'll wait to see what the fitting shows.
  11. I used to be good enough to shape the ball both ways. Then I quit for 5+ years. When I started, I fought a hook for 2+ years. I'd give anything to never turn another ball left. That being said, I'm getting to where I can control a bit of a draw now... sometimes. For those who say they play most shots straight, I submit... if it goes right, then it's a fade, if it goes left, then it's a draw, and if it goes straight, then it's an accident (or a miracle... however you wanna look at it).
  12. Maybe not as far, but I'm sure my dispersion would give him a run for his money.
  13. I am going to leave this up here for the week. If I don't get any bites, I will list them on eBay on Saturday. Hit me with any reasonable offers.
  14. I should say, if those HZRDUS Black shafts interest you, you better get them here. Those 85g, 6.5 shafts are Tour Issue only and tough to find. I love them, but I don't think my elbow will stand up to them anymore.
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