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  1. I'll be releasing the MA VGA Schedule shortly after the new year. Will be a mix of private tracks with tournaments on Monday's (for the most part) and weekend tournaments at public tracks. Additionally we (New England) are working on scheduling tournaments where the courses are close to the borders of the New England states. For example we'll schedule a tournament near the border of MA,CT, & RI where one tournament would be in MA and one in RI over the weekend (Sat/Sun). Goal here is to draw members from each state to bump up the registrations for each tournament. Hopefully that makes sense. We'll target doing this a minimum of 4 times this season.
  2. The New England VGA chapters are hosting their 3rd Annual New England Charity Classic October 17th at Pawtucket Country Club. This is a fantastic event at a phenomenal private track. The tournament is open to all. Register via this link: https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/9780896661541765209?fbclid=IwAR32D5pLjd0IcBFyZ34P39c9GAn4XVdYcDq_k2V09epgtfh-w6gaXTDrIqY Sent from my Pixel 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  3. Fun track! Good challenge for sure. Also October 18th we have a tournament at Lebaron Hills CC. Phenomenal private track. Sent from my Pixel Tablet using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for firing up this thread lacassem!! Sent from my Pixel Tablet using Tapatalk
  5. The VGA MA,RI,CT, ME, VT and NH held their regional championship yesterday at Pawtucket Country Club. A couple of flight winners had to be decided via a 1 hole playoff. From all accounts, competitors had a great time at an awesome tournament venue. If you're interested in joining the Veteran Golfers Association, please don't hesistate to reach out to me or the state director in your area. We've got a good wrap around season scheduled here in MA too!
  6. @Rosey31 pumped that you joined the VGA! I'm the VGA State Director for Massachusetts. Membership continues to grow nationally which is awesome. The growth also enables us to add additional Assistant State Directors. This is critical especially in geographically larger states like Florida. Ideally we establish Assistant State Directors with geographic coverage across the state to ensure that events are available for all members that are relatively easy to access!
  7. SO the VGA tournaments typically have a $20 registration fee plus a greens fee. The State Directors work hard to negotiate the best rates possible for the greens fees. Depending on the course, sometimes you'll pay the greens fees directly to the course. Other times the course will require lump sum payment in advance and in those cases the player would be charged the $20 registration fee + greens fees at the time of registration. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  8. Good assessment of the course. I've played it a few times ealier this year and really like all 3 9's. Zaharias is a really fun 9. Wish I could have gotten Zaharias / Jones for the VGA tournament. I'll be publishing the tee sheet later tonight along with tee boxes by flight.
  9. Awesome! I'll have to take a look at the course Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  10. Great question! I'm actually actively looking for an assistant State Director here in MA. If anyone is interested in becoming an Assistant State Director, they should contact the current State Director listed on the VGA Chapters page. Roles & Responsibilities of can be found below. State Director - The primary responsibilities of a VGA State Director are as follows: Coordinate and oversee the running of competitive golf tournaments in coordination with their Assistant State Directors. State Directors are the responsible party for the VGA tournament schedule in their state and need to manage it accordingly. Host a State Championship as part of the start of the VGA playoff season, assuming their state can host an event based on membership requirements. Promote the VGA and drive recruitment of new members. Build course relationships that yield great venues for VGA events. Build relationships that could yield fundraising opportunities for the VGA. Drive fundraising in their state. Assistant State Director - The primary responsibilities of a VGA Assistant State Director are as follows: Assist their State Director with the scheduling and execution of any VGA tournaments in their state. Drive recruitment of new VGA members. Assist in state level fundraising where possible.
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