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  1. Congrats testers!!! Swing away
  2. Need a little help understanding the draft. Never played in a league this large. Is a player drafted by multiple teams? I saw that's how you did your fantasy golf. Just wondering. Excited to be playing.
  3. Oh please, please, please. Almost pulled the trigger on T200s this year. I can give a lefty's view of them.
  4. This is like the all time greatest test. Oh please, please, please.
  5. After todays putting misadventures, I need something.
  6. In need of a new driver. I'd be able to mash this on the range and play a couple a rounds a week.
  7. I love my push cart. Got it a couple months ago. Somewhat worried because at my home course the holes can be spaced out quite a distance. If you stay on the cart path, it's just over five miles. First time out, it was great. Honestly, believe walking was easier on my body than bumping up and down in a cart all day. Anytime I can use my push cart I do.
  8. Kevin Fernley, Nevada Walk every chance I get on all sorts of courses. Currently using Golf Warehouse Tour Push Cart.
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