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  • Birthday 11/20/1962

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    Fernley, Nevada
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    Golf, hiking, cooking, traveling

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    91-100 mph
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    Multiple times per week
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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Grew up in California.  Joined the Air Force in 1983 and retired in 2004.  Currently employed as railroad engineer.  Married with three grown boys.  Started golfing in 1978 after watching Jack win the Open.  Thought was how hard could this game be.  The ball isn't even moving.  Little did I know.  Played a ton of golf in high school and the first three years I was in the Air Force.  Priorities changed and might have averaged two rounds a year until 2017 when I started playing on a regular basis.  Huge fan of Me and My Golf.  Made giant strides since I started following them.  Consider myself a student of the game, always trying to improve and will never be as good as I hope to be but there's always hope.  


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