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  1. I play a honma driver, half the time most people have never heard of it, ha. I stripe it, period. Expensive toy initially, but it's like the club was made for me! Carry on!
  2. Honma drivers, because of the shafts are amazing, I play the tw747 I'm 61 and avg. 270 off the tee, not as long as I used to, but not horrible. And shot dispersed on driver, best I've ever hit fairways.
  3. Caddied for 10 years when a kid, how I learned how to play. Am a 5 hdcp., always play better when walking and thinking about what shot I need for next shot. Just got new bagboy nitron, pops open and close no issues, so not an excuse to not walk!
  4. Kevin, Perrysburg, Ohio Walk 90% of rounds, bagboy nitron
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