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  1. Just finished reading 17 pages worth of reviews. Good job guys. I noticed lot of you using the MotoCaddy golf bag, has anyone used a Vessel Stand bag or similar bag on these and run into any problems?
  2. Thanks for all the reading material on these electric carts, I still push but this is on my list to replace the push cart.
  3. Living in central KS and have been playing for about 30 years but only playing more seriously for the last 8years or so. Got as low as a 1.7HC at one point, not stay around the 7-8 range. Play most of my rounds in the 6K yardage range as not long off the tee but always have fun.
  4. I’ve been walking for quite a few years and am ready to have an electric caddy. Gets old pushing all the time and is wearing me down. Would really enjoy testing this
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