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  1. This puller gaveme about 15 good years and would be an excellent piece for someone that has the capabilities to machine a new block for the top piece. You can make out the hole in one pic. Other than that the thing should function well. Ask questions if you have them. Asking $30 shipped to domestic U.S. addresses.
  2. Good luck with the sale. I bought one, too, only to be completely disappointed in it. At this point, I'd sell it cheap just to get the space back in my garage. Sucks that shipping is so outrageous. It's tough to sell a bag.
  3. So, my kid took his Srixon irons back. For today, I put in a set of "vintage" Dynacraft 1030cv/b irons with the Matrix Ozik Program F15 shafts that I picked up from @Syks7 here. I'm really liking the lighter graphite. I figured I'd have a hard time adapting, but I was able to get them to a ~D4 swingweight with some lead pins and building to a 38.5" 5 iron. I've got my cavity/blade split at the 6/7 irons for now. I'm leaning toward putting some ZX series irons in the bag. Will likely go with the blades in the 7i and shorter. Might go with a ZX5 4i, otherwise, it'll be the ZX7 from 4-6. I shot a 44/37 today with the new irons in the bag.
  4. Picked up a TM SIM2 Max 9° head. Should serve me well for all of 2022 and likely most of 2023.
  5. Ok, so, I haven't been around here much lately. To sum up things, I played my last tournament for 2021 on July 19th. I had been tolerating golfer's elbow for some time and had already decided to take of 6-8 weeks after the tournament to let the elbow heal. The plan also included selling my "entire" bag and getting fit after the elbow healed and building a new bag. Unfortunately, about 4 weeks into my 6-8 weeks recovery, I pinched a nerve in my neck and that kept me sidelined until late Oct/early Nov. I had already sold my whole bag (except my "trusty" Odyssey SL EXO Marxman putter and my beloved Cleveland RTX-4 58/03 LW) and since it was November, I decided to hold off on the full fitting for a bit. To add to the problem, I started a new job in October and since I'm now working retail, I didn't have much time on my hands in Nov/Dec so I didn't wanna push it too much too quickly. Anyway, Christmas has passed and I've been able to get about 4-5 rounds in since the pinched nerve has been healed so I have decided to move forward. I picked up a TM SIM2 Max 9° driver head on eBay and mated it to a HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0, 60g shaft I already had. I haven't had a chance to hit it yet other than a little bit on a simulator and a little bit at a free TM fitting day on the local course. I think I'll like it though. It's definitely a move forward from my M5. The plan is for Srixon irons, though I haven't decided on a ZX5/ZX7 combo set, a full ZX5 or a full ZX7 set, or maybe a ZX5, ZX7, ZX Forged combo set. For now, I've put together a set of old Dynacraft 1030cv/1030b irons (4-6 cavity and 7-PW blade) with a set of graphite iron shaft that were generously given to me by a fellow Spy. I will be going graphite in my next set so I like the experiment with these. Also, the 7-PW blades will let me decide if I want to do any blades at all. I highly doubt I'll go lower than an 8i with the blades, but I could definitely be swayed toward a 9i or possibly 8i in a blade. Wedges will likely be Zipcores of some type. Stay tuned.
  6. Yeah, I know. I was being a tidbit facetious. I liked the Black 6.5, 85g because I could go after it without worrying (as much) about it getting away from me. My swing topped out around 105-108ish while I played it. My tendency is to quit on the swing and leave it hanging out right. With the Black, I felt like I could go after it without worry of overcooking it. I favored a fade, but I could draw it if necessary.
  7. By turn over, are you talking about a right to left ball flight for a right handed player? If so, that puzzles me. I can duck hook my HZRDUS Black 6.5, 85g shafts with the best of them.
  8. This can be closed up. @Syks7 has me taken care of. Thank you, Syks7 and thank you, MGS!
  9. So, I sold all my clubs and have plans to get a fitting and purchase a whole new bag over the winter/spring. The problem with that plan is, I don't have any irons to play right now. I'm playing my kid's Srixon 765 set with PX LZ 6.0 and it's a great set, but part of my decision to sell all my clubs and buy new is because I wanted to try graphite irons. So, does anyone have any graphite iron shafts lying around that they'd like to sell for a reasonable price? I'm not going to be too picky because this is just gonna be something to get me through winter. I'd like them to be reg or senior flex (I would even consider an L flex set, but would have to be a great deal), I'd like them to be in the 95-105g range, but that's flexible. I want them to come out to a 38" 5i. I don't care what brand. In a perfect world, they'd be a mid-kick or higher, but that's probably not gonna happen in the flexes I'm looking at. Let me know what you've got.
  10. To be a "true" 4wd, I'd say the length, loft, and head weight should be changed. Otherwise, it's just a HL3wd or strong 5wd. That thought process likely stems from the fact that I have been building my own clubs since 2000 and that influences the way I think.
  11. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm of the feeling that a 4wd is completely different than a high lofted 3wd or strong lofted 5wd. Loft is only one variable.
  12. Drop the 3wd and the 5wd and pick up a 4wd. That's one "problem" solved.
  13. I only have one club in my bag now... a putter. Going off my last bag (D, 3w, 5w, 7w, 9w, 5-PW, GW, SW, LW, putter), I'd add a 4i.
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